Tuesday, 9 April 2013


My series on spanking positions continues. The title is a clue to the position. I don't use this one a lot, but it has possibilities for many. Spankings often take place in the bedroom. For this very reason the bed itself becomes a useful piece of furniture to help administer the punishment.

The pictures below and the comments from myself, Gabrielle and Kimberley will explain.

This is from Women Spanking Men and it actually illustrates two things about why a bed or a bench is an ideal place to spank an adult male. Men can become 'excited' when being readied for spanking and it's not unheard of for it to happen during the punishment. Putting an aroused boy over your lap can exacerbate this. Placing said man on a bed or a bench takes away the physical contact aspect of the traditional over the knee spanking and lessens the chance that he will be thinking anything other than the stinging hot pain you are administering to his upturned posterior. In this shot, his hips and bottom are elevated with pillows or cushions and that puts him in perfect spanking position. I don't find it a particularly effective way of administering a hand spanking as is being done here, but I imagine the paddles on the couch will be put to use and this is a good position for a paddling, because it allows you to get a good swing and impact even with a larger paddle and that's one disadvantage of the otk position.

Gabrielle here. I can't say I really approve of the site name: Spanked Call Girls, but these two photographs are good examples of how to use a bed in a spanking. It doesn't happen here at the shop, because the parlours don't have beds, but many spankings in my home take place in the miscreant's bedroom. I have two older girls and they do still get spanked from time to time. While they'll do their best to behave when over my lap, it's nice to have their body weight supported by a bed. The top picture is almost a fun one. I've never actually spanked like that, although I can see the effectiveness of it. The spankee is prevented from moving because the spanker has straddled her. It also allows you to use both hands to spank and I have done that, it's quite effective. Kimberley and Chelsea also inform me that it is extremely unpleasant. Kimberley's word was 'excruciating'. I have the feeling that young lady was oiled before the spanking, her red bottom is positively glistening.

The second shot is very creative. Kudoes to the lady administering the spanking (she should have bared the other one's bottom), but she's got her over the lap on a table and has supported her body using the adjacent bed. I've never done that, but it's food for thought. Chelsea won't be pleased I've seen this next time she has her behind toasted.

Hi! It's Kim! Not sure I like Mum talking about spanking Chelsea and I on our beds so fondly. I better be extra good or it'll be me not Chelsea being the model for those techniques. This is from Premium Spanking. Dad usually straps us bent over his desk in the study, but this is also an excellent way for a stern father to administer a much needed strapping to one of his little princesses. This takes away the extra embarrassment factor of bending over his lap (which actually can cause undue embarrassment to both parties after a certain age) and it even preserves more modesty than bending over. Hips and buttocks are elevated by towels, which puts you in perfect spanking position. Notice how the hand is on the small of the back? That means you can't wriggle much and because you're laying down you're not as likely to break position, although if it's a hard stroke you will kick, but it's easier to avoid that and give the spankee time to get back into position and settle a little if you're laying down. Straps, even doubled over (ouch!) like that one are not easy to use otk. Having the naughty bottom on the bed lets you have a full swing. I think that covers everything and just looking at that picture is reviving some less than pleasant memories for me.

Well there we have part 2 of the positions series. Until part 3, happy spanking!

Andrea, Gabrielle & Kimberley.


  1. So well done ladies, I remember once growing up a friend's mom, we were misbehaving. We had to bend over the edge of her bed, high bed so our legs sort of dangled and she spanked us both with a paddle.
    Nice post and opinions of all the lovely ladies, most appreciated.

  2. Thank you, Ron. I and the other ladies are very much enjoying giving our considered opinions on this.

  3. I think the bed is an excellent place for discipline (although on a bed OTK is still to be preferred IMO. The physical contact over the lap while being held down emphasizes the childish aspect of the act best to me). A good alternative of course is elevated by pillows or a rolled up blanket or some such, leaving the spankee free to grip the headboard or the bedclothes while enduring the punishment while the spanker can restrain him/her with a hand in the middle of the back or step back for additional "swing room" if needed.


  4. Thank you Phil. Yes, both those points are very valid.