Saturday, 9 February 2013

Valentines Day Part 2 by Esskay

It's still a few days away, but I can't leave you hanging on tenterhooks any longer. Here is the second part of Esskay's Valentine's Day.

The love of Don's life, his strict wife Dawn. I don't think she's going to brush her hair with that brush either.

Dawn entered the living room and was pleased to see that Don had done what she had told him to. He was naked and standing next to the couch. It struck her how compliant he was, and she wondered about the reason for that. Perhaps the wine had dulled him, maybe he was so depressed over her refusal of his proposal that nothing else mattered, or maybe -- just maybe -- he welcomed a Female Led Relationship. She did not know.

       She brought a chair into the room and sat down, looking directly at him. Without a word, Don walked over to her and stood by her side. She nodded and he bent down and got over her lap.

       Dawn had never seen his butt from this angle before, and her initial reaction was that it was a bit chubby. She almost giggled thinking about how cute it was going to look with a pink hue, but she caught herself and remembered they were here for serious business. She lifted the brush and brought it down quickly on his right butt cheek as Don reacted by jerking his leg upwards. Fearing he might try to escape, she hooked her own right leg over his, then blasted the brush again onto Don’s left butt cheek.

As the spanking continued, Don did not say anything, but he moaned in an increasing crescendo that Dawn paid close attention to. After about fifty spanks she thought he might be getting close to tears, and that was not what she wanted. Her hope was to hurt him physically only, and leave his pride as intact as possible. She stopped abruptly and said in a soft soothing voice, “All right, that’s all honey. You did well.”

       Don stood up slowly, and almost lost his balance, so she reached out to grab his arm and steady him. “Why don’t you go to bed, honey,” she suggested. “I’ll just tidy up and be in soon.”

       “You still want me to sleep over tonight?” he asked.

       “Of course I do. You were punished, it’s over. Go inside. I’ll be right there.”

       Don nodded and went into the room. He had his own drawer in her dresser, and took a pair of pajamas he had left there, then got into bed to await her.

       She was tired, but wasn’t in a big hurry to go to bed. Her head continued to spin as she reflected about how remarkable the evening had been. She thought again about Denise -- she wondered if her sorority sister had found a man she could put over her knee, and what would Denise think if she knew what Dawn had just done?

       After about ten minutes, she went in and got into bed. She leaned over to kiss Don, and he started to slide over towards her as if to start foreplay ahead of lovemaking. She honestly did desire his body, but somehow she couldn’t reconcile sex with what had happened just a few minutes before, and she told him that she didn’t think it was appropriate. She did however kiss him very gently and lovingly before putting out the light.

       They awoke at the same time the next morning. “Hi, honey, how do you feel?” Dawn asked.

       “Stupid,” he answered.

       “No, honey, don’t. Some things have changed. But we’re still together. I love you and I hope you still love me.”

       “I do.”

       She moved her body over to him and kissed him seductively. Nature took its course.

       Later while having breakfast, she told him what she expected of him. She didn’t speak at all about last night’s spanking, but she made it clear that future transgressions would be dealt with.

       He listened to her rules and warnings without objection, which pleased her. “I have a question for you,” she said. “We’re not ready for marriage, but would you like to move in with me and we’ll live together?”

       Don's enormous smile was her answer. They kissed and went back into the bedroom.

       It took more than a month for Don to sublet his apartment, so it was mid-March before he was living exclusively at her place. The arrangement turned out even better than Dawn had hoped for. She had assigned him some tasks to be done to keep the apartment clean and tidy, and he did all those and more. Given his flexible work schedule, on days when he had little or no work to do, he did his chores plus some she hadn’t asked him to do. He tried cooking dinner for her (it didn’t turn out great, but she pretended it was wonderful) and he washed her clothes as well as his own on some days. Before they started living together they had once been in a Home Depot and she had shown him a paint color, saying if she ever had time, she was going to paint her bathroom in that color. One day she came home from school to find that Don had surprised her by painting the bathroom in the color she liked.

       Plus his demeanor was absolutely wonderful -- she had to almost push him out the door to get him to spend some time with his friends, and he seemed to be much more diligent about his work habits. Dawn had started to think that maybe the Valentine’s Day spanking might turn out to be a one-time event and she began to wonder if and when Don might propose again.

       One day in June, however, a problem arose. One thing Dawn had demanded from him was that if he was going to be late coming home, he had to call her to let her know so she wouldn’t worry. On one evening, he was due home at 6PM after a business meeting about an hour away. She had heard nothing until about 6:15, when she got a text from him reading simply “30m.” It was evident that he was still on the freeway and had sent the text while driving.

       It was almost 7 o’clock when Don finally walked in -- he had a feeling he was in trouble, and he was right. 

“Did you text me while driving?” Dawn demanded to know.

       He wasn’t going to lie, even though he knew the answer would make her angry. “Yes,” he said softly and sheepishly.

“What’s the matter with you? You know I worry about you and you do something ridiculously dangerous like that? Why didn’t you call instead of text? You have hands-free calling in your car!”

       It was a logical question, and he knew the answer was going to make things worse for him.

       “The Dodgers had an East Coast game and I had it on the radio. I’m sorry.”

       He heard the response he was afraid he would hear: “Go to the bedroom and bring my hairbrush out here!” He looked down at the floor and pivoted to go to the bedroom.

       When she had spanked him four months before, Dawn had been nervous but she was not very angry. This time was different -- the first time had shown her that she could deliver an effective spanking and that he would accept it from her, so she was not at all nervous. But she was significantly more angry this time -- after several months of excellent behavior, tonight he had done something dangerous and in her eyes, immature, and his chubby butt was going to be much hotter than she had made it the first time.

       She sat down as he brought the brush to her, then ordered him to undress fully. As he did, she sat tapping her hand with the brush with a scowl on her face. Once he was ready he simply moved to her side and stretched out over her lap. “I’m sorry, Dawn,” he said.

       Her reply was three hard spanks on his right butt cheek followed immediately by four hard spanks on the left. She knew she was spanking him harder than she had in February, but that’s exactly what she wanted to do. He had earned the first spanking with some immature actions, but this time he had done something incredibly dangerous as well as stupid, and she was going to make sure he learned a good lesson. Whatever thoughts she might have had about relinquishing the Female Led Relationship in favor of one based on equality were now gone -- this was going to stay a Female Led Relationship.

       Don's body movements confirmed that this spanking was more painful than the first. He squirmed around much more in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid the brush. His legs jerked up involuntarily after almost every spank. And his attempts to take the punishment in a stoic manner failed--he started to beg her to stop, with pleas such as “Please, Dawn…no more, please….I’ll be good….I’ll never do it again, I promise….please stop….it hurts….it hurts so much.”

       She wanted it to hurt “so much” but again she wanted the punishment to be physical only without humiliating him. As soon as his voice sounded like he might soon start to cry she stopped abruptly. She let him lie over her lap for almost a minute as he caught his breath, then she guided him to stand up. “Go stand in the corner while I heat up dinner,” she told him. He immediately did what he had been told to do.

       Dawn entered the kitchen where she had a clear view of him. She had left her phone on the counter, and couldn’t resist the urge to take a picture of his very-red posterior. The phone was password-protected so she was confident no one else would ever see it, and Don did not know she took the picture.

       She set the table for dinner and moved a pillow to Don’s chair to make it a little less painful for him to sit. “Ready,” she told him. “Come sit down.”

       He had earned a punishment and he had been punished. It was over in her eyes, and she tried to make the rest of the evening as casual as possible. He watched an Angels game and she watched it with him which she normally would not have done.

       When the game ended, they both turned in, but neither could fall asleep easily. He was laying on his left side facing away from her, but she could hear him moving around. “Can’t sleep?” she asked.

       “My butt’s still throbbing,” he replied.

       “Well, I’m not going to say I’m sorry. You did something incredibly stupid and you got punished for it.”

       “I know. I hate to say it, but you did the right thing.”

       “I’m glad you see it that way, honey,” she said.

       Despite the pain, he rolled over onto his backside, and held out his right arm for her to cuddle into. She did so happily. They stayed that way for about a minute before he said “This may not be the best time for this, but I have a question.”

       “What, honey?”

       “If I were to ask you to marry me again, would the answer be any different?”

       Her answer was one word: “Yes.”

       “Yes, what?” he asked as he turned to face her.

       “Don, the day you painted the bathroom I decided I was ready to marry you. I was just waiting for you to ask again.”

       He had a huge smile on his face as he kissed her. “I love you,” he said.

 “I love you too,” she replied.

       They cuddled together again. After a minute he said “I have something else to tell you, but I’m afraid you’re going to spank me again.” She replied with a laugh and a smile saying, “Only one to a customer per day. You’re safe. What is it?”

       “I never returned the ring. Do you want to see it now?”

       “Yes,” she screamed, as he leapt out of the bed to get it.

      As she thought back about all that had happened on the last two Valentine’s Days, Dawn was very happy that it was Sunday morning and there was no reason to get out of bed. She continued to gaze at her husband.

       Since she was a teacher, they had been married on Christmas Eve, and they were able to honeymoon in the school break between Christmas and New Year’s -- they took a cruise from Los Angeles to the west coast of Mexico.

       She had spanked Don on two other occasions since the incident in June, once in October, and once shortly after they returned from the honeymoon. She felt a little guilty about the latest one. She had thought she needed to re-establish her leadership after the wedding, and for the first time she was actually on the lookout for a reason to spank him. As it turned out, he had failed to do some minor chores one day and she built that into justification for a spanking, even though it was relatively minor. Don himself did not object and ended up apologizing for not completing his tasks.

       It was not lost on her that she had spanked him for the first time exactly one year ago today. She allowed herself to think for a moment that if there are Birthday spankings, maybe she could start a family tradition of Valentine’s Days spankings, but she quickly told herself that was a bad idea. Spankings had been effective for them as a punishment, and they had to stay exclusively a punishment to modify Don’s behavior.

       As she was looking at him, Don opened one eye, then the other. “Morning, beautiful,” he said, then realizing what day it was he added, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

       “Happy Valentine’s Day to you, honey,” she replied as she moved towards him to kiss him.

       It was meant to be a simple good-morning peck of a kiss, but it lingered and then became passionate. “This is going to be a much better Valentine’s Day tradition,” Dawn said to herself as she started to take the pajamas off her husband.

A Dawn's eye view of Don's freshly spanked posterior.


  1. Wonderful story, so well written and very sexy, thank you

  2. Lucky, lucky Don! :)

    Thank you for the lovely story, Esskay. It really warmed me up inside!

  3. Thanks Ron, Esskay always brings the goods.
    Thank you for the comment Penny, it warmed you up inside, as opposed to Don who got warmed up outside!