Sunday, 19 May 2013

Specials and aftercare

Welcome to the working week! The questions continue.

Ron asks: Is there one bottom you think of often and for what reason?

Aunty doesn't like to play favourites, but I'll do what I can sweetie. Kimmy has an absolutely delicious bottom that at times simply begs to be smacked, but I think my favourite is Tiffany. I'm sure you all remember Tiffany from Spank Shop #4. I have her over my lap every Friday and it's one reason Friday is my favourite day of the week.

From Momma Spankings. Tiffany's pretty little caboose glows after some time spent over Aunty's lap.

As far as my male clientele goes. I'd have to say Sammy. The young man is an athlete and it shows in his firm, right little rear. It's quite muscular and gorgeous and can take a lot of spanking before it reddens right up and he breaks right down.

Cassie Hunter stands in for me here. Isn't that an ebony brush in her oh so firm hand?

Phil asked me: Is the aftermath (soothing, "cuddling", forgiveness, etc.) a standard part of the experience or just up to the spanker as to what extent it's performed?

This is something I do on a client by client basis. The boys tend to lose out here, although I have been known to use warm water, lotion, and talcum powder to soothe their aching rears on occasion. Tiffany always gets very special aftercare as she seems to need it. I probably go further with young Tiffany than I do with any other client, but it's something I decide either partway through the session or immediately after it. It also depends on the reaction of the spankee, and how I personally feel about it.

From what they've said Gabrielle and Kimberley are the same, although I think what I do for Tiffany is more than either of them would, although with Kimberley and Evan you can never be too sure.

From Hard Spanking Vixens. I'll often soothe a client after a good solid paddling like this one.

From CF Shots. This is the very special aftercare that someone like Tiffany may get if she's a very good and lucky girl.


  1. That's truly an adorable pic of Sarah Gregory there. Poor baby...

    I assumed "aftercare" was more of an option for adult clients, some not wanting it or you not wanting to do it for one reason or another, but what about younger spankees? Is it more of a standard part of spanking younger (juvenile) clients, especially the significantly younger girls and boys. I would imagine they're the ones who would most benefit from the process.


    1. Phil for younger clients 'aftercare' is a personal option for the spanker. We judge on whether they might be receptive to a kiss and a cuddle after as well as a bit of bottom soothing or cooling. Kim probably does it more than either Gabrielle and I, as she deals more with the younger clients and seems to be able to relate to them better.

    2. Thanks for the clarification Aunty. Although, with your vast babysitting experience when you were a teenager and Gabrielle's experience with her own children, including Kimberly, I'm sure you both can relate equally well to children and teens who've just been well chastised and need a bit of kindness after their punishments.


  2. Thank you, well of course the lovely Kim, wow!

    Also I love the lead photo, that lady is just so classy but looks as if she would mean business if one were over her lap!

  3. Yes, Ron, I'm sure she'd be all business if you were over her lap.