Thursday, 4 April 2013

Perfect position

Young Kimberley hinted yesterday in her monthly update that I was planning another series, and she was correct. I started thinking about aspects of spanking. I've examined implements and rooms, so my next target is position. I'm going to be enlisting the services of both Gabrielle and Kim to assist me here and give their opinions on the position of the post.

Without further ado, let's get started.

The position most people associate with spanking is over the knee, often abbreviated to otk, and I personally prefer to refer to it as over the lap, it sounds more pleasant to me.

I've decided to start with this most traditional of positions. I did a quick poll in the shop and found that it was most favoured by myself, Kim and Gabrielle as well as some of our clients at the time. Surprisingly even those who were due to be spanked tended to prefer this position as well.

Now this example from Sarah Gregory Spanking with Sarah over the very capable knees of Ms Clare Fonda highlights a lot of why I prefer otk as my position of choice. If you use a bed as Clare is here or a couch, then you have enough room to get the girl or boy over your lap, even if they're fully grown, and have space for their body and legs to be supported, so that they're not likely to wriggle off or hurt themselves or you. Clare is able to trap Sarah over the v created by the seated position, she can hold one of Sarah's wrists and I think the other is pinned by between Clare's body and the bed. The other hand is of course used to spank. I thought for once I'd show an image of a clothed bottom, but I doubt Miss Gregory will be keeping those snug pants for too long.

Oh my turn! It's Gabrielle Kennedy if anyone was wondering. I selected this image from Girl Spanks Girl to illustrate what I wanted to say about over the knee. I can't say I approve of the spankees tattoos and if either Kim or Chelsea read this, they can expect that that woman is getting and more if they are ever unwise enough to deface their bodies with 'artwork'. However the spanker is sitting on a sturdy straight backed chair and of that I do approve. I do use a couch at work, but at home when one of my four little bottoms requires reddening I can generally be found with the miscreant laying over my thighs while I sit on a straight backed chair from the dining room. While the spanker in this picture looks young and innocent she's done a marvelous job reddening that bottom, it is a beautiful shade and I do applaud her ingenuity in using her victim's hair to hold her in place. I must consider that technique for the future.

Hello again! Two posts in two days. Oh my, aren't I lucky? The picture above comes from Spanking Films UK and it is to my mind the very essence of a spanking. Oh if anyone hasn't worked it out without the picture it's Kimberley! Anyway back to otk and the picture above. I think I'm here because of the three of us I have the most recent experience of being in the positions.

There's something about otk for the spankee as much as the spanker. It involves close contact, it's kind of childish and nothing else puts you in the headspace better than being placed over the knee with a bare or very close to bare bottom.

The picture above is exactly what I bet people think of when they hear the phrase: good old fashioned bare bottom over the knee spanking. It's a little unusual for a lot of commercial images in that it is 'Daddy' spanking his 'princess' while 'Mummy' looks on. I know there are plenty of pictures of men spanking women, but they don't always feature the female authority figure observing and they're rarely as cosily domestic. The image above says it all about otk for me.

Well it would seem we are all in agree. No boys, I haven't forgotten you! This image from Women Spanking Men illustrates things perfectly. The two ladies watching are a nice touch.


  1. Ladies,

    Just outstanding and love all your view points and comments as well as wonderful pictures. I am a true OTK fan, no other way for me but then again I do not always have a say. I personally like the contact with my lap as well, makes it just a bit more personal and intimate to me.

    Can not wait for the next round of this series, bravo Aunty, good topic.

  2. Thank you Ron, I think it will be fun as we cycle through the various positions. I'm sure you noticed that with the exception of Sarah Gregory that all the ladies had panties tangled around their legs.

  3. Hi

    Well yes ma'am I did and too bad we did not get a shot of those panties getting warmed up first!

  4. OTK is definitely my favorite, especially on a sturdy, straight-backed chair or on a bed or couch (for full support) since this is the position that one typically is spanked in childhood and is part of the "first" experience.

    All things being equal, I would prefer seeing Sarah Gregory's ass uncovered as it is spectacular... ;-p