Wednesday, 15 May 2013

'Summer Camp' - Part 3

On yesterday's instalment of Summer Camp the comment was made that things were heating up. I think this chapter shows the match put to the camp fire.

Anh works hard on getting all her answers to the quiz correct.

Amber had always enjoyed summer camp. As the same girls generally returned year after year it was a great excuse to get together with people she really enjoyed being with. Amber had done a lot of growing up at camp and as it had been largely responsible for her current situation she felt she owed it something, which was part of why she had elected to become a counselor. She also felt that she, like Nicola had with her, could make a difference in the life of some troubled young girl.

For this pre camp week the girls all slept in the one large cabin along with Nicola. Nicola as the senior girl had the same single cot she always had as counselor, so it was a little like being back in camp as a camper rather than a counselor. One definite change was that no one got paddled or actually looked like it.

Another difference was that they made their own meals and meal times were a lot more informal than they were when everyone was at camp. The girls decided to enjoy it, because it wouldn’t be too long before the camp filled up and they had plenty of demands on their time.


 “Did we all learn a lot from our reading last night?” Nicola asked as the girls all seated themselves in front of her again the next day.

Heads nodded around the room.

“Okay,” Nicola said. “Harm’ how many swats are you allowed to give for a girl who turns up wearing makeup?”

“Eight,” the brunette answered promptly.

“What are you allowed to give them over, squirt?” Nicola fired at Amber.

“Shorts or panties, not bare,” Amber replied.

“Good,” Nicola said. “Anh, what if you decide not to use the paddle for this?”

The Asian girl bit her lip in concentration and said, “”You can spank with your hand and that you can do on the bare butt.”

“You’ve certainly all learned that one,” Nicola complimented.

“That’s because everyone got it for that,” Belinda commented.

“Who here has spanked before?” Nicola asked.

A number of hands went up around the room.

“Of those how many have used a paddle?”

Only two hands remained in the air. One was Belinda’s, the other belonged to a red headed southerner by the name of Anna Mae.

“Why am I not surprised to see your hand up, Anna?” Nicola said with a laugh.

“I’ve used the switch, too,” the redhead admitted.

“In a few years you might have my job,” Nicola told the girl, who blushed. “What we’re going to do is pair up. So every one pick a partner.”

Shelly and Amber, having been cabin mates from day one elected to partner each other. “How do I know we’re going to wind up with red patoots out of this?” Shelly said with a smile.

“Because you’re a long time CP girl.”

“Glad if someone has to paddle me this year it’s you and not Anna.”

“Yeah, I know,” Amber agreed. “Poor Harm’. I bet she really knows how to swing a paddle.”

“Anh’s still so little,” Shelly said. “I bet she still fits in Belinda’s lap like we used to when we first year campers.”

“She probably does,” Amber said. “She can hit pretty hard, though.”

“How do you know that?”

“We played truth or dare one night last year. I think you were sick that time.”

“Oh yeah,” Shelly said, pouting. “Food poisoning. Not fun at all.”

“Anyway I got Anh on a dare. She spanked me.”

“Really?” Shelly asked.

Amber nodded.

“How did she do it?”

“The old fashioned way. I had lay over her knees, but the counselors said she had to do it over my shorts. I tried not to carry on too much, but I sat carefully for the rest of the night. Her little sister is one very well spanked girl I think.”

Nicola was going around the room handing out sheets of paper and pencils. “Now this is a quiz. Print your name on the top please, so I know what sheet belongs to who. Once you’ve finished put your hand up and I’ll collect the completed questions. You’ve got ten minutes.” With that the older girl hit a clock and it started to tick. The girls all looked down at the sheet of questions in front of them and started to write down answers.

Before the ten minutes were up all the girls had completed their quizzes. Nicola then distributed the answered sheets out. It was not lost on the girls that their partner seemed to receive the sheet answered by the girl sitting across from them.

“As you have probably noticed,” Nicola announced. “You’ll be correcting your partner’s sheet. I will read out the answers and you will either cross or tick the answer depending on if it is correct or not and give me a score. I’ll explain the rest after that. Now the answer to question one is…”

Before long all the girls had corrected sheets with scores in front of them.

“Okay,” Nicola said. “Now to explain what that was all about. The questions were out of the booklet you were meant to study last night. Now I’m going to go to each table and ask that you tell me whose sheet you corrected and what score the girl received. I’ll start here. Shelly what did Amber get?”

“Eight out of ten,” Shelly announced.

“That’s quite good,” Nicola commented. “Not that I expected anything other than a good score from you, Amber. Now we’re all about excellence here at Camp Paddlehard, and you did get two wrong Amber. Stand up please and put your hands flat on the table.”

Amber’s eyes went wide as she realized what was going to happen from the instruction. “Nic’,” she begged. “Can’t we talk about this? I mean it was only two questions wrong.”

Nicola’s voice was hard. “I won’t ask you again, squirt. Do as you are told please or I’ll have your pants down and you over my knee.”

With a sigh Amber assumed the position.

Nicola handed a paddle to the eager Shelly and said, “For one incorrect answer you get a swat on your shorts, two wrong answers gets you a further two swats on your panties, three earns you three more on the bare and every subsequent set of swats is also bare. I wonder who will have the hottest butt?”

Amber initially winced, but also heaved a sigh of relief. She was only going to get three swats and one would be over shorts and panties. Shelly had gotten three wrong, so she was going to get it bare for some of her paddling.

“Okay Shelly, have at it!” Nicola gave the command.


The paddle struck Amber’s stuck out behind and she grunted, she’d never expected Shelly could hit that hard. The girls all counted, “One!” gleefully as the paddle struck home.

Amber winced and held her breath as her shorts were lowered and then Shelly joyfully took two more whacks.

“Okay,” Nicola said and took the paddle back from Shelly. “Nice swats, Shelly. You can pull your shorts up and stand again, Amber.”

“Thanks, Nicola,” Amber said as she pulled her shorts up and gave her stinging rear a quick rub.

“Thank Shelly for the lesson.”

Amber looked at a grinning Shelly and said, “Thank you for paddling me Miss Shelly.”

“My pleasure, Amber.”

“What did Shelly get, Amber?” Nicola asked.

“Seven out of ten.”

“Oh, we’re going to see a bare bottom, ladies,” Nicola said with a laugh. “Okay Shel’ you know the drill, over you get and stick your backside out.”

Shelly took it very well, even waggling her behind in its snug shorts provocatively.

“You’re grinning now, sister,” Amber said as she drew the paddle back for the opening smack.

The girl’s bottom was nicely pink when Amber peeled her thin panties down, but she was taking it well. For her part Amber was enjoying the feel of the paddle when it struck the nice, tight buttocks and the loud sound it made as it hit home.

Shelly did a little on the spot dance after each swat on her bare bottom and some of the girls remembered that this was common for the girl throughout her time at Camp Paddlehard whenever she had her bare behind attended to.

Once Shelly and Amber were again sitting gingerly on the hard plastic chairs, Nicola went to the next table with Belinda and Anh. Even as Nicola approached the table Anh was squirming nervously in her seat and Amber wondered how many questions she had gotten wrong. As it turned out it was only three, but she was a small girl and had a tiny behind. She was squeaking after the first spank and glowing hotly by the time her panties came down. Her eyes were wet when she stood up and replaced her underwear and shorts, but she was smiled as she got to give the bigger Belinda the same amount of swats. The girls, especially Belinda, agreed that for a little thing she could hit hard.

The paddlings continued as Nicola went around the room. Most of the girls got three or four questions incorrect, except for Harmony, who got a whopping five, which added up to a total of fifteen hard paddle whacks, twelve of them on the bare bottom. They were also administered by a very eager Anna Mae, who proved as she had claimed earlier, that she definitely did know her way around a paddle. Nicola had known what Harmony’s score had been, so had the brunette paddle Anna Mae first. The southerner, like Amber, had also only made two errors, Harmony did hit as hard as she could, but Anna Mae took them stoically with barely a reaction.

Harmony was a contrast, despite being the most frequently paddled prospective counselor there, she had always been a bit of a baby about spankings. She was begging even as her shorts were lowered and she’d howled at the first swat over the two layers even though it wouldn’t have been felt that keenly as Anna Mae had just been getting that one in to gauge her distance. She was bawling by the time the first stroke hit her bare bottom and after she did a vigorous dance, tears streaming down her face and hands desperately rubbing her flaming hindquarters. Anna Mae watched, paddle dangling from her hand, a contemptuous sneer on her lips. Amber pitied whichever girls were unlucky enough to draw her as a counselor.

From Real Spanking. Harmony cries under the paddle.


  1. I am starting to like Amber, wow, amazing story

  2. I am glad you like Amber. I think she's rather a nice girl and will make an excellent counselor.

  3. I like Amber too. I think she has a good attitude. It's Anna Mae I'm starting to worry about. Her apparent enjoyment of dishing out punishment and her contempt for those who don't take it well don't speak well for her character. We'll see...


    1. It takes all types. Anna Mae takes her own punishments well, so has little time for those who behave like babies when they get 'whupped'.

    2. Considering that Harmony's punishment was considerably more severe than Anna Mae's, and administered more enthusiatically, perhaps it was easier for AM to take her own punishment "well". And if Harmony is such a "baby", why was she invited back to CP in the first place? Seems to me she might set a bad example to the "newbies". Physical toughness, by itself, isn't necessarily a positive character trait. Empathy and compassion and concern for others have their place too.