Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Making a spectacle of herself

Well, the end of another month is nearing, so that means Aunty has to add to her list of young ladies requiring a smacked bottom. Yes, the announcement of February's SotM is upon us!

This month the honours go to the loyal Richard, who is one of my most regular nominators, and his choice for the SotM is pop star Lady Gaga.

Now just looking at this woman you could be excused for thinking that she needs to be spanked for what she does to a simple, defenceless dress.

Those by the way are two of her more restrained outfits.

Richard heard about some less than ideal behaviour towards fans and thought that someone as lucky and talented as Miss Gaga should at least behave graciously towards those who have given her the lifestyle she currently enjoys.

Despite her arrogance and her unusual, some may say criminal, 'sense' of 'style' I do confess that Lady Gaga and I share one thing in common.

Yes! We both appreciate a good cup of tea. Miss Gaga is rather fanatical about her tea and takes a favourite pot and cups everywhere she goes from which to enjoy her refreshment.

Then she goes and does something like this.

That entire outfit is composed of raw meat! It would have been heavy and uncomfortable. The smell alone. I don't know what someone would be thinking to wear something like that. When you think of the people in the world who can't get enough to eat, and yet this lady wears a dress composed of meat. The waste!

One of the tragedy's of this is that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga's real name) is not an unattractive woman without all the excessive primping and attention grabbing outfits.

I actually rather like that outfit, even the gloves, they're elegant. If she wins the contest I may insist she wears that to the shop when collects her 'prize'. One advantage would that she would be unlikely to be recognised even without the oversized sunglasses.

So February is down. I'm sure with the Academy awards being handed out yesterday that should fuel your imaginations. Jennifer Lawrence has jumped to the top of my own personal list.


  1. Why ever has the lovely Jennifer jumped to the top of your list, Aunty? Has she done something naughty?


  2. Jennifer hasn't actually done anything naughty, although she should have known better than to flirt innocently with Jack Nicholson, more that she's a very pretty girl whose beauty may be enhanced by a soundly smacked bottom.

    1. "she's a very pretty girl whose beauty may be enhanced by a soundly smacked bottom."

      When you get right down to it, couldn't that be said about any number of women? ;-)


  3. Aunty Andrea, the meat dress convinces me. You have just found the perfect girl for Dogg the snowplow driver! I'm sure he'd love the meat!

  4. Thank you Aunty Andrea....what a tremendous choice for February. She is definitely one young lady who is badly in need of a soundly smacked bottom and you are the lady to fulfill her need!

    love, Sophie x

  5. Aunty, the more I look at this one the more I don't know what to think. I know that she is a Lady! And that ladies are much better than a guy like me!! And all the Dogg, the snowplow driver jokes are fun, but then I think of all the little kids (And we're not talking about just a few! When the discussion turns to Africa, we likely talk of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of children with no dinner tonight while this "Lady" prances around in her meat dress!). Maybe you can tell me, Ma'am, what makes a "Lady" like this? And how does she live with herself?

  6. I am pleased people like the choice. I can't explain the meat dress or the thinking behind it. I hope she at least gives generously to charity.

  7. I love the choice and this lady has a voice of gold but wow she does need a sound spanking.