Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April Update from Kimberley Susan

Hello! April already? My goodness where does the time go? I hope you all had lovely Easters and that the bunny was good to you all. He was to me, in fact Aunty says if I don't stop eating Easter eggs I'm going to turn into one!

What is going on here in April? Well, as it is now April you all have to put your thinking caps on and send us your nominations for the SotM. We're building up quite a rogues gallery and it's going to be very hard to select the one who gets spanked at the end of the year. Which for us is July, because that's when Aunty started the initiative with Naughty Maria.

Seegee is apparently working on a long piece and believes that due to it's length may need to be posted in multiple parts. So that's intriguing. I'm very curious to see what it is.

Aunty has some ideas for the Glowing Globes Gazette and I was very pleased and interested to see our interview with a couple who practice a real life discipline contract. If you haven't caught up with that it's well worth looking at.

Aunty also has another series she's toying with the idea of, I'll let her do that, she may spank me if I don't and I didn't sit comfortably for days last time that happened! She has said that she will involve me and Mum, maybe even Chelsea.

From AAA Spanking. That was me during that session with Aunty, although I didn't get the luxury of wearing panties. I had to put on that stupid apron!

I'm sure other things will happen, they always do.

That's all from me, so carry on!

I'll leave with a couple of images to warm hearts and bottoms.

This is a Kami Torah piece. Now that is what a freshly spanked bottom should look like! And it was done with a bath brush too. Owwww!

We here at the Spank Shop love Girl Spanks Girl, and why not when they produce this sort of work? I wonder if the young woman about to be strapped is getting it because of those tattoos? I know that would happen to me if I were unwise enough to do something like that.


Kimberley Susan.


  1. Lovely spanking pics Kimberley Susan posted Aunty Andrea . Best regards. Heniel

  2. Thank you Heniel, Kimmy puts thought into her words and the pictures she posts in her updates.

  3. I'm sure she does, and I'm equally sure she has good motivations. Sometimes, Aunty, I think you might be a tad too strict with the poor girl...


  4. "stupid apron", well now my beautiful friend, perhaps Aunty's last spanking for you did not make an impact??

    Thanks for the post, love them and nice pictures and I love the bath brush aftermath, those devils do pack a hard spanking.

    Be well and be good, thank you.

  5. Kimberley and I have discussed the apron comment. She has apologised and said it won't happen again. She will be wearing it if it does and we know what happens when she puts on the apron, don't we?

  6. Yip Aunty Andrea ,then its time for Kimmy to get a good hiding over your lap