Thursday, 16 May 2013

'Summer Camp' - Part 4

To bring the week to a close we have the 4th and final part of Seegee's Summer Camp.

From Spanked Sweeties. One of the girls shows the over the knee form that got her a job as a counselor in the first place.

After the paddlings the girls were given a day off from studying and spent their time doing work around the camp. Getting things ready for activities, tidying up and ensuring the cabins were ready for when the campers arrived in a few short days.

The day after however saw them back in the large cabin listening to Nicola again.

“Okay,” the brunette began. “The other day we all saw how well you girls could learn the rules so you could apply them and whether or not you could administer a paddling. Most of you passed with flying colours. Harm’ your paddling action needs some week, sweetie, but you’ll get there and Shelly a little more wrist when you whack someone would not go astray.”

That last bit of advice came as news to Amber, who although she had only received three swats from Shelly had certainly felt them and didn’t think Shelly needed to modify her technique. The girls accepted the criticism with nodded heads and furrowed brows.

“Today we’re going to practice spanking,” Nicola announced.

Slow smiles spread across the faces of Anh, Belinda and Anna Mae.

“Now to be fair we’ll do half of you now and the other half after lunch. It’s harder to administer a proper spanking when you’re sitting on a freshly spanked butt. I speak from painful experience.”

The girls laughed and listened eagerly for Nicola’s next instruction.

“We’ll do this alphabetically. That means Amber will spank Anh first, then Anna Mae and Belinda and so on.”

Amber was actually pleased that things had worked out the way they had. Anh was a small girl, even smaller than Amber herself who was no giant, and that would make it easier to hold her in position over the lap.

Amber seated herself and Anh nervously stood by her knee.

“Do I tell her off or anything?” Amber asked. “She hasn’t actually been bad.”

“Pretend,” Nicola advised. “Scolding is part of any proper punishment and you all need to know how deliver one.”

Amber dropped her head to hide a smile, composed herself and looked up at the giggling Anh.

“Think this funny, young lady?” Amber demanded and Anh’s laughter died in her throat. “You won’t be laughing once I’ve got you over my knee, missy!” Amber was remembering all the scoldings she had received over the years at Camp Paddlehard and calling on those memories to channel the counselors. The terms young lady and missy had always featured prominently.

Anh’s fingertips crept into the waistband of her shorts.

“Did Miss Amber ask you to lower your shorts, Anh?” Nicola asked.

“Ummmm…no ma’am.”

“Then get your hands by your sides. If Miss Amber wants you to do something she’ll tell you.”

“Yes ma’am,” Anh replied, doing as she was told.

Amber took a deep breath, then her own fingers went to Anh’s shorts. The Vietnamese girl’s expression became alarmed and she squealed, “Amber!”

The blonde’s lips pursed and she landed a stinging slap on one of Anh’s slender brown legs, a smack that left a perfect red handprint on the other girl’s upper thigh. “Did I ask you for a comment, Anh?”

“No, ma’am,” the girl replied.

“No, I did not. Now you just stand there like a good girl while Miss Amber gets these shorts down.”

Anh stood quietly, her face a blushing beetroot as Amber lowered the tight shorts to her ankles and them ordered her to step out of them. More than one of the watching girls licked her lips at the prospect of seeing Anh bare below the waist. Amber caught the surreptitious and unconscious actions and patted a thigh. “Over you get,” she ordered.

Anh heaved a sigh of relief as she lowered herself over her friend’s lap. This was still very embarrassing, but at least Amber wasn’t going to bare her completely in front of everyone. She promised herself that when she got to spank Amber she would return the favour.

“Lift up,” Amber said sharply, and Anh raised her hips. Amber slipped the girl’s pretty rose covered panties down to her knee hollows.

Anh had light brown skin, but her bottom was paler than the rest of her body. Her buttocks, like the girl herself, were petite and pert. Two lovely pale half moons. Amber gazed down on them and couldn’t stop herself from fondling them. She possibly would have continued to do so had Nicola not said, “Amber.”

The pretty blonde opened her eyes wide and said, “Oh yes.”

Harmony and Penelope giggled.

The first slap rang out loudly in the room and echoed around it. Amber watched her handprint impact on Anh’s cheek and saw it fill out with pink. Once it glowed she planted a twin on the opposite cheek. Anh grunted and wiggled a little. Amber had to admit she was enjoying this and spanked away steadily, watching the other girl’s rear end change colour from pink to a deep, rich red. Anh was bawling and her legs kicking. She was so vigorous that her panties slipped down her legs and were actually kicked clear across the room where Belinda shot up a long arm and neatly caught them.

“Do her sit spot and upper thighs,” Anna Mae drawled by way of suggestion.

“Yeah, Mom always roasts mine,” Harmony added.

“No! No! No!” Anh wailed. “Not my legs! That really hurts!”

“That’s part of the point, Anh,” Nicola said firmly. “Now settle down and let Amber do what she has to.”

Anh continued to cry and squirm, but she accepted the spanking on her legs which Amber quickly turned the same glowing shade as her buttocks. With a few hearty slaps to Anh’s cherry red crowns Amber brought the spanking to a close. Anh slowly realized that it was over and lay sobbing quietly over Amber’s legs. Belinda tossed the panties back to Amber, she coaxed the blubbering Anh to her feet and helped her step back into the panties, which she did, keeping her bottom to the room. She whimpered as the waistband scraped her scorched backside.

Once Anh also had her shorts up, Nicola said, “Anna Mae, Belinda, you’re up.”

Belinda was swearing under her breath at having been unlucky enough to have a name so close alphabetically to Anna Mae’s thus scoring the powerful southerner as a spanking partner.

Before too long half the girls had sizzling hot posteriors and the other half were basking in the glow of a job well done.

“I hope that was instructional,” Nicola said. “You all have potential, but there’s room for improvement and to learn.  You all had areas to work on, and your co counselors pointed that out during the chastisements. The spanked girls will be given some cool down time and then after lunch we’ll see if they learned anything when they have their revenge.”

The time before lunch was spent mostly in and around the water, which the freshly spanked girls appreciated, as it gave them a chance to soothe their burning rears. In fact they were happy that lunch was hot dogs, something they could assume while standing up.

After lunch had been digested everyone reassembled and Nicola had set a chair up in the middle of the room. It was not missed that there was a well stuffed cushion sitting on the seat of the chair.

“We’ll start with you, Anh,” Nicola said and the Vietnamese girl almost ran to the chair, seating herself on it.

She fixed Amber with dark glittering eyes and crooked her finger at the blonde. “Get your little butt over here, missy,” she ordered.

As Amber made her way to the Asian girl, she wondered if she treated her younger siblings in this way.

“Now let’s get these shorts off,” Anh said, lowering Amber’s pants. Amber was surprised by how businesslike the other girl was. She did really seem to know what she was doing.

Here comes the moment of truth, Amber thought to herself as she felt her underpants being slipped down her legs. A shiver went through her bottom and then she felt the sting of the first slap as the sound of the impact was dying away.

There were comments of support from the assembled girls, but all Amber was really conscious of was that hard little palm hitting again and again. Anh may have been small, but she was mighty.

As Amber yelled and kicked and cried and felt her cheeks catch fire she remembered her first over the knee spanking at the camp and it hit her that she reacted the same way every time.

By far the worst spanking the blonde could remember receiving was at the hands of Mrs Donovan. The stern camp leader had taken her over the knee, bared her bottom and then delivered a blistering hand spanking, which had been followed by a lengthy dose from an oval wooden paddle that the woman liked to use.

Amber felt Anh’s hands help her to her feet, she stood there sniffling for a moment and tearfully thanked the girl, who said with a big grin that she was welcome. She stood up and even helped Amber put on her panties and shorts. “Oh God,” the blonde said as her friend walked with her back to the group, while Belinda was settling herself on the chair, prior to spanking a somewhat more subdued Anna Mae. “My bottom is boiling!”

The girls had a BBQ supper and were one again grateful that they either didn’t have to sit or if they did it was on deckchairs, which weren’t particularly hard. They did notice that night that all of them slept on their tummies.


Two days before camp opened for the rest of the camp population the girls were called into the assembly hall. They arrived to see Nicola with a group of other girls. These were the rest of the counselors. The girls all squealed in delight, hugs were exchanged and cheeks were kissed.

The counselors, old and new, sat down and caught up over coffee. Eventually after the conversations the recent arrivals left the room and reappeared wearing their counselor t-shirts and carrying paddles.

The girls exchanged ‘uh oh’ looks with each other at the sight of the paddles.

“We’re gonna get paddled again!” Harmony wailed.

The girls laughed and one of them; Cindy nodded, and said, “Afraid so, honey.”

“As you can see,” Nicola explained. “They’ve had a standard CP counselor initiation.”

“I can still remember mine every time I sit down,” a second year counselor, Dani remembered and rubbed her shapely behind.

“Well today, Dani,” Nicola said to the brunette. “You get to give the paddlings, not get them.”

“Always good to hear,” Dani said with a grin.

“You girls know the drill,” Nicola said. “Against the wall now, bottoms out. We’ll do the baring.”

“How many?” Anna Mae asked.

“For us to know and you to find out,” Nicola retorted. “You can have an extra one for that, sweetheart.”

The girls all lined up, palms on the wall, bent slightly at the waist and bottoms pushed out. They felt their shorts and panties being lowered by sure hands as the other counselors got them ready. When their bottoms were bare and their clothing puddled around their ankles the other girls stepped back to admire the view.

“Have at it, ladies!” Nicola ordered and the paddling began.

The room came alive with the sound of paddles cracking across out thrust buttocks, the answering cries of the girls being paddled and the laughter and cat calling of those holding and swinging the paddles.

The girls got themselves fresh coffee from the coffee station in the hall while the  freshly paddled brand new counselors stood sniffling and rubbing their scorched rear ends.

Afterwards it was hugs and kisses all around and then there was a little ceremony as the new girls were all presented with their personalized paddles. They were permitted to carry them and use them on campers. When they weren’t in use they would hang on hooks above each counselor’s bunk.


Amber took the nervous twelve year old by the hand as her name was read off a clipboard and led her to a cabin. “Tempany,” the blonde said to the fair, freckle faced girl, “this is your cabin. I’m your counselor; Miss Amber. So if you ever need anything you come to me, okay?”

The girl nodded as they made their way up the steps into the cabin.  There were four other girls in the cabin already, on their bunks talking. “Girls, this is Tempany,” Amber introduced the girl. “She’s your new little sis, so I want you to take good care of her.” Amber stopped talking and her eyes narrowed as she spied one of the older girls. “Jill? Is that make up?”

The girl stared at Amber through eyes that had been deeply made up and answered, “No ma’am.”

Amber shook her head slowly. “It clearly is, young lady. Lie to me again and you can have a soap sandwich for lunch. Up against the wall. Deanna, can you hand me the paddle, please.”

From CF Shots. The girls cool down after their spankings.

Two of the girls playfully show how happy they are to be reunited.


  1. Classic story, one of the best ever here on The Spank Shop blog and congrats.....great ending, sad to see it over.

  2. Well, it seems all is well in spankingland. I'm a bit confused as to the emphasis on learning to spank "properly" though. Is the purpose of the camp teaching the "campers" proper behavior to make them more "adoptable" and more attractive to foster parents or is it to train the counselors to be more effective disciplinarians?

    Still, lots of lovely spankings though. And a very well-told tale, as usual. Good job, Seegee!


  3. Thank you both for your comments and attention. The spanking 'classes' I believe were intended to both teach the girls that they could still be spanked, despite being counselors and to make them better, stricter counselors in the long run.

    1. Thanks for that partial answer, Aunty. I understand about the spanking classes for the counselors, but what exactly is the intent, the raison d'etre of the camp? Is it to give the campers structure and teach them to take resposibility for their actions, thus making them "better" girls or is it something else?


    2. I'm speaking for Seegee here, but the camp as I understand it is to provide a healthy and fun summer experience for the girls that they otherwise would not get to experience and give them the discipline and structure that has been lacking in many of their lives prior to attending.