Monday, 20 May 2013

Brushes and aprons

Hello lovelies! Today is the last of my series on questions. I only have one question to answer today. It is from Ron and addressed specifically to me.

When a brushing is called for how do you choose between the normal brush and your lovely ebony brush, ma'am?

That is a poser! I think it's just how I feel. I like my ebony, but sometimes it may not be big enough or shaped right, or not close to hand. All three of us (Gabrielle, Kimberley and I) have our own special 'signature' hairbrushes. Mine is Mrs Ebony. Gabrielle has her heirloom mahogany brush and Kimberley loves her cherry wood model.

A lovely drawing of a young man receiving a taste of ebony.

As the below picture shows, as long as the brush is solid and heavy it really doesn't matter what wood it is made of it will still achieve the desired result.

Young Chelsea Kennedy has only recently started spanking, and she doesn't yet use a hairbrush, but here is a picture from School Mistress Fantasy which reminded me of Chelsea with her weapon of choice when her younger brother and sister act up or she has to correct naughtiness from some of her charges when she babysits after school before their parents arrive home.

Now this last question hasn't been asked in this series, but I thought I'd post about it all the same and that's to clear up confusion about the style of apron we use here at the shop. There are a number of aprons, but what we mean when we talk about making our client's wear aprons is the type in this old magazine advertisement.

On a final note I'd like to say from myself, Gabrielle and Kimberley that we have all enjoyed doing this immensely and if you have any questions about the shop please don't hesitate to ask.

Andrea, Gabrielle and Kimberley


  1. I had no idea young Chelsea had started spanking now! Shows how long I've been "away" from the Shop! Please pass my congratulations on to her, would you Aunty? I've always liked her and am thrilled to hear she's getting a chance to warm some botties herself (love the photo you chose for her here, and the spoon just seems a such perfect "weapon of choice"!).

    I thought the question of "signature ebony" or "boring old regular" hairbrush was an interesting point; I always got the impression that not only was your formidable ebony brush more "impactful" on a naughty bottom, but added a very personal touch.

    This post also reminded me of a question I would like to ask, if that's okay: what makes a client at the Shop a "brush boy" or "brush girl"? The term has been used a couple of times as I recall, definitely by Kimberley but I think by yourself as well. I always loved the term and never shook my curiosity as to its implications. Is there something about a client that makes you (or Kim, or Gabrielle) look at them and think "they're getting hairbrushed for sure!" Given it's your favourite implement already, I mean? :)

    (incidentally, I have been reading back over your Questions and Answers series here incidentally, Aunty, and have really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing!)

  2. Banjo. Chelsea was given spanking rights with her brother and sister when she turned 16 and got the same permission from the parents of the children she babysits from time to time.
    Brush boys and girls? It's a rather cute term for a start and it's something we just work out from look and behaviour. Of course there's a personal feeling there, too and of all the implements the hairbrush is most definitely my favourite.
    Delighted you enjoyed the series, dear.

  3. Well, it's nice to see young Chelsea coming into her own. BTW, is that a school uniform? She certainly seems to take after her mother in the looks department. I wonder if she will in the spanking department as well?

    I imagine the choice of a hairbrush is a personal one: perhaps nostalgic, i.e., one inherited from one's mother and/or even one that has been used on yourself, perhaps a gift, or one chosen because of the proper weight or shape or handle length. In any event it's a personal signature, so to speak, when one is "monogramming" a naughty bottom with it. If other needs arise, then practicality would seem to rule the day (a bigger, heavier brush, a paddle, a strap, etc.), whatever is needed to emphasize the seriousness of the punishment upon the chastisee.


    1. I had the feeling Chelsea may get a few questions. Yes that is indeed a school uniform. Early indications from those who have felt that spoon are that she does definitely take after Mum and big sister when it comes to handing out the spankings.

  4. Love it and when I clear my head I have a few more....but as a follow up do you allow requests for a brushing? In other words a naughty boy/girl is sent to you by say their school, do you agree if the school says please use a brush on them?

    I agree with your overall sentiment about the brush, I love to hate them but I as I have told you have never felt an ebony brush, fascinates me!

    Well done ladies and I am sure an old fashion hairbrush on any of your hands will have it's impact.