Thursday, 6 June 2013

The first time

Hello to you all! Some of you may be aware that Andrew the host of Someones Gonna Get It had arranged to fulfil a long held dream of being soundly spanked by a professional discipline consultant earlier this week by meeting Miss Jane of Strict Jane.

He asked me if I could do an interview with him following his meeting with Jane, so I agreed and here is what he had to say in response to my questions about the experience.

The beautiful Jane waits for her nervous visitor.

1) How old were you when you first realized that you found the idea of being spanked 'fun'?

I don't know if I ever found the idea of being spanked "fun". It's something I always dreaded, tried to avoid, but something that always had me curious.
The thought that a woman could bare my bottom, lay me over her lap, and spank me was probably my first real sexual type of thought and it goes back to as early as an age as I can remember.

2) Did you ever fantasize about it growing up and who did you dream about being spanked by?

That's all I fantasized about. Who didn't I dream about spanking me? Teachers, aunts, co workers, bosses, complete strangers that looked dominant, celebrities, and of course,
women from the industry, like Jennifer Brooks, Aunty Andrea, all the women I have interviewed....

3) What aspect of the experience most intrigued you?
Again, it would be the "you're going to get it. Bare your bottom, get over my knee" part. Having my bare bottom exposed, my privates nestled on bare thighs. The thoughts came before I knew about intercourse, that's why I say they were the first ones I had with sexual overtones. By the way, I respond well to spanking fiction. I remember an old magazine titled "Mr." that ran spanking letters pretty much every month. And your wonderful Spank Shop blog hits the same kind of notes.

4) How did you choose Miss Jane to be your initiator into the world of being spanked as an adult?
Haha, she sort of chose me. Painted me into a corner...then painted my bottom with her toys. Really though, I love her site, (again her attitude and wording struck me to the core), and her testimonials are (and deservedly so) sterling. And she has wicked looking legs......

5) How did you feel about meeting her and being spanked by her for the first time?
Nervous, excited, scared...I didn't sleep well, I didn't eat well. I was clearly wound up when I met her.

6) Once the appointment had been made did you ever seriously consider backing out?
Of course I did. I even apologized to my bottom every day for what I was going to put it through. But Jane was on the top of my list of spankers and I really wanted to meet her and chat with her no matter the consequences.

7) Pre-spanking did you discuss what sort of spanking she was going to give you? Did you specify a scenario and implements? Was this all left up to Jane?

As I said I was nervous. I saw all the implements laid out and got a little weak in the knees. I think I was babbling a bit, so Jane said we should dispense with the small talk and just get right to the action. She was in control. She started with her hand over her lap. As she was warming me up she discussed what she was doing, and to a tee, described what I was probably feeling. Then she had me lay on a divan and played with some other toys.

8) Was there anything she could have done that you would have said no to?
I said "no" to the cane. She used it anyway. I said "no" to the canadian strap, she used it anyway. I said "no" to the rubber strap, wooden paddle, and some weird thing, I think called a dragon's tongue? Jane will have to correct me, haha, not physically correct me, on the name. I guess my "no" wasn't too strong. And deep down she knew I was curious.

Jane wields the cane that our subject apparently didn't want to feel on his tender, bare, vulnerable backside.

9) How did it make you feel physically and emotionally before, during and now after?
Physically it was warm, had some sting but maybe not as bad as I thought. (no major lap dance). She said I'd leave and would have wished for a bit more, she again, was right. Emotionally, hm, still dealing with it, sorting out what worked with my fantasy, what didn't, what I'd like in the future....

10) Was Strict Jane all you expected her to be?

Yes, and much more. She is funny, warm and she totally loves what she does. Did I mention she has great legs (her calves are stunning)? She had a long skirt on, next time I hope it's shorter.....LOL.

11) So you bonded? Would you say you are friends now?

I hope so. It's up to her. I'm sure every bottom she has spanked wants to be her friend. She is wonderful. 

12) Are you ready for a spin over Aunty's lap now?

It would be honor. Next time you are in LA give me a shout. Or you can always do it in one of your fabulous stories.......hint hint.

I think it's interesting to explore this side of this thing that we do from time to time. I'd like to thank Andrew for suggesting this interview and for responding so honestly and with good humour.


  1. Nice interview, although more detail about the session would be welcomed. Andy must be saving the best for his own site, which is of course, totally to be expected. Strict Jane sounds like she really knows what she's doing and is very good at it.

    As an aside, I think those of us here at your blog would like to hear about Aunty Andrea's "first time". By that I mean the first "real" spanking you gave, not the first one you received. Your thoughts on this?...


  2. I did not know you were a pro. In fact, I have sometimes wondered if you were a male posing as a female.

  3. Very nice Aunty, I love interview type of postings like this, makes things much clearer and makes us all feel real.

  4. I am not saving anything for my site...except Jane's thoughts on the session. She has not had time to do it yet...Thanks for the post Aunty!

    1. No worries. It just seemed that the interview was a bit short on your thoughts and feelings during the session so I thought there'd be more.