Monday, 1 July 2013

July Update from Kimberley Susan

Here we are already in July! My goodness! It's almost time to think about Christmas shopping. I'm sure there's a calendar somewhere that is already counting the shopping days down. However before we can do that I need to give you a July update.

I know Aunty will post later in the month about this and she may have already said it a few times, but I'll repeat it for the sake of being thorough.

Aunty is going away on a well deserved and long holiday. She's decided to close the shop for that period, so I'm going to take a break too. Mum will still be around, but she wants to catch up on some renovation work in the house. She'll keep an eye on the shop and Andrea's house, but the shop will be closed for that period as will the blog.

So we'll be off the air from July 20 until late August/early September. You can still come here and read what has been posted and even leave responses, but please be aware that no new work will be posted during that period and comments will go unanswered.

I just thought this was a fun pic that illustrates the type of apron we use here. I think there's meant to be a correlation between the sausages and something else, but I'll get in trouble if I go any further there, and my bottom will end up the same colour as that girl's apron.

Back to the update. I think there will be time to post one more Seegee Spank Shop story before we close up. I believe one is being worked on. Although we shut up on the 20th Aunty still wants to do an SotM for July, so please send in nominations. If we don't get enough we'll keep it open through August and maybe post one for July and August.

That will be the final SotM as well, because we've done 12 months and that was the original intention. It hasn't been quite as popular as we'd hoped, which is a shame, but c'est la vie.

What will happen when we have the final girl is that there will be a post detailing all the nominations and what they were nominated for. We'll have a run off to see who is the most popular. The winner will feature in a story about her visit to the Spank Shop, written by Aunty.

I think that's everything.

We got this collage sent in by a follower and I really liked it, and the collage post was fun, so here it is for your enjoyment.

So many lovely red bottoms!

Kimberley Susan


  1. Everyone deserves a vaccy now and again. Have a good time, both you and Aunty. I'm sure you'll be pressed into duty riding herd on your little brother and sister occasionally as your Mum will require a bit of time off herself.

    One of the first things I noticed about the young lady in the apron (aside from her lack of clothing) was the rack of sausages and their presumed significance. Frankly, it made me a bit uncomfortable. Their appearance is remarkably... realistic. And, as for the composite, I imagine it wouldn't entirely pass muster with either Aunty or you, considering all the red bottoms are female, but I like it all the same... ;-)


    1. Thank you Phil. Kim's also taking off somewhere. She tells me that it will be somewhere with a beach and a lot of handsome young men. Chelsea will have to help Mum out with the twins.

      Yes, a few male bottoms wouldn't have gone astray in the composite, but it was still quite cute. I agree with Kim there. We did our best to ignore the sausages and concentrate on the apron, which was really rather fetching.

  2. Aunty and Kimberley,

    Aunty enjoy your extended holiday, well earned and I hope you get some rest and relaxation. I wonder who the lucky person will be to lay over your lap when you return all rested!!??


    You as well enjoy your time off, we will miss you very much and thank you of course for the apron picture, very nice.

    Ladies, will miss you but so happy you will be on holiday, enjoy and be safe.

    1. Thank you Ron. We will miss all the fun at the shop, but I know that we'll both have a wonderful time and we will return.