Wednesday, 19 June 2013

'Phi Gamma Beta #8'

It's been some time since we visited the house of spanking sorority Phi Gamma Beta, and obviously Seegee felt another visit was due. Here is the 8th story of the girls adventures.

The girls from Gamma Gamma Sigma soothe their aching rears after a visit from their 'friends' at Phi Gamma Beta (picture from CF Shots).

From Hard Spanking Vixens. Naomi deals with Colin's naughty bottom.

Picture by Spanked-Cutie. One of the girls gets ready for the paddle.

“Do you know what is about?” Amy Mathieson asked her fellow first year Emma Casey.

The strawberry blonde shook her head.

“I bet it’s about the fun fair,” Jessica Sterling said, shaking out her lustrous brown locks.

“Oh Betty,” Sally Fairweather giggled. “That’s going to totally do my head in. Ronnie hasn’t been talking about anything else since they announced the dates.”

The four first year pledges from the sorority Phi Gamma Beta looked around the house’s crowded living room. The sorority’s stern housemother - Stevie, had called an extraordinary meeting that all sisters were to attend, and no excuses accepted.

This was an unusual situation. The girls regularly saw everyone at meal times and sometimes during the week, but aside from the Friday night paddlings, attendance wasn’t mandatory for all sisters. For Stevie to do this meant she had something important to speak about.

A hush came over the room as Stevie entered, flanked by four seniors - the so called ‘big sisters’: the tall, raven haired Naomi, the pretty studious Denise with her cap of sensible short brown curls, the statuesque brunette Veronica and the bubbly blonde cheerleader Shauna.

Stevie stood in front of the room’s fireplace, a gentle blaze burning in it on this early spring evening. The girls took up positions on either side of her.

“Ladies! Ladies!” Stevie said, pitching her soft voice a little higher to be heard over the excited hubbub of conversation. “May I have your attention please?”

The noise died slowly and the girls all turned their eyes to the front of the room.

“As many of you are aware,” Stevie began. “The school fun fair was announced a week ago and we got a firm date for it.”

Some grins broke out around the room. The fair was a keenly looked forward to event at the college and any girl who had been there before always enjoyed it.

“I had tea with Hilary Millington yesterday,” Stevie continued and some of the grins slipped and were replaced with scowls. Hilary Millington was Stevie’s opposite at Gamma Gamma Sigma, which were Phi Gamma Beta’s archrivals. Meetings and contests between the two women never seemed to end well. “She wanted to continue the wager we had in place last year.”

Mouths dropped open around the room and at least one girl, Amy thought it was pretty dark haired Georgette, cried out, “No Stevie! Don’t!”

Stevie frowned at the petite girl. “That will be enough Georgette. I can see from the expressions on the faces of our four first years that they are in the dark as to what I am talking about. None of you big sisters informed your littles about it?”

“It wasn’t one of my more pleasant memories,” Naomi muttered, a flush staining her dark cheeks.

Stevie chuckled at the girl’s comment. “As the four of you have no doubt already been informed one of the things that the fun fair does is raise funds for charity. This is something that all the Greek organisations participate in. Last year Hilary and I had a bet. The sorority that made the most money got to paddle the members of the sorority that lost out. Georgette and Naomi’s comments may have let you know who won and who lost.”

“I don’t want to get my butt paddled by them again,” redheaded sophomore Heather said darkly. “It’s bad enough when it happens here. I don’t need some snot nosed double Gamma doing it, too.”

The ‘snot nosed’ comment got a chuckle around the room, but a frown from Stevie and Heather’s hands reflexively went to her bottom. That look was often followed by a short sharp conversation with the housemother’s wicked little rubber paddle that had been christened Miss Sting by the girls.

“Do you really have so little faith in your own abilities, ladies?” Stevie asked and her tone was a little disappointed.

“Have you taken the bet, Stevie?” the tall blonde sophomore Johanna asked.

“Not yet, Johanna,” the black housemother assured the broad shouldered swim team star. “I wanted to put it to you first.”

“I think we can beat them,” the medicine major Shania said firmly.

“We weren’t that far behind them, last year,” Veronica pointed out from the front of the room.

Heads nodded in agreement.

“I’ve got an idea that I think will guarantee us a win,” Shauna said and all attention turned to the vivacious blonde.

Stevie stepped aside with a gentle smile. “You have the floor, Shauna.”

The girl looked out at all her sister’s eager faces and laughed, then outlined her plan. “We do a pie stall.”

“A pie stall?” Denise said doubtfully.

“You know,” Shauna enthused. “We all bake a pie and people bid on them.”

“Yes, Shauna, I am familiar with the concept, honey,” Denise said. “I’m just not sure how you think that will guarantee a win. It’s not exactly a revolutionary idea.”

“Yeah,” Heather added pugnaciously. “The reason I do a lot of the cooking here is because most of you would burn water…”

“That is enough, Heather!” Stevie said sharply. “I would suggest you be a little less strident unless you want Miss Sting to burn something.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Heather said softly. “It’s just that I’m the best cook and I know who will bake most of the pies.”

“Guys, guys,” Shauna implored. “You’re not getting it. We’re not just selling the pies.”

Naomi looked at her friend. “What exactly are we selling, Shauna?”

“Spankings,” the blonde replied.

“Okay,” Sally interjected. “You’ve lost me, Betty and that’s not easy to do.”

Shauna rolled her eyes. “We had a kissing pie stall at my high school. It was to raise funds for the cheerleaders. We all baked a pie and every pie had a picture of the girl who made it on the pan. You got the pie and a kiss from whoever had made it. What we do here is auction a spanking rather than a pie.”

“I don’t like this,” Georgette said raising her voice to be heard above the rising tide of positive encouragement for the idea. “If we win we get paddled and if we lose we get two!”

“I don’t think we’re going to lose with that idea,” Emma voiced her opinion and earned herself a smile from her big sister Denise.

“Shauna,” Stevie spoke. “Please don’t take this the wrong way, dear and I do thank you for your suggestion, but I don’t think this is going to work.”

“No?” Shauna asked, confusion clear in her blue eyes.

Stevie fought not to roll her eyes. The blonde cheerleader was sometimes so vague that she marveled the girl had made it to senior year without having to repeat at least one class. “You do know how the faculty look on the practice of paddling within the Greek community?”

Shauna shrugged.
“I don’t think they’re going to allow us to run a stall where paddling is part of it. Phi Sigma Tau tried to set up a paddling booth last year. You remember that?”

Shauna nodded, but her enthusiasm remained undiminished. “Yes, but they were obvious about it, Stevie.”

“If we don’t state the extra that goes with the pie then how can we attract people to the stall?” Denise asked, starting to see the holes in Shauna’s plan.

“The faculty don’t know most of what goes on in the Greek houses,” Shauna said. “We publicise this amongst the Greek houses only.”

“What happens if someone outside the community buys a pie?” Veronica asked.

“We give them a kiss,” Shauna said. “Who doesn’t want a kiss from a pretty girl?” she finished, which got a round of laughter from the rest of the girls.

Stevie had to admit the girl did seem to have her bases covered. “Shall we vote on it, ladies? All in favour?”

A large amount of hands were raised.

“Those against?”

The remaining hands were put in the air, Georgette and Heather’s amongst them.

“The ayes have it,” Stevie announced. “The paddling pie stall is a go.”


At Shauna’s insistence Gamma Gamma Sigma had been kept in the dark about the exact nature of Phi Gamma Beta’s pie stall until it was too late for them to do anything about it.

Shauna was on the cheerleading team with one of Gamma Gamma Sigma’s big sisters, a girl called Mercedes. She waited until Mercedes told her what her sorority was planning and ensured that it was going ahead before she dropped her own bombshell. Although Shauna liked the dark haired Mercedes she still derived a great deal of satisfaction from seeing the girl’s expression when she told her what Phi Gamma Beta had planned.


“Oh for God’s sake Sally!” Heather shouted. “How hard is this to understand? It is not rocket science, it’s baking.”

“That may be the problem, Betty,” the blonde said seriously, rubbing the tip of her nose with a flour-covered hand, an action that left it with an amusing white smudge. “Rocket science I may be able to understand.”

Heather blew an exasperated breath out, which made a strand of red hair on her forehead bounce up and flutter down again. “Out of the way!” she ordered. “You’ll never get it done. I knew this was going to happen,” the girl said as she furiously kneaded the pastry. “I’ve got three in the oven and this one now as well. I’ve half a mind to buy this one myself and paddle you for making me do the work!”


“This is quite a clever idea, Stevie,” Hilary remarked, patting her flawless blonde hair into place. “It certainly shocked my girls when they found out about it. It looks like your girls will be nursing some very sore bottoms on Fair Day.”

“Why do you say that, Hilary?” Stevie asked, sipping tea, her almond shaped eyes narrowing.

“Oh come on, Stevie!” the blonde woman chided. “We ALWAYS beat you. In more ways than one, too.”

“You beat us last year,” Stevie corrected her rival. “I doubt you’ll do it again. The paddles may be landing on different bottoms this year.”


“Oh that horrid, horrid woman!” Stevie confided in the four big sisters that evening. “We simply MUST win, girls.”

“I have to admit, Stevie,” Naomi said, sipping coffee. “I didn’t really think Shauna’s idea was going to fly at first, but some of the Phi Sigs are planning on spending up really big at the stall.”

“Let me guess, Amy, Jessie, Emma and Sally have pressured Colin, Matthew, Gordon and Pat to buy their pies or else?” Denise said with a laugh and Naomi nodded.

“Considering it’s done in the form of a silent and blind auction that could be interesting,” Veronica remarked.

“The girls said that they’ve told the boys what pies they baked,” Shauna said.

“They’re frat boys,” Denise said. “They find it hard to think further than the next beer pong tournament.”

“Colin may surprise,” Naomi defended the shy and studious boy.

“He’s a little smarter than the others, that I’ll give you,” Denise agreed. “However he doesn’t have a head for this sort of thing. He’s a science buff, if he remembers much more than chemistry theorems or algebraic calculations I’ll be surprised. I hope Amy doesn’t have her heart set on getting a paddling from him.”


The girls of Phi Gamma Beta stood by nervously behind the table laden with the pies they had baked. The auction had been held and judged. The successful bidders had all been invited to the Phi Gamma Beta chapter house to claim their prizes. Given the rather personal nature of what else went with winning the pie everyone concerned had felt it better to hold the ceremony in the house free from prying eyes.

The girls, clad in their pretty pink aprons, emblazoned with the sorority’s Greek initials in bright red, were relieved to see that no one outside the Greek community had been successful in winning. Despite Shauna’s assertions that they would only kiss non-Greek winners it was hard not to think that word may have filtered out and those winners may want more than a peck on the cheek for the money they had spent on a pie.

Stevie had worked out a system for the presentations. She had a sheet containing who had entered what pie and matched the name of the girl up with the owner of the winning bid. She had set aside four rooms in the house for the winner to take their prize to for collection on the bid. The remaining bidders would be served refreshment and be kept entertained by the girls still in attendance.

“We’ll do this alphabetically,” Stevie announced consulting her clipboard with the auction results on it. “That means you’re up first Amy.”

The petite redhead nodded nervously. She had told Colin what pie she’d baked, although that didn’t guarantee that he hadn’t been outbid. She took a deep breath and stepped forward, fighting both butterflies and blushes.

“Oh my!” Stevie exclaimed. “This is interesting.”

Amy’s stomach sank and Colin’s eyes went wide behind his spectacles. Amy wished Stevie would just let her know her fate. She looked out over the assembled eager bidders and tried to imagine whose name she would hate most to be called. Scott - the Phi Sigma Tau, big brother, he was nice, but being paddled by him would be super embarrassing. Jacqueline - one of the big sisters from Gamma Gamma Sigma, Amy didn’t have anything against the tall brunette, but it just seemed wrong that one of the girls from their rival house had bid and actually won. Amy was still scanning faces when Stevie’s voice said, “Howard.”

It took a moment to register on Amy and then she said, “Excuse me?”

The strict housemaster from Phi Sigma Tau looked at Amy and smiled. “I believe that was my name, young lady.”

“Oh God!” Amy whispered to herself, feeling all the colour drain from her face.

“I thought she said berry pie,” a distressed Colin told his fraternity brother the stubble jawed Pat.

“Oooppsss!” the other boy said with a grin. “I wonder whose pie you did buy, buddy.”

“I dunno,” Colin gulped as he watched Howard’s large hand envelop Amy’s tiny one and lead her to one of the rooms Stevie had set up for presentation.


“You seem a little shocked, young lady,” Howard said to Amy as the girl stared at him with wide green eyes.

“Ummm….yes sir, I thought Colin was going to win my pie.”

“I’m actually rather partial to cherry pie, Amy. I didn’t know you’d baked it, though. I was hoping Stevie had,” he admitted with a grin.

“She baked the apple pie,” Amy told the stern housemaster.

“Ahhh…I see. Now how does this work, dear?”

“Well sir,” Amy began, moistening her dry lips with her pink tongue.

“You can call me Howard, Amy.”

“I think I better stick with sir,” the girl said softly.

“Very well, please continue.”

“Shauna said that we should be paddled.”

“With the sorority paddle?” Howard asked, taking the one that hung on a hook from the wall down and hefting it to test the weight.

“Yes sir,” Amy confirmed.

“How many?”

“No less than six and no more than twelve is what we agreed on, but it’s kind of open to negotiation.”

Howard laughed. “Does it have to be a paddling?”

“I guess not. Why?”

“Is it bare?”

“Yes sir. I wanted to ask about that. Can we wait until I’m at least bent over, please?”

“You’re a delightful child, Amy and I think even a medium six swat paddling from me would be quite an experience for you. Would you prefer a spanking?”

“You mean with the hand, over your knee?”

“That is generally how I regard spanking, yes.”

Amy bit her lip and looked at Howard. She hadn’t gone over her own father’s lap in years. Her mother took over the spankings years ago, but unlike many of her sorority sisters Amy actually enjoyed hand spankings to an extent. She had hoped this would be Colin, but she didn’t know if he could handle giving her a hand spanking. It was more intimate and personal than the paddle and she doubted it would hurt as much. The Phi Sigma boys said that Howard could really swing a paddle.


“Okay what?”

“Okay sir.”

Howard laughed again. “I mean okay to a spanking or you’d still prefer to be paddled?”

Amy went bright red. “No, I mean, yes okay to the spanking.”

“Wonderful,” Howard said, sitting on the chair in the room and patting his lap.

Amy untied her apron and looked down at Howard’s lap and the firm muscular thighs under his slacks, then she cast a glance at those big, wide hands. “Can I keep my skirt on, please?” she asked.

“It’ll have to be lifted up and the panties go south once you’re over,” Howard explained.

“That’s okay, sir.”

“We’re all good then sweetheart, over you get.”

Heart pounding, Amy draped herself over Howard’s lap and shifted her bottom into position. Howard was a tall man, and Amy was a small girl, so her toes and fingertips only grazed the floor. Howard’s hand smoothed the back of the girl’s pleated skirt and he felt that firm round rear end.

Amy tried to get her breathing under control and she felt Howard lift her skirt well out of the way. “Lift up,” he ordered, she did and so and felt her underpants make the southward journey down her legs. She shivered a little even though the room wasn’t cold.

“Soon have you warm as toast, my dear,” Howard told her.

Amy had time to nod and then gasped as a loud crack rang out in the room and a familiar sting settled into an exposed cheek. In no time at all Amy was squirming and letting out yelps as the housemaster’s broad hard experienced palm beat a tattoo on her writhing reddening plums. For his part Howard rarely got to punish a pretty young female rear and he enjoyed the experience. As he brought the brief, but very satisfying chastisement to a close he wondered if maybe he shouldn’t suggest that he and Stevie swap houses one Friday evening.

“Thank you sir,” Amy said, wincing as she pulled her panties back over her scorched rump.

“My pleasure, Amy. I’m sure the cherries in that pie will match the colour of your back end.”

“Me too, sir,” Amy answered with a giggle and a rub to her backside as they exited the room to allow the next couple to enter.


As Howard led Amy away to be presented with his pie and his reward, Stevie continued with the draw. “Denise,” she said clearly and the curly haired brunette made her way to the front, standing in front of her pie.

“Oh this is unexpected,” Stevie said, consulting her clipboard. “Jacqueline.”

Denise’s green eyes went wide. “What?” she asked, looking at the tall blonde Gamma Gamma Sigma sister, who was regarding her through icy blue eyes. “Is that even allowed, Stevie?”

“I want a refund if it’s not,” Jacqueline retorted.

“It’s not against the rules, Denise,” Stevie sighed, clearly not happy about it. “Just go with Jacqueline and remember that you’re a Phi Gamma Beta girl.”

Denise blew a long annoyed breath out through her mouth and said, “Yes ma’am.”

The prospective valedictorian shook off the hand that Jacqueline held out to her, picked up her pie and followed the blonde to the room they were directed to by a sympathetic Johanna.

“So why me?” Denise asked, setting her pie down.
Jacqueline shrugged. “It wasn’t just you, Denise, please don’t flatter yourself. I just wanted the chance to paddle one of you.”

“You do realize that by actually bidding you jeopardized your own chances of beating us?” Denise asked.

Jacqueline let out a derisive laugh. “I’m gunning for the title of smartest girl in the school too, Denise. Shauna can be an airhead, but she came up with a great idea here and there is no way we were in the running once word got out about this little racket you set up. How many do I get to give you?”

Denise rolled her eyes, “You can give me a maximum of twelve.”


“Of course.”

“Twelve’s not many. You’d get more than that on a Friday night and when Stevie hammers out the details of the bet I bet we get more. We gave you more last year.”

“Okay, what do you think is fair?”

“You’re tougher than most of your sisters.”

“Thank you. Is eighteen more to your liking?”

Jacqueline considered it and said, “That’ll be acceptable. Skirt up, panties down and assume the position.”

As Denise lifted her skirt up and tucked it out of the way, Jacqueline was already taking the paddle down from the wall. Denise slipped her PGB panties down to her ankles and bent over, pushing her bottom high.

“You do get into position nicely,” Jacqueline purred, swinging the paddle as she walked around behind the curly haired girl.

“Get on with it, Jackie,” Denise ground out from between gritted teeth.


Without warning the paddle cracked down across Denise’s buttocks. The girl grunted and shifted a little.

After four swats had landed, Jacqueline said, “Oh they look to be warming nicely, they’re almost as pink as your pretty panties.”


“I will get you back,” Denise vowed.


“I know that darling,” Jacqueline said, winding up for another searing swipe of the paddle. “That’s why I’m getting in what I can now.”


After seeing what fates had befallen Amy and Denise, Emma was preparing herself for the worst when Stevie read her name out. Thank God Hilary wasn’t here. She could see Scott from Phi Sigma Tau amongst the assembled crowd and that would be pretty humiliating. In some ways she wouldn’t mind drawing Gordon from the fraternity. She had regularly had the gymnast over her lap or under the paddle since the week he and his three fellow first years had spent in the Phi Gamma Beta house, as part of their tutoring sessions. He hadn’t spanked her, but the thought was not without it’s appeal.

“Brad!” Stevie announced with a smile.

A big grin broke out on the face of a beefy Phi Sigma Tau in the crowd.

“It could have been worse,” Emma muttered to herself as she stepped forward. She didn’t know Brad all that well. There were rumours that Scott had paddled him for spiking the punch at a mixer the girls had hosted. Emma had to admit she had to feel a little sorry for the boy if that had happened. Not being walloped for spiking the punch, that was to be expected if you were silly enough to do it and get caught, but more because the girls themselves had majorly spiked the refreshment before Brad and his hip flask had ever gotten anywhere near it.

The boy didn’t seem to know exactly what to do now that the announcement had been made.

Emma rolled her eyes and shook her head. She thrust her pie at Brad, took his other hand and jerked him forward, saying, “Come on!”

Brad looked at Emma and said, “Thanks for the pie.”

“I wouldn’t say that until you’ve tasted it. Cooking is not my strong suit.”

“I hope getting paddled is,” the boy grinned, licking his lips and taking the paddle down from the wall.

“Whoa! Hold your horses there, boy,” Emma cautioned him. “Let’s get a few things straight.”

“Okay,” Brad calmed himself a little.

“You only get six shots and I’m not taking anything above my waist off.”

“I still get you bare butt.”

“Yes, you do, but I’m not about to give you a floor show. We need to do this so all that you see is my behind and nothing else.”

Brad frowned, then an idea seemed to come to him. “When my sister, she’s about your age, gets it at home, Dad wants her to get it in front of the family…”

“Charming custom I’m sure, Brad, but I’m not your sister.”

“Let me finish!” the boy insisted. “Dad has her over his lap. That way she gets spanked on the bare, but nothing comes off until she’s over his lap and not as much gets seen.”

Emma sighed. The idea had some merit, and as long as she could keep her histrionics down to a minimum he wouldn’t see much more than he absolutely had to. Emma was an experienced spankee, even if Brad could really swing that paddle, and judging by the muscles she could see bulging under his jacket, he probably could, she should have able to take six swats without making a scene of herself. She did have it easy in comparison to poor Amy and Denise.

“Sit down,” Emma said.

Brad looked at her, no comprehension in his eyes.

“So I can lay over your lap,” the strawberry blonde explained.

“Oh right,” Brad said rather stupidly and sat on the chair in the room, paddle still in hand.

Emma wondered what she’d done to get landed with this muscle bound idiot. She lowered herself gracefully over his lap.  “Lift my skirt,” she ordered Brad.

He needed no prompting and eagerly lifted the pleated garment well over the girl’s upturned buttocks. Emma ground her teeth as the felt the boy’s hands fondling and wandering over her silk covered bottom.

“Hey!” Emma snapped. “The deal is that you got to spank me, not feel me up.”

“Sorry,” Brad apologized.

Emma grunted, then rose up on her toes and eased her panties down over her bottom.

“Wow!” Brad said as he gazed down on the full, creamy white mounds.

“Thanks,” Emma said. “I think.”

Emma tried not to flinch as Brad rested the paddle’s blade on her bottom and began to glide it over in wide circles. He patted her a couple of times with it and then quickly said, “They don’t count!”

Emma nodded. Gauging the distance like Brad was doing was not a good sign. It indicated that he may know what he was doing. Six wasn’t a major number for someone like Emma, but it could still create a decent enough sting.

The first swat fell and Emma jumped, but not because of the impact, it was the sound. It made a loud crack, but it didn’t really hurt. Brad didn’t have the right technique. “It’s getting red,” he mumbled happily.

Emma let out some very convincing squeaks and wriggled her backside provocatively as Brad delivered his allotted six strokes. She had to at least let him think he was getting his money’s worth. He put the paddle down after the sixth time he had whacked it into Emma’s rear and said, “That’s six!”

“Oh thank goodness!” Emma gasped, trying to make it sound like she was crying. She lifted up and replaced her panties. As she stood up she brushed her skirt back down over her bottom. Brad’s face was flushed and he had a grin all over his freckled face. Emma frowned as she looked down and saw the very noticeable bulge under his trousers, she had felt it pushing insistently against her during the paddling and it had grown with every crack of the paddle.

“I hope I wasn’t too hard on you,” Brad said apologetically.

Emma nodded, not trusting herself to speak, she may have burst out laughing if she had. What Brad had done to her wouldn’t even be considered a warm up by her sisters at PGB. “You paid for it,” Emma sniffed. “We better get back out there and show everyone you haven’t killed me.”

Carole was returning from her paddling at the same time as Brad and Emma were. The pretty creamy complexioned brunette had been ‘won’ by a junior from one of the fraternities. Emma doubted he’d been any harder on her than Brad had, but she was still telling her tearful tale of woe to Heather, who along with the pretty brunette had been against Pie Paddling Stall, although for entirely different reasons.

Georgette, another anti paddler, shushed her two friends as Stevie was about to announce her result. Her face fell as the name Nathan was called out. A tall, good looking Phi Sig winked at her and sauntered over to take her hand. The last glimpse they had was of the girl with the dark Mediterranean good looks was her being lead away mouthing the word ‘Help!’ at her friends, who laughed. They all knew Nathan, he was a nice guy and he also liked Georgette a lot, he was one of the best Georgette could have drawn.

Heather held her breath as Stevie called out her name and then the name that was matched up with hers on the sheet. “Scott.”

Heather was cursing under her breath, but then she realized whose name Stevie had announced and looked at the handsome Phi Sig senior. “You?” she said to him.

“Sure looks that way,” he said easily.

“You knew that pie was mine, didn’t you?” Heather asked as they entered the room.

Scott nodded with a grin.

“How? We didn’t announce who baked what.”

“I know you’re a good cook. There was a quality about yours that the others didn’t have.”

Heather blushed prettily. “You know I can cook?”

“Uh huh. I know a bit about you.”

“But why? Why me?”

“You remember the mixer?” Scott asked.

A slow smile spread across the girl’s face. “The punch?”

“That was part of it, more what happened when I got busted spanking you for that little stunt. A spanking you heartily deserved, young lady.”

The roses returned to Heather’s cheeks, as she remembered the spanking Scott had administered. The punishment had been cut short when Denise had walked in on it. “What happened to you?” she asked. “Denise wouldn’t tell me.”

“Let’s just say she made sure that I won’t do it again,” Scott answered, rubbing his own denim-covered backside as he recalled the blistering the curly haired senior had administered with a slipper of all things.

“Made sure I wouldn’t do it again, too,” Heather muttered, giving her rear end a rub as well as she remembered the world class paddling Denise had given her for the spiking. She hadn’t been able to sit comfortably for the rest of the week.

“This is my payback,” Scott said, taking the paddle down from the wall and sitting down.

“I got spanked,” Heather countered.

“Not by me and besides I paid for this one.”

“That only means you get to give me six swats,” Heather said backing away.

“Six swats? A big tough sophomore like you can only take six swats? You’re also not telling the whole truth. I hang out with Shauna, remember? She said that the maximum is twelve, but it can be negotiated.”

Heather squirmed. Part of her knew how hard Scott could spank and it made her bottom tingle, however another part of her had been turned on last time and it wanted a repeat performance.

“I dunno,” Heather said doubtfully, her hands twisted in her apron.

“Why don’t we start the way we did last time?” Scott suggested, patting his lap.

“Can we get me bare the same way?” Heather asked.

With a smile Scott nodded.

Heather let out a put upon sigh. “The things I do for this sorority,” and took off her apron. Scott’s grin grew broader as the girl’s panties hit the floor. Heather bent down carefully, picked them up and placed them with her apron on a table, then she draped herself over Scott’s firm thighs.

Scott swept the skirt up over the now uncovered buttocks and admired the redhead’s alabaster half moons. “Ready?”

Heather nodded.

Scott’s palm cracked down hard over the girl’s waiting rear end. Heather winced, she had forgotten how soundly Scott could actually spank. He placed the smacks carefully, moving up and down the centre of Heather’s dancing hindquarters, creating a nice rosy glow. Aside from the sting the spanking was also creating a not entirely unpleasant warmth in her bottom. It wasn’t something Heather ever felt when she was paddled by Stevie or any of the big sisters, even when they had her over their laps.

“They’re simmering nicely,” Scott said, placing the back of his hand on the hot pink orbs.

Heather sighed and purred.

“Not so bad is it?” the senior asked.

“It wasn’t as hard as last time,” Heather agreed then yelped and jumped as the paddle slammed into her backside.


“That’s one,” Scott said.



“That’s two. What did we agree on?”


“Owwww! We didn’t!”


“What was that? Eighteen?”


“Eeekkk! No, you pig!”


“Nineteen? Okay then.”


“Nooooo! It hurtssss!”


“I think we’ll just round it up to twenty.”

The colour of Heather’s bottom matched her fiery red locks by the time Scott had administered twenty firm swats with the paddle. The girl lay over his lap, crying and glad she wasn’t a member of Phi Sigma Tau. A weekly paddling from Scott would not be something she would like, despite how soundly Stevie and Phi Gamma Beta’s four big sisters paddled her and her sisters each Friday night.

Scott lifted Heather to her feet and gave her steaming back end a vigorous rub under her skirt as it fell down to cover her up.

Heather used a tissue in a pocket to clean her face up as her makeup had streaked and run when she started blubbering under the paddle.

“Did you enjoy your revenge?” she asked.

“As a matter of fact, yes,” Scott replied. “Can I make it up to you?”

“How?” Heather asked carefully.

“I’ve got an awards dinner to go to, I’d very much like to have you as my partner at that.”

Despite her stinging backside Heather smiled and nodded. If she’d known all it took to snag a boyfriend like Scott was taking a sound paddling she would have put herself over his lap a long time ago.


Johanna was being led away by a powerfully built athlete, a fellow swimmer, from another fraternity, smiling impishly, she was one of the few for whom the auction had worked out, when Stevie called out Jessica’s name. The tall brunette drew herself up to her full height, ran a hand through her shimmering dark brown tresses and flashed a beaming smile at Matthew, her Phi Sigma Tau boyfriend, she had even picked up her pie and was about to hand it to the pony tailed art student when Stevie said, “Gordon.”

“Thank you Stevie,” Jessica said brightly and then. “No what? There must be a mistake. Are you sure you read it right?”

Stevie’s dark eyes flashed. “Are you questioning me, young lady? Would you like a date with Miss Sting following the auction?”

“No ma’am,” Jessica said quickly, her hands reflexively covering her bottom.

Gordon stood politely by, holding a hand out to the tall girl. Numbly Jessica took it and carried her pie to the waiting room. She stopped to glare at Matthew.  “I told you I baked a key lime pie,” she said frostily.

Matthew swallowed hard. “I bid on the apple.”

“I don’t know who made the apple!” Jessica snapped as she was lead away by Gordon.

“They’re both fruit. I got confused!” the hapless Matthew called after the girl.


“What are you going to do to Matt?” Gordon asked Jessica.

“I haven’t worked that out yet. If he can sit down by the time I’m done I’ll be surprised,” the brunette fumed.

‘I don’t know why he likes you,” the blonde gymnast said.

“Oh like Emma doesn’t wallop your butt for getting things wrong when you study. We girls do talk to each other, Gordon.”

“Yeah, but that’s not the same,” Gordon argued. “Emma only spanks me when I mess up and we aren’t actually an item like you and Matt.”

“It works for us,” Jessica said stubbornly.

“I still think Matt gets the rough end of the pineapple,” Gordon told the girl. “What did you two have worked out if he had bid on the right pie? I bet you weren’t getting paddled.”

“No,” Jessica admitted with a blush. “They only expect to hear someone getting smacked, they have no way of knowing whose butt is getting roasted.”

Gordon took the paddle off the wall and hefted it. “This way they won’t have to guess. You know the drill Jessie, bend over and get that caboose of yours ready for a proper Phi Sig paddling.”


Jessica was still drying her eyes when she limped out of the room. She went straight to Matthew. The boy took a step back and there was uncertainty in his eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said to him. “I guess lemons and apples are both fruit.”

Matthew cast his eyes nervously over the ladies who had not yet been announced and wondered exactly whose pie he had managed to buy.


Naomi looked at the expectant mostly male faces out there and wondered exactly who she would end up with. She had kind of been hoping for Scott. Mercedes from Gamma Gamma Sigma was still waiting for her name to be called, and although Naomi had nothing against the cheerleader, being paddled by a member of the rival sorority even in a cause like this just went against the grain for her.

“It would appear that young Colin has bought Naomi’s pie,” Stevie said, a smile playing across her face and amusement in her voice.

The boy’s eyes went wide behind his glasses and his face paled a little. Amy’s mouth dropped open, but she couldn’t hide the sparkling of her green eyes. If Colin had to get someone’s pie other than hers, she probably couldn’t have arranged it any better that he got her big sis instead.

Seeing that the boy was in a little bit of shock and still trying to process the news Naomi took pity on him. She held out one long slim fingered hand and invited, “Come on Colin, honey.”

Colin took the outstretched hand and let his girlfriend’s big sister lead him to a vacant room.

“This is interesting,” Naomi said as she set her pie down on a table. “How did you end up buying a pie I baked and leave poor Amy to Howard’s tender mercies?”

“I…uhhhh…thought she said berry pie,” Colin stammered.

Naomi laughed. “Maybe you need to get those cute little ears of yours cleaned out, Colin. Amy baked a cherry pie. I made a strawberry pie.”

“I like both,” Colin said rather lamely.

“Well, I guess you get to take your revenge for that week and the mixer,” Naomi said, taking the paddle down off the wall and holding it handle first out to Colin.

The small, dark haired Phi Sigma Tau first year looked at the paddle like it was a live snake and actually took a step backwards.

Naomi cocked her head to one side and her dark eyes regarded the boy quizzically. “You don’t want to paddle me, sweetheart?”

“Ummm…no…yes…I don’t….”

“Oh dear,” Naomi sighed, sitting down on a chair. She looked up at the confused boy. “I think maybe you had better have a talk to Aunty Naomi, sweetness. Come sit on my knee.”

Colin regarded the beautiful brunette patting her knee and frowned. Naomi was both taller and broader than the boy. He could actually sit on her knee like a little kid, He had done it before on a couple of occasions when she had spanked him. If this was any of his brothers…well maybe not Matt… but any of the others, Naomi would already be bending over with her gorgeous behind on display and he’d be whacking it with the paddle. The thing was he wasn’t his brothers, and it seemed somehow wrong for him to simply paddle Naomi. He did kind of look on her as a big sister or even a young aunt.

With a heavy sigh he did as she had asked and sat lightly on her knee. Naomi favoured him with a big smile and cuddled him affectionately. “Now you tell me what’s going through your head, darling.”

“This was meant to be Amy,” Colin tried to explain.

“You would have paddled Amy?”

“Oh yes!” Colin breathed in excitement, then added hastily. “Not very hard. We thought it would be kind of fun.”

“It’s not fun with me?” Naomi asked seriously, she felt a bit insulted.

“No…I mean yes, but it’s different. It’s sort of wrong with you.”

“Wrong in what way?” Naomi pressed.

“You’re Amy’s big sister and you’ve spanked both of us and it’s just not right…”

“Ahhhh…I think I see what you’re getting at. I wonder how we can sort this out. I can’t leave this room without a paddling, though, sweetie. It just wouldn’t be right. We sold pies and paddlings and if you don’t paddle me then I’ve defrauded the whole purpose.”

“But you don’t deserve a spanking, Miss Naomi!” Colin protested.

“Neither do any of us, but that’s the point of the stall, Colin.”

The boy on her knee looked ready to cry.

Naomi brightened up as she had an idea. “I tell you what, sweetness. How about I spank you and then you paddle me? Would that work? We both get sore behinds and you kind of pay for not listening to Amy properly and putting her through that ordeal with Howard.”

“Did Howard hurt her really?” Colin asked, wide eyed.

“I don’t know,” Naomi said. “I haven’t spoken to her, but I don’t think so. I know how she reacts after a real butt blistering and she isn’t like that, so he would have gotten his money’s worth, but nothing more. This is about you and me though, Colin. What do you say? A good hard spanking over Aunty Naomi’s lap and then you give me a few good solid pops. Is that okay?”

Colin looked at Naomi’s firm strong hand and remembered how soundly she spanked. “Will it just be with your hand?”

“Do you think you need anything else?”

“Ummm…maybe the brush?”

“Really? You want the brush too?”

Colin nodded quickly. “I think I need it.”

Naomi looked at Colin. She had heard of grown men and women who felt a need for proper maternal punishment from time to time, it seemed Colin was one of them. “Don’t the weekly paddlings at the fraternity do enough?”

“Ummm…they hurt, but it’s not quite the same. I never got spanked much before coming to college, but they really help me, especially yours,” he confessed shyly, a pink flush creeping into his smooth hairless cheeks.

“Okay, honey, if that’s what you want. My brush is in my apron pocket. I don’t know why I thought I’d need it. Maybe I had a sixth sense,” Naomi did vaguely remember running the brush through her long straight midnight black tresses in an effort to look at her best before she ran downstairs to attend the announcement of the winners, she must have dropped the brush into her apron pocket as she did so. “Colin, darling, I am your Aunty Naomi, okay, so if you ever feel the need for a bottom warming, you just come and tell me okay? I’ll be only too pleased to set your little tail on fire. The same goes for little Miss Amy, too.”

Colin nodded and stood up, his fingers started to fumble with the buttons of his slacks. Naomi slapped them away and said, “No, that’s my job honey. Now get those naughty fingers out of the way while I clear the decks for your butt toasting. Put them on top of your head.”

Colin swallowed hard, but did as he was told and stood obediently by, hands clasped over his coal black locks as Naomi’s long nimble fingers unsnapped and unzipped his fly and she said, “Let’s get you out of these, step out, baby.”

Colin stepped out of the puddles of cloth around his ankles and shuddered as Naomi lowered his boxer shorts to his knee hollows and competently guided him over her waiting lap with a steadying hand at the small of his back. “You can put your hands down now, Colin. You can use them to balance yourself, but no reaching back okay, I’ll have to add some paddle swats on if you do that.”

The boy nodded and placed his hands on the floor. “Good boy,” Naomi cooed and easily shifted him on her lap so that his bottom was centred, over the highest point of her crossed legs and pointing directly at the ceiling.

The loud sound of a firm palm meeting tender buttock rang out in the room and Colin jumped. Just as he felt the sting Naomi spanked the opposite cheek and the young man was soon wriggling and squirming as Naomi determinedly spanked fire into every writhing inch of those rapidly pinkening globes.

When Naomi could hear Colin gasping and grunting and his gyrations were becoming more vigorous she knew he was desperately trying to keep the tears at bay. She stopped smacking and felt the waves of heat rising from the boy’s now glowing backside. “Oh you’re simmering nicely now, sweetheart,” she told Colin fondly. “It’s time for Mrs Hairbrush to really turn the heat up and bring you to the boil.”

As the brushes unyielding back smacked across the tight double bulge of Colin’s rosy red nates the floodgates broke and he started to cry. Again and again that hairbrush kissed the frantically pumping rear end and the tears streamed down Colin’s cheeks and his legs flailed the air.

“Time to set the sit spots on fire I think,” Naomi mused out loud as she tightened her grip a little and looked for fresh pastures to set alight with the hairbrush in her hand.

“No! No please, Miss Naomi!” Colin begged. “Please not my legs.”

“Now darling,” Naomi explained gently, lining up the tender upper thighs. “You wanted a proper spanking and any proper spanking leaves you with a set of brightly glowing upper thighs. Now you just lay there and let Aunty Naomi take care of you.”


“Wow!” one of the Phi Sigma boys who had already had his turn said to a fellow brother. “Colin must be really giving it to Naomi. Hear that?”

The comment followed a meaty splat and a lusty howl that was clearly heard outside the room where Naomi was diligently using her hairbrush to burn Colin’s upturned bottom.


The surface of Colin’s bottom glowed a deep, rich cherry red and Naomi could feel the heat rising from them. She placed the back of her hand on the blazing moons lightly and whistled. “Goodness! They’re sizzling. We could boil the kettle on those, darling.”

Colin blubbered wordlessly.

Naomi smiled and handed the boy some tissues. “Do you think you can get up, honey? You’ve still got a paddling to give me to make this all official.”

Colin wiped at his face and nodded.

While Colin cleaned his face up and replaced his boxer shorts and slacks Naomi undid her apron, slipped her panties off, and bent from the waist, flipping her skirt up and exposing a firm, muscular bottom. She straightened her legs and looked behind herself to see Colin picking the paddle and swinging it through the air experimentally.

“How many sir?” she asked cheekily, waggling her rear end provocatively.

“Six?” Colin answered uncertainly.

“Colin, baby,” Naomi said in a voice that sounded a little disappointed. “I really roasted you and you only want to give me six?”


“Now that’s more like it. A good even dozen. Lay them on!”

After the fourth swat Naomi was wishing she hadn’t given Colin the chance to give her twelve. He didn’t look all that strong, but he had technique and he really knew how and where to hit. The sixth stroke swept up and actually made her rise up onto her toes. “Colin!” she squealed.

“Yes?” the boy asked, not pausing as he delivered number seven.

“That hurt!”

“It was meant to,” he answered seriously, laying on his eighth stroke. “Please don’t interrupt again, because I may lose count.”

Naomi gasped, blinked back tears and did her best to suffer the final four in silence.

‘Was that hard enough?” Colin asked as Naomi wriggled her stinging rump into her tight panties.

“Hard enough?” Naomi asked in shock. “Baby, if there is a harder paddler in Phi Sig, actually on this entire campus, I don’t think I’ve ever met them. “

Colin beamed at her.

“Sweetie, while I will give you a spanking anytime you want one and I look forward to the next double I’ll give you and Amy…” she saw Colin open his mouth and continued. “Don’t say you won’t need one, you will. I said the same thing to Amy’s sister Jade in my first year and it was wrong then and it will be now. Having said that, darling, I know Amy and from time to time she needs her butt toasted. If she does and you see it, promise me that you won’t hesitate to do to her what you just did to me.”

“I promise.”

“Good boy. Now let’s get back out there so that they know you haven’t paddled me to death.” Naomi suggested with a broad wink.


Plenty of pies had been handed out and so had the resultant paddlings. Even the likes of Stevie were starting to get nervous as only the last few names remained. The elegant housemother scrolled the list and said, “As I’m doing the announcing duties I’ll leave myself until last.”

There was a hiss of indrawn breath around the room.

“Yes,” Stevie admitted. “I did enter myself in this. A good cook should never be afraid to taste their own work.”

“Or feel their own paddle!” Georgette shouted cheekily from the crowd, which got a laugh.

“That too,” Stevie agreed with a grin. “Now we have young Miss Fairweather and the lucky winner is…oh my!”

“Stevie, you’re doing my head in, Betty!” Sally called, as the pause before announcing who was going to paddle had made the bubbly blonde quite nervous.

“I’m not totally sure this is in the spirit of the competition, but it would appear that Heather bid and bought your pie.”

“Yes!” Heather hissed and pumped her fist in triumph

“She what?” a thoroughly confused and somewhat worried Sally asked as Heather made her way through the crowd and took a firm grip on her elbow to steer her towards one of the ‘paddling’ rooms.

“Oh come on, Betty,” Sally protested as she entered the room and cast a wary glance at the paddle on the wall.

“Firstly,” Heather began brusquely, putting the pie down on a table and moving a chair into the middle of the room. “My name is not Betty, it is Heather and I think I have at the very least bought the right to have you use my name, Sally. In fact I think for duration of this presentation you can call me Miss Heather.”

Sally’s blue eyes flashed and she was about to open her mouth and protest, but Heather’s hand was twitching dangerously, so she settled for a meek. “Yes, Miss Heather.”

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Heather smiled behind her freckles.

“You didn’t have to say it, Be…Miss Heather,” Sally ground out from between gritted teeth.

“I gave you fair warning when I made the pie for you Sally,” Heather said.

“You made it? It was my pie!”

“I cooked it, Sally.”

“I helped!”

“Is that what you call it?”

“I bought the ingredients!”

“Most of which you would have eaten while I was instructing you over and over again on the basics of pie making, if I hadn’t smacked your greedy little hand with a wooden spoon every time it hovered over them.”

“I didn’t think you were serious about buying it. It was meant to be one of the Barries from Phi Sig.”

“Well, to your sorrow I was serious and I meant what I said.”

“Do you really have to paddle me, Miss Heather?” Sally whined, hoping to get out of it.

“I actually have something in mind I think that will be far more apt.”

A glimmer of hope came into Sally’s eyes. Maybe Heather had just wanted to put a scare into her.  That was until she saw what the now seated redhead was taking out of the pocket of her apron. It was a sturdy looking wooden spoon with a long handle, a wide shallow bowl and a hard flat base. Sally swore under her breath, she should have known. Most of the girls in the house had their own weapons of choice when it came to spanking, with Heather it was the humble wooden spoon.

Heather tapped her lap with the spoon. “Over you get,” she commanded.

Sally rolled her eyes and sighed but complied.

“I remember the first time when Amy, Emma and Jessie spanked you,” Heather said, recalling the time Sally had first joined the sorority and been given an impromptu bare bottom initiation by her three fellow first years. “You had no idea about getting over the lap then, you’ve certainly learned.”

“You saw that?” Sally asked, the incident had taken place in her room and she hadn’t been aware until now that anyone else even knew it had happened.

“Honey we ALL saw it!” Heather laughed. “You four were so in the moment that even if the house had caught fire I doubt you would have been aware of it until it had burned to the ground.”

Sally frowned, but did not say anything. She felt Heather’s nimble fingers lift her skirt up over her bottom and fasten it in place with a safety pin that she had in the pocket of her apron.

“Oh my goodness!” Heather exclaimed as she saw Sally’s underwear.

“What?” Sally asked in alarm.

“Does Stevie know you wear those?” Heather asked of Sally’s barely there lacy scarlet panties.

“Of course she doesn’t!” Sally retorted. “You think I go around flashing my undies to the housemother?”

“You wouldn’t sit down for a month if she knew about them,” Heather giggled.

“Why? I know she gets all funny about thongs, but these are cheekies.”

“That’s just another word for thong, Sally,” Heather informed her.

“Whatever,” Sally sighed. “Can we please just get this done, Be…Miss Heather?”

“Ask and ye shall receive,” the redhead said cheerfully planting a firm hand smack on the seat of Sally’s almost non-existent underwear.

“Owwww!” Sally squealed.

“Oh don’t be such a baby!” Heather scolded. “You’ll be glad of the warm up once I put Miss Wooden Spoon to work. Thank you for wearing such a suitable shade of panties, too. They’ll be a wonderful colour guide.”

Sally yelped again as Heather’s palm stung the other cheek.

In short order Sally was wriggling and squirming quite vigorously over Heather’s lap and complaining loudly as the other girl did her best to turn what she could see of the blonde’s cute behind the same colour as her lacy scarlet underwear.

“Oh yesss!” Heather purred. “They’re nice and hot. As Stevie has instructed us all so often, though a spanking is not really a spanking unless it is administered to the bare bottom.”

“Oh come on, Heather!” Sally whined as she felt the girl’s thumbs hook into the waistband of her snug and scandalous ‘cheekies’.

“What happened to Miss Heather?” the other girl demanded, her hand flashing out and landing a stinging slap to Sally’s tender white upper thigh.

“Ouch! I’m sorry Miss Heather.”

“That’s better,” Heather said, sliding the insignificant scrap of bright red material down the girl’s slender legs and leaving them around her ankles. Once she had Sally as bare as the day she was born Heather took a moment to admire the rosy colour she had painted the full round buttocks and then curled her hand around the handle of the wooden spoon that sat within arms reach.

Sally really kicked and howled when Heather put the spoons oval back to the girl’s now totally bare and glowing cheeks. Heather firmed her chin, tightened her grip around her sorority sister’s waist and continued to pepper the bouncing reddening rump over her lap.

“Legs apart,” Heather ordered.

“Oh God no, Heather!’ Sally blubbered. “Not inside the thighs, that really hurts.”

“It’s Miss Heather!” the girl snapped, cracking the spoon down repeatedly over Sally’s stinging sit spots. “Do you want me to show your ‘cheekies’ to Stevie? How long do you think it would before you sat down again if I did that?”

Sally sniffled and slowly parted her legs, allowing Heather’s wicked wooden spoon access to the tender insides of her upper legs.

A slow smile spreading across her face, Heather attacked the inner thighs, swiftly turning them the same hot red as the rest of the girl’s wildly bucking hindquarters. “They’re done, just like a roast at the end of it’s cycle,” Heather said, and with a sob Sally closed her legs and roared her way through the rest of the spooning, madly crossing and uncrossing her ankles in a vain attempt to try and ease the raging fires through her rear end.

Heather put the spoon down and helped Sally to her feet. Sally went into her war dance, hands clasped to her scalded buns rubbing vigorously and tears trickling down her saliva and snot covered cheeks and chin. Heather stood after letting Sally have a dance, then enfolded her in a hug and cleaned her face up.

Sally winced as she squeezed her battered backside into her tight cheekies and lowered her skirt again. Heather put an arm around her as she led her outside again and asked, “Where did you get those things, sis? I couldn’t wear them here, but at home maybe…”


While Heather had been perfecting her wooden spoon technique on Sally, the drawing had continued outside. The pretty junior Shania had let out a little whoop of happiness when Stevie had announced that the tall, good looking Phi Sigma Tau senior Adam had purchased her pie. The rest of the girls had long thought that Shania had her eye on Adam and he on her. The pop he planted on the seat of her tight skirt and her delighted little squeal as they went to a room for the paddling, seemed to confirm that they had been on the money about the two.


Arithmetic had never been Shauna’s strong suit, but the remaining names to still be read out as winners of the auction really didn’t bode well for her. She couldn’t imagine that the super confident Phi Sigma Tau dancer major Patrick would go easy on her if he had her pretty rear at his mercy. She may be able to get around Jessica’s boyfriend Matthew, although he may also want revenge for some of the spankings she’d given him when he was a guest of the sorority. The only other person left was Mercedes and that really bothered her. She liked her fellow cheerleader, but the two were fierce rivals as cheer squad members and Mercedes still thought she should have been made captain ahead of the curly haired blonde.

“Shauna honey,” Mercedes gentle voice broke into her thoughts.
Shauna turned soft blue eyes on the dark haired Latin beauty. “They just called our names, I bought your pie.”

Shauna swallowed hard and as if in a dream followed her friend to a waiting empty room.

“You know,” Shauna said. “Isn’t this against the rules?”

“It wasn’t when Jacqueline whacked Denise. Didn’t you make the rules up anyway?”

“Uhhhh…yeah kinda. You’re not still mad about the cheer captain thing are you?”

“Oh just a little,” Mercedes said with a wicked grin, taking the paddle down off the wall. “I’ve always wanted to use one of your paddles.”

“Why? They’re the same as yours, except for the decorations.”

“I know,” the attractive brunette agreed. “But there’s just something special about me paddling a girl from a rival sorority with her own paddle. When we did you guys last year it was with our paddles.”

Shauna sighed and took off her apron. “Do you want me bent over or on your lap?”

“You can’t paddle properly with a paddle this size over the lap,” Mercedes said, swinging the wooden implement through the air. “Get over the table. You may need the support.”

Shauna winced as lifted her skirt and took off her panties. With comments like that Mercedes really meant to make it count.

“I can give you twelve, right?” Mercedes asked, taking up position behind the bent over blonde and lining her proudly outthrust buttocks up.

“Twelve was our max. I couldn’t get the others to agree to it if I said more.”

“It’s negotiable?”

“Ummmm….yeah,” Shauna answered uncertainly, feeling her butt clench reflexively.

“No clenching!” Mercedes ordered giving Shauna a quick lick on the thigh.

“Owww! Sorry.”

“How many did we give you each last year?”

“I dunno, Mercedes. I wasn’t counting them. I was just hoping it was going to be over soon.”

“I think it was sixteen scorchers each. Can I give you sixteen?”

“It’s going to hurt, isn’t it?”

“Yep, but you’ll get me back when you win.”

Shauna nodded.

“Get ready baby, because I’ve been practicing on our first years!”

“Oh my God, Mercedes!” Shauna said, standing up and rubbing her steaming rear when the girl had given her sixteen sizzling swats.


“And burn. I thought my little Jessie was well paddled, but your Regan must cry herself to sleep on Fridays.”

“She does,” Mercedes admitted. “We Double Gammas pride ourselves on disciplining ours every bit as well as you PGB girls do. Want to share the pie?”

“Sure. I’ll get the first years to put some coffee on.”


Of the two names left Veronica let out a soft groan when she drew Patrick and not Matthew.

“Why on earth didn’t you bid for Sally’s pie?” Veronica asked as they entered the room.

“I did,” the stubble jawed dancer admitted. “I just didn’t win it. Heather must have really wanted to paddle her.”

A wry grin crooked up the corner of the tall brunette’s mouth. “If what Heather was vowing to do was true I doubt Sally will be sitting down at breakfast tomorrow. Why did you want to paddle me?”

“Do you remember that week we spent here?”

“Yes,” Veronica admitted with a laugh.

“Remember what happened with me in the bathroom?”

“Yes,” the girl said again, her grin widening.

“There’s your answer.”

“You’re not still holding a grudge about that?”

“Because you girls never ever try to even things up?”

“Point taken,” Veronica sighed.

Patrick sat down and pointed the paddle at his lap.

“You’re going to do me over the lap with a paddle?”

“It’s not ideal, but I think I’m tall enough to make it work and you got Sally to spank me with a paddle over her lap.”

Veronica frowned and started to lower herself over the indicated thighs.

“Whoa!” Patrick said when the girl was halfway down. “Isn’t this meant to be bare?”

“I am not Sally, Patrick,” the girl said sternly. “I will be bare for this, but I am not giving you a look at anything you don’t need to see.  I think I can get Stevie and the other girls to back me on that point.”

Patrick nodded slowly and Veronica eased herself the rest of the way down. Veronica lifted up and lowered her panties, she then lay back down. “You can lift the skirt now,” she said to the boy, who was moistening his lips in anticipation of the event.

Veronica flinched as she felt the smooth surface of the paddle settle on her twitching buttocks and describe a lazy circle across them. “Sally said I could give twelve,” Pat drawled.

“She talked to you about this?”

“You know Sally, she can talk under wet cement.”

Veronica had to giggle at that very apt description of her little sis.

“Twelve is the maximum,” Veronica told Patrick doubtfully.

“You didn’t have a maximum when you let Sally whale on me with this thing.”

“That was different.”

“You saying you won’t take twelve? I don’t know how people would feel if I let on about this racket. Money may have to be refunded and you might lose the bet with Double Gamma.”

“You would too, wouldn’t you?”

“Only in the interest of fair business,” Patrick smirked.

“Okay,” Veronica sighed. “Twelve.”


“Not bun bursters!” Veronica yelped, jerking over the boy’s muscular thighs.


“Thought you were a big tough PGB girl, get the world’s worst wallopings every Friday night?”


“Ouuuuccchhhh! I got a paddling with Miss Sting the other day, damn you!”


“Sally said you get your mouth washed out here for swearing.”


“Damn is not a swear word!”


“Stevie may not agree with that assessment.”


“Just do it Patrick, please.”



Veronica suffered through her final four swats with yells and a few tears, but was only too happy to get up off Patrick’s lap when he announced that she had her twelve. She stood in front of him, tears trickling down her face, hands under her skirt, furiously rubbing her hot stinging cheeks.

“You are going to make one hell of a big brother, Patrick,” Veronica said, once she had composed herself.

“That’s my goal,” the lean boy said, putting the paddle back on its hook on the wall.


“It looks like you’re with me, sweetheart.” Stevie said to Matthew, who was the only person left who hadn’t been called.

Nearly everyone else was sitting down, some of the girls stood, and sipping the coffee and tea that had been provided by the hostesses.

Matthew swallowed hard. Stevie’s eyes sparkled and she crooked her finger at the boy. As if there was an invisible string that connected her finger and Matthew, the boy rose and followed her slowly to an empty room.

“Do you like apple pie, Matthew?”

“Ummm…what, ma’am?”

“You bid on my pie, it’s apple.”

“Oh…uuhhhh…I thought it was Jessica’s, Miss,” Matthew stammered.

“I rather thought you may have,” Stevie said with a smile. “How were the two of you going to work this?”


“I know the girls think I’m blissfully unaware of their activities outside of this house, but I’m not. I know Jessie. I’m positive that the paddlings I and the bigs provide are not the only ones that young lady is involved in. She’s not the type to accept them for fun. She spanks you, doesn’t she?”

Matthew’s face went bright red.

“That’s all the answer I need,” Stevie said. “So she wasn’t going to let you paddle her, was she?”

“She said I could give her a few swats, Miss Stevie.”

“And how many was she going to give you?”

“Ummm….I’m not sure. We don’t very often use a paddle. It’s mostly her hand or a brush.”

“Do you just?” Stevie asked, her tone playful.

“I’m not going to get to paddle you, am I, ma’am?” Matthew asked hesitantly.

“We’ll see how you take your own licking, dear,” Stevie said, sitting on a chair and motioning the boy over.
Matthew shuffled over, his head down. To Stevie he looked the very picture of a naughty boy about to be soundly spanked over a stern older female authority figure’s lap.

“Come to Aunty Stevie,” the older woman said fondly, using her arms to bring Matthew close to her aproned lap. Her hands went to the buttons of his trousers. “We’ll just get you out of these and over my lap.”

Still blushing furiously Matthew stepped out of his pants and underpants. Stevie picked them up and folded them, before putting them aside.

While standing by her side and just looking at her Matthew suddenly became aware that despite the age difference and the fact that she was in a position of authority over him, that Stevie was quite a handsome woman.  To his horror he felt his member rise to attention at the idle thought.

Stevie looked down and a slow smile spread across her face. It was not an uncommon sight. Stevie had been raised with brothers and they were spanked in front of her, in fact she had spanked some of her younger brothers and their friends when babysitting. Matthew’s reaction was one of nervous tension and not really arousal. However she did not want an embarrassing and messy reaction over her lap. One hand falling to her lap and feeling an object in the pocket of her apron gave the stern housemother an idea.

She withdrew a black rubber item from the pocket and showed it to the excited young man. “You know what this is, Matthew?”

“Ummm….that’s Miss Sting, ma’am.”

“You’ve met Miss Sting before, haven’t you, dear?”

“Yes, Miss Stevie.”

“She’s very aptly named, isn’t she?”

“Oh yes!” Matthew answered, nodding vigorously and as he remembered just how much the horrid little paddle hurt when it was being applied to a pair of tender young bottom cheeks over Stevie’s firm thighs made his embarrassing erection disappear as if by magic.

“Ahhhhh…,” Stevie sighed. “I do so love Miss Sting.” Her arm encircled Matthew’s waist and guided him face downwards over her wide lap. The boy wriggled a little and Stevie shifted him into optimum spanking position.

“Just where Aunty Stevie wants a naughty little set of cheeks. Just lay there and relax Matthew. I’ll do the rest sweetheart.”

Before Matthew could reply to that Stevie’s broad and hard palm cracked across his white round buttocks and made him yelp. “That’s my boy,” Stevie purred. ‘Now you just settle in for a good long spanking while Aunty Stevie really roasts your little hams, darling.”

Stevie was as good as her word. Matthew was soon wriggling vigorously, his bottom writhing as he tried to avoid that laser accurate palm. Unfortunately for the boy Stevie was an experienced spanker and knew how to hold him and exactly where to spank. In fact Matthew’s gyrations only gave her fresh unspanked areas to sting.

Matthew took a deep breath and tried to hold tears back as Stevie paused. However his reactions only became more frantic as Stevie teasingly dragged Miss Sting across his bright pink, simmering buttocks. “Oh yes, you know what is, don’t you, Matthew?” Stevie cooed.

“Yes, ma’am,” the boy sobbed. “It’s Miss Sting.”

“Clever boy,” Stevie said and then put her wicked little paddle to work.

The cracking sound the rubber spanking implement made when it contacted the boy’s cheeks and his answering wails of distress soon blended together. Matthew pumped his hips up and down frantically and desperately crossed and uncrossed his ankles in vain attempts to avoid the paddle and to lower the furnace like temperatures Stevie had raised in his nether regions. Stevie frowned a little, the boy’s very physical reactions were going to drive him right off her lap and she was in no way done with him. That was when she really noticed Matthew’s pony tail. An idea came to the lady, she took hold of his pony tail with her free hand and that allowed her to hold him in place and control him very effectively. She would need to try this with the girls in the future as well.

Stevie set the paddle aside and let Matthew lie limply over lap and bawl. His entire bottom and upper thighs were quite hot to the touch and he was positively sizzling. “Do you think you can get up now Matthew?” she asked at length.

“Yes, ma’am,” he blubbered.

“Good boy,” Stevie said as Matthew painfully and awkwardly maneuvered himself off her lap and into a standing position.

Stevie held out his pants and underpants. Matthew took them tearfully and put them on with plenty of wincing and oohhs and ouches. Stevie watched with an indulgent smile playing across her full lips. Tears still trickling down his cheeks Matthew looked at the elegant housemother in silent supplication. At first Stevie was a little confused, then understanding dawned. “Ohh you want to rub, don’t you?”

Matthew nodded.

“Go ahead, sweetie, you must be on fire back there.”

Matthew sighed in relief and began to fervently rub the seat of his trousers to soothe his abused cheeks. Stevie noticed the state of the boy’s face and clucked maternally. She took some tissues from her apron pocket and called Matthew to her. While he rubbed his burning bum Stevie cleaned the tears, snot and saliva away from Matthew’s cheeks and chin.

“Now we still have a paddling to deal with,” Stevie said firmly.

Matthew’s face fell and he looked close to tears again. Stevie grinned and stood up. She took the paddle down from the wall and handed it to Matthew, handle first.

“Ma’am?” he asked.

“I promised you if you behaved during your spanking I would let you paddle me. You were quite vigorous, but that’s expected. I’m honouring my end of the bargain. Do you not want to, sweetheart?”

“Ummm….oh yes, Miss Stevie!”

“Good,” Stevie agreed firmly. She slipped her panties off, they were black, but not at all scandalous, which Matthew found interesting. She put her arms on the back of the chair, bent at the waist, lifted her skirt and pushed her full, round womanly bottom out. “Six good solid swats, Matthew,” she instructed. “ I will be counting.”

Almost giddy with the feeling of power, and now totally ignoring the ache in his freshly spanked rear, Matthew stepped up behind Stevie, lifted the paddle, lined those glorious dusky orbs up and swung it.

“Owwww! That’s six!”

Matthew lowered the paddle reluctantly. Stevie lowered her skirt and lifted her panties. “You’ve got quite a swing on you Matthew,” she complimented the boy, her cheeks flushed with the experience. “Jessie better hope you remain compliant, she’s going to be a very hot bottomed young lady if you don’t. Now let’s get you outside and see if we can find one of the girls to provide with a nice hot cup of strong coffee. I know I could use one.”


Hilary Millington and her Gamma Gamma Sigma ladies faced Stevie and her Phi Gamma Beta women. “Well done, Stevie,” Hilary said from between gritted teeth and holding her hand out to be shaken by the Phi Gamma Beta housemother. “You beat us fair and square.”

“Thank you Hilary. Shall we settle up now?” Stevie asked with a broad smile across her serene features.

Hilary sighed and nodded. She addressed her glum faced girls. “Alright ladies, you know what is expected. Make me proud.”

The Double Gammas copied their housemother by turning their backs on their guests, lifting their skirts, under which they were nude and bending over in the time honoured paddling position, presenting their bare buttocks for spankings.

Stevie’s hand curled around the handle of her well worn sorority paddle and she lifted it high to bring it down firmly across Hilary Millington’s full round white tempting bottom. She didn’t know how they were going to top the Pie Paddling Stall next year, but they would simply have to find a way.


  1. Dear Aunty Andrea. I love this series to bits. Spanks a lot Aunty Andrea. Love Heniel

  2. Thank you Heniel, I think the length of this piece may have scared people off.

  3. Aunty,

    Wonderful, great story lines loved the line...almost as pink as your panties.....just terrific.

    1. Thank you Ron, I'm glad someone else read this and commented on. I was worried that it had slipped people's notice.

  4. Dear Aunty Andrea, Ma'am,

    I love these stories. I just wish you did more Phi Gamma Betas. They make me wish that I could find a nice lady to spank me someday!

    Thank You, Ma'am,

    1. Thank you Dean. The PGB stories aren't the easiest things to get ideas for and they are quite long, so take some time to write. If you're at all interested the LSF has plans to collect all them into ebooks, and has actually published the first two in that format.