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'Summer Camp' - Part 2

I hope you're all eager to see Part 2 of Summer Camp, I know I am, so without any further ado I present the second part.

Miss Chris makes a very believable Mrs Donovan.

“Hello and welcome to Camp Paddlehard, ladies,” the tall powerfully built woman said addressing the girls watching her. “I am Mrs Donovan and I am the camp commandant. I spend most of my time looking after administration. A lot of the day to day interaction for you girls will be handled by your counselors,” she gestured at the row of girls standing lined up along the back of the wall, all of them held paddles like the one Nicola had, most of them offered the new girls an encouraging smile. “I’ll hand over to Miss Tessa to explain the rest.”

A very attractive blonde girl had taken over. Amber couldn’t tell exactly how old Tessa was, she assumed maybe early twenties. It didn’t take long before Amber realized exactly why Charlie hadn’t wanted to meet with her. Tessa was the camp’s discipline mistress. All of the counselors, as well as Mrs Donovan, were permitted to use their paddles on the behinds of the campers, but the more serious and repeat offenders were sent to Tessa and her punishments were more severe.

Amber got another firsthand example of camp discipline at lunch that day. One of the new girls had tried to initiate a food fight. Tessa had immediately taken charge. The girl had been hauled away from the table and the tall commanding blonde had turned the girl over her knee, whisked her shorts and panties to her knee hollows and delivered a blistering spanking with her hand. The offender had spent the rest of lunch standing in a corner of the mess hall, sobbing as everyone got a good eyeful of her glowing red bottom.


Reflecting later in the day, after an introductory interview with Nicola and Tessa, Amber should have realized before she came here that this was no ordinary summer camp. The home where she’d been staying had arranged it. The truth was that she hadn’t been fostered successfully because she sabotaged it. She couldn’t have told anyone why, she was a pretty screwed up kid. One of the staff at the home had told her that the camp would ‘straighten her out.’

After witnessing what Nicola had done to Charlie and then what Tessa did to the girl at lunch Amber resolved to keep her nose clean, follow the rules and leave the place with her bottom in the same pristine white condition as when she arrived. She told Nicola and Tessa as much at her interview. She hadn’t really noticed the secretive smiles the two girls exchanged. It wasn’t the first time a camper had said that. The counselor and the discipline mistress rather fancied that they had made the same vow on their first years at Camp Paddlehard, or CP as many of the girls called the camp.

Part of the reason it was hard for a girl to stay unpaddled was natural competition between the girls. The ones who got paddled or spanked wore it like a badge of honour and seemed to feel a superiority over the ones who hadn’t.

Amber couldn’t even remember what earned her the first spanking. She did recall that it had taken place in the cabin and it had been administered by Nicola. The other new girl in the cabin: Shelly, had been paddled the previous day and in a fit of rebelliousness she’d even earned herself an appointment with Tessa early the next day. Amber felt under pressure as she was one of the few unspanked girls in the camp by this stage. Nicola had given her a good dressing down, telling her how disappointed she was. She had sat down on her bunk, and while Amber shivered, lowered her shorts, then skinned her panties down her legs, drawing her over the lap and administering a really sound hand spanking. A crying Amber had been escorted to the corner and had to stand there with her hands on her head until Nicola told her she could leave and pull her pants up. She had spent a good deal of time in the lake that day cooling down her scorched buns.


The following day Amber had seen one of the counselors emerge from the administration tent, rubbing the seat of her shorts and with evidence of recent tears on her face.

Amber had gone straight to Nicola and asked her about the incident. The older girl had chuckled and said, “Oh yeah, she had to see Mrs Donovan.”

“So the counselors can get spanked?” a wide-eyed Amber had asked.

Nicola had ruffled the girl’s short blonde hair fondly and replied, “Of course we can, squirt. You lot aren’t the only naughty girls around here. Generally it’s Tessa, but Mrs Donovan likes to keep her hand in.”

“Have you ever been spanked by her?”

“Do you know what happened to the curious cat, squirt?”

“No,” Amber answered, wrinkling her nose.

Nicola laughed, “Yes, I was spanked by her.”


“Last year, and that’s all you’re getting. Believe me you don’t want it. Scoot!” she planted a playful smack on Amber’s backside to send her squealing away to join her friends by the water’s edge.


As Amber walked into the meeting hall alongside Nicola and saw all her friends from previous camps gathered around, availing themselves of the refreshments that had been set up, her face broke out into a big grin.

The petite blonde had never thought she’d be here. The idea of her being a counselor one day had been as likely as her travelling to the moon in that first year. That spanking from Nicola had not been the last one. It was rare for a new girl to the camp to not receive multiple paddlings and spankings and Amber was just like any naughty thirteen year old, so her bottom paid the price. The worst had probably been on the camping trip. She and three others had tried to put itching powder into a counselor’s sleeping bag. They’d been discovered and all four were given a bare bottom paddling by the campfire that night. They were paddled by both the counselor whose sleeping bag they had attempted booby trap and their own cabin counselor.

However after a summer spent at Camp Paddlehard Amber came away with a different outlook on life and got herself fostered out to a supportive family. She had worked hard to fit in and looked after her younger ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ (tha natural offspring of her foster parents). In return her foster parents had formally adopted her, and they were paying her way through college. Her foster parents had offered to send her to one of the paying camps if she wanted to, but she insisted on going back to Camp Paddlehard each year, her parents donated to the charity organization that ran the camp. She felt the discipline and structure of the camp on an annual basis did her good.

The counselors were all chosen from former campers. They found it made things easier if the counselors knew what they were letting themselves in for and how things worked at the camp.

Amber squealed as she spied Shelly and the two hugged tightly. “So glad to see you, sis!” she greeted the mousy haired girl.

“You too.”

The girls weren’t sisters, but they saw each other every summer and they were as close as any real sister during camp, so when together they just naturally called each other sis.

Another girl; Harmony, handed Amber an ice cold can of Coke. “Thanks, Harm,” she said, taking the beverage, popping the top and taking a refreshing sip. “I didn’t think you were going to come.”

“Is that because of the ‘special’ I got last year?” the dark haired girl asking with an impish grin.

“Kind of. I think your exact words after were: ‘This place sucks!’” Shelly recalled with a laugh.

“My butt was hurting at the time and it was my time of month,” Harmony defended herself.

At least one girl a year received what the campers referred to as a ‘special’. It was for misbehavior of the highest order. What was special about the punishment was that it was administered publicly at the ‘powwows’ the camp held at the end of each week. The powwows were one of the few regular camp activities that Mrs Donovan attended. The paddling was usually administered by the discipline mistress, but Mrs Donovan had also known to be involved. It was given with a bigger, heavier paddle and followed a lengthy warm up over the discipline mistresses’ lap with her hand. In Harmony’s case Mrs Donovan had administered the warm up and the brunette said that it did a lot more than just ‘warm’ her bottom up. The paddled girl spent the rest of the powwow standing on the stage with her blazing buns on display to everyone else. One of these was usually enough to dissuade anyone else from doing something to earn one, but Amber could remember witnessing three one summer.

Aside from Nicola the girls were all first year counselors.

“I bet you’re wondering why you’re all new counselors,” Nicola began as she faced the girls seated in front of her.

“Except for you, Nic,” a Vietnamese girl called out. “You’re the old lady of the group.”

“She’s also the discipline mistress this year, Anh. So I’d pull back on the old,” Amber joked with the Asian girl.

“There is a reason for it Anh, and Amber’s right I am discipline mistress this year, so just like Tessa never spared my heinie I won’t hesitate to put the wood to any of you if I think it’s needed.”

“At least the counselors don’t get it front of others,” the leggy Penelope pointed out.

Nicola smiled at the girls, it was so good that they were all friends and comfortable enough to joke around the way they currently were. Nicola held up one of the paddles that were effectively the counselor’s symbol of office. The girls all quietened at the appearance of the wooden discipline implement, no doubt hearing the crack and feeling the sting on their bottoms in their minds.

“Before you get given one of these you have to earn it,” Nicola said. “The returning counselors have all done that and they’ll be here and ay or two before the rest of the kids. You guys need to be here earlier for induction. It is rare that a girl doesn’t make it through induction. The only time I can ever remember it happening was one of the rare occasions when Mrs Donovan took on a girl who hadn’t attended here before.”

“Who was that, Nic?” Harmony asked.

“Her name was Jackie, but that’s not important. You’re all CP girls and you know what you’re getting into.”

“Something by the way you’re holding that paddle says that’s not entirely true,” Amber commented and got laughter from the rest of the girls.

“You’re such a perceptive, girl, squirt,” Nicola said to her friend.
“I know all of you know how to take a paddling,” Nicola said, which was greeted by groans and rubbing of shapely bottoms. “However the counselors deliver more paddlings than they receive, so you have to know how to use the other side of the paddle.”

That last pronouncement caused a huge commotion among the girls. None of them had ever really considered how to paddle. They just assumed that it was a skill they all possessed. All of them could remember that their counselors just seemed to know how to deliver a solid paddling right from day one.

“What? You mean we’re going to get paddling classes?” Shelly squeaked.

“I’ve spanked my little sister,” Anh volunteered. “Just with my hand. I wasn’t allowed to use anything else.”

“My Mom learned how to paddle by babysitting,” Harmony said. “I’ve never done that, but I’ve been on the receiving end so much I really want to do it to someone else.”

Nicola laughed. “Harm’ I can understand that. I remember how many times I’ve walloped your pretty rear end over the years, but having this paddle,” Nicola held up the piece of wood, ”and the authority that goes with it is not an excuse to whale into any girl here. You have to have a reason.”

“What about Charlie on my first day?” Amber asked.

At first Nicola frowned and then her eyes lit up as she remembered the incident Amber was referencing. “She was wearing makeup in deliberate contradiction of the camp rules. She was in her fourth year here, so it’s not like she didn’t know, and I only gave her four swats over her shorts, which was far from the maximum allowable for that particular offence.”

“Is there something in writing?” a powerfully built blonde by the name of Belinda asked.

“Is what in writing, Belinda?” Nicola queried.

“The rules?”

“You guys all know the rules. You saw them on day one when you first came here. All of you have broken them at some point and learned the painful consequences.”

That last caused some laughter and a few pouts.

“I don’t mean that,” Belinda continued with a blush. “Do you have the actual penalties and stuff written down somewhere, so we know what we can give for what?”

Nicola smiled. “Yes, I do,” she laid the paddle down on a table and picked up a slim booklet. “It’s all in here. I’ve got one for each of you. I want you to take it away and study it. Tomorrow we’ll all meet up and go through things.”

From Good Spanking. One of the counselors takes decisive action.


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