Thursday, 27 June 2013


Here we are at the end of another month and the year is half over! It's been so quick my head is still whirling. Now before I give you the news I am sure you are all waiting for (this month's SotM) I need to make an apology to you all. Aunty is going away on a long holiday (well long for me, a month) in late July until late August, and I have been so busy organising it all that I have neglected my little blog a touch of late. That's why the posts have been so sparse this month, unfortunately it won't change a lot in July, because there is still so much to do and so little time to do it all.

I can only assume by the lack of activity here and that I received very few (I think the fewest since I started the SotM) nominations for this months SotM that you too are all quite busy.

The credit for this young lady's nomination goes to Rich.

There are quite a number of reasons why the talented songstress Rihanna is in the news unfortunately they're often not good reasons.

Doesn't she look lovely in her bikini frolicking on the beach? There's something about that cheeky smile that just says 'Spank Me!' At least it does to me.

And here, so cute and demure. How could you spank this girl?

Well the next picture may give you a reason or two.

Now who on earth advised her that this shoot was intelligent or attractive? Makes my palm itch and my eyes go to Mrs Ebony.

I think the image below and the story that accompanied it were probably what clinched the nomination.

The symbol over her chest is of a cannabis leaf, there were pictures in the same story of her pretending to smoke two rather large marijuana cigarettes. She's currently under threat of losing a sponsor for agreeing to the whole stunt. Smoking either tobacco cigarettes or some other form of narcotic is both unattractive and foolish. If I had young Rihanna here the cigarette wouldn't be the only thing that was smoking.


  1. I would love to see her over your lap Aunty singing a much different song....she needs a sound spanking no doubts!

  2. Pray tell us, Aunty, what ELSE would be smoking?... ;-)

    (Ron's desire above is one of mine as well...)


  3. Thank you Ron and Phil. I think young Rihanna may feature high people's wish lists to be spanked. Oh I think you know exactly what would be smoking, Phil.

    1. Aunty,

      It would have to be a extraordinarily thorough spanking for her bottom to smoke, but if anyone could do it...

      Perhaps you could just make it hot enough to fry an egg. Now THERE'S a picture I'd like to see... ;-)