Sunday, 28 April 2013

Knees up!

All good things must end and so it has come to pass with the popular positions series. I thought I'd cover one I don't use much, but seems to becoming more and more popular of late.

This picture is from Girls Boarding School and it illustrates what is known as the diaper position (called that because the position is rather reminiscent of how one puts a diaper on a very young child) nicely. I don't use it a lot. I find it very labour intensive. You have to lay the spankee on a couch, a bed preferably and then hold their legs up. You have to hold them, because once the bottom starts to burn it becomes hard for them to do it themselves. It does display the bottom nicely and while a strap is being used here, I prefer a light paddle for this particular position.

Now this one is from Premium Spanking. I can't say I approve of the spanker's dress or lack thereof, but that is to my mind perfect positioning for a diaper spanking. It's Gabrielle by the way. I don't often use this in the shop, as Andrea pointed out, we're not really set up for it, but I still like to use it at home. This girl is being very obliging by holding her own legs up, although her expression indicates it's stinging. I think she may be acting, her bottom's barely got a glow and I know that a tawse like that really stings, she's got good access to the middle of the buttocks too.

I like this one, apart from it being from the excellent Sarah Gregory Spanking. It's on a couch and this is how we'd do it at the shop. I think the little heart paddle is cute too and an ideal implement to do this with. I'll hand over to Kimmy now.

Mum! Please don't call me Kimmy here. That is so embarrassing. Just like this position, actually. I really hate this one. Not to give them, although what Aunty says is correct, you really have to work, even with the younger ones. It's better with younger ones, because they're lighter and not as strong, you can also lay them out on a couch for the spanking too.

Now this one from Spanking Dollars has found a way of putting someone in the diaper position and force the spankee to hold their legs up and apart, which is another issue with the position. We wouldn't use this at the shop, it's a little dungeony for mine. Being spanked like this is not only quite painful, it stretches your bottom tight and also gives full access to the backs of the legs, it's also super humiliating, not just because you're showing everything, but more because it makes you feel helpless and like a little kid all over.

I'll finish off with one from Spanking Experience in an odd place with the cane.

Well wasn't that a nice way to bring this all to a close? I do hope you've enjoyed this. I know Kim and Gabrielle and I have certainly enjoyed presenting it.

Andrea, Gabrielle and Kimberley.


  1. It may not be the most popular position, due to the effort required, but I imagine the level of exposure is quite humiliating, which may recommend it in certain circumstances. Speaking as a man, I would also think there are additional problems associated with this position. In addition to the humiliation factor, the "exposure" and the anatomical differences between males and females comes into play. Bluntly put, women's "lady bits" are essentially internal, whereas men's junk is right there, "hanging out" so to speak and must be protected from the implement by one means or another, unless you're into really serious pain.
    It might be acceptable for young boys, especially if the feet are held up so that the bottom is not horizontal but rather suspended, thus keeping the genitals out of the way (or if only the hand is used). For young girls, it wouldn't make much difference (I'm referring to strictly maternal or grandmother, domestic spankings here). It IS an extremely embarrassing form of punishment...


  2. I agree....not my favorite if I am on the bottom, way too much damage can be done. But speaking pure observation, very erotic when female/female!

  3. Thank you both so much. We are all very pleased that people enjoyed our observations and wanted to add their own. Participation helps to enhance the blog for everyone.

  4. Dearest Aunty,

    I disagree with several points. First, if the knees are together and the spankee wraps his or her arms around them they should be able to maintain the position for you - or if they're not that flexible a towel behind the knees can be used - crossed in front, possibly. And once again, if the knees are together, genitalia should be protected for either gender.

    the real beauty of this position is to put your left hand behind the spankee's head or neck, getting great eye-to-eye contact while applying the strokes. This makes it an exceptional communication position.

    While the cane can work really well here and solve the problem of cane-tip on the far thigh that many spankers struggle with (here the tip ends up higher on the cheek when slanting slightly downward), whatever implement is used can be applied firmly and accurately to the thigh-bottom crease - sometimes too much so. With the tightly stretched buttock, it's easy to over-spank the crease before you realize it.

    With the potential for further embarrassment (when appropriate), I think many spankers should get comfortable with it.



  5. I KNOW THease are very old posts but just found it i am sometimes caned in the diaper postion or legs up has me kicking and howling!