Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Who makes the rules?

Hello! Some of you have been lovely and have asked me questions about how the shop works. I promise you I will endeavour to get to them all and if not me, Kimberley or Gabrielle will.

For my first response I have a question from Brett.

I was wondering if you provide discipline that is tailored specifically for a client. Or do you only apply your preferred methods as you see fit?

It is actually quite an interesting question and has a detailed answer.

We have two types of clients at the shop. There are those that are sent there and those that come voluntarily. People can be sent to the shop for a number of reasons. From misbehaving offspring or spouses to people who have committed minor criminal offences. People come to the shop voluntarily for an equally wide range of reasons.

We do actually try to tailor the punishment to fit the crime. Someone caught shoplifting would more than likely be more severely punished than somebody who overspent on the credit card. You also have to take age and things like body shape into account.

The punishment and usually what implement/s has been decided ahead of time by the disciplinarian. Behaviour during the punishment can alter what actually takes place. If someone is asked to keep count and does not do so or resists then strokes or implements can be added. Swearing nearly always means an automatic mouth soaping along with a smacked bottom.

The rule is, though, once the form has been signed, whether that is by a parent or guardian for a minor or by the punishee for someone of age, then they are in our hands. No safe words, no protests and they will be spanked until we are satisified that they have been properly and sufficiently dealt with.

People can make suggestions as to how someone or even they themselves should be punished, type of spanking, length, implements uses, etc... These are however only suggestions and the final decision lays with either myself, Kimberley or Gabrielle.

I hope this has cleared up any confusion Brett and answered your query.

Aunty Andrea XXX

From Hard Spanking Vixens. Once you're over that lap, you don't get up until we say you can.


  1. My, my... Well, that certainly answers at least one of my questions as well. Tell me though, are there any limitations on what could be done to a minor, no matter how obstreperous or defiant. Obviously, there are legal limitations that even a parent or guardian can't sign away, and for that matter, even an adult. I guess what I'm saying is: how severe can the punishment be without "crossing the line"?


  2. Ways and means, Phil. There are ways and means around that sort of scenario. There are limits to what we can do and there are also lines I'm not willing to cross. I know some people actually want the skin broken in a good session. I would never do that. With a younger miscreant if one sound spanking doesn't do the trick, then we could have he or she back the following week for another equally stringent dose until it does sink in.

    1. Yes, Aunty,

      I guess even the most stubborn child or teenager might get tired of not being able to sit comfortably after a while...

      But what about cases of outright defiance, or refusal to submit or cooperate with the punishment? Or outright refusal to even come in to the Shop for their "appointment"?


    2. We haven't really had it happen to that extent. There's usually some other stimulus to get them through the doors and once they're in we seem to find a way to overawe them enough to get cooperation. Outright refusal to attend could see me make a house call as I have done on at least one occasion, although that was with an adult who found it inconvenient to attend the shop.

    3. I would totally LOVE to hear the account of it if you ever had to make a "house call" to a young man (or lady, okay I'll budge!) who's parents had arranged for them to to see you for a spanking at the Shop, but who "played sick" or refused to attend the appointment!

      I imagine a house call from Aunty under such circumstances would be something not soon forgotten, and any whispered rumours of the event around the neighborhood would discourage others from attempting to defy their parents when booked in to see you! :)

    4. There is a young couple that I'm friends with and we do the occasional 'baby sitting' session at their house that ends in a pair of smacked bottoms. Kimberley spent a night at Trent Neilsen's house and had to spank him. I also visited young Malcolm on a nightly basis to ensure that he was going to bed on time.