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Discipline Contract - an interview

                     Glowing Globes Gazette

Discipline contracts. We've all heard about them. They're a common theme in spanking fiction featured in The Glowing Globes Gazette, it's predecessor Bared Affair, here on this blog and in the genre generally. The famed Spencer Spanking Plan has passed into folklore. Today the Glowing Globes Gazette is proud to feature an interview with a real life couple who do actually have a discipline contract in place as part of their marriage.

I'd very much like to thank R & B for both offering to do this and participating in the interview.

Aunty Andrea (editrix of Glowing Globes Gazette)

R & B's contract may not be quite this intricate, but you get the idea.

AA: Were you both raised traditionally at home and school?

    B:  I was never spanked by my parents or at school, I was a perfectly behaved child. There was one incident with a baby sitter who spanked me when I was 5 or 6. My mother never used that babysitter again. On the other hand R was spanked by both his mother and step-father, plus one time at school in second grade.

    R: Yes that was the case, both spanked me.

 AA: To what age were you spanked at home?

    R: I received my last spanking at age 19. The spankings per year began to decrease when I was about 14, after this I had to do something out of the ordinary to get the paddle. The last spanking for example was for driving after too much to drink and running the car off the road, bending front suspension parts!

AA: B was in a sorority, how were they punished if it was ever required?

    B: Unlike R's fraternity my sorority did not use the paddle to punish misbehavior. We had a standards chairperson who decided our fate. A very serious offense would be expulsion from the sorority. a lesser offence would be extra work around the house. Poor grades would be forced study hall. That was about the extent of our punishment.

A fraternity paddle. B's sorority did not paddle for misbehaviour at college. R's fraternity did.

AA: Did the two of you meet at or attend the same college?

    R: We did attend the same college but I was 6 years ahead of B. We actually met at a mountain lake that was about 60 miles from the university on a nice summer day. The lake was very isolated and required a 3 mile hike to reach the beach. I was there when two young women wearing the college's T-shirt came down the trail. I liked their appearance and asked if they went to the university. They did and they sat down and we talked about college. The more we talked I began to like them, especially B. Since I lived and worked in the college town I asked if she would like to have diner some time? We exchanged phone numbers and that weekend we had a date.

    B: For me it was love at first sight.

AA: What is your difference in age and did it cause any concerns?

    R: We found out our birthdays were one day apart, so for one day I am 7 years older. The age difference did not cause any problems.

AA: How did you reveal to B that you had an interest in spanking that went beyond childhood punishment?

    R: After we had been dating for about 7-8 months B told me she was getting a "D" in one of her classes. I told her if that was her final grade I was going to spank her!

    B: I thought he was joking. We did not talk about spanking at that time and nothing was mentioned for the rest of the semester. However, I did receive a "D" grade in the class. I was not going to tell R if he didn't ask but would answer honestly if asked.

    R: I did ask. I also asked if she remembered what I had said 6 weeks earlier. B knew the answer. We talked about spanking and my spanking experience.

    B: R knew this was going to be new for me and tried to let we know what to expect. I trusted him and believed he would not beat me to a pulp. R went into his kitchen and brought a chair out to the living room and placed it in the middle of the floor.He told me to go into the bedroom and get ready and come back out without my jeans or shoes on.  He was waiting for me in the chair and helped me go over his knee. I was nervous,scared and excited waiting for the first spank. The beginning spanks really hurt but after around 20 spanks he stopped, I had survived my first spanking, I even felt the tingling sensation on my bottom that R told me would actually feel nice. I also felt this would not be the last spanking if I stayed with R.
AA: What was her reaction?

    R: That first spanking was rather mild I used my hand and gave her 20 swats. I was happy to see she did not go crazy when she realized she was going to be spanked. I really wanted to have a relationship that would involve some spanking. B accepted that.

B clutches her burning bottom after a session over R's lap.

AA: How did the contract come into being?

    R: We skip ahead about 5 years, the contract came into our lives after about 18 months of being married. In the beginning B was the only one being spanked and for some reason one day I wrote down on a piece of paper which offences would lead to a spanking. While doing this I realized I was also guilty of some of these offences and to be fair I should also be spanked. B and I talked this over and she was alright with the idea of spanking me.

AA: What form does the contract take?

    R: I attempted to make the contract appear as much like a legal document as possible. B laughed at this attempt, but she went along and signed it.

    B: the contract spelled out what would be a spanking offence and R put them into groupings of the most serious to the least serious. It made everything clear and eliminated arguments over the details.

 AA: What is a standard offence and punishment?

    B: I had a problem with being neat enough for R and not putting things back in their proper place. This offence was in the contract. At some point R would have enough and tell me it's time for a spanking. This one would be in the mild category.

AA: Is the punishment graded on the offence?

     R: Yes, most definitely .The most serious offences require a much longer and harder spanking. In B's case I only give her hand spankings because we found she bruises rather easily. However I do put more into these spankings and she will begin to cry at some point during the spanking. At this time B will be given 10 more hard swats which she will have to count out. Then we might add 15 minutes of corner time.

    B: R never cries but I do my best to make it sting. Of course he likes this so it is not so much a punishment for him. I use a paddle with holes or a leather strap on him. I must say he does seem to behave much better after a hard spanking. Needless to say, I also behave very much better.

B follows R up the stairs, strap in hand. I wonder what he did?

AA: What is the average number of spankings over a year long period?

    R: This number varies from year to year but the average is falling as we grow older and become more mature. B was given probably 10 to 15 spankings per year at the beginning but now about one-third of that number. I have always been given 5 or 6 per year

AA: What rituals are involved in the punishments?

    B: Not too many rituals are involved. The person being spanked is always nude and since I am only spanked by hand that's about it for me. R has to bring out the paddle or strap with him to the living room for his punishment. The spanker gives the victim a short lecture before beginning the punishment.

AA: Is there anyone else who knows about this arrangement?

    B: I seem to talk about this more than R. I have told my sorority sister who was with me at the lake when I first met R. She and I have done so many crazy things together so this is probably not the most unusual thing I have done. I have also told a couple other close friends. R has told one or two people, maybe! He is much less open than me, he didn't even say the lake where we met is a clothing optional  area known locally as Denude Lake!

AA: The difference between fun and punishment spankings?

    R: She let the cat out of the bag, B loves doing that to me. I may have to give her a fun spanking. Which, by the way B has learned to enjoy.

    B: This is true, I like a fun spanking, especially what follows. Punishment spankings are not fun, I feel foolish crying like a kid afterwards, but they have made me a much more well behaved girl. I was too wild and needed to be controlled.

I'd like to extend my thanks to R & B for agreeing to this and being so candid with their responses. It has made for a wonderful interview. I hope everyone agrees with me.


  1. Interesting. I suppose this is "exclusive" to R & B, so it works for them in that it's customized to their situation.

    I wonder if you could provide a copy of one of your standard "punishment contracts" for your clients at the Spank Shop? Obviously, this would be more in order of what they give you permission to do to them and what is expected of them, behavior-wise during the spanking. And perhaps one for the under-age ones, signed by parent or guardian?

    I know they're described somewhat in the stories but I'd be curious to see one.


  2. Aunty,

    Great post and love the interview/contract. Wow, love the first time story and their honesty. I agree with Phil perhaps The Shop will institute such a form.
    Using them at home is a great way to get your partner to understand the scene and ones needs relative to over the knee spanking.
    Thank you

  3. I would like to once again thank R & B for their participation and courage and hope everyone got something from this enlightening interview. I'll have to give some thought to showing a more complete version of the forms used in the shop. Kim's the one who deals with most of those issues.