Tuesday, 24 September 2013

In the eye of the beholder

Hello my lovelies! It's been a long time since I did one of my apropos of nothing rambling posts, so something I saw today reminded me of that and I thought I'd share it with everyone.

It has always interested me how any two people can read a piece of writing or view a drawing or picture and yet come away with two totally different opinions, despite the fact that they both saw the same thing.

This is a classic spanking drawing:

I don't know who drew it or where it came from, but I can remember seeing it when I first got onto the internet many years ago and looked for spanking images. I can't really say googled, because back then I don't even think Google was the dominant browser, if it was around at all.

It is an absolutely lovely image, but it leaves so many questions and any number of possible conclusions which are really only bounded by our imaginations.

Firstly who is the lovely lady with the glasses? She looks a little young to be the mother of the young man over her lap. So is she a big sister, a babysitter, a teacher, a youngish aunt, maybe even a pretty neighbour?

Now why is she spanking him? What did he do to find himself over those long legs? She certainly isn't angry about it, whatever it was. So maybe it wasn't that bad, or maybe she just really likes spanking. That's not a grimace on her face, it's a grin.

The boy's age and expression are also a curiosity. He looks like someone in their early to mid teens to me, but he could be a very young looking older teen or even an adult. He may be younger and well developed for his age. Because he's clearly a fair boy there is no evidence of any facial hair and he's lightly built so that makes it even harder to actually pick his real age.

Now then there is his expression. He doesn't seem very worried, the expression is frozen between surprise, concern and maybe even a hint of joyful anticipation. His posture indicates that he's no stranger to being over a set of womanly thighs (maybe even these same thighs in the past) or having his bottom bared for his spankings. Maybe he did whatever earned him this deliberately because he has a crush on his spanker and wants her to do this to him?

Whatever the circumstances or feelings of the participants this is such a beautiful and classic image of spanking. It's over the knee, with the spanker seated on a bed, the boys pants are down around his knees, leaving his bottom bare for the attentions of her hand, and the hand is the only thing evident for her to spank with. his body is fully supported by the bed which means she's probably going to settle in for a good long bottom warming.

I hope you enjoy seeing this again and it gives you some food for thought.

Aunty Andrea.


  1. Hi

    Aunty, this is a true classic, never saw this one before and brings me back to growing up, either mom or one of my aunts.....just a terrific picture, thank you for sharing a classic otk hand spanking. Love it.

  2. Hello Aunty, I have seen this before it's a very nice art. It does have many questions to it. I see the lady who lives down the street. She is a sexy lady in the eyes of young boy. You watch her and she walks everyday to the small corner store and does her shopping. One day you go into her home and race to her bedroom and find some of her panties and race out and share them with your friends. Only thing is that one of them get caught with a pair and told his mom all about how he got them. You watch her leave again and the dash is on to get more stuff. Only to find that she just walked down the street and into her backdoor. This is what happens when you get caught with a sexy lady's panties. Thank you Aunty

  3. This is truly in the eye of the beholder. I've always seen this one as playful. The woman is clearly enjoying the prospect of spanking the boy, his pants are just below his bottom and seem to have been pulled down after he is over her lap, which suggests that she did it, with or without his input. He seem a little uncertain, but not fearful, as though he trusts the woman. I've always seen it as an older sister who's talked him into letter her spank him, or perhaps a babysitter who's done the same thing. I don't think it's his idea exactly (maybe he's suggested it at one time or another, jokingly) but I think they'll both like it.

  4. Thank you all for the comments and this is exactly the sort of discussion I wanted to generate when I posted the piece.

  5. What a terrific illustration! I am envious, not only of the young man about to get what he's been dreaming about, but of the artist. I always appreciate drawings where there is emotion in the expressions, and the expressions here are wonderfully depicted in a way that can convey different scenarios, depending on the personality and imagination of the viewer. Not an easy thing to achieve, inviting the viewer to take an active role in the art. Too bad the lower corner is blotted out - it might have had a signature. Thanks for posting this, Aunty!

    1. Thanks RR. It is a really excellent piece of work. If anyone out there does know who the artist, that piece of information would be appreciated.

    2. I originally saw it posted somewhere with the word or name "ACE" in the lower left corner, if that helps.