Thursday, 23 May 2013

Question time with Kimberley and Andrea

Remember how I said that if anyone had more questions they could ask them and I'd answer as best I could?

Well Ron had some questions that weren't covered earlier, so I am as good as my word. The reason both Kimberley and I appear here is that two of the questions concerned my erstwhile young assistant so I let her field those.

1.   In the classic story of a few months ago Kim was soundly spanked by you Aunty and one of the reasons was her looking to "branch" out and administer spankings on her own? Has this come up again? Is Kim still trying to start her own service and do you think this is a segway to another story?

Over to you Miss Kennedy.

I don’t mention it too much, because Aunty is right. I’m too young to do this yet. I do still want to do it and I will one day. I’m planning on doing a business course at the local university part time and then investigate the possibility of franchising Aunty’s idea.

2.   When Kim "drains" some of the young men before they see Aunty, is this her decision or do you have a set of rules she follows? This has not come up recently but in reading some of the back stories it has happened a few times.

Another one for Kimmy.

You did have to ask that! I wouldn’t ever do anything like this without permission from Aunty. I may as well just go to her and ask her to smack my bottom please. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed it, it is fun. I’d probably be a bit more reluctant now because of Evan, but Aunty or Mum asked me to do it to help out, yes I would do it.

3.   Have you ever spanked a parent who has contracted you to spank their offspring? Being have you ever spanked a mom or dad when you realized that their child is out of control because of their lack of supervision?

Now I can answer this one.
This has happened. An example you’ll probably be most familiar with is Grace Neilsen. Grace was spanked by me for her lack of competence as a mother with her son Trent. To a certain extent I’ve spanked Gloria Travers for similar things regarding her step daughter Jenny. Cheryl Miller was spanked because of how the pressure she put on young Caitlin at the girl’s softball games. So yes, I do that. Sometimes the parent needs to take responsibility for their own failings and if that means a smacked bottom for a lack of parenting then so be it.

Now just to illustrate this and maybe answer a few more questions here's a poster that perfectly illustrates what we are all about here at The Spank Shop.

Note: in case it's not visible below. This poster was originally posted at Someone's Gonna Get It.


  1. Thanks for those answers, although I'm pretty sure I knew the answer to the third one already. Nice to hear from Kimberly herself and btw, congratulations on your business ambitions. You know what they say: Do what you love and the money will follow. Well, maybe not always... ;-)

    Looks like I beat Ron here this time... ;-p


  2. Thank you, Phil. Rest assured I think Kim will achieve her ambition, but she's got a few years of burning bottoms here before she'll be ready to spread her wings as such.

  3. Hi

    Only because I was on the road and have a house full of people LOL.

    Thank you Aunty and my lovely friend Kimberley, best of wishes and I am sure a nice franchise relationship with The Spank Shop would be a good way to go for you.

    Now while we have your attention Kim, worse spanking you ever got and I mean the one that jumps right on your mind when you read that question?

    Thank you ladies, love you all.


  4. Mr Ron, you do ask the most embarrassing questions! Firstly there are so many to choose from, so it's not an easy decision to make, which is why it's taken so long to answer. I think the answer is the last one I got from Aunty (detailed in story #32). Not because it was overly severe, it wasn't. I mean it hurt...a lot, especially the paddle, but more the fact that I knew I deserved it and I had disappointed Aunty with my behaviour, that always has an impact on me. Mind you my knees also go to water whenever I see Mum with a cane in her hand.
    Kimberley Susan.