Thursday, 25 April 2013

I won't stand for it!

My series on positions continues, with able assistance from Gabrielle and Kimberley. Hopefully Miss Kimberley Susan will take it a little more seriously this time or she'll be the one standing up for the remainder of the day.

That last comment is a small hint on what I'm going to cover today.

This is from Spanking Sarah. I don't know that it really illustrates my point, but it is nice to see two ladies involved with a punishment. There are times when standing up is the best way to do things. You nearly always have someone standing up in the corner and it does present the bottom differently to the other positions of over the knee, or laying down or bent over. Of the four I think bent over, while it lacks the intimacy of otk, does tighten and present the bottom nicely. Standing is actually quite good if you have a tall spankee or you want to use a large implement like a strap, cane or school paddle. It's also a good one for something different like the martinet as this illustration from Waldo shows.

I'm not a great fan of it, because it doesn't really present the bottom that well and it's very hard for anyone to have the will power to remain in position when you're raining heat and pain on their bottoms.

Hello! It's Gabrielle again. I'm a little different to Andrea here. I don't mind the spankee standing. I think it impresses on older boys in particular, if you're holding their hand while whaling them with a good sturdy strap. Outside as this observation from Ron Wilson shows is an ideal setting for a standing up spanking, especially if a tree limb is handily situated for them to hold onto something.

It's also a great position for a strapping in general, inside as well as out and you do get a really good look at how red the bottom is getting and can easily see if they've been given sufficient coverage. As is shown here from Firmhand Spanking.

They have cheated a little by letting her hold the top of the mantle, but I'm betting she'll be eating her supper off it later!

It's Kimberley again. I was spoken to by Aunty and Mummy after my last post. Just spoken to, but I was promised that if I'm so flippant again. I'll rather resemble this picture from Firmhand Spanking.

And I'm sure Mummy would use the cane too!

I know Aunty doesn't really like to spank standing up and while I've seen boys do the standing up dance when Mummy holds their wrist and uses the strap it's not her preferred position either. I prefer to spank otk and because of the closeness I prefer to be spanked otk, but when you're dealing with little ones it can be useful, it's especially good to slap legs and as this absolutely darling Ron Wilson picture shows it's ideal for a little touch up to make them mind or as a prelude to something longer and extremely memorable over the maternal lap.

Kimberley chose to close on an absolute winner. I do wonder if she knows that's one of my all time favourites.

There is one other position to cover, so that will wait for next time. Have a lovely weekend, I know I will.

Andrea, Gabrielle and Kimberley Susan.


  1. Another attribute of the standing position is that it can be extremely embarrassing, especially for a boy. Of neccessity, one's pants are down to expose the bottom and also exposing one's front. Again, worse for a boy, especially is he's dancing around, creating maximum "waggle factor" (even more if he's uh... excited). By the same token, keeping the bottom bared if a skirt is worn, requires the removal of said skirt from the young lady in question and full frontal exposure as well.

    In any case, doing this with witnesses around will drastically increase the subject's embarrassment, even more than a bare-bottom OTK or bent-over spanking (unless there's a "spanking dance" afterward) because there's more exposure.

    Nice pics, (although the last Ron Wilson one could be a little less washed-out) and a good article.


  2. Thank you Phil. Glad you are enjoying. Part of what Gabrielle enjoys about using the strap on an older boy in the standing position is the dancing. I find it rather harder to aim and get maximum effect if they're doing that.
    I had to enlarge the Ron Wilson pic to allow people to see it a bit better, which is why it may look a little washed out, but it really is a darling image.

    1. Perhaps when he is dancing, you ARE getting the "maximum effect"... :-0

      I agree the Ron Wilson image is compelling for several reasons. I'll see if I can find it for you in a larger file size.


  3. I agree these can be and are and receiving. Very nice.

  4. I think this works best when other people are present, even if it's for a girl/ woman with her skirt raised in the back. It gives the plaintiffs and the spankee a chance to address one another.

    It can also work well when the spankee is facing a wall at point-blank range in lieu of cornertime to focus their thoughts, or in front of a mirror, allowing some degree of eye contact.

    Lastly, if the spanker is tall enough to keep the spankee stretched on tiptoe and dancing about, this can be a most effective method of feeling the spankee feel totally helpless.

    Even so, it does cause you to spank very high, doesn't it? A pre- or post-warming of the lower curve, done over the knee, might help, particularly in husband-wife/ domestic situations. Don't want to miss the best part!