Friday, 1 February 2013

Down Below - a reader recollects

Hello darlings! Our first post for February comes from my faithful and creative reader Smuccatelli. It was sparked by my location series and it deals with basements.

I grew up in the South Bay Area (of San Francisco) in the Fifties and Sixties and many of the houses were multi-story with basements.  The garages were attached by typically one-car sized and the floor plan of the houses typically didn't have large rooms for entertaining.  Upper floors were bedrooms only, for the most part.  The "family room" concept more or less came about in the late Sixties and early Seventies, especially in newer areas where basements weren't common.
The finished basement was a precursor to that concept: roomy enough to entertain and versatile enough to encompass different kinds of furniture and activities.  Sometimes my friend's parents had cocktail parties in theirs.  Some had pool tables or even "air hockey" type tables, as well as the ubiquitous ping-pong tables and dart boards, etc. for the kids.  A couple of them had actual bars and sinks as well as bar stools.  Many were more of a second living room (the main one being more of a parlor with the furniture reserved for guests, and often covered in clear plastic).
Needless to say, they were heavily used by different family members for different activities.  One of my friend's mother had a small "sewing room" in their basement roomy enough for a sewing machine and copious amounts of fabric and such.  There was also a sturdy, straight-backed, armless wooden chair that was employed whenever a spanking was necessary.  It was pretty much sound-proof by virtue of its location and windowless for privacy so little discretion was necessary.  Once the door was shut, your fate was sealed. There was a bathroom down there too, handy for mouth-soaping and plenty of room to serve public corner-time.  I think his descriptions of some of his and his sibling's punishments were a bit over-dramatized and I never witnessed any but being there was certainly fuel for fantasizing.  His mother was a warm, matronly woman who dispensed frequent hugs to all comers (and a great cook too) but she had a way of freezing you with a certain "look" if you got out of line.  I had no doubt that some memorable spankings were given over her broad, comfortable lap in that basement.  I know her lap was comfortable because she held me on it when injured myself playing several times.  I often wondered what it would be like to be comforted on that lap after a proper, bare-bottomed spanking over it...
I'm certain many of the neighbors' basements were also used for such activity, along with bedrooms and other such traditional places of discipline.  Most of the homes had seperate dining rooms too, with large tables, china cabinets and a multitude of straight-backed chairs suitable for spankings.   But that's another story...

Now, as I said when I was doing the location series, pictures of basements that actually look like basements are extraordinarily hard to find, however the wonderful JPC has recently posted one that fits the bill perfectly. If you like it please use the link on the right hand side to visit his site and enjoy many more examples of his work.



  1. Damn! I proofread that three times and I still left the "I" out of the sentence about injuring myself playing at her house. >:-(


  2. If you hadn't mentioned it, Phil, I am sure no one would have picked it up. It still remains a well written piece from the heart.

  3. Excellent post and writing.....just sexy reading about it but funny in my neighborhood growing up most my friend's moms and in fact my mom would not hesitate to drag you into that sewing room for a trip over their knee! No questions ever asked if another mom spanked you, in fact, it was expected. Too bad that room and mom sound wonderful!

    Nice writing!


  4. Thanks Ron, I do enjoy posting these personal recollection pieces.