Monday, 25 February 2013

Little Penny

No doubt some of you have witnessed a disgraceful display of thoughtless vandalism and hubris by Penelope Hasler's young alter ego Little Penny over at Naughty Little Writer. Well I for one was not going to stand for that sort of behaviour from young Penelope.

What follows is what happened when Aunty found out what the girl had been up to and how she dealt with it.

A little madam gets what she deserves

Regular readers may remember a visit that Aunty Andrea’s niece Penny made to the Shop last year anyone who knows Penny knows that she is a real darling but that she can also be very naughty when she wants to be. Her previous visit unfortunately saw her do just that, stealing biscuits and answering Aunty back in a very immature display. But a trip across Aunty’s knee for a thorough spanking did what it always does for naughty little girls and brought about a marked improvement in her behaviour.

Far be it from me to suggest that Penny’s devoted Daddy could perhaps follow Aunty’s example and keep his little girl’s bottom warm a little more often, but the young Miss Hasler has been showing the worst side of her character again recently and has just today been very naughty indeed. How naughty? She has defaced Penelope Hasler’s blog, written a mischievous post without Penelope’s permission, and, when challenged on her actions, been downright rude to her Aunty Andrea.

Another visit to the Spank Shop was clearly required, and that is just what the little madam received.


I have little doubt that internally this is how Penny sees herself; a fairytale cartoon princess.

Frowning like a little dark cloud every moment of the journey from her house, Penny did nothing to make amends for her rudeness. Rather, with her childish antics – pouting and whining, kicking her feet in the footwell of the car seat, complaining about the unfairness of silly adults telling her what to do – she simply confirmed that she was a brat in urgent need of some old-fashioned discipline.

“Don’t wanna!” she wailed as I marched her by the wrist up the driveway. She dragged her heels, struggled and squirmed, but into the Shop she was determinedly led.

Once in the parlour I looked at the little girl standing in front of me. She really was very sweet, in her pretty dress with her silky blonde hair done in short plaits on either side of her head. She was looking at the floor and drawing patterns rather self-consciously with the toe of her shoe.

“Penny,” I said, keeping my voice stern. “Look at Aunty please, young lady.”

She looked up at me shyly.

“Do you know why you are here in Aunty’s parlour?”

“Chocolate biccies?” she asked hopefully.

I had to fight not to laugh, she was positively adorable.

“No, Penelope,” I said. “We are not here for biscuits.”

She frowned at me. “I only get called Penelope when I’m in trouble.”

“You defaced your sister’s website and then said rude things about her,” I told the girl.

“It’s a stupid site an’ I’m the best!” she said defiantly.

I didn’t know what had come over her, but I was definitely going to get to the bottom of it. “You do not speak that way to me, young lady!” I scolded her. “When I asked you about what you had done to your sister’s website you were rude to me. How would you like it if your sister took one of your picture books, drew all over the pretty pictures and then wrote rude things about you on it?”

“She never would!” Penny shouted. “Daddy would spank her, an’ hard too!”

“It is interesting that you should say that Penelope, because Aunty Andrea is going to do just that to your naughty little bottom.”

“No, Aunty,” Penny said in a small voice, her bottom lip starting to quiver. “I’ll be good, I promise.”

I sighed. “Maybe I’ll have to tell Daddy about the website and how rude you have been to me.”

Her blue eyes grew big and welled up with tears. “No, don’t tell Daddy!” she begged. “He’ll spank me and be cross wiv me.”

“You’re putting me in a very difficult situation, dear. Not telling Daddy would be like lying to him and you don’t want to do that, do you?”

“No,” she said, tears starting to spill from her eyes.

“Maybe if I spank you good and hard just like Daddy would and then we tell him he won’t be cross with you, because you had already been punished.”

Penny looked up at me, trying to stop crying and hiccupping with the effort. “O ‘hic’ kay,” she agreed.

“Now why don’t we call Miss Kimberley in here so we can get that little bottom of yours all ready to be smacked?”

Penny nodded sadly. I picked up the phone to call my receptionist.

Kimberley appeared in short order and smiled down at the little girl. Kimberley is very good with the younger clients, and I was sure she could handle Penny, who aside from her occasional temper tantrum is generally delightful, except when temptation gets the better of her and she steals biscuits she shouldn’t.

“Hi Penny!” she said brightly. “How are you today?”

Penny looked up at the teenager, but did not say anything.

“Penny,” I prompted her. “Say hello to Miss Kimberley.”

“’Lo Miss Kimberley,” the girl said, stumbling a little over the three syllables that comprise the teenager’s first name.

“Penny’s a little sad today,” I told Kimberley. “She was very naughty and wrote all over her big sister’s website and was rude to me when I asked her about it, so I have to give her a good hard spanking.”

“Oh sweetheart,” Kimberley said. “That was very naughty of you. Even Miss Kimberley isn’t rude to Aunty, because she knows she’d get a spanking too.”

The girl’s eyes widened at the idea of someone she saw as an adult being spanked by me. She looked from me to Kimberley and when we both nodded said, “Wow!” in an awed tone.

“Can you take her into the change room and get her ready please, Kim?”

“Of course, Aunty.” She held her hand out to Penny. “Come on sweetie, lets go pick out a pretty apron for you to wear during your spanking.”

I settled down into my armchair by the crackling fire as I watched Penny go to the change room hand in hand with Kimberley.

Soon afterward the two girls reappeared, Penny now wearing an adorable pink apron decorated with pictures of frolicking bunnies. “Isn’t it just the cutest?” Kimberley asked.

I nodded agreement and Kimberley gave Penny a pat on her now bare bottom, saying, “Be good for Aunty, sweetie.”

While the apron was sweet, the pout on the little girl’s face was not. “Don’t you like the apron Miss Kimberley picked out for you, Penny?”

“No!” came the angry reply. “It’s stupid!”

“Oh dear,” I sighed. “And after Miss Kimberley went to such trouble to pick it out especially for you and got you all ready for your spanking. Aunty will just have to spank the naughtiness out of you, young lady.”

Penny’s blue eyes went wide and the pout disappeared, replaced by an expression of fear.

“No… no, please, Aunty. I’ll be good!” she begged.

“Of course you will, darling,” I told her as I picked her up and settled her down over my lap. “After Aunty has spanked this pretty little bottom of yours up all hot and red.”

“I’m sorry!” Penny wailed, struggling a little.

“It’s not me you need to apologise to, sweetness,” I said, smartly clapping my hand down upon her wriggling white chubs.

As the sound of the slap died away and her bottom filled out with a pink handprint the sting settled in and Penny yelled.

Before the girl’s howl had gone the cracking sound of a second smack overlaid it. The room filled with the music of a defiant and naughty little girl having her plump posterior very soundly spanked.

There were howls and wails, screams and sobs, the sound of a hard palm cracking down smartly over a rapidly reddening and heating rear end. A disappointed Aunty’s voice scolding sternly.

“You will not damage other people’s things!” SMACK.

“No, Aunty!”

“You will not be rude to your elders!” CRACK.

“I’m sorry, Aunty!”

“You will not boast!” SPANK.

“It hurts, Aunty!”

“You will tell your sister that you are sorry and mean it!” WHACK.

“Yes, Aunty!”

Penny’s yells turned to steady crying and her bottom looked like an overripe tomato and was sizzling hot by the time I judged she had been sufficiently punished for the nonsense with her sister’s blog.

I let her lay over my lap and blub, while I gently massaged and rubbed her stinging hindquarters. She really was an adorable child, she just needed the occasional hot bottom to guide her through life.

I picked the crying little girl up and set her down in front of me, holding her arms to her sides so that she wouldn’t rub her bottom. I wanted the sting and heat to settle in properly so that she remembered the spanking every time she sat down for the rest of the day.

I clucked sympathetically at the state of her face. Her eyes were all puffy and red from crying. Tears trickled down her blushing cheeks. Her nose was streaming. She’d drooled and her cheeks and chin were covered with a mixture of tears, snot and saliva. I plucked some tissues from a box next to my chair and held her face gently while I cleaned it up. I got some fresh tissues and put them to her nose. “Blow,” I instructed. The girl evacuated her nostrils noisily and even managed a hiccupping giggle at the sound it made.

I picked her up and nestled her into my lap, enjoying the warmth I could feel from that roasting hot rump. I let her snuggle into my breast and stroked her hair while whispering to her gently and reassuring her that Aunty loved her.

“Love you too, Aunty,” Penny murmured into my breast. Soon she was snoring softly as she drifted off to sleep in the loving circle of my arms.

And this is our little heroine post spanking, sucking on her dummy for comfort, no doubt thinking of new mischief to get into.


  1. Terrific story. I was surprised by the bad behavior of little Penny. I am glad that you warmed the little darlings bottom.

  2. :(

    im not givin you any cake on my birfday now.

  3. Thank you Joey, sometimes we Aunty's have to do things we don't want to, like warming up Penny's disobedient little behind.
    Now darling Penny, I know you don't mean that, especially if Aunty made the cake.

  4. no aunty, i dont mean it really...

    im sorry joey... you can haf cake :)

  5. That's much better Penny. That's what Aunty likes to see all her little ones playing nicely together.

  6. Aunty, well done ma'am, this young lady need a sound hand spanking! Glad you were there to take care of it! Again, well done Aunty.

  7. Thank you Ron. Penny is a delightful child, but sometimes she needs a little firm guidance and I am happy to provide that for her.

  8. Just as an aside, Aunty, in the US, we call what Penny is sucking on in the last picture a "pacifier". The phrase "Penny sucking on her dummy" might be misconstrued as something else entirely and not the kind of thing an innocent young girl should be doing at all.

    Good, proper spanking though... ;-)


  9. Phil, I am aware that in the US they are referred to as pacifiers, but here in Australia we have always referred to them as dummies. It is what gave rise to the popular phrase 'spitting the dummy' to describe someone throwing a childish tantrum.

    1. Since in American slang, "dummy" is one of many euphemisms for a penis, the phrases "spitting the dummy" and "sucking on her dummy" take on a whole new meaning here. Certainly an inappropriate meaning for a young girl like Penny, don't you think?

      As our British cousins say, we're a people seperated by a common language I guess...