Sunday, 10 February 2013

'Not Too Old'

I present to you another Seegee tale of what happens when a young lady away from home for the first time breaks not only one, but two of her very strict foster parent's rules and discovers that she is not too old for a good, old fashioned spanking.

From English Spankers. Both parents are involved in spankings at this house.

Spanked Call Girls, Samantha grimaces in pain as Aunt Pamela's palm begins to bite.

From Triple A Spanking. Aunt Pamela gets the belt ready for her niece's whipping.

Samantha Nerillo looked at the door of the big two storied house, dropped her bulging bag on the front porch, took a deep breath and knocked.

The raven-haired eighteen year-old had come a long way in the past few months. For academic excellence she had been granted a scholarship to a highly rated college in the USA. It was a long way from home in Australia, but studying overseas with a degree from such a prestigious institution would help her immeasurably in the future. It also meant she would graduate without the HECS debt that many Australian students had hanging over their heads when they completed their degree.

What Samantha was given was what some of her fellow classmates referred to as a ‘full ride’. Her scholarship paid for both her accommodation and tuition. She had to provide other essentials and little luxuries out of her own pocket, or rather her parents pockets, but she was in a better situation than many of her friends and counted herself very lucky.

The school years in Australia and the US did not match. As a result of this incongruity Samantha had come into the American school year partway through, and had a lot of work to do to catch up. She was a bright, hard working girl and was able to accomplish the task without having to do an entire summer school, although she would spend the final two weeks of the summer vacation at college, making sure that she was up to speed.

Her parents could not afford to have her fly home for summer vacation and although she missed her family terribly she did understand the financial reasons behind it. She would go home at Christmas for two weeks before heading back to school and that would have to remain the case until she completed her course.

The school also didn’t provide accommodation during the summer break, so an alternative had to be found. Fortunately the Nerillo’s were a large family and had relatives all over, including the United States, and Samantha had cousins conveniently located in the same state as her college.

She had only met her cousins twice before summer vacation. Once when she and her parents first arrived and she had spent some time in Spring Break with them. Sort of a ‘get to know you’ arrangement. Because Samantha had been so busy trying to catch up she really hadn’t accomplished that goal. Most of her time had been spent in her room, head down and books open. She’d really only seen the family at meal times.

Although Pamela and Neil Nerillo were not her aunt and uncle, they were second cousins at best, it had been made very clear to her from early on that she was to address them as Aunt Pamela and Uncle Neil. They had two children: a boy Alex, who was fourteen and his sister Jackie, sixteen. They seemed like nice kids and they were very respectful towards adults.

Aunt Pamela and Uncle Neil were nice, but very strict. Alex and Jackie seemed to know better than to complain or offer any backtalk. Samantha and her own younger sibling were much the same. Her Dad was pretty mild mannered, but once you messed up bad he certainly let you know about it in no uncertain terms, and once he set a punishment he was never swayed. If he said you were grounded for a week, then you were grounded for a week and complaining was likely to extend it. Mum was similar, although it took less for her to start shouting and threatening.

It was a scary situation for Samantha to be walking into. She’d gotten the impression last time that she was going to be treated like a daughter, which was fine, it was kind of nice really, but she wasn’t, she wasn’t even really a niece, she was a cousin, a distant one at that, and she was older than Alex and Jackie. Nothing had been said, but she got the distinct impression that Aunt Pamela and Uncle Neil did not quite get that distinction.

The door opened, and the smiling face of Pamela Nerillo greeted Samantha. She didn’t even have time to say hello before the older woman squealed joyfully “Sammy!” and enfolded her in a motherly hug to her ample bosom.

Alex was told to take Samantha’s bags to her room, and the girl herself was invited into the kitchen to sit down and catch up over coffee.

Both her aunt and uncle were pleased with her grades and most of her responses to their questions. Jackie was full of questions about boys and the campus social life until her father rebuked her, “Jacqueline that is enough!”

The bubbly sixteen year old stopped talking, dropped her eyes and murmured, “Yes sir,” before turning her attention silently back to the meal on her plate.

Samantha winced. She understood where Jackie was coming from, although she had gone a little over the top. Uncle Neil didn’t have to be quite so disapproving, though.

She was summoned to her uncle’s study after dinner. Her aunt was also in attendance. She’d heard the story about Uncle Neil’s study. The children, and Samantha assumed that included her, were not to enter the room without permission. Even Aunt Pamela only went there to clean up. Alex had said you probably didn’t want to be called to the study, because it nearly always meant you were in trouble and ‘trust me,’ he’d said, “you do not want to be in trouble here.’

When Aunt Pamela told Alex and Jackie to clean up after dinner, but asked Samantha to accompany her to the study, she got worried. She’d only just arrived here. She couldn’t possibly be in trouble. Had the college contacted them about that party a few weeks ago? They couldn’t have. She didn’t do anything there. Well, she had one drink, but she was of legal drinking age in Australia. She told her parents during a Skype chat and they were okay with it, as long as it was only one drink and she didn’t make a habit of it or let it affect her studies. They did understand the need to blow off steam. She didn’t think her aunt and uncle would be quite so understanding.

“I suppose you’re wondering why you’ve been called in here,” Uncle Neil began, seated behind the large, heavy wooden desk that dominated the room.

“Ummm…yes,” Samantha answered softly and was slightly reassured by a smile from her aunt.

“It’s not anything bad,” Pamela jumped in, then scolded her husband. ”You’re scaring the poor child, Neil.”

“Oh,” Samantha said.

Pamela patted the seat beside her on the leather couch she sat on and invited the nervous eighteen year-old to sit next to her. Samantha did so and Uncle Neil came out from behind his desk apologizing for concerning his ‘niece’.

“I’m so used to having Alex and Jackie in here when they’ve done something wrong that I sometimes forget to drop my ‘tough Dad’ act,” he said with a chuckle.

“Samantha dear,” Aunt Pamela took up the conversation. “While you’re here living with us we want you to think of yourself as a member of the family.”

“And as a member of the family,” Uncle Neil continued. “You get use of the family vehicles, we can even provide a small allowance if you’d like that.”

Samantha started to reply that while that was very generous of them she was provided for by her parents in that regard, but her aunt overrode her.

“However everyone in this family pulls their weight. Alex and Jackie both have chores, and so will you. We didn’t mention this last time, Samantha because you were busy with your studies and we appreciated that.”

Samantha nodded and said softly, “Could you please call me Sam or Sammi? People do at home and at school. Hearing Samantha all the time makes me think I’m in trouble.”

Both her aunt and her uncle laughed and promised to call her by the diminutives of her full name unless she genuinely was in trouble.

“There are other things that come with being a member of this family, Sam,” Uncle Neil told the girl. “Alex and Jackie have a curfew, so will you. If you don’t stick to that curfew or do your chores or break any of the other house rules you will be punished just the same as your cousins, do you understand that?”

Her uncle looked so stern and forbidding when he said it that all Samantha was able to do in reply was nod and say, “Yes, sir.”

“Good girl,” Uncle Neil told her, ruffling her hair fondly. “I think we’re going to have a wonderful summer.”

For the first two weeks of her stay Samantha’s uncle’s words proved to be prophetic. Samantha, while she had achieved high marks at high school, was also athletic and Alex’s friends liked his cool, pretty cousin who was a good baseballer. Jackie loved having a ‘big sister’ who as a licensed driver let Jackie drive and also took her places. Plus Sam could go shopping with her and talk about boys and her friends were jealous that she had an older girl to hang out with.

The friendships with Alex and Jackie were also beneficial to Samantha. Both of her younger cousins had friends with older brothers and sisters, some of whom were Sam’s age or older, and also home from college for the summer. That was how she got invited to the party.


Samantha winced as the driver of the car took up and honked the horn to bid her goodbye. The girl did not know how far past curfew she was, she just knew that it was way over. Someone had been putting alcohol in her drinks, she should have told them to cut it out, but by the time she figured it out she had a little buzz on, and besides she was eighteen, that was legal drinking age back home. She reached into her bag and went for her cell phone, but could not feel it’s comforting shape. Oh crap! It had fallen out of her bag, it was probably somewhere in Jeff’s car, the way that guy kept the car he wouldn’t find it for days. At least the lights in the house hadn’t gone on when Jeff honked his horn, so her aunt and uncle weren’t up and maybe wouldn’t work out what had happened.

She’d wanted to say something about the curfew right from the start, but Neil and Pamela Nerillo just weren’t the sort of people you argued with, not when you were still technically a teenager anyway. She had a curfew at home, but it was later than she’d been given by her ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’. There was one at her dorm, too, also later than the one she currently had, and no one obeyed that one anyway. You could also keep partying on in the dorm itself if you really wanted to.

I must be really buzzed Samantha thought, as it was a lot harder to get the door open than she had thought it would be. The keys did not seem to quite work as she remembered. Once the door swing gently open, she removed her shoes, so they wouldn’t click on the hardwood floor, and then tiptoed in, holding them delicately in one hand.

As soon as she had gently closed the front door and tiptoed towards the stairs, the lights clicked on in the living room, and she heard her uncle’s voice ask. “What sort of time do you call this, Samantha Julie?”

Oh dear God, both first names. She was in so much trouble. She turned slowly to see both her aunt and her uncle seated in the living room and neither of them was smiling.

“It’s late,” she tried gamely.

“Oh it is very late, young lady,” Aunt Pamela said firmly. “Way after your curfew.”

“Time kind of got away from me,” Samantha tried weakly to defend herself.

“Did you just slur your words, Samantha?” Aunt Pamela asked sharply.

“No, Aunty Pamela,” Samantha said, desperately hoping that they wouldn’t check if she was drunk, because bad as their reaction had been about the curfew thing, if they thought she had been drinking as well, it was likely to be ten times worse.

Before Samantha could react her aunt was on her. She gripped the girl’s chin in one hand and sniffed. Pamela took a step backwards. “You reek of alcohol!” she claimed.

Uncle Neil’s face grew thunderous and Samantha started to cry.

“Have you been drinking, Samantha Julie Nerillo?” Aunt Pamela asked sternly. “Do not even think about lying to me, young lady!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Samantha blubbered.

Her aunt and uncle shook their heads sorrowfully. “We will discuss this in the morning,” Uncle Neil said.

“Get to bed Samantha,” Aunt Pamela ordered, and the girl fled up the stairs in tears.

Samantha spent an uneasy night. Partly it was because she was still adrenalized from the party and the drama of her entrance to the house. It was also what she had drunk. Alcohol tended to have that effect on her, rather than make her sleepy, as it seemed to do with many.

As she tossed and turned, an event about a week after she’d first come to stay with her cousins came to mind.

She had been out, having lunch with the girl who had actually invited her to the party she had just attended, and when she got home Alex had rushed past her in the hallway. The boy had been upset about something, and she could hear that he was crying. “Alex, what’s wrong?” she called, but he was past her and she heard his bedroom door slam just after he ran up the stairs.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jackie advised from the living room, where she lay on the couch, reading a magazine.
“What happened?” Samantha asked the girl.

Jackie shrugged. “He forgot to put the trash out.”


“It’s not the first time. Mom and Dad just busted his butt.”

Samantha frowned. Uncle Neil was stern, but even a scolding and possibly a grounding from him shouldn’t reduce a kid like Alex to tears.

“What do you mean, ‘busted his butt’?” Samantha asked Jackie.

“He got spanked,” the girl answered.

“He what?” Samantha almost shouted. “He’s fourteen years old.”

“And I’m sixteen, but I still get spanked. He’ll be okay in an hour or two, although he probably won’t sit for a couple of days.”

Pamela had emerged from the study, put a smile on her face, welcomed Samantha back and engaged her in conversation, so she didn’t have the chance to talk to Jackie more about the incident and Alex certainly hadn’t wanted to mention it again. She’d known when she came to the US that depending on where you were in the country attitudes towards corporal punishment were a little different than in Australia. Sam had no doubt that there were parents who spanked back home. In fact she had friends whose parents smacked them, but not after they were about ten years old and even then it wasn’t much more than a swat or two. One of the girls in her dorm at college was from the deep south where the paddle was still used in schools, and she said that although she’d never received the Board of Education as she referred to it since she was a freshman there were still stories about seniors being paddled from time to time. It made Samantha very nervous thinking about her own behaviour, her aunt and uncle’s reaction to it and what had happened to Alex, and what Jackie had claimed could still happen to her.


Breakfast in the Nerillo house was normally a pretty busy affair, and this sunny summer Saturday was no exception. Samantha was the last out of bed and into the kitchen. Uncle Neil, Alex and Jackie were all at the table eating, Aunt Pamela was bustling about the kitchen dispensing food and drink to her family.

All heads turned to look at the girl in her pajamas as she entered. Samantha screwed her eyes shut and wished that a hole would open in the ground and swallow her up. It was obvious from the expressions on their faces that both Alex and Jackie knew what had happened last night.

Samantha seated herself silently next to Jackie. Aunt Pamela put a glass of orange juice in front of her and slid a plate with hot buttered toast under her nose. Samantha murmured her thanks and had time to sip the juice and bite into the toast before her cousins were grilling her “How late did you get in last night?” Alex asked, his young face eager and his eyes shining.

“Too late,” Samantha sighed.

“Girlfriend, you are in so much trouble,” Jackie told her. “Not only did you break curfew you were drinking too, Mom said.”

“Uhhh yeah,” Samantha said, a sick feeling in her stomach that had nothing to with the alcohol she had consumed the previous night.

“Alex, Jackie,” Uncle Neil said sternly from behind his newspaper. “Unless the two of you would like to join Samantha for the meeting she has in my study after breakfast I would suggest that you refrain from further questions at this moment.”

“Yes Dad,” the two teenagers murmured, turning their attention back to their breakfast.

Samantha was told to remain in her seat after breakfast. Alex and Jackie helped their mother with the clearing up and Uncle Neil retired to the den. Samantha asked if she could visit the bathroom and her aunt gave her permission. The girl spent longer than she needed to in the bathroom and she couldn’t quell the butterflies in her stomach. She knew was in deep trouble and she also felt quite annoyed with herself by being silly enough to break the rules the way she had, and abuse her relatives hospitality. She also couldn’t dismiss what had happened to Alex. Surely her aunt and uncle wouldn’t want to spank her. She was eighteen years old and in college. The entire idea was absolutely ridiculous.

It was pretty obvious that Alex and Jackie were deliberately delaying with their chores so they could witness the results of Samantha’s ‘visit’ in the study with their parents. Pamela was too experienced a mother to not be aware of what they were doing, and she suggested. “The two of you may want to find something to do outside or even somewhere else. Samantha’s visit to the study is going to be entirely between her and your father and I.”
Jackie and Alex both made comments about needing to be elsewhere and were out of the house within seconds.

Her heart pounding madly, Samantha emerged from the bathroom and was told by Pamela in stern tones, “Come with me, young lady.”

Once in the study, Samantha could not help comparing the atmosphere with the last time she had been in the room. Everything was almost identical. Uncle Neil was behind the desk and Aunt Pamela had taken a seat on the couch. Samantha was also nervous, just as she had been the first time, but this was much worse.

“If you have any excuses Samantha we’d like to hear them,” Uncle Neil invited.

“Yes, I’d like to know why when you realized you were going to be late that you didn’t call us, missy,” Aunt Pamela sniffed.

“Ummm…” Samantha began, a sliding sensation in her stomach. “I didn’t know what time it was and…”

“Presumably you did know you had broken your curfew,” Uncle Neil said.

“Yes sir,” Samantha answered.

“Then why didn’t you call us, Samantha?” Aunt Pamela asked. “One of us would have been happy to pick you up. You still would have been in trouble, but not as much as you are now.”

“We were worried, Samantha,” Uncle Neil told her. “We’re responsible for you, and anything could happen to a girl your age out there these days.”

“I…ummmm…I lost mmy phone,” Samantha stammered, blinking back tears.

“Lost it? How?” Aunt Pamela asked her.

“I think it slipped out of my bag. It’s probably in Jeff’s car.”

“Jeff Waynwright? Susan’s brother?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Why would your phone be in his car?” the girl’s aunt probed. “What were you doing in that boy’s car?”

Samantha’s eyes went wide. They thought she had been fooling around with Jeff! “No ma’am,” she tried to reassure her aunt that she had not been doing anything untoward with the boy. “He offered me a lift home.”

Aunt Pamela nodded, and Uncle Neil asked, “Had he been drinking?”

“No sir,” Samantha replied. “He was the designated driver. After he dropped me off, he was going to back to pick up others who needed a ride.”

“He’s a good boy,” Pamela said in an approving tone. “So responsible.”

“You still haven’t explained why you were late or how you came to smell of alcohol,” Uncle Neil continued.

“Time got away from me,” Samantha said and dropped her head, hoping her curtain of shimmering straight black hair would hide her face. “I didn’t know I was drinking at first…”

“Oh don’t try and tell me someone spiked the punch,” Pamela scoffed. “I tried that one at your age and it didn’t work for me, either.”

Samantha took a deep breath to try and battle her nerves and the overwhelming urge to run from the room. “The first drink had vodka in it, so I didn’t notice. Once I knew though, I did keep drinking it.”

“You do realize that you are under legal drinking age, Samantha?” Uncle Neil said.

Samantha let out a shuddering sigh. “I am here, Uncle Neil,” she agreed. “But not at home. I’m legal drinking age at home.”

“You’re not at home, young lady,” Aunt Pamela told her in a stern voice. “You are here and under this roof and our rules are that no one under the age of twenty one drinks alcohol. Even if you are old enough to drink at home, I doubt your parents would be too impressed if you returned home from a party drunk.”

“I wasn’t drunk,” Samantha tried to deny the charge, even though she had been a little tipsy.

“Are you sassing your aunt, young lady?”

Samantha felt a tingle run through her bottom at her uncle’s words, and quickly replied, “No sir.”

“How would your mother and father handle this, Samantha?” Pamela asked.

Samantha had to think about this. She’d only ever broken curfew once. Her Dad had hit the roof. She’d been grounded for a week and had extra chores, plus her curfew had dropped by an hour for the next month until she proved to her parents that she could deal with the responsibility.

“They’d ground me,” she answered softly, dropping her head.

“Oh that will be happening,” Uncle Neil said.

In some ways, although being grounded was a drag, that heartened Samantha. If they were going to ground her, that was the end of it. Then her uncle spoke again.

“You will be grounded for two weeks and I am certain your aunt can find plenty of things around the house to keep you occupied. You can also get a head start on your coursework for next semester. Your internet time will be restricted to contact with your parents and anything you need for your schoolwork. Do you accept that, Samantha?”

“Yes, sir,” Samantha said softly. They were pretty hard, harder than her parents for sure, but she wasn’t going to get spanked like she’d been afraid of. She thought the meeting was at an end. She’d been scolded, explained herself and accepted her punishment.

“Thank you, sir, ma’am,” she said respectfully and turned to leave the room.

“Samantha Julie!” Aunt Pamela barked. “Where exactly do you think you’re going? Were you dismissed?”

Samantha turned back quickly, confusion in her eyes “No, ma’am, but I thought…”

“You can just have another thought, young lady,” Aunt Pamela scolded. “Stand there and do not move until you are given permission. You will not speak unless asked a question. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” The butterflies were back in Samantha’s tummy and they were worse than ever. She’d been grounded, given extra chores and study, plus had her online time restricted. Okay what she did was bad and she knew it, but surely that was enough.

“Have Jackie or Alex ever told you how they are punished?” Uncle Neil asked the girl.

“Not really, sir,” Samantha answered.

“You do know, though?” Aunt Pamela probed.

Samantha nodded. “The other week Jackie told me that Alex got spanked for not doing his chores.”

“That is correct. Did Jackie also tell you that she gets spanked if she doesn’t behave?” Uncle Neil asked.

“Yes, Uncle Neil.”

“What do you think of that?” he asked the girl.

Samantha bit her lip and shuffled her feet. How could she answer that question without inadvertently insulting her aunt and uncle and at the same time stay true to what she honestly believed?

The girl took a deep breath to calm herself, and answered, “I think she’s too old. Alex, too. My parents stopped smacking me when I was about ten.”

The eyebrows of Neil and Pamela Nerillo raised at the eighteen year-old’s speech, and Pamela was the first to speak. “So you believe because Alex is fourteen and Jackie is sixteen and you’re eighteen that you’re too old to spank?”

Samantha swallowed hard, but answered clearly, “Yes ma’am.”

“Samantha,” Uncle Neil addressed her. “Do you think what you did last night was particularly smart or grown up?”

“No, Uncle Neil,” the girl answered respectfully.

“So if someone behaves childishly,” he continued, “shouldn’t they be treated childishly?”

Samantha frowned. They were trying to box her in. “But spanking isn’t effective,” she argued. “They’ve done studies…”

“Oh yes the studies,” Pamela sighed. “Maybe if those researchers had been spanked more often growing up the results of those studies would have been different. Samantha,” she said to the girl, her tone suggesting that her niece was much younger than her actual eighteen years of age. “Your punishment is not determined by your chronological age, it is determined by your behaviour. If you behave like a child, then you will be punished like a child. “

Seeing the warning look in her aunt’s eyes, Samantha bit back the reply that was rising to her lips.

“We spank our children,” Neil said, “because it works. The memory of the humiliation of the spanking lasts far longer than the sore bottom. Jackie and Alex tend to do what they can to avoid a spanking after they’ve received one.”

Samantha knew with a certainty that she would not leave this room without a well-spanked bottom, but she was still going to do everything possible to avoid it if she could. “May I ask a question, please?” she ventured.

Uncle Neil leaned back in his chair and laced his fingers over his stomach. “You may.”

“How often do Jackie and Alex get spanked?”

Uncle Neil shrugged and looked at his wife.

“Alex probably gets it more often than his sister,” Pamela answered. “We don’t keep track of it in a ledger or anything, but Jackie gets maybe three a year and Alex got his fourth just the other week. He seems to average one every couple of months.”

Samantha nodded and felt weak at the knees. She also needed a drink. “May I sit down, please? Could I have a glass of water?”

Neil and Pamela both looked at the girl. Her face was pale and it looked like reality had hit her hard. Uncle Neil came out from behind his desk, took his niece’s elbow and guided her to the couch. He sat on one side of her, and Pamela pressed a glass of water into one shaking hand.

Samantha sipped her water, blinked back tears and whispered, “I’m going to be spanked, aren’t I?”

Uncle Neil nodded.

“I’m not too old, am I?” Samantha asked in an unsteady voice.

“No, sweetheart, you’re not,” Aunt Pamela confirmed in a kindly, maternal voice.

Samantha sipped her water and tried to compose herself. She couldn’t argue. She had done the wrong thing. She had disobeyed the rules as outlined by Uncle Neil and Aunt Pamela and she had done it knowingly. She didn’t want the spanking. It was going to hurt and it was going to be embarrassing, but she couldn’t see any other alternative. In the brief time she’d spent with her cousins she had come to understand that Uncle Neil and Aunt Pamela were very old-fashioned and strict and they didn’t say anything unless they meant it. They also followed through. If they told you that you were going to be punished, then you were going to get punished, and you were going to receive the punishment they set. End of story.

There was also the possibility of what they may do if she refused to accept the spanking. She was staying there out of the goodness of their hearts. She hadn’t ever met them prior to obtaining the scholarship. In fact until then she hadn’t even been aware of their existence.  Her parents couldn’t afford for her to travel home for the summer and although they had offered to pay Uncle Neil and Aunt Pamela board for her to stay with them during the summer vacation, they had refused to accept it, and she really didn’t have anywhere else to go.

“Are you finished with your water, dear?” Pamela asked gently.

“Yes, Aunt Pamela,” Samantha answered, looking into her now empty glass and handing it to her aunt.

“How do we do this?” Samantha asked, softly, looking at the two sympathetic faced adults on either side of her.

“That is an interesting question Samantha,” Uncle Neil said. “This is a bit of a first for us too, dear. An unspanked eighteen year old isn’t something I’m familiar with.”

“Me either,” Pamela admitted.

“The best thing may be to explain how we would deal with Jacqueline if she was in front of us for similar offences,” Uncle Neil decided.

“It would require more than one single spanking,” Aunt Pamela said firmly.

Samantha’s eyes widened and her aunt laughed.

“I’m not explaining myself well. You’ll only get the one spanking, but it will be divided into sections.”

“Sections?” Samantha echoed.

“Well, young lady,” Uncle Neil explained. “We have to deal with multiple offences here. You broke curfew and you were drinking. That’s two things and they carry separate penalties.”

Samantha could feel her resolve breaking with every word her uncle and aunt uttered. They were so serious about this. They’d really put some thought into it. It was more than a little scary.

“What did Alex get when you caught him sneaking that scotch?” Pamela asked her husband rather benignly.

“The strap,” was Uncle Neil’s short reply.

Pamela nodded. “That seems fair.”

The strap! That was a leather belt! Samantha had never experienced it, but her father had received it once at school over his hands, and she had a classmate with strict European parents who had strapped her and her younger brother until they were both about fourteen. It had not sounded like an experience she ever wanted to have.

“Then of course there is the matter of the curfew,” Uncle Neil said.

“I was thinking a session over my lap with hand and brush would do the trick there,” Aunt Pamela suggested.

“Surely the hand is just a warm up?” Uncle Neil questioned his wife.

“Oh yes, of course, but the brush on top of that should encourage Samantha to stick to her curfew after this,” Aunt Pamela explained for her husband.

Samantha watched this exchange with her mouth open. They were calmly discussing spanking HER bottom with her in the room as if she were not there. Aunt Pamela and Uncle Neil really took the old maxim of ‘children should be seen and not heard’ to new levels.

Pamela turned to her niece and said, “Would you like Uncle Neil to leave the room while you get ready and we take care of the first order of business?”

Samantha frowned, and asked. “Why does Uncle Neil have to leave the room, Aunt Pamela?”

“You’re okay with him seeing your bare bottom and front then, dear?”

“Bare bottom! What? I don’t…” Samantha ground to a halt, her mind working overtime.

“We ALWAYS spank bare, sweetheart,” Aunt Pamela explained. “By the time you’re ready for the strap, I’ll have you laying over the couch and only your bottom will be exposed, but for the hand and brush I’ll need you over my lap and during your ‘unveiling’ it’s hard for your front to remain completely covered.”

They wanted to spank her on her bare bottom? This was even worse than she had ever thought. Alex and Jackie were spanked on their bare bottoms? Oh my God! Fighting to get the words out, Samantha said. “Ummmm…could Uncle Neil leave please, ma’am?”

“Neil,” Pamela said to her husband.

Uncle Neil nodded and began to leave the room.

“I’ll oil the strap for you sweetie and call you in when Samantha is ready for it,” Aunt Pamela said as her husband closed the door to the study.

“Well now you have gotten yourself into a bit of a pickle, young lady,” Aunt Pamela told Samantha in what the girl had come to recognize as her ‘stern Mommy’ voice.

“Yes, ma’am,” Samantha replied dutifully, her cheeks ablaze with embarrassment at the situation.

“Come to me please dear,” the woman requested, settling herself in the middle of the three-seater couch.

Samantha shuffled over to stand by her aunt’s knee. Aunt Pamela held the girl by the hips and hooked her fingers in the waistband of the girl’s thin summer pajamas. “Let’s get these down first,” she said very matter of factly sliding them bottoms down the girl’s slender legs.

Samantha felt the material pool around her ankles, and heard her aunt say, “Lift your feet. Right one, then left. Very good.” The pants were completely removed and placed elsewhere.

“Upsa daisy,” Aunt Pamela said almost cheerfully, and Samantha felt herself being competently turned over the older woman’s knees and settled into the middle of her ample lap.

Pamela’s broad palm skimmed over Samantha’s trembling, upturned bottom mounds, and she murmured, “So soft and tender, they’ll redden up in no time at all.”

Samantha closed her eyes, and then jumped and squealed as a loud slap reverberated around the room, followed by a fierce stinging sensation in one buttock. The girl had barely had time to register that before the other cheek stung from a second smack. From that point on the sounds blended into each other, and Samantha felt like a very vicious swarm of bees were attacking every inch of her virgin bottom.

It was clear to the madly wriggling girl over the lap that Aunt Pamela was both experienced and good at administering a spanking. Samantha’s bottom was fiery hot, her legs were waving about and she was ‘owing’ and ‘ouching’ constantly. “You’re lucky Jackie can’t see you now, Samantha,” Pamela Nerillo scolded her niece, without missing a single beat of that swinging arm and spanking hand.  “She takes her lickings far better than you do.  A good hard hand spanking can barely get a peep out of her, same with Alex, but you at eighteen are carrying on like a six year old.”

The scornful words stung just as much as the punishing hand, and tears started to flow from Samantha’s eyes. “I’m sorreeee!” she wailed.

“Oh you will be, young lady, you will be,” Pamela vowed, still spanking furiously, and ensuring that Samantha’s upper thighs got as a good a going over as her backside had. Pamela prided herself on a job well done and she wanted thighs and bottom to have the same glowing red hue before she moved onto the second part of the punishment.

At long last, what seemed like an eternity to Samantha, but had in reality been no more than a handful of minutes, Aunt Pamela’s arm stopped rising and falling. The hand that had been pushed up her back to stop her trying to cover her buttocks was released, and she lay limply over her aunt’s thighs, sobbing and feeling her rear end throb and burn.

Pamela let her niece blubber and come to the realization that the spanking had actually stopped, then put arms around the girl’s waist and gently helped her to a standing position.

Samantha stood in front of the stern faced woman, with tears trickling down her cheeks. She put her hands behind her and began to vigorously rub her stinging bottom, she didn’t actually care that she was nude from the waist down she just wanted to put out the fires raging through her butt. She had never thought anything could be so painful and at the same time so utterly humiliating.

Pamela frowned at the rubbing, but didn’t say anything. Her two children knew better than to rub before they were given permission, but they had been raised with spankings, this one was Samantha’s first and it was, in Pamela Nerillo’s opinion, long over due. She found it hard to conceive of a child reaching their majority without ever having been spanked, although she was sadly aware that in this day and age Samantha was more the rule than the exception.

“Samantha,” Pamela said firmly.

The girl stopped rubbing her burning behind, and looked at her aunt through tear filled eyes. “Yyes Aunt Pamela?”

“Stop rubbing your bottom, it is most unladylike. Go to your uncle’s desk and open the top drawer. Take out the hairbrush in it and bring it to me.”

Samantha didn’t protest, but she did frown once her back, complete with glow in the dark backside, was to her aunt. A hairbrush? Why did her aunt want a hairbrush? She couldn’t possibly want to spank Samantha with it. She’d already been spanked. She doubted she’d sit down for the remainder of the day.

As Samantha’s hand curled around the handle of the broad backed oval wooden hairbrush she recalled the brief conversation between her aunt and uncle before her ordeal had begun. The brush had been mentioned. This was what they meant. Samantha looked at the innocuous looking hair care implement in her hand with mounting horror and nearly dropped it.

“Thank you, dear,” Pamela said, holding out her hand for the hairbrush as Samantha reached her.

Reluctantly Samantha placed the brush in her aunt’s waiting hand and looked down at her aunt’s skirted lap with trepidation.

“Back over you get,” Pamela Nerillo said, her voice almost cheerful.

Samantha lowered herself back over her aunt’s lap, wriggled a bit so that she wouldn’t fall off and tried to concentrate on anything other than what was coming.

“Comfy?” Pamela asked.

“Yes, Aunt Pamela,” Samamtha answered politely, in a shaking voice.

“We’ll have to remedy that, young lady,” was Pamela’s reply as she unleashed the brush.

Samantha stiffened and screamed as the brush struck her already stinging bottom. Aunt Pamela’s palm had been hard enough, but the brush was ten times worse. It made a different sound and it reignited all the fires in Samantha’s rear, they had just been starting to mercifully die down, too.

What Samantha really wanted to do was shout a swear word…very loudly. Some part of her mind, the small area of it that wasn’t filled with thoughts of how much her bum hurt right at that moment as Pamela diligently applied the hairbrush to her sit spots, told her that swearing would not be a good idea, so she contented herself with incoherently howling out her displeasure.

The college student had been told off severely for putting her hand back during the opening spanking, which she now realized was the ‘warm up’ her aunt and uncle had spoken of earlier. She had been promised with more spanking if she did it again and having her hand forced up her back had hurt her shoulder, so she clenched her fists so tightly that she could feel her fingernails creating little crescents in the flesh of her palms.

Samantha roared and bucked and kicked her legs violently. “Samantha,” her aunt said loudly to be heard over the girl’s histrionics. “You do carry on so.”

To underline the point Samantha felt Aunt Pamela lock one of her legs over her own, so that she couldn’t even kick, then the girl wailed the roof down as Pamela rained the brushes wicked back across her tender upper thighs.

Over her aunt’s lap Samantha entered a strange headspace where nothing but the fiery rain that the brush was thundering down on her bottom, and the resulting agony, existed. She was not aware of her aunt setting the brush down, she only really understood that it was over when she felt her aunt’s arms around her lifting her up.

Samantha stood in front of her aunt, hands held to her sides. Tears trickled down her face and mingled with the snot and saliva that covered her cheeks and chin and had plastered sweat soaked strands of her silky night black hair to them. “Oh honey,” Pamela cooed, she drew the girl onto her lap and cuddled her.

Pamela rocked the miserable girl on her lap and let her sob into her impressive bosom, as she stroked her hair and whispered soothingly into the girl’s ear. Samantha had almost fallen asleep when her aunt helped her off the lap and stood her up again.

“Up on the couch, Samantha,” she ordered.

The girl looked quizzically at her aunt.

Pamela smiled as she instructed, “Kneel on the couch, bottom facing the room. That’s how your uncle will want you for the strap.”

The last words struck an icy spike of fear into Samantha’s heart. They were still going to strap her! “I ddon’t want the ststrap, Aunt Pamela,” she stammered, her tears starting to flow again.

“I know you don’t sweetheart, but we also didn’t want you going out and getting drunk. Now up on the couch like a good girl and make us proud by taking your medicine like a woman.”

Heart pounding madly and still steaming bottom tingling, Samantha knelt on the couch, straightened her legs because it hurt too much to rest the weight of her freshly spanked buttocks on her calves and waited. She could hear her aunt behind her. The woman had taken up position on a chair where she could see her niece’s bottom and she was working at something or other. It sounded like polishing and she could smell something like leather polish in the air.

“Honey,” Pamela called from the doorway. “I’ve oiled the strap and Samantha is kneeling on the couch waiting for her hiding.”

Hiding! That was what they called it. Samantha squeezed her eyes shut and wished she had never accepted the invitation to that stupid party. “Oh you’ve done a nice job there, hon’,” Neil complimented his wife on seeing the girl’s glowing cherry red hindquarters.

“Oh you should have seen her carry on when I did her thighs,” Pamela said.

“I could hear her,” Neil laughed.

“I’ll be surprised if the entire neighbourhood couldn’t. She has quite a set of lungs.”

Samantha could hear her uncle moving around behind her, and tried to turn her head.

“None of that miss!” Uncle Neil ordered sharply. “You don’t need to see me, just do as you’re told and we’ll be able to put all this behind us.”

An apt choice of words Samantha thought briefly before hearing the command. “Bottom out, Samantha Julie!”

Wincing, the girl thrust her aching rear end up and out. She heard the strap sing through the air and screamed as it swathed heat across both buttocks with a loud, meaty crack.

She fell across the back of the couch, catching her breath and sobbing. Pamela stood in front of Samantha. “Darling,” she said to the distraught girl. “Come on, sweetheart, lift up. Get that bottom in the air for Uncle Neil. Make us proud of you, sweetie.”

Under her aunt’s coaxing Samantha managed to raise herself off the back of the sofa and get into position for the second stroke of the strap. Uncle Neil obviously had a lot of experience at swinging the long black length of leather because he knew exactly where to hit for maximum effect. After six searing strokes the tears streamed down Samantha’s face, her nose was running and her bottom was a throbbing ball of roasting scarlet pain.

Pamela and Neil were behind the girl. They looked at her bottom and assessed the damage. “What do you think?” Neil asked his wife.

“Initially I was going to suggest her age, or at the very least a set on the inner thighs,” Pamela answered.

“And now?”

“I did spank her quite soundly, and it was her first one. I think she’s learned her lesson.”

Neil nodded. “So do I.”

Aunt Pamela helped Samantha to her feet, washed her face and helped the girl limp to bed. She tucked her in, kissed Samantha’s forehead and tiptoed out the room, closing the door behind her.

Once her aunt was gone Samantha kicked off the covers and rolled over to her stomach with a sigh of blessed relief. As she lay in the cool, darkness of her room, she could hear the kids playing on the street outside and reflected that for as long as she was under her aunt and uncle’s roof she was going to do her utmost to stick to their rules…at the very least until her bottom stopped hurting and she could sit without wincing.


  1. Wow, so well done, classic hand spanking and brushing and then the strap....loved it. Also is there anything more breath taking than after a sound hand spanking and brushing, watching your lap draw her belt out of her
    Thank you

  2. Oh Ron, thank goodness! I was starting to think no one was out there! Yes, there was definitely something about that picture that spoke to me and I knew if I couldn't use it to illustrate a story then I was going to use it somehow. I actually believe in the photo set she's taking it out to be used on her bottom, not the other way around, but I like the way it appears here. Thank you so much for your support.

  3. I agree with Ron, that was quite a story, I have only ever been strapped once and it is not something I would like to repeat. My sympathies are with Sammy as I know how sore her bottom must be

  4. Thank you Mario. Sammy could have been strapped much harder, Aunt Pamela initially wanted her to get 18, but decided that 6 would be sufficient this time.