Sunday, 12 May 2013

First meeting and help

Good afternoon. Now while there's a break in the weather so to speak I thought I would take the opportunity to answer some more of your questions.

Phil asks: At the first appointment, is there an interviewing process? What kind of "permission" from the client (adult) is required? What kind for (or on behalf of) a minor. Is there a list of offenses or naughty behavior that is kept and addressed during the spanking?

I do have an interview process. It's something that as you have asked generally takes place at a first appointment. If it's for a minor and they are accompanied by a parent then we will discuss the child's behaviour, assess the person in question, look at their offences and decide on a punishment. If it's an adult, a similar process is followed.

The only permission required is signing of the release form. For a minor their parent or guardian has to sign it and for an adult they are legally able to do this themselves.

From Clare Fonda. What happens after the interview.

We do also keep a list of offences and punishments. Kim has her meticulously kept spreadsheets and a lot of this information finds it's way into the files. I have a file or folder on all clients. If there's a return engagement I take it out and peruse it prior to the next appointment. I find it's quite a helpful tool.

Ron had this question for me: When do you call in for assistance?

Initially I didn't have enough business to require the services of another spanker, but as it grew I realised that I only had one lap and one pair of hands, so I employed Gabrielle part time. Kim is also useful on busy days when her mother isn't available and we have also used her when both of us are occupied. She's quite good with younger clients.

There is also the occasional time as with this shot from Clare Fonda Pass (yes that is Miss Fonda being spanked if you were wondering) when I have a group to spank. I may call in one of the ladies to help with the spanking or the cornering in that situation.

It doesn't happen often, but you do get someone who is reluctant to do something, open their legs for an inner thigh roasting or let me soap their mouths out and in cases like that either Gabrielle or Kimberley may be asked in for assistance then.

I hope that has sated your curiosity for now.

Aunty Andrea


  1. Thank you Aunty, for the answers to the questions I posed. I imagined you would have a "naughty list", at least for minors as their parents/guardians would probably be bringing them in against their will to have you do what they can't (or don't want) to do. Having them elucidate their offenses would go a long way towards their accepting their punishment, as well as the need for it. The fact that it's a bit childish and humiliating, putting them in the right "place" for their spankings is probably very effective.

    I think this might work even better for adults, for the same reason.


    1. Oh yes, I do enjoy a little 'confession session' before a spanking. Making them tell you what they did wrong and why they're being turned over my knee is always highly satisfying.

  2. I love the process of the "confession session" must be cleansing in a way before being spanked.
    Nice photos ma'am as well.

    1. Yes, the 'confession session' can be very cleansing.

  3. "you do get someone who is reluctant to do something, open their legs for an inner thigh roasting... in cases like that either Gabrielle or Kimberley may be asked in for assistance then."

    Ooh, goodness me, Aunty! I got all hot and bothered unexpectedly reading that! Has that ever actually happened? And if so, with whom, and who provided the needed assistance? Sorry, curious minds... :)

  4. Oh it does happen, sweetheart. I had to do it with young Sammy at least once. Kimberley did the honours that day as Gabrielle was not working. Gabrielle has also helped out on occasion and I've returned the favour.