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'The Old Folks' - Guest Fiction

As Kimberley said in her update the other day we have some new fiction from the lovely Esskay. I'm always eager to see what he can come up with.  I hope you all are, too. The Spank Shop proudly presents The Old Folks.

  After more than forty years of marriage, Charlie Watson had a very good idea of what made his wife angry. Today he knew she was going to be angry -- but he wasn’t sure if she would be angry enough to spank him later that night.
  Charlie and Louise were “snowbirds,” spending half the year at their family home in the Boston area, and the other six months in a small home in an adult community near Orlando. Today was a golf day for Charlie -- he played three days a week while they were in Florida -- but heavy rains had closed the course for an hour, and he was going to be late getting home. He knew enough to call Louise to tell her he was going to be late, but she had unsympathetically reminded him they had a dinner date with some neighbors that evening and he had better get home on time. Once golf had resumed, Charlie’s choices boiled down to leaving after fifteen holes or running the risk of incurring his wife’s wrath. He decide to finish his round and skip a shower at the club, but while driving home he began to feel that he may have made the wrong decision.
  Forty-two years ago when they were newlyweds, Louise had spanked Charlie for the first time. In those days, driving after drinking wasn’t considered to be the horrific act it is now thought to be, and many men did it. But Louise Watson would not accept that act from her husband, and one night when Charlie drove home under the influence, she ordered him to remove the belt from his trousers, then made him undress and used his belt on him for the next five minutes. The young couple had never discussed the idea of physical punishment, but Louise felt she had done what was appropriate and Charlie accepted what she had done. A month later she spanked him again for completely different reasons; again he accepted the punishment as reasonable, and a structure had been created for their marriage that would last for more than four decades.
  Although neither of them had kept count, around their fortieth anniversary, Charlie had estimated that he had probably averaged a spanking every two to three months during their marriage, and after forty years he had likely been spanked by Louise two hundred times. It could have been even more than that, but having raised three children, there were probably many times when having kids in the house saved their dad from a spanking he would have otherwise received.
  Over the years, Louise had used several different implements for Charlie’s punishments, including a large paddle that she preferred, but she kept that paddle in their Boston home as packing for Florida necessitated bringing as little as possible South. She had brought three implements this year -- a belt, a hairbrush, and a leather strap. As they unpacked in Florida, she made a point of telling Charlie which implements she had available should he give her any reason to use them.
  Charlie had long ago accepted the fact that his wife was “in charge” and that he would be punished whenever she felt it was called for. Early in their marriage, he would get mad at himself for submissively accepting her dominance, but as the years advanced and more and more of their contemporaries ended up in divorce court, he felt much better about his situation. Maybe having the female as the authority figure was a better model for a marriage, he reasoned, and overall he felt there was much more good than bad in his life.
  Still, whenever he knew he was due for a spanking, he became fearful of both the pain and embarrassment that he knew was coming. He especially hated being spanked at the couple’s winter home. The units in Florida were on very small lots, and he was always concerned that neighbors might hear either the “thwack” of a strap on him, or his uncontrollable outbursts after a strap or brush landed on him.
  Charlie parked the car in their driveway, and rushed into the house. “A two-minute shower,” he said to Louise, “I’ll be ready in a few minutes.” But when he glanced at her, he saw exactly what he didn’t want to see: he called it “The Look.” She was frowning, with her eyes narrowed and focused right at him. She didn’t have to say it but he knew what it meant: “You are going to get a spanking tonight.”
  They picked up the other couple fifteen minutes late, and when they got to the restaurant they had missed their reservation and had to wait for a table. If there had been any doubt before, there was none now and Charlie knew what would happen when he and Louise got home.
  He tried to get through dinner in as normal a manner as possible, but it was difficult. No matter how many times a man may have been spanked in the past, he never gets used to it, and knowing he was due one that evening never leaves his mind. His smiles and banter were a false front--he knew what was coming, and he was a very unhappy man.
  After dinner, they dropped off the other couple and drove home in silence. Charlie’s thoughts were mostly about which implement he’d be feeling in a few minutes, the belt, brush, or strap.
  He had felt all three over the years, and had different thoughts about each of them. As long as he had to be spanked, he preferred a belt spanking. For a belt spanking, he was told to hold on to the back of a chair while Louise smacked his butt about fifty times with the doubled-up belt. While each swat stung, Charlie found her technique with the belt to be the least painful overall, and he even had some fond memories of belt spankings from the early days of the marriage. A few times in the first couple of years of their marriage, an apology from Charlie after a belt spanking had actually led to sex with Louise. Spankings with other implements had always been more severe, and even in the early days neither one of them would have thought about lovemaking on the same night as a heavy punishment.
  The strap was a frightful strip of leather that inflicted the most pain most quickly. For a strapping, Louise would tell him to lay naked on the bed, with two pillows under him to raise the target area.
  Each smack with the strap was both loud and painful, and frequently brought about a verbal reaction from Charlie. He greatly feared getting strapped while they were in Florida -- with the neighbor's homes so close he was always afraid that they might hear the sound of the strap landing, or his involuntary verbal reactions.
  But at least strappings were short -- Louise would lay on about 25 licks and see how red his butt had already become, so she would quit at that point. Charlie believed that Louise felt a strapping was the worst punishment she could give him, and that she saved strappings for what she considered to be the most offensive actions. But Charlie actually did not consider the strap to be as bad as a hairbrush spanking.
  For a hairbrush spanking, he would have to lay down over her lap in the classical spanking position, and he felt the most embarrassment being spanked in a way he considered to be particularly childish. A hairbrush spanking was quite the opposite of the strap -- each spank produced less pain than the strap did, but a session was much, much longer. Louise, who was left-handed, would move her left leg over his ankles to lock his legs into position, then grab his left arm with her right hand and hold it to the small of his back, while she slowly and methodically delivered the brush all over his butt and thighs. The pain built slowly but after several minutes would become simply awful. Louise would expend less of her own energy with a hairbrush spanking and could keep going for several minutes while the pain built steadily for the punished man. The only times Charlie had ever actually cried from a spanking from his wife had been during hairbrush spankings.
  They entered the house and Louise said simply, “Bedroom. Undress.” Charlie really didn’t have to be told that, he knew he would be bared and expected his punishment to be in the bedroom. He entered the room with Louise right behind him and started to undress. She took off the dress she had worn to dinner but stayed clothed otherwise, while he made himself completely naked.
  Charlie glanced at the window. It was open a few inches at the bottom. Once before ahead of a punishment, he had asked Louise if he could close the window. She had told him No and that if he deserved a punishment she didn’t care who heard it. So as much as he wished the window was closed this evening, he didn’t bother to ask.
  After taking her dress off, Louise walked straight to her dresser and opened the drawer in which she kept the three implements. Charlie continued to undress, but his eyes were fixed on the drawer while she reached in. “Please, the belt,” Charlie said to himself, hoping that Louise would feel today’s actions weren’t bad enough to deserve a more severe punishment.
  There had been times in the past when Louise had hesitated at the drawer, deciding at the last moment which implement would be appropriate for that day’s punishment. There was no such hesitation this time -- she had already decided what she was going to use. With Charlie watching intently, she opened the drawer, put her left hand in, and immediately took her hand back out.
  She had the hairbrush in her hand.
  Charlie sighed and looked down at the floor. He knew there was no appeal from her decision, and he understood the next ten minutes or so were going to be very painful. Only his socks remained on, and he slowly removed them to make himself completely naked.
  Louise sat on the end on the bed and looked at him. She realized that the word “spanking” had not been spoken by either of them tonight -- the two of them had been through the ritual so many times before it simply was not necessary to say the word any more, and, she also thought, he knew his actions today deserved a good, hard, extended punishment.
  The naked man walked slowly to the bed and stood at Louise’s left. He sighed again, then dutifully bent down and tried to balance himself as comfortably as possible over her lap. The smoothness of the silky garment he was resting on felt comfortable for the moment, but he knew that any enjoyable feeling would quickly disappear.
  Over the years, Louise had become a very proficient spanker who inflicted a great deal of pain on her target. Charlie, however, had learned how to at least minimize that pain. Yes, a spanking from his wife was going to hurt -- a lot -- but he had found through trial and error that while over her knee it was best for him to try to relax and keep his body as limp as possible. Stiffening up his body had seemed to make each spank on his butt and thighs feel worse, so he laid as passively as he could awaiting the first spank.
  In their early years together, Louise would often lecture Charlie about his behavior before she started to spank, but that had died out over the years and now she rarely spoke before starting to punish him. The brush started to fall almost immediately, and Charlie hadn’t quite relaxed his body as much as he had wanted to. Louise landed five very quick spanks to virtually the same spot on his left buttcheek, then followed up with five strokes to one spot on his right cheek.
  Charlie clenched his teeth trying to keep as quiet as possible, but of course it’s almost impossible to keep completely silent when a strong woman who is an experienced spanker is landing a heavy wooden brush on your backside. At first Charlie mostly groaned, thinking a lot about the neighbors who might hear any louder sounds, but as the number of spanks escalated and the pain grew it was becoming harder to stay quiet. For some reason, he thought, this one is hurting worse, more quickly than other spankings Louise had given him. Was she really angrier than other times, he thought. As he squirmed around on her lap, he thought that idea through -- no, if she was all that angry, she would have used the strap.
  I wish she did use the strap, Charlie thought as the pain built. She’d be done by now. How much longer is she going to continue, he asked himself, just as a particularly painful spank landed and brought out an involuntary loud “Ow!” that he greatly feared could be heard next door. He answered his own question, realizing that a hairbrush spanking from Louise was usually a long-length punishment. She’s probably only about half-done, he sadly told himself.
  He had limited his alcohol intake at dinner to just one drink since he was driving, but as the pain built he started to wonder if perhaps the drink might have helped to make this spanking more painful than others. He knew he was losing control and had no hope at all that the end might be near. He desperately felt like raising his voice as his pain-induced outbursts were becoming harder to control, he also (although he knew it would do little good) felt an urge to apologize to Louise and plead with her to stop. But he didn’t feel he could control his voice well enough to do so at a safe volume level.
  This spanking was worse than anything he had suffered in many years, he told himself, and he felt himself to be completely helpless. The pain had already surpassed anything he could remember, he was locked into position with his legs anchored and his left arm pinned behind his back, his right arm was grasping the bed but couldn’t be used to defend himself, and he needed to scream out but was afraid to because of the neighbors. Charlie was as miserable as he had even been during a punishment from Louise.
  Why didn’t I quit after fifteen holes?, he asked himself as spank after spank after yet another spank made the pain grow. Golf’s not worth this, he said to himself. When is she going to stop? This has to be the worst one ever, he thought as he tried -- completely unsuccessfully -- to avoid the brush. He also realized the pain was so intense that he could no longer lay in place passively and his muscles had stiffened -- maybe that’s why this was hurting so much. How long has it been? How many times has she hit me?, he thought. How many more?
  Charlie realized that for the first time in a long time, he was close to crying. He just couldn’t control himself tonight, he felt his shoulders starting to heave and his eyes filling up with tears. He was desperate now and could no longer stay quiet. Maybe the neighbors would hear, maybe they wouldn’t. All that mattered was getting Louise to stop.
  “Please, Lou, please stop,” he begged, having no idea how loud his voice actually sounded and if it could be heard beyond the bedroom. He realized tears were muffling his pleas but continued to try to get her to listen. “I’m sorry, Lou, I’m really, really sorry.” The spanks kept coming, however, and the tears were becoming heavier. “I’ll be good, Lou, please, I promise, I’ll be good. Please no more. Please.”
  He was now crying heavily and loudly. The thought of the neighbors hearing was no longer important. He just needed her to stop.
  She didn’t stop but she slowed the cadence a bit. “You’re almost 70 years old, but sometimes you act like a 7-year old,” she scolded. “How dare you make everybody late because of your golf game? Today you were just a bad little selfish boy.”
  “I’m sorry, Lou, I’m so so sorry,” he tried to say, but heavy tears made the statement almost unintelligible. “I’ll never do it again,” he blurted out. He truly sounded like -- and felt like -- that 7-year old.
  Charlie’s first thought the next morning was how badly his butt still ached. Louise was already making breakfast for them and as he sit down at the table as carefully as possible, he winced a bit. Louise smiled, but in a sympathetic way -- it was a new day and as she saw it the slate was clean.
  As was their usual routine, they had the Today Show on television while they ate, and chatted through most of the commercials. Charlie apologized for his bad choices the day before, then Louise rose and kissed him lightly, saying she had not seen that kind of reaction from him in a long time. He agreed, remarking that he did not know why everything seemed to hurt much worse last night than he ever remembered.
  “I’ll keep that in mind for next time,” Louise said. She was smiling as she said it, but Charlie knew that yes, there was bound to be a “next time” in his future.
  He dressed after breakfast, but turned around by the mirror to try to see what his butt looked like this morning. It had a telltale bluish tint and he was pleased that he was not going to be playing golf today--he would not want to be seen in the shower today. Even though it was a warm Florida day he chose a pair of full-length pants rather than shorts to make sure his thighs would not be visible.
  He went out to the front porch to read the Sentinel, as was his normal morning practice. The woman who lived in the house to his left was doing some early-morning gardening as she often did. “Morning, Charlie,” she said. “How are you feeling today?”
  “Fine, Bea, thanks,” he replied, but as he hid his face behind the newspaper he asked himself “What did she mean by ‘how are you feeling today?’. Was that a casual comment or did it mean she knew what had taken place the night before? Has she known for a while? Do other people in the development know? Does everyone know?
  His stomach felt uneasy and he started to sweat. He knew her husband Jack would be out shortly as the two men usually took a long walk on mornings when he did not play golf. Jack was from the New York area, and many of their walks ended up in animated conversations about the Yankees and Red Sox. But that was not on Charlie’s mind this morning. Did Jack hear what happened last night? Did he know? He started to sweat a little more and regretted that he had not put shorts on instead of long pants.
  At about 9:15, Jack emerged from his house. “Ready, old man?,” he asked jovially. Charlie wished he wasn’t going to take the walk, but felt it best to stay to the normal routine. The two men stepped off as usual.
  Before they had even reached the end of the block, Jack asked, “Rough night last night?”
  “What do you mean?” Charlie asked nervously.
  “Your windows were open. What did you do that made Louise so angry?”
  Charlie sighed. Jack knew. Everybody knew. “I stayed too long at golf yesterday and screwed up a dinner date with the Harpers.”
  “Well, don’t feel too bad,” Jack said. “It could be worse.”
  “How?” Charlie asked.
  “Bea uses a cane,” Jack answered. “But at least she lets me close the windows.”

Louise's little travelling 'arsenal'.


  1. Just have to say for any readers who think this story is far-fetched or too unrealistic in some way.....
    It could have been taken directly from my life. I get that this could be someone's fantasy writing...but, they got it exactly right..I know!

  2. What a lovely and heart warming story about a wonderful and caring relationship between two people. Loved it and on the re-read list already. I also loved the realism of him comparing the spankings and that the hairbrush was the worst for him, I think many of us would agree with that. Then on top of it all, he gets the true hairbrush spanking of his live, over her caring lap. Amazing story, thank you.

  3. I know Esskay really appreciates the feedback, so I thank anyone who takes the time to comment. I also welcome Tony to the Spank Shop, as he is a first time commenter. I do hope you enjoy your time here. This had a wicked little twist at the end which I really loved.