Sunday, 3 February 2013

February Update from Kimberley Susan

Hello everyone! Welcome to February. Here I am, Kimberley Susan again with the February update.

I'm not a great fan of the month. It's often dreadfully hot, it's shorter than all the other months so there's less time to do your administrative work and school goes back. When school goes back our business picks up. For some reason kids and adults find more mischief to get into when they're at school or at work and of course when that happens bottoms have to be smacked.

Aunty wants everyone reminded that nominations are now open for February's Spankee of the Month. So everyone scour the scandal sheets for a deserving young miss. We've been doing the SotM for a few months now. So I thought I would use this update to remind everyone of who has already been nominated.

July: Maria Sharapova

Doesn't that expression just say: smack my bottom!

August: Zara Phillips

I know she's a princess and everything, but I really see her smacking the bottoms, not the other way around.

September: Katy Perry

I hope she wins for no other reason than crimes against fashion!

October: The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

I love Princess Kate. How could anyone want to spank her?

November: Lindsay Lohan

It's just so sad. I think it's too late to paddle her bottom, but if I thought it would do any good I'd be lining up behind Aunty to do it.

December: Mariah Carey

She's just so incredibly spankable and a very beautiful woman, but for goodness sake Mariah put your boobs away, we all know you've got them!

January: Caroline Wozniacki

If she wins I'm going to insist she has her hair done just like this. Isn't she the cutest thing ever?

So there you have it. Hopefully that's got you all thinking.

For the rest of the month we'll have stories from Seegee, musings from Aunty and myself and we have a special Valentine's Day story planned as well.

I'll leave you now with this awesome picture from Spanking Experience.


  1. I say phooey on all of them. I want to see Kimberly Susan touching her toes.

  2. For me, I want to be standing in front of Kimberley ready for her to take me over her lap!!!

    Nice recap Kimberley, thank you. Wow, now who we choose if we could only spank one? Me so far, Kate with the two tennis brats a close second.

    February, interesting. Not sure yet but have a thought or two to submit in next day or so.


  3. Poor Princess Kate, Ron? How could you?
    Despite not being in the running, young Kimberley Susan seems to be garnering quite a few votes. I wonder if Seegee has another Kimberley gets spanked Spank Shop in the works?

    1. Well now Aunty, Kate pre baby of course. Why? Simple she has done nothing to earn a spanking except to be just adorable, classy and sexy! Just seems like she could use a nice spanking. She is just beautiful.

      Let's hope!

  4. I don't know of any right offhand. Maybe Zooey Deschanel, not because she actually deserves it, but because she's so damn cute!

    I'm also still waiting to see what happens about Kimberly having her own "business card" that she gave to a client's mother...


  5. I nominate Bar Reafeal, for her horrid behaviour on the Super Bowl commercial and for making out with that young man. Well deserved bottom warming is due....I volunteer to deliver it but would much prefer Aunty handle the honors!

  6. Zooey Deschanel, I like it. Phil, as I have said in the past, just because they're cute and you'd like to see them spanked is more than enough reason. Kimberley's 'business card' will be the focus of an upcoming story. Seegee has promised.

  7. Mm, I do love Miss Sharapova so. Thanks for the picture!

    SotM nomination, hm, hmm... how about Li Na, for beating Maria in the Aussie Open? :)

    Oh, and sorry to disagree with Kimberley but February is the bestest mumf - it's got my birthday in it! :D

  8. I rather think Miss Na should be rewarded for beating Maria and livening the tournament up, but your nomination has been duly noted, Penelope.
    A happy birthday for sometime this month, darling.

  9. :) for the Aunty birfday wishes!

    But :( for bein mean to Maria. Pout, frown.