Wednesday, 17 April 2013

'Back to School' - Part 4

I must confess I'm rather enjoying this saga of Seegee's and I'm also liking the serialised format. Here is Part 4 of Back to School.

From Good Spanking. Mrs Gainsville seems to really enjoy her work.

“Oh this is disappointing, Miss Hetherington,” Miss Hardacre said, examining the ten answers Gail had given to her quiz on the school handbook.

Gail’s heart sank. She knew she wouldn’t have been perfect, having had to go to bed early after the disastrous pillow fight between Annabelle and Phoebe, but she had woken early, studied the book until she had to shower and dress and even continued to study it through breakfast. She had hoped that she’d at least got enough right to get a pass mark from the headmistress.

“Seven out of ten,” Miss Hardacre continued.

Gail frowned. That was seventy percent, enough to pass any test surely.

“I can see by your expression that you think near enough is good enough,” the headmistress said severely. “That may have been true elsewhere, Gail, but it is not the case at Wellborne. I expect and I demand perfection. I may have let you off with a warning had you scored nine, but seven is simply unacceptable. Mrs Gainsville!” she trilled.

The heavyset secretary appeared in the doorway. “Yes ma’am?” she asked.

“I have just given young Hetherington her test on he Wellborne handbook.” Elspeth Hardacre informed her assistant.

The secretary’s eyes appeared interested. “How did she do?” she asked expectantly.

“Not well, not well at all,” the headmistress answered, shaking her head sadly.

“Oh dear!” Doris Gainsville said.

“Seven out of ten,” Miss Hardacre gave the other lady Gail’s score.

“On such an easy test?” Mrs Gansville queried.

“Yes, I know. How do you think we should deal with it?”

“I think a stern lesson applied to the seat of learning often has an effect,” the woman gave her opinion.

“My thoughts exactly, Doris. Are you busy in reception?”

“Not at present, although the Wilburn girl will be coming for her caning at recess.”

“We have time, then?”

“Oh yes, Miss Hardacre.”

“Well, if you like to prepare Miss Hetherington for her chastisement, Doris I will fetch the Punishment Ledger.”

“Delighted ma’am,” Mrs Gainsville replied cheerfully as she settled her bulk into a sturdy chair in the middle of the room. She crooked her finger at a nervous Gail, saying, “Over to Aunty Doris, dear.”

Gail swallowed hard and licked her lips to try and moisten them. As soon as she was within arms reach of Doris Gainsville the woman’s strong hands were around her waist and shifted her so that she was standing next to her and looking down at that ample dark skirted lap.

Mrs Gainsville upended Gail and settled over a set of sturdy thighs. She did it with an ease that was borne of long practice. Gail wondered exactly how many bottoms the woman had over her lap throughout the years. The businesswoman felt her dress being lifted and her cheeks burned. This was even more humiliating than last night had been, and to her mind every bit as unfair. She was being spanked for getting seventy percent of the answers right in a test. Mrs Gainsville pinned the back of Gail’s dress in place so that it would not fall down an interrupt the chastisement.

“Lift up a little, sweetheart,” the secretary requested Gail.

Using her fingers and toes Gail elevated herself so that there were a few inches in between her front and Mrs Gainsville’s lap.

“Good girl,” the older woman said as she rolled Gail’s panties down over her buttocks and fastened them with a quick twist around her knee hollows. “That should cut down on the kicking,” she said half to herself and then seeing the pink tinge that last night’s slippering had left on Gail’s rear, asked, “Who’s been a naughty girl then?” she rested one broad, heavy hand on the twitching mounds.

“Miss Masters, I mean head girl Masters slippered me last night,” Gail mumbled.

Mrs Gainsville landed a ringing slap on Gail’s right buttock that made her wince and asked, “Why did Emily slipper you, young lady? You are also to address me as Mrs Gainsville or ma’am, my girl.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Gail squeaked. “The other girls got into a pillow fight and a pillow burst and I didn’t stop them.”

“She was quite right to put the slipper to the three of you then,” Mrs Gainsville said firmly, delivering a stinging smack to Gail’s left cheek.

“Oh, you started without me,” Miss Hardacre said, sounding a little disappointed.

“Oh no ma’am,” Mrs Gainsville reassured the headmistress. “I was just loosening Gail’s tongue a little about why her bottom was already pink. Apparently the girls were horsing around last night and were slippered by Emily for it.”

“Ahhh yes Masters major is quite the martinet.” Miss Hardacre said approvingly. “Well once you’ve warmed Gail up I have a heavy ruler here to drive the message home.”

“Very good, ma’am,” the secretary said to her employer and then commenced Gail’s spanking in earnest.

Gail couldn’t have told anyone how many slaps she got or how long the actual spanking lasted, it was lots and felt like forever. Doris Gainsville was clearly an experienced and determined spanker. The woman was also quite strong and seemed to have no trouble in keeping a fit and vigorously struggling full grown woman over her lap while she scorched every inch of exposed bottom flesh with that heavy, hard and relentless palm. This was far worse than the slippering the previous night. At least then Gail had some brief respite when Emily whacked Phoebe and Annabelle. She did not get the same opportunity to rest with Mrs Gainsville.

At long last it stopped. Mrs Gainsville put the back of her hand on Gail’s hotly stinging backside and crooned, “Oh yes, they’re simmering nicely. Well tenderized for the ruler, ma’am.”

“Thank you Doris. You do warm them up so well.”

“My pleasure, ma’am,” she smiled, then put strong arms around Gail’s waist and helped the sobbing woman to her feet. “Now let’s get you up, dear. Now dry those tears.”

Gail sniffled and tried to use her forearm to wipe her eyes and nose, while Mrs Gainsville gave her burning bottom a brisk rub to soothe it a little.

Miss Hardacre was sitting on the chair that had been occupied by Doris Gainsville. She patted her lap, and Mrs Gainsville walked Gail to her and bent her over the waiting knees, saying, “Back over we go, sweetie.”

Gail felt herself being arranged over Elspeth Hardacre’s lap and she trembled. Doris Gainsville stood by, observing.

Gail winced and gasped as the ruler struck home. It was like a wide line of fire across an already smouldering bottom. The headmistress was thorough and efficient. She laid on crisp strokes of the ruler over Gail’s entire writhing rear and she did not spare the sit spot or the tender upper thighs. Gail was a blubbering mess by the time Miss Hardacre had turned her bottom a deep shade of tomato red.

Mrs Gainsville dried her tears and cleaned her face up, then replaced her panties and unpinned the back of her dress. Gail held back further tears while she signed the punishment book.

“Oh dear,” Mrs Gainsville said. “You’ve missed English again, Gail. You’ll be giving poor Mr Jensen a complex.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Gail sighed, trying not to sound disrespectful.

Mrs Gainsville handed her a slip of paper. “Give that to your teacher. It will explain why you’re late. Can’t have that bottom being smacked again for no good reason.”

Gail smiled bravely. The secretary enfolded her in a motherly hug and then patted her bottom as she left the office.


The rest of the week passed without incident for Gail. Annabelle was spanked twice more by her sister, she also received one from another prefect and Matron paddled her. Phoebe didn’t seem to be able to spend a day without putting her bottom in the firing line for one thing or another. Mostly it was her mouth that talked her over the knee.

Gail discovered something about the little blonde when they had to line up for physed. Due to the school’s short timeframe they couldn’t do any of the sports that school’s like Wellborne were renowned for such as hockey, or rowing or netball. That meant it was mostly calisthenics and rigorous gym workouts.

Ever since school Gail had always liked to keep fit. She worked out regularly, she believed in the healthy body, healthy mind philosophy. She had a personal trainer who she insisted push her hard. Unlike many of the others in her class she had no issues with getting into her PE kit (which consisted of plain white trainers, sports socks, white shorts and a white t-shirt). Gail looked good in the plain clothing; trim, taut and terrific and she knew it. Others were not so lucky. The outfits were unforgiving and made a feature out of any unsightly bulges, which many of the ladies, being older, did have. Even Annabelle, while young, was nowhere near as fit as a girl her age should have been. Phoebe, like Gail, was an exception. While most of the girls were left huffing and puffing after their first burst of calisthenics under the watchful eye of the brown haired sports mistress Miss Leesa O’Donohue, Phoebe was still bouncing up and down and had not even broken a sweat.

Miss O’Donohue roundly lambasted the ladies who had underperformed in the class, referring to many of them as ‘fatty boombahs’ and let the others who had done well go early to catch up on study for their other classes. The ones who had to stay, Annabelle Masters, being one of them, were going to do the drills again, this time being encouraged by Leesa O’Donohue’s paddle. It was a large wooden affair, popular in American college sororities, the sports mistress had acquired it on a study trip to the US, where she had studied sports science.

Gail and Phoebe sauntered away from the gym with the sounds of Miss O’Donohue’s scolding voice urging her charges onto greater physical efforts and the crack of the paddle landing on plump posteriors and the squeals and yelps of the unfortunate recipients ringing in their ears.

“Poor Belle,” Phoebe said.

Gail agreed and examined her friend as they walked. “Feebs you smoke and drink and from what you’ve said you don’t eat healthily, how do you stay so fit?”

“Parkour,” was the blonde girl’s single word reply.

“Parkour?” Gail repeated, her tone wondering.

“It’s like free running,” the girl started to explain. “You…”

“I know what it is,” Gail cut her off. “How did you get into that?”

Phoebe shrugged. “I did gymnastics and ballet. I had a friend who was into parkour. It’s  not actually illegal, but it is frowned upon, which is what appealed me,” the girl giggled. “It keeps you pretty fit.”

“That it does,” Gail said. “There are gyms set up for it, aren’t there?”

“A few,” Phoebe admitted.

“I may suggest that as a training exercise at work.”

“So how come you’re not a ‘fatty boombah’?” Phoebe asked, cheekily appropriating the sports mistresses denigrating insult.

“I was into sport at school. I kept it up in uni, I work out with a personal trainer and I watch what I eat.”

Phoebe shook her head. “Sometimes you’re such a swot Gail.”

Gail ignored the comment and asked. “So what do you have planned for your free time?”

“I’m going to grab a quick shower, change and then go to the library.”

Gail quickly cleaned her ears and Phoebe made a face that indicated she didn’t think her friend was very funny. “You? The library?”

“Yeah, I know,” Phoebe sighed, flipping an errant lock of hair out of her eyes. ‘Tragic, isn’t it? If I don’t get my history homework done, Mrs Cargill will use her tawse on me and give me demerits.”

“I’ve heard she doesn’t hit that hard,” Gail remarked.

“She doesn’t,” Phoebe said. “She’s a pussycat even compared to most prefects, but I’m on a lot of demerits. If I get too many more I’ll be back in front of Hardarse and I don’t want to get caned again. It bloody well hurts!”


Phoebe managed to avoid an encounter with Mrs Cargill and the Scottish strap, but demerits and the fiery little blonde were never far away and she soon racked up enough to be called up to the headmistress’ office again for another discussion with the woman’s cane.

She lay on her bed facedown that night, sobbing, as Annabelle used more of her rapidly diminishing stock of cold cream on the girl’s cane cuts. “I thought this was going to be enough judging by last year,” Annabelle mused as she massaged the cream into the girl’s sore buttocks.

“You obviously didn’t count on Miss Smythe-Jones magical ability to piss people off,” Gail said in a effort to try and cheer Phoebe up.

“Nasty old cow,” Phoebe blubbered into her pillow. “She had the secretary spank me first.”

“Oh yes,” Gail remembered her own harrowing encounter with the formidable Mrs Gainsville earlier in the week. “She spanks quite hard.”

The other two girls stared at their roommate.

“What?” Gail asked.

“How do you know if Mrs Gainsville can spank hard?” Annabelle asked.

“I failed Miss Hardacre’s quiz on the handbook, so Mrs Gainsville spanked me before the head rulered me.”

“Ouch!” Annabelle exclaimed, rubbing her bottom which was still smarting from her last run in with her sister and the ever present slipper the head girl carried with her at all times. “I got that last year. It’s not as bad as the cane, but it’s a close race.”

“My bum, Belle,” Phoebe reminded the brunette. “You were soothing my backside.”

“Oh yes,” the girl seemed to remember and went back to rubbing the cream into the blonde’s bare bottom. “Think about Mrs Jensen, he’s just dreamy. That’ll take your mind off the caning.”

“No, it won’t,” Phoebe retorted. “You’re the one who has a thing for him, not me.”

From Spanked Sweeties. A Wellborne girl tearfully surveys the damage after an encounter with the slipper.


  1. I loved the comment early on about the spanking feeling like it lasted forever, again just so well done and written. A real pleasure to read and just hot as well.

  2. Glad that you are enjoying, Ron and there are still more parts to come.

  3. One doesn't often see Chelsea Pfieffer in THAT position... ;-)

    It's getting more and more interesting.


  4. I believe that was a birthday spanking for the beautiful Miss Pfeiffer and when I saw the picture I simply knew I had to use it somehow.

    1. It was and it was much appreciated, not unlike the compartatively rare pics of Clare Fonda getting her bared bottom spanked. I do enjoy seeing the tops get "bottomed" once in a while...