Thursday, 18 April 2013

'Back to School' - Part 5

And Seegee's visit to that very interesting school continues. Part 5 of Back to School.

Image from Spanking Dollars. Annabelle finds herself in a less than enviable position.

The following day in English Gail watched the object of Annabelle’s affection teach his class. Annabelle did have a point David Jensen was an attractive man. It wasn’t just that he was the only male teacher at a girl’s school, he really was pretty cute. He was tall and slim, he was always clean shaven and wore his shining black hair short and neat. He also wore stylish modern spectacles. He was a little too public school for Gail’s tastes, plus he was younger than her and she was happily married in any case. She could however see why Annabelle was interested in him, they were a similar age and some of the books he had spoken of in glowing terms in class were also among Annabelle’s favourites. Despite his looks and the fact that he must have known most of the ladies mooned over him he was still quite strict.

Gail felt her hand being tapped, and looked across in annoyance. Her eyes met IAnnabelle’s and the girl was insistently pushing a folded up piece of paper into her hand. Gail shook her head. She thought she took the schoolgirl thing to its limits, but Annabelle had her here. She accepted the paper, unfolded it and read it. Predictably it contained a message that read Annabelle Masters heart equals David Jensen. Gail quickly scribbled ‘you wish’ on it, refolded it and passed it back. Annabelle read the message, grinned and penned her own reply, she was in the act of passing it back when the teacher spoke, “What exactly do you have there, Miss Masters?”

Annabelle went bright red, which was not helped by some cat calling from the other girls in the class. That was quelled by a stern look from Mr Jensen. He stood over Annabelle, arms folded, foot tapping. The girl gulped and handed the note over. The teacher accepted it, opened it, looked at the contents, then pocketed it, saying, “See me after class Miss Masters,” over his shoulder as he went back to the blackboard in the front of the room.

The besotted student didn’t get a lot of work done, she was extremely nervous. Gail sympathized with her roommate. Poor Anna only wanted the handsome English teacher’s attention. Now she had it, but not the way she had intended.
Phoebe met Gail at the door as the students filed out of the classroom. “Where’s Belle?” the little blonde asked.

Gail rolled her eyes and pointed back towards the recently vacated classroom.

“What happened?” Phoebe asked.

“She got caught passing a note.”

“Oh Gawd!” Phoebe exclaimed. “I got busted for that yesterday. That was what got me the demerits and the meeting with CH’s cane.”

Gail shook her head despairingly and was about to continue on her way, when Phoebe grabbed the sleeve of her dress and dragged her backwards.

“Feebs’, what are you doing?” she asked.

“You have a class now?”

“No, I’m free, but…”

“Look!” Phoebe insisted in a fierce whisper and Gail found her nose to the window in the classroom door.

“Oh wow,” Gail breathed. “He is really giving it to her.”

“He is? Let me look!” Phoebe hauled Gail away from the window and peered through it herself, she had raise up on her toes to do so. “Hey,” she said in a disappointed tone. “He’s just talking to her.”

“That was a world class scolding,” Gail argued.

“Yeah, but I thought you meant he was giving it to her as in spanking…” Phoebe began. “Oh wait, yep the skirt is coming up and over his knee she goes!”

“Really?” this time Gail dragged her friend away and looked inside. “Oh goodness, he took her panties down!”

“He what? They’re not supposed to do that, certainly not male teachers.”

“I’ve seen girls spanked bare in class,” Gail said.

“I’m sure there’s something in the book, which you never read properly, that says they can only do it bare with witnesses. There’s no one else in there and Mr Jensen is a male.”

“Oh really? I never would have known,” Gail drawled sarcastically.

Phoebe’s retort died on her lips as loud slapping sounds emanated from the room and both girls glued their eyes to the window to watch their friend kick and squeal over David Jensen’s lap as his hand reddened her plump, white buttocks.

“I’ve been spanked by some experts since coming here,” Phoebe whispered. “He is good!”

“Yes, he’s really toasting her backside good,” Gail agreed.

Both women let out a squawk of protest as their ears were grabbed and they were pulled away from the window. “What are you two up to?” Emily Master’s authoritarian voice demanded.

“Mr Jensen was sp…” Gail started and was then cut off by a sharp kick on the ankle and look from Phoebe.

“I don’t doubt Mr Jensen is spanking someone with the way you ladies misbehave,” Emily said, a note of satisfaction creeping into her voice. “Since you clearly have nothing better to do, I need two servers for the prefects afternoon tea and you two have just volunteered.”

Gail had actually put herself through university by waiting on tables, so Emily and the prefects should have been simple for her, but it wasn’t. All of the ladies, with the possible exception of Marie, were extremely demanding and they all had their slippers to hand. Phoebe got a lot more slapped legs and bottoms than Gail, but it was still hard to concentrate with the sound of the slipper impacting her rear end and her squeals of dismay reverberating in her ears.

There was a confrontation between Marie and Emily that caught Gail’s attention. The older woman was rebuking the head girl for clearly taking so much pleasure in chastising the less fortunate students. Emily replied hotly that it was part of the reason anyone became a prefect.

“I seem to remember something about being a chum to the girls and helping them out from my own school days,” Marie retorted.

“Oh was that when you rode your dinosaur to school?” Emily smirked in a derogatory reference to the fact that Marie was older than most of the students and certainly all of the prefects.

Marie’s lips tightened and she said in a level voice, “Situations can change, young lady, and you would do well to remember that I have daughters not that much younger than you and I would still turn them over my knee for disrespect.”

Emily’s face paled and she immediately barked at Gail to refill her teacup to hide her own discomfort and to escape from Marie’s steely-eyed glare. Gail would have paid money to see Marie spank Emily.

From Spanking Dollars. It doesn't do to fall foul of the prefects at Wellborne.


  1. Ha! Gail isn't the only one...


  2. I rather hope the older Miss Masters comes to a painful end myself, Phil.

  3. So do I Aunty, well done.