Friday, 8 February 2013

The Great Spanking Anthology

Hello to everyone. I once again sit down at my keyboard to let you know about another publication from the marvelous folk at the Library of Spanking Fiction.

This time they have put together something they call The Great Anthology of Spanking Fiction. They are not lying when they say Great. It is not one or even two books, but a whopping SIX! (as in the traditional six of the best I am sure)

There are in excess of 180 authors from the Library, including our very own Seegee and Esskay, as well as Aunt Carla.

This is the banner page for the books. I think it's rather a cute idea and images.

This is a link to the LSF Publications site:

The book/s can also be purchased from Amazon, although it benefits the LSF if you buy directly from them.

I hope everyone will consider the books and join me in offering Seegee, Esskay and all the other authors a hearty congratulations and best wishes for the future.


  1. Wow, awesome and yes congrats to our wonderful authors who make this blog so terrific!
    Thanks Aunty

  2. Thanks Ron, I hope you visit the LSF and check out some of the authors there as well.