Saturday, 6 April 2013

A small addition

This is part of the positions series, although it's an addendum to Perfect Position. When reviewing the traditional over the knee position I neglected to mention another advantage to using that method to administer a spanking. Gabrielle reminded me of it when looking over the post.

When spanking an older boy or girl over your lap you are going to encounter some pretty vigorous struggling, it's not necessarily defiance, it simply can't be helped. Spankings hurt, especially if you're using a hairbrush, a small paddle or a short strap to light those fires. Legs kick as well and if the spankee has long legs it is not inconceivable that you may even be accidentally kicked.

Over the years spankers have developed technique to deal with this. It seems to be mostly a female thing. I haven't seen many men use it, but I'd say that's largely because they are generally physically larger and stronger than the person over their laps.

The technique is simple, but effective. It even has a name of it's own. They refer to it as the leg lock. The picture below from Premium Spankings is a good example of it.

By using legs to pin the girl in position the spanker has cut down on the kicking (she should have removed those high heels prior to taking her over the knee) and ensured that she's not going anywhere until her bottom has been thoroughly and soundly spanked. I think the young lady watching fearfully on will be dealt with in the much the same manner.

Apologies for missing this earlier in the week.

Aunty Andrea


  1. No apologies please, this is while true otk and variation that one does not always get to try out or be put in. While OTK is OTK, the leg lock to me usually means there is a long sound spanking to follow!
    Nice photo!

  2. I agree and I really should have remembered it to begin with.

  3. don't remove the heels - or the panties! slip the heels under the lowered panties and your kicking problems will decrease tremendously. Lowering the panties to about the knee (above or below) and putting your foot on them can help as well...



  4. Thank you for the comment and the suggestion, John. I prefer the lady not wearing adult heels, it helps to impress upon them that they are a naughty little girl being spanked if they're not permitted little adult indulgences like that.

  5. ah very true! Much more effective, I'm sure.

  6. OTK AND the leg lock is much more effective (and sobering) in that it emphasizes that you will be "under her control" and any potential resistance can be overcome more easily, especially by twisting the spankee's wrist up behind his/her back for more complete control of any movement. A very thorough spanking to complete submission (and repentance) will be sure to follow...