Saturday, 20 April 2013

'Back to School' - Part 6

The adventures continue and this time they get themselves into some very hot water.

The village pub that proved so irresistible to our three heroines.

“Saturday night and all I have to look forward to is sleeping on my back rather than my stomach.” Phoebe sighed, biting viciously into a biscuit.

“Yeah,” Annabelle agreed, rubbing her bottom under the thin nightdress Emily had made her buy to replace her lacy teddy. “Mr Jensen is a dish, but he can spank hard.”

“This is fun, though,” Gail pointed out, sipping from her mug of cocoa and nibbling on a biscuit. “It was always fun at school, hot cocoa, biscuits and girl talk.”

“Maybe when you were sixteen and couldn’t drink or go to a club,” Annabelle said.

“I was doing both of those when I was sixteen,” Phoebe giggled.

“You’re wicked Feebs,” Annabelle told her friend. “It’s not like any of us have a car and the only thing in the village is a pub.”

“We’re forbidden from going to the village,” Gail said. “Especially at night and never the pub.”

“That sounds like fun,” Phoebe said.

“What?” the other two asked.

“Going to the pub at the village,” the petite blonde explained.

“Feebs we couldn’t,” Annabelle said, although her tone indicated that she was considering.

“Do you want the cane again?” Gail asked.

“Of course not!” Phoebe retorted. “That’ll only happen if we’re caught.”

Annabelle was already changing into her street clothes.

“You’re both mad!” Gail insisted.

“Come on, Gail! It’ll be one of those fun girly adventures you’re always going on about. You MUST have done stuff like this at school.”

Gail shook her head and folded her arms.

“We’re going with or without you,” Phoebe said, putting her feet into a pair of high-heeled shoes.

“You’re going to walk to the village in those?” an incredulous Gail asked, eyeing off the shoes.

“We can take the bus if we hurry,”” Annabelle said. “The last one goes in ten minutes. Come on Gail!”

The older woman shook her head and muttered, “I need my head read, but God only knows what sort of trouble you’ll get yourselves into if I don’t come with you.”


Phoebe stuck her head out of the door and looked both ways down the hall. It was deserted. “Okay, Emily’s not here.”

“She’s probably having tea or something,” Annabelle explained. “It’s her nightly custom.”

Gail winced as Phoebe’s heels clicked alarmingly loudly on the polished wooden floors of the hall. “For God’s sake take the heels off Feebs! They’ll wake the dead!”

With a blush the blonde girl took off her shoes as she followed her friends in an ungainly hop until she was padding down the floor in her stockings.


“That was surprisingly easy,” Annabelle said, relaxing in her seat and blowing a plume of smoke in the air from her freshly lit cigarette.

“You didn’t take long,” Phoebe remarked as she set three brightly coloured drinks down on the table.

“You want one?” the strawberry blonde asked.

“Oh God, yes!” Phoebe replied, eagerly taking a cigarette from the packet her friend held out to her.

“Gail?” Annabelle offered.

The oldest of the trio made a face and refused. “I’ve never picked the habit up.”

“Yes, I really should give them up,” Annabelle sighed, regarding the glowing tip of the smoking white tube. “It’s one the few things I agree with Emily on. It’s a foul habit, but I just can’t do it. My nails have been bitten to the quick since school started.”

“I swear if I knew Hellborne was going to be the punishment for nicking a few things I never would have done it,” Phoebe said, sipping her drink and then taking another drag on her cigarette.

“Is there anything at all you do like about it, Feebs?” Gail asked, sighing with sheer pleasure as she took a pull from her own drink.

“I can tell you what I don’t like. Emily, the spankings, that bloody cane…”

“That wasn’t my question Miss Smythe-Jones,” Gail said, imitating one of the teacher’s clipped tones and form of address.

“Oh don’t you start!” Phoebe laughed. “I wouldn’t have met you or Belle and that I would have missed, okay?”

“Ohhh we love you too, Feebs!” Annabelle exclaimed and with giggles the three ladies embraced each other.


Hazel Sterncastle had just bid her old friend goodbye after a perfectly lovely dinner and a few drinks in the pub’s cosy restaurant and as she made her way through the bar out to her car she paused. A familiar voice and laugh hit the air. The middle-aged woman frowned. That sounded exactly like the Smythe-Jones girl back at Wellborne, but it couldn’t possibly be. She would have been tucked up in bed like the rest of the school’s students. Even so the matron decided to investigate.

Phoebe, Annabelle and Gail were surrounded by an admiring crowd of local men. They were drinking, smoking and flirting. Hazel Sterncastle’s eyes popped. She bulled her way through the assembled throng and bellowed, “What is the meaning of this, ladies?”

Gail’s mouth dropped open in astonishment. Phoebe’s laugh died in her throat and her face lost all colour. Annabelle’s eyes went wide and she started to cry.

The nurse’s lips compressed into a thin line. “Excuse me,” she said shortly to the surprised men around her, who were now staring from the three women seated at the table and at the angry matron. Hazel’s strong arms reached in and she took a firm grip on the ears of Phoebe and Annabelle, hauling them to their feet. “You too,” she told the still seated Gail. Gail looked around helplessly, all their admirers had melted into the crowd or hastily vacated the scene. She got to her feet and with a hot blush suffusing her cheeks followed Hazel Sterncastle’s ample backside out into the dark night.

The woman dragged Phoebe and Annabelle to her car and ushered them inside with firm slaps to their tightly skirted bottoms, which drew dismayed squeals. Once the two were belted into the back seat, Matron Sterncastle opened the front passenger door and ordered Gail, “Get in.”

Gail didn’t seem to know how to react and stayed rooted to the spot.  Hazel Sterncastle’s hard palm impacted on the seat of Gail’s snug pants. “Get into the car now!” she underlined each word with a stinging smack.


Phoebe, Annabelle and Gail stood in front of the matron, shifting nervously from foot to foot. Most of the staff lived in their own apartments that were separate from the students rooms, and the matron was no exception.  The woman sipped the tea she had made when she got in and regarded the girls.

“What exactly possessed the three of you?” she demanded.

Gail and Phoebe exchanged looks and Annabelle continued to weep.

“Oh for goodness sake Miss Masters stop that caterwauling! I’ll soon give you something to cry about young lady.”

Annabelle tried to choke back her tears and sniffed miserably.

“We just wanted to have a bit of fun,” Phoebe tried to explain.

“Life isn’t always about fun, Miss Smythe-Jones,” Hazel Sterncastle told her.

“Yours obviously isn’t,” Phoebe muttered and then yelped as the matron planted three stinging spanks with that broad palm to her stockinged thighs.

“That’s enough cheek from you,” she reprimanded the small blonde. “I wonder if I can get some sense out of Miss Hetherington.”

“Feebs…I mean Miss Smythe-Jones is right, ma’am. We were bored and thought it would be fun to have a night out in the village pub.”

The matron shook her head. “Three Welborne girls carousing with a herd of village ruffians, drinking and smoking like a pack of street walkers. I never thought I would live to see the day. Miss Hardacre will need to be told.”

That last sentence sent a shiver through all three girls and Phoebe looked like she was about to go into shock.

“I want the three of you facing the wall, bare bottom!” Matron Sterncastle barked and Gail, Annabelle and Phoebe immediately began to divest themselves of their clothing below the waist. They knew what was coming and to argue or delay only meant it would go harder for them.

“We’ll start with you Miss Hetherington,” the Matron’s stern voice said, when Gail and her two partners in crime were facing the wall with their recently bared posteriors twitching in anticipation of the coming assault.

Gail turned, very conscious of the fact that she was exposing herself below the waist to this woman. However the Matron was a qualified nurse and no stranger to half naked women or men. “Come on!” she said brusquely, patting her wide lap.

While the girls had been undressing and contemplating their fate by staring at the featureless wall Matron Sterncastle had moved a straight backed chair from the desk into the middle of the room and had seated herself onto it.  Gail’s eyes flicked around nervously, but she couldn’t see any implements laying nearby, not that the nurse’s hand, broad and hard as it was, wouldn’t do enough damage on it’s own. Gail took a deep breath, tried to will her bottom to stop tingling and lay herself face down over Matron Sterncastle’s thighs.

There were no preliminaries, apparently the Matron didn’t believe in them, or it was simply too late to mess around. That palm, heavy and unyielding crashed down over Gail’s trembling and tender rear end with a loud splat and the businesswoman squealed and kicked her legs about. The only response from the nurse was to tighten her girl around the woman’s waist and continue the spanking.

Matron Sterncastle was a spanker of no mean ability. Gail didn’t have the same experience that Phoebe and Annabelle had racked up, but she knew a sound spanking when she received one and the Matron knew what she was doing. She spanked hard and fast, seemingly landing blows at random, but every smack got maximum impact and by the time she was done Gail was a sobbing mess, strands of blonde hair stuck to her cheeks with a mixture of snot, tears and saliva. Her bottom felts like she’d sat on a hotplate and it glowed crimson. The upper thighs matched it. This was no unplanned attack of stinging slaps, this was a good old fashioned bottom burning spanking.

Gail was helped to her feet. The Matron rubbed her bottom quickly, turned her around and sent her back to face the wall with one more stinging slap and an admonition not to dare touch her backside.

The blonde listened to her two friends get the same treatment she had. First it was Annabelle and then Phoebe. Gail couldn’t be sure the woman had been saving her best for last, but from the petite blonde’s histrionics it certainly sounded that way. Maybe that was because Phoebe had been spanked so much that week that her pretty little behind was more sensitive to a fresh attack.

The three girls stood sobbing, trying not to rub their stinging rumps and a new voice spoke, “Turn around please ladies.”

Oh dear God! Gail thought, that was Miss Hardacre. They knew the headmistress would have to be told, but she hadn’t thought they’d have to face her tonight.

The three turned on the command and tried to meet Miss Hardacre’s blazing eyes and failed. Three heads dropped.

“We’re not quite so bold, are we now?” the woman demanded.

“No, Miss Hardacre,” was the mumbled reply.

“No, I didn’t think so. How exactly did you get out tonight?”

“Ma’am?” Annabelle asked.

“Yes, Miss Masters.”

“We just walked out,” the girl sounded confused.

“I do realize that Miss Masters, I am not an idiot. I do hope you’re not being facetious, for your own good.”

“No, ma’am, I don’t unders…” Annabelle stumbled, before being cut off by the irate head mistress.

“Who was on duty in your wing? I’m sure you didn’t encounter a prefect and say ‘We’re just off to the village for a quick pint. We’ll see you in the morning at chapel.’ Did you?”

Gail had to work hard to suppress a snort of laughter at that and even Phoebe was fighting to keep a smirk off her face.

“I am glad that you and Miss Smythe-Jones find this amusing, Miss Masters. We’ll see how loudly you laugh during the public caning you’ll receive at a special assembly tomorrow morning.”

The girl’s faces fell and the murmured, “Yes Miss Hardacre.”

“I’m waiting,” the head mistress said. “Who was on duty?”

Even though she had been perfectly beastly, Gail didn’t want to tell on Emily. It was just something you didn’t do, tattle on your schoolmates. Annabelle shut her mouth and that made sense, Emily was her sister after all. Phoebe lived by a different code, she had been the one most victimized by Emily and it was her that spoke up, “That was Em…I mean Masters major, Miss.”

Miss Hardacre shook her head. “That is disappointing. She’s head girl too. I’ll be reviewing that. Matron Sterncastle please escort our three abscondees back to their room and tell the older Miss Masters that I want to see her in my office, immediately.”

“Yes ma’am,” the nurse said obediently and helped the girls dress before walking them back to their room.

As Emily saw Gail, Annabelle and Phoebe being escorted along the hall to their room her mouth dropped open. “What are the three of you…? Matron Sterncastle?”

“You were unaware that these three weren’t in their room. Masters?” the matron queried.

“No, I had no idea,” Emily answered quickly, the look she shot the girls promised dire retribution.

“I found them in the village pub, drinking, smoking and flirting,” Hazel Sterncastle explained.

“They were what?” Emily exploded. She turned on the girls. “Get into that room, right now! I’ll just fetch my slipper and tawse…” she was turning on her heel to get the implements.

Matron Sterncastle stopped her in her tracks. “They’ve been spanked and it’s late, so I’ll put them to bed. Miss Hardacre wants to see you in her office now, if not sooner. I’ll walk you there, Miss Masters.”

“But, but, I…” Emily said ineffectively, looking at her sister and her friends disappearing into the safety of their room.

“I can assure you that you do not want to keep Miss Hardacre waiting, young lady,” the nurse said, ensuring that Emily went in front of her and didn’t try to escape her meeting with destiny in the person of Miss Hardacre.

“Public caning,” Annabelle whispered once the girls were in their room. “What do you think that means?”

Phoebe exploded, “What the bloody hell does it sound like Belle?”

The redhead burst into tears.

Gail sat her distraught friend down on the bed and put a comforting arm around her shoulders. “That was mean, Feebs,” she told the little blonde.

“I’ve felt the cane, twice!” Phoebe said hotly.

“Then you should better than anyone know what an ordeal it is and help Belle get through it. Ladies that is the only way any of us are going to deal with this and that is by sticking together. We got into trouble together and we will be punished together and we won’t break.”

“I think I know why they pay you the big bucks,” a slightly awed Phoebe said.

“Yeah Gail,” Annabelle agreed as she dried her eyes. “I wish you were my big sis rather then Em’.”

From Spanked Sweeties. Phoebe cries as she sits on her freshly spanked bottom.

Picture from Spanking Sorority Girls. Two of the girls display their red bottoms in the corner while Matron Sterncastle deals with a third miscreant.


  1. Just so fun and so amazing, terrific story and post, thank you. So many fun lines as well.


  2. Oh my!... I can just picture Emily getting hers from the headmistress. Still, it won't be as bad as it will for the other three...

    Seriously though, this is only for two weeks right? Can't they wait for TWO WEEKS to smoke and drink? You'd think as many times as Phoebe has been smacked, spanked and caned, she'd wise up a bit and give her poor bottom a respite.


  3. Thank you Ron and Phil. This is a fun one. Phil, I don't think it was really a nicotine and alcohol addiction that forced the girls out, more the experience of doing something naughty and getting away with it, the cigarettes and drinks were just an added extra.

    1. Well, obviously, they DIDN'T get away with it, did they? And, given what they already suffered from reletively minor infractions, they HAD to expect some really severe consequences for that one. Gail especially, should have known better. Something tells me this is just an elaborate (and expensive) excuse to get their bottoms soundly and repeatedly smacked (not that there's anything wrong with that...). :-)