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'Back to School' - Part 7

The final part of this saga. I have enjoyed going back to school with Seegee and hope everyone has as well.

From Good Spanking. Emily gets her comeuppance over Marie's sturdy and capable lap.

Curiously enough it was Marie who woke the three girls the next morning and took them to an early breakfast, then led them to Miss Hardacre’s office.

The office was already occupied when the maternal prefect arrived with her three charges in two. Miss Hardacre was of course one of them, but also in attendance were Mrs Gainsville and the sports mistress Miss O’Donohue. The other surprise attendee was Emily Masters. The head girl bore evidence of recent tears on her face.

“I’m actually at a loss as to what to say to you three,” Miss Hardcastle began, pacing in front of her desk. The three girls wilted under the hard stares from the secretary and the pretty sports mistress, there were also accusing glares from Emily. “Do you know exactly how many school rules you broke last night?”

Gail, Annabelle and Phoebe all stared wordlessly at their shoes and shifted uncomfortably.

“Leaving your wing after lights out, leaving school grounds without permission, being out of uniform, being in licensed premises unaccompanied, drinking, smoking, it is a long list ladies,” Miss Hardacre continued hotly. “Of course you would not have even gotten out of your wing if someone had been on duty patrolling the halls.” The headmistress’ cold gaze fell on the uncomfortable Emily.

“You girls have a roster system for patrolling the halls, do you not Miss Masters?” Miss Hardacre asked the older Masters sister.

“Yes ma’am,” Emily replied in a shaking voice.

“Who was on duty when our three abscondees made their break for it?”

“I was, Miss,” Emily whispered.

“What was that, young lady?” Miss Hardacre asked in a loud voice. “Those of us without super hearing couldn’t make out that reply.”

“It was me, Miss Hardacre,” Emily spoke up from between gritted teeth. “I was on duty.”

“Why weren’t you there? What were you doing?”

“I was having a cup of tea in the prefect’s lounge, ma’am.”

“And you just had to have that cup of tea at this time, did you? You couldn’t have waited until your turn was over and you were relieved, then availed yourself of the refreshments in the lounge?”

“I could have, ma’am,” Emily answered.

“Unfortunately you didn’t and these three ran off. Your lack of application Miss Masters has not only shown flaws in your own character, it has also gotten three of the girls under your care, one of whom is your own sister, into serious trouble and that will have painful and humiliating consequences for them!” Miss Hardacre thundered, and Gail almost felt sorry for the head girl. “This is not the first discussion we’ve had about your attitude towards your duty as head girl, is it, Miss Masters?”

“No, Miss.”

“What did I tell you would be the consequence if I found you had shirked your responsibilities again?”

“Oh no Miss, please!” Emily begged. “There’s only one more week to go. Couldn’t you just excuse me this once? I won’t do it again, I promise.”

“It should not be necessary young woman, but unfortunately it is. Remove your head girl pin and hand it to me.”

Fresh tears spilling from her brown eyes Emily undid her prized pin and placed it on Miss Hardacre’s outstretched palm.

“Marie,” Miss Hardacre said to the older prefect. “You are now head girl. Wear this with pride and do the school well. I am certain you will do a sterling job.”

Marie stood straight and beamed as the head mistress pinned the badge to her dress and accepted the light applause from Mrs Gainsville and Miss O’Donohue with a gentle blush.

“Please take a seat Miss Hainsforth,” Miss Hardacre invited the new head girl, gesturing at an empty chair, which Marie settled herself onto.

“I did make another promise to you Miss Masters, didn’t I?” Miss Hardacre said ominously.

“Yes Miss Hardacre,” Emily sobbed.

“Then do what you know you must, young lady.”

Emily sighed, smoothed her hands down the front of her dress nervously and shuffled over to stand in front of Marie.

The head girl looked up expectantly.

“I’ve buhbeen nuhnaughty,” Emily stammered. “Will you please spank me, Miss.”

The mouths of Gail, Annabelle and Phoebe dropped open. They’d seen Emily do this with others, In fact Annabelle had been made to ask her sister to spank her once after throwing a piece of broccoli at one of the other girls at dinner. Not one of them had ever thought they’d see the proud girl have to do the same.

“I’d be delighted, dear,” Marie accepted the offer graciously. “Lay over my lap and we’ll get started.”

Gail studied the way Marie operated and compared it to Emily. She had been warm and almost affectionate. The businesswoman had no doubt that Emily would be rising with a sizzling hot rear end, but the spanking would be administered fairly and she doubted that Marie would take the same sort of pleasure in giving Emily the sore backside that she so richly deserved in the way Emily so clearly had during her reign of terror.

They all watched transfixed as Marie arranged Emily over her lap and then commenced the spanking. Marie was an efficient spanker. She held Emily easily over her lap, although the brunette did squirm and kick and moved her hand up and down the wriggling cheeks, effectively reddening them. It wasn’t long before the globes had taken on a rosy glow and the girl was sobbing. Phoebe considered making a scornful comment on what a baby Emily was, but a warning glance from Mrs Gainsville made her think better of it and she clamped her lips shut.

Marie paused, and wiped her brow. “Could someone hand me the slipper please?” she asked calmly.

Leesa O’Donohue reached over and gave the footwear to the newly crowned head girl. On hearing the word slipper Emily’s struggles became frantic and Marie had to really work to hold her down.

“Miss Masters unless you want to join your sister, Miss Hetherington and Miss Smythe-Jones in being caned in front of the entire school I would advise on calming down a little, young lady. Miss Hainsforth is only trying to give you a well-deserved and overdue slippering. Take it like a Wellborne girl.”

Marie didn’t say anything, but the look on her face said that she didn’t appreciate the fuss Emily was making. She had little time for those who could dish it out, but weren’t willing to accept punishment when their turn came. She had never liked bullies and had ensured that none of her children behaved in that way, even if it took a few sore bottoms on the way.

The woman cracked the slipper down across Emily’s twitching glowing glutes and the girl howled. Marie’s mouth firmed and she ensured that the entirety of Emily’s upturned buttocks and upper thighs got a thorough going over with the slipper’s hard, but supple sole. The former head girl’s eyes and nose were streaming and her bottom throbbed and pulsated with a burning fire.

Marie stood Emily up and held her arms to her sides. “Do you have anything to say, Emily?”

“Ththankyou for spspanking me, Miss Hainsforth,” Emily hiccupped.

‘That was my pleasure sweetheart. Now thank Miss Hardacre, Mrs Gainsville and Miss O’Donohue and then you can have a cry in the corner while we deal with the other young ladies.”

The three senior staff members didn’t say anything, but they were clearly impressed with the way Marie had dealt with things.

“Right,” Miss Hardacre said sharply once Emily blubbered in the corner. “We have three other young women to get ready for a caning.”

Oh God! Gail thought. The caning wasn’t it. That was why Miss O’Donohue was here. They were going to be spanked first. The sports mistress ranked 4th on the ladder the girls had where they rated the effectiveness of the teachers and staff when it came to chastisement. Miss Hardacre lead it, closely followed by Mrs Gainsville. Matron Sterncastle occupied third spot, but Miss O’Donohue was moving up fast. Of Gail, Phoebe and Annabelle only the redhead had first hand experience of Leesa O’Donohue’s spanking ability and that hadn’t been a proper spanking, but swats from her paddle when she put the girls through their paces during sports.

“Leesa,” Miss Hardacre said crisply, “I think you can deal with Miss Hetherington.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the sports teacher replied as Gail winced inwardly, she had been hoping for Marie. No disrespect to the other woman’s abilities, but she had a more compassionate side than anyone else there.

“Doris,” Miss Hardacre addressed her assistant. “I think your palm can renew acquaintances with Miss Smythe-Jones’ posterior.”

“Delighted,” Doris Gainsville smiled, crooking a finger at the petite blonde who had just sworn under her breath.

“That means you’ve got the Masters sisters double, Marie,” Miss Hardacre smiled at the maternal woman.

“Come on sweetheart,” Marie encouraged Annabelle. “Let’s get you over Aunty Marie’s lap.”

As soon as the three friends were bare bottomed and laid across their designated laps the spankings began.

The office filled with the sound of firm palms impacting loudly across tender twitching cheeks and the answering squeals and yells of the girls.

The three spankers kept pace with each other and altered their own techniques if necessarily to do so. The girl’s legs began to wave and their ankles crossed and uncrossed frantically as the fires in their backsides were steadily stoked.

“I want those back ends simmering nicely by the time we have them bent over in front of everyone for the cane,” Mrs Hardacre instructed, as she looked through her collection of canes, trying to decide what was appropriate for the assembly. She decided on the senior cane, rather than the shorter, lighter junior one that was her usual weapon of choice for punishments administered in the office.

Three sobbing girls were helped to their feet. Miss Hardacre walked behind them, feeling how hot their bright red bottoms were. “Oh lovely,” she said. “You’ve warmed them up beautifully. Marie can you please replace their skirts and bring them out to assembly?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Marie said, rising and getting the girls ready as she had been asked to do.


“I suppose you are all wondering why I have called a special general assembly on a Sunday morning,” Miss Hardcastle addressed everyone in the hall. Heads nodded through the audience.

“Last night three students left school grounds and decided to have a night out at the pub in the village.”

There were hissed intakes of breath and the occasional shocked “No!” or “Surely not!” from the seated onlookers.

“It is sadly true,” Miss Hardacre continued. “Miss Hainsforth, can you please bring the offenders forward.”

Marie stepped out with three shamefaced girls wearing bright blushes behind her.

“You may have noticed that Miss Hainsforth brought the miscreants forward and not Miss Masters. Miss Masters has decided to relinquish the role of head girl and it has been handed onto Miss Hainsforth.”

There was enthusiastic applause at the announcement and Marie smiled and blushed in acceptance of it before retiring to stand with the teachers at the back of the stage.

“Matron Sterncastle found the girls last night, brought them back and spanked them soundly before informing me of what had happened. They’ve been spanked again this morning and just in case anyone is thinking of trying something similar you are going to witness the consequences,” the head mistress faced Gail, Annabelle and Phoebe and ordered. “Bend over and touch your toes, ladies.”
The three girls did as told and then felt their skirts being lifted and pinned onto their backs out of the way. Their blushes intensified.

Gail was only dimly aware that Mrs Hardacre was still speaking, she was too preoccupied with what was about to happen. She had never been caned before, and this was from what Phoebe had said quite painful, she hoped she wouldn’t disgrace herself too much given that this was happening in front of everyone.


Gail heard the report of the rattan landing before she felt it, then a line of white hot fire shot through her backside, igniting every nerve ending all at once. She howled, but didn’t break position. She took deep breaths to try and settle herself, then heard Annabelle scream as the cane landed across her posterior. Phoebe’s roar hit the air a few seconds later.


The cane struck home again, this time in a different spot and if anything it hurt even more. Gail felt the tears squeeze out from under her lids and she wailed, “I’m sorreeee!”

She concentrated on holding position as Annabelle let out an “Oh my God!” with her second stroke. Phoebe’s response was an incoherent yell.

Gail had to admit Mrs Hardacre knew what she was doing. She laid each stroke on exactly where she wanted and got maximum effect from them. Gail held position throughout and was proud of herself, although she doubted she’d sit for the remainder of the day. Annabelle had to be warned about keeping position and Phoebe had to be helped from the stage. Her twice caned bottom must have been in sheer agony.

The following week was far less frantic than the first one. Marie was a firm, but fair head girl. The prefects were less quick to reach for their slippers, especially after Marie slippered one she felt had unfairly punished another girl under her supervision.

On the last day of the week classes finished early, all the girls were presented with a diploma by Miss Hardacre and they changed out of their uniform and attended a cocktail party. In a show of grace for the support they had received the prefects served.

Annabelle found herself sipping a drink and talking to David Jensen. “I hope there are no hard feelings about that spanking,” the young teacher said with a gentle blush.

“No,” Annabelle laughed. “I shouldn’t have been passing notes. I meant what I wrote, though.”

“Do you think we could go out for dinner sometime?”

Annabelle’s eyes sparkled and she said, “Give me your phone and I’ll put my number into it.”

“So what will you do now?” Gail asked Phoebe.

“I dunno,” the blonde said with a shrug. “Hang out with friends, go clubbing, you know…”

“Would you like a job?”

“Doing what?”

“I think learning parkour, or at least the techniques behind it would be a good keep fit program as well as a decent team building exercise. It’s something I’m going to recommend at work, and we’ll need a good instructor.”

While Gail hadn’t enjoyed the spankings, she had rarely felt so alive as the night she and her two new friends went to the pub. She had forged some good friendships in her two weeks at Wellborne and she fully intended to return the following year. She felt she had a good chance of being made a prefect. Marie had said she was prefect material. She also thought that suggesting some of the other women she worked with attend Wellborne as an exercise. She would speak to Miss Hardacre as the woman had expressed an interest in running other sessions throughout the year.

As Gail walked from Wellborne she had a large smile on her face and she had thoroughly enjoyed going back to school.

 Images from Sarah Gregory Spanking. A caning in progress and the results of a well applied rod.


  1. Glad to see High and Mighty Miss Emily got her comeuppance. Too bad she didn't get caned in public as well... ):-)

    All in all, a very satisfying story, as we have come to expect from Seegee, although I tend to disapprove of corporate types who love to come up with "team-building excercizes". God save us from these busybodies.

    And the girl over Chelsea Pfieffer's lap has a really plump, scrumptious, spankable bottom, doesn't she? And it IS getting spanked! ;-)


  2. Thank you Phil. All is well that ends well. Pleased you enjoyed it.

  3. Sorry it has to end, love the phrase ..."efficient spanker"...

    Thank you for a great series.

  4. All good things must pass, Ron. It was a real fun effort from Seegee.