Monday, 18 March 2013

Battle of the SotM's

Hello all! I've been a bad Aunty and neglecting you all. I think my muse needs a spanking, she's been curiously absent and leaving me lacking in inspiration.

However something happened yesterday which pertained to the blog. As many of you probably know I'm quite a keen tennis fan. In fact two of my Spankees of the Month have been tennis stars. Ever since the two ladies have been nominated I regard them as 'my girls', so to see the two girls taking each other on in a big name tournament like Indian Wells, sometimes referred to as the 5th Grand Slam, was something I could not let pass without comment.

The two girls for those of you who don't know were Maria Sharapova, here's a picture of her. I'm sure no one needs reminding what she looks like, but there can never be a bad reason for posting a picture of the Russian beauty.

Isn't she a honey? That trophy in her hands is for winning Indian Wells. Yes, she was the winner. And her opponent? Caroline Wozniacki. Caroline's had a tough time of late, losing her number one ranking and struggling at the Slams. I'm pleased to see her reach this final, although she wasn't able to win it.

That's the former World No 1 trying to serve her way to glory at Indian Wells. Alas it wasn't to be her day this time with Miss Sharapova winning in straight sets, but I'm sure Caroline has better things ahead of her and it's good to see her back in form again.

Both are beautiful girls, but like all young ladies they can be naughty from time to time and as we all know the best cure for a naughty girl is a soundly smacked bottom.

CF Shots supplies a picture of two young blonde women who are maybe reenacting the scene in the dressing room after the presentation of the awards.


  1. I don't know who's representing who, but the one with clothes on bears a striking (no pun intended) to Sarah Gregory. Nice... ;-)


  2. Hi
    Wow now I would love either or both over my lap and they are both just beautiful and athletic as well.

    That is the lovely Sarah Gregory, she is wonderful as well.

    Thanks for the nice post and stimulating pic, ma'am!

  3. Mmm... it is a nice thing to think about, isn't it Aunty? :D

    Of course, Maria would have to be the one doing the bottom-warming, being the winner and the elder and the prettier. Any cheeky reversal of roles by the naughty Miss W - catching Maria off-guard, pulling her down across her knee, spanking her perfect, innocent little buns til she wailed for mercy - oh, it would be awful... simply awful...

  4. Yes, Phil and Ron the lady deputising for Maria (yes, Penny that is meant to be Maria and she did win, so she gets to spank Caroline, not the other way around this time) is indeed the wonderful Sarah Gregory. I actually wouldn't mind seeing Miss Gregory spank both girls. She'd certainly teach them that tennis players aren't the only ladies with powerful forehands.