Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Andrea the babysitter

I've occasionally featured artwork by the wonderful artist Ron Wilson. I don't use a lot of his images because they're often captioned and the captions don't necessarily match what I'm trying to say. Just recently one of my lovely followers sent me a set of Ron Wilson images entitled Andrea. Now I can't ever remember babysitting someone called Ron, but these images make me wonder if my memory is playing me false.

Goodness! Was that how I was viewed? With such icy shudders? That's not what Polly and Michael told me when I encountered them years later.

Well this one has it right. I didn't and don't tolerate misbehaviour and I spanked for it there and then. As everyone here is aware I ALWAYS spank bare bottom, too.

This is also completely correct, although there are a couple of small corrections. I generally warm up with the hand before bringing Mrs Hairbrush into play and the image shows a rectangular brush commonly known as a paddle brush. I've always preferred an oval model.

Yet again this is also part of how I operate, then and now. The artist has also taken the opportunity to show that both buttocks and upper thighs are painted bright red, sometimes they forget that a proper spanking includes the upper thighs. One thing that is incorrect is that my 'victims' were teased mercilessly. I don't permit teasing, certainly not merciless as is stated here. Excessive teasing means that the corner has another sobbing red bottomed occupant.

Sometimes I love the world of art!


  1. Perhaps you DID babysit Ron at one time. They don't sound like fond memories for him however. Quite the stern babysitter weren't you? And it doesn't sound like you've changed much, except sometimes you have bigger "babies" to sit... ;-)

  2. Yes Phil, I was quite stern as a babysitter. I didn't have to make too many adjustments when I started the shop.

  3. Aunty,

    Wonderful entry ma'am and just love the crawings, just wonderful, thank you so much and love is bright red bottom from the brush. Nice.