Monday, 29 April 2013

Driven to spank!

Aunty has had such a busy week. I've been posting almost daily and the shop has also had a busy start to the week. I of course had to post today, because it is the end of the month and we all know what that means don't we, dear followers? Yes! It is Spankee of the Month time!

I sadly did not receive many nominations, and if someone hadn't mentioned this month's winner I may have had to do it myself.

I quite like this lady and I was shocked and stunned when this news broke. I thank Rich for alerting me to it and nominating her as the SotM which saved me from making an executive decision.

Without further delay I give to you April's Spankee of the Month: Reese Witherspoon!

When most of us hear the name Reese Witherspoon, the above is what we think of. A pretty blonde with a ready smile. Everything I have heard about her, despite her rather ill fated relationship with Ryan Phillippe, tends to suggest that she is an intelligent and level headed young woman. She has two children. Seen here celebrating with their mother on the Walk of Fame.

How was such a woman nominated for my Rogues Gallery? A lot of it was caused by something that happened fairly recently. She was picked up for DUI. This is both dangerous and foolish. She compounded it by asking the officer who made the arrest if he knew who she was and behaving in a threatening manner. Reese!

As she once played country singer June Carter in a film, both Rich and I felt that she was no stranger to the sting of a good old fashioned wooden paddle and maybe that should be laid across her sassy backside repeatedly.

In her recent mug shots, she appears to be crying.

Now I am sure any tears shed here are because of the public embarrassment of something like this happened to a high profile person. I'd like to get her down to the shop and make her cry for another reason. I wager she'd cry a lot more and a lot louder!

Who will May's winner be? I wonder. I urge everyone to vote.


  1. Heh! I'm chuckling right now reading this at the co-incidence, as a friend and I were only JUST discussing the other day how Reese has blossomed into a real "spanker" from her younger days! Different perceptions, eh? ;)

  2. Ahhh Banjo, you and your perceptions when it comes to a famous female. What Reese did was illegal and her reaction unforgivable. In this case gender doesn't come into it. The offender needs a smacked bottom.

  3. OH Aunty I so agree with you. Miss Witherspoon is definitely in need of a smacked bottom...and a lovely bottom it is too!

  4. Actually, she wasn't arrested for DUI. Her husband was, and HE was driving. She tried to pull the fame card ("Do you know who I AM?") and refused the officer's orders to remain in the vehicle while her husband was being arrested. AFAIC, her insisting on special treatment because she's famous is at least as worthy of a spanking as a DUI, albeit with no threat to the public. Lay that paddle on Aunty!


  5. Thank you Sophie. Phil thank you for the update. I thought Miss Witherspoon was driving whilst under the influence, however she should not have used her 'do you know who I am' on the arresting officer while he was only trying to perform his job. In addition she should have also taken responsibility and refused to drive with her husband while he was intoxicated. It is not like they can't afford alternative transport for one night. What if the children had been with them? I will most certainly lay that paddle on if I am ever afforded the opportunity.

  6. really, Aunty - you're going to use a paddle? Where's the poetic justice of spanking Reese With A Spoon?



    1. John, Aunty may have to turn you over her knee for that pun, but you did make me laugh.

    2. if a pun leads to punishment, perhaps I should rave about you... ;-)

    3. One could be excused for thinking you actually WANT a visit to Aunty's parlour, John.

  7. Aunty

    Great choice and yes she needs a long sound spanking!!