Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Assume the position

Before Seegee provided us with that wonderful 7 part story I was doing a series on spanking positions with Gabrielle and Kimberley assisting me. This now resumes. I'll go first and Gabrielle and Kimberley will follow.

The title should give you a clue as to what position we're going to look at this time. This picture from Sarah Gregory Spanking should give it away entirely.

There's a reason I chose a picture with that specific implement. A caning is best given in the bent over position. I prefer to have the victim have something to support the body, because a well applied cane really hurts and it is easy to break position if you don't have something to lean against. I have a caning horse thoughtfully made for me by an appreciative and talented client (see Spank Shop 20: Cameron), but a desk also works well or a bed, even a wall.

A 'caning horse'. This one probably also doubled as a vaulting horse in gym class.

English school boys and girls were often told to 'touch their toes' to receive their cane strokes. It is possible to cane over the lap, but it's not easy or comfortable for either recipient or caner. It's more doable with a smaller cane (often referred to as a junior or nursery cane), which were designed with a younger recipient in mind, but the bent over position just presents the bottom perfectly and allows you to get a good wristy swing, which lets you stripe the bottom with lines of fire that later come up as blue black tramlines.

Sarah Gregory again comes to the rescue to illustrate another situation where bending over is more practical and preferred than most other methods.

Here we have a plethora of naughty posteriors that just need to be warmed. When you have a group situation like this it's simply not practical to have all the bottoms over your lap at once and it becomes tiring for everyone if the girls or boys are getting over the lap, getting a smack or two and then getting up again. This really isn't good if you've got more than two to spank at the one time. This way the spanker can move up and down the line, plant a good slap or two and let the sting settle in as he or she goes along smacking the bent over bottoms. It also positions the naughty one very fetchingly I am sure you would agree.

Before I start this for Andie, I need to make a short aside. Andrea has been receiving some queries about moi, specifically what do I actually look like? You've all seen representations of Andie and Kimmy, so she decided it was only fair I produce some sort of representation of myself here. It may not appear very often, but if you'd like to have an image of Gabrielle when you read about her, you can use this.

It's a little risque, but it will give you the general idea.

Now as for bending over when spanking, I too prefer otk, but it's not always possible and there are times when something else is called for. I couldn't find a good switching picture, but I really find that to give a proper switching you need the naughty one bending over. It's similar to the cane I suppose. I was always switched bending and I stripe my offspring's bottoms in the same way as well as any clients who come here for a switching. Andie seems to think I have a knack with a nice, freshly cut, whippy green switch, so they generally come to me. Another implement that works well with a bent over backside is a strap. You can get shorter straps like tawses that can be very effectively applied over the lap, but if you want a nice, thick, broad heavy strap with some length to it, even the shorter Igniter we have here, you need a bent over bottom to make that really sting and snap. As this picture from English Spankers demonstrates.

As Andie pointed out above a group situation can also call for bending, but she draws the line at two. I personally think depending on age and size two is a good number to bend over for a warming. It would appear that Clare Fonda agrees as this picture from Spanked Call Girls shows us.

Aunty really picks some of the nastiest things to talk about sometimes. Hi, it's Kimberley. Did Mummy really have to call me Kimmy here? That's very embarrassing. So is bending over to be spanked. Especially if it's Daddy doing the spanking, because he can see EVERYTHING! I prefer to spank otk and I prefer to be spanked otk. It's just horrible bending over Daddy's desk, hearing the strap and then feeling it land, it's the same if I'm over the couch for a switching from Mummy and I hope I NEVER have to bend over the horse for a caning from Aunty.

However I do have to acknowledge that there are times and things where you need to either give the spanking to a bent over bottom or receive it on your own bent over bum. It isn't just the cane or the strap either. There's the paddle. There are some smaller paddles that are good over the lap. The little lexan is just darling for that and even one of the smaller Spencer Paddles, but when you start getting into the bigger paddles like the sorority or the Board of Education bending over is the way to go. Real Spankings thinks so, too.

I wouldn't mind having a go at his bottom myself, yum. And golly doesn't that paddle look thick and hard? Bet it stings!

I think that covers all the ins and outs of bent over spanking and you even got to see what Mum looks like.

Andrea again, I may have to speak to Kim about her rather flippant attitude to today's posting. We all hope you enjoyed and will be here for the next in the series, coming soon.

Andrea, Gabrielle and Kimberley.



  1. Well, I certainly agree with all the comments. OTK is my favorite too, but some situations simply require the bent-over position.

    Nice pics by the way. I'm glad to see Gabrielle representin'. You're very attractive, ma'am. Good spanking pics too.

    Oh, Kimmy... I think you're in trouble!


  2. I so enjoy starting a spanking in the bend over position, it is fun and gives you some time to get into the "swing" of things, you get some nice contact with your bottom while spanking her bottom! Then otk.

    Also any good application of the belt or strap is well to be completed in this position.

    Kimmy in trouble, ah now there is good news for us!!!



  3. Moi? Trouble? What on earth for? Hi, it's Kim! Aunty's out in the garden, enjoying the sunshine. It's a holiday here today, and I only dropped in because I left my phone here, so thought I'd check the blog. Aunty had some cross words to say about my post here, but it was only for fun. Glad people liked our thoughts on it, though. Toodles. Love Kimberley Susan XXX

  4. As a huge fan of Gabrielle, I really appreciate the visual reference she provided, Aunty. Please thank her for me, and let her know that I'd love to see more occasional posts from her, too... providing it just wasn't about how much she needs to spank poor dear Kimberley! :P

    Perhaps because I've been away from the Shop for so long, I didn't know she was such a skilled pro with the switch (ow!); you learn something new every day! I always thought of her as a seriously formidable strap/belt spanker, though, for some reason (especially when baby oil is also involved... have you taught her that one, Aunty?).

    1. Banjo I am sure Gabrielle will be delighted to hear of your interest in her. I'll see about her adding more posts as well. Oh yes, Gabrielle is an artiste with the switch. I can use one, but she really knows her way around that particular implement. Oh she also knows how to use a belt, don't worry about that. She already knew about the baby oil when I first made her acquaintance, if she hadn't that was a lesson she certainly learned when Tania (Constable Wheeler tp young, young man!) had her under the strap for persistent speeding. That was Spank Shop #14 from memory.

    2. I do have a real fondness for Gabrielle, Aunty. I wonder if she would mind if I attempted to render a portrait of her? I I was to attempt it, what would be the best story (or stories) to re-read, description-wise?

      I remember that unfortunate "incident" with Constable Wheeler and the baby oil strapping! Have we ever "seen" Gabrielle use that method for herself on somebody, though? After her personal "experience", I wondered if she'd be more or less likely to use it on a client?

      (incidentally, that story has one of my favourite Spank Shop lines in it: "Gabrielle felt her bottom tingle uncontrollably as the other two so calmly and matter of factly discussed the strapping which she knew made people literally beg for mercy." :) )

    3. Banjo, Gabrielle would be delighted to see a rendering done by you. I'd advise reading #6, where she is first introduced and #14 where she is strapped for the best descriptions. Maybe also #18 and the 3rd part of #27. You don't get a description in that, but you do see in her head. Gabrielle has definitely oiled other bottoms prior to strapping or paddling, but I don't think it's ever been written up in a story.