Sunday, 2 June 2013

June Update from Kimberley Susan

I'm a little late with this update because June happened to start on a weekend and then today has been ever so busy. What is it about winter (it's winter here in the southern hemisphere) that makes smacking bottoms so popular?

We have a bit to cover in this update too. Aunty was very pleased with the response to the May Spankee of the Month nomination and also the posts on the eventual winner. I must say I agree. Miss Cyrus really does need a good spanked bottom. Nominations are now open for June, so if you have anyone in mind and if your lady didn't get across the line last month she may do so this month. We want to hear from you!

We don't advertise a lot here as you all know, but there have been two things happen over at the LSF which simply must be brought to everyone's attention.

LSF regular Lucy Appleby (some of you may know her as flopsybunny) has produced another novel available online. It's called The Postmistress and the Gardener. There's a link here to help you purchase it should you so wish:

This is the cover:

And here is a description to let you know what you're in for:

Vanessa Pascal, the new flame-haired post mistress creates quite a stir in the sleepy little village - and she makes a particular impression on Rick Marshall, who quickly becomes infatuated with her. When she hires him to design her garden, little does he know she has other deliciously perverted pleasures in store for him. A regime of discipline begins, and Rick is given the opportunity to unlock his secret desires as he relinquishes control and learns to embrace his submissive side. Dominatrix Vanessa, aided by an array of formidable implements stored in the large dungeon of her basement, introduces her new 'puppy' to an assortment of pleasures - most of them deliciously painful, some of them humiliating and involving him wearing a pair of pink panties. At one point, Vanessa brings in two other women - the scary Miss Dominia, and a very credible elderly disciplinarian called Auntie Joan. 

Both the garden and the relationship between Vanessa and Rick blossoms, but when Rick catches sight of Vanessa flogging another man, he gets insanely jealous and gets a last minute flight to a Greek island for a week... where he beds several women to help assuage his anger and pain. But he misses his Mistress and their female-dominated relationship. Unknown to him, she misses him too. They make up, and the dynamics of the relationship changes as Vanessa now permits him to have sex with her. But when he confesses his transgressions in Greece all hell breaks loose! 

This is a story about a man who recognises that social norms can be turned upside down; a man who seeks and ultimately gets what he wants - and who he wants - a beautiful Dominatrix. 

Now as if that wasn't enough we have some really exciting news from the LSF. I think everyone here knows about Seegee. The folks at the LSF have just published a collection of three of Seegee's F/M stories. Those are Big Sister (one of my personal favourites), Foster Mother Rules and the more recent Tertiary Education. It's been published under the nom de plume Frank Limadere.

This is the cover:

Isn't that awesome? I think the girl on the cover is meant to be Bobbi from Big Sister, but it rather reminds me of someone a little closer to home. I wonder if I should look at getting some glasses, they add a nicely severe touch.

Here's a link if you'd like to purchase the ebook:

In addition to that exciting news we have a new story from Esskay due this month and there will of course be contributions from Seegee and Aunty.

June is shaping up nicely.

I'll leave you with this cute pic.

Hugs and Kisses,
Kimberley Susan


  1. I recognized the "Big Sister" story from one I read on LSF during a story challenge but didn't remember it being from Seegee. I also didn't recoginze his nom de plume. Speaking of the cover model, I've often pictured you with glasses, due to your computer work and you're right: they do add a touch of sternness to the countenance. I even emailed Aunty a pic of a rather severe-looking young woman with a hairbrush all posed to begin a spanking that I thought you might look like when confronting a young miscreant. She may still have it. I think you'd like it, so ask her. If she doesn't, I still do and I could forward it.

    BTW, do you enjoy taking naps too? ;-)


  2. Thank you Kimberley, nice to hear from you and thank you for the reference points.

  3. This is the first time Seegee has used that nom de plume, he would have been happy with his usual name, but the LSF wanted a proper sounding name for publication purposes. Kim does enjoy a nap after a spanking, any particular reason you wanted to know that Phil?

  4. Aunty,

    The "cute pic" at the end of the post references "enjoying things you hated as a kid, like spankings and naps." Now the only question is, does she enjoy a nap after BEING spanked or after GIVING one?... ;-)

    BTW, still have the pic I referenced? I do...


  5. Phil, Kimberley is in many ways still a child at heart, so I think she does enjoy a nap from time to time. After giving a spanking she's usually full of adrenalin, but sleepy after receiving one.
    Oh yes, we still have the picture.

    1. Aunty,

      One doesn't have to be a child at heart to enjoy a nap. I myself enjoy naps quite often, though they have nothing to do with being spanked. I believe you're right though, giving a spanking might indeed give me a bit of an adrenalin rush... ;-)

      I also think a pair of glasses would add considerably to the apparent severity of the friendly-looking Kimberly. Of course, pulling her hair back like the young lady in the pic might be even more effective.