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'New Rules'

Just because I wasn't able to use the internet or post much didn't mean that Seegee wasn't busy and here is another tale. This one is standalone and features a stepmother bonding with her new daughter.

Rebecca shows Ferris she means business.

From CF Shots. Rebecca takes the hairbrush to her stepdaughter's behind.

From Girl Spanks Girl. Ferris' bottom after her stepmother got through with it.

It took a moment for the ringing of the phone to penetrate Rebecca Hammond’s dreams. The brunette rolled over in bed, picked up the receiver and mumbled, “Yes?” while eyeing off the display on the digital clock on the bedside table. The bright green digits read 2:17. That woke Rebecca up fully. Who on earth would ring at that time?

“Mrs Hammond?” an official sounding voice on the other end asked.

“This is she,” Rebecca replied. “Who is this?”

“You have a fifteen year old daughter called Ferris?” the male voice asked.

“My stepdaughter. What is this about?”

“This is the police…”

“Police!” Rebecca squawked, sitting up. “Is Ferris alright? Has there been an accident?”

“Nothing like that, ma’am,” the voice said sounding amused. “One of the officers picked Ferris and her friend Jenny up in a car with a boy called Daniel, the boy wasn’t licensed and he’d taken his father’s car for a joyride without telling him.”

“Oh God!” Rebecca muttered. “Give me some time to get dressed and I’ll come and pick her up.”

As Rebecca walked into the police station she reflected that she should have seen this coming. She had married Ferris’ widowed father Hank, six months ago and the spoiled and indulged adolescent had been pushing the envelope further and further ever since the marriage. She had picked her time carefully. Her father was on a camping holiday with Rebecca’s nine-year old son Max, in order to bond with the boy, and so Ferris knew she’d only have to face the new and presumably less certain parent.

Rebecca shook her head. Hank would have hit the roof if he’d been home when the police called. As it was they didn’t like the boy she’d been found in the car with. They approved of Jenny, but only because she and Ferris had known each other forever. Obviously Rebecca didn’t know whose idea the joyride had been, but she was pretty sure her stepdaughter would have been the one who suggested that they do it.

“Told you she was staying with us, didn’t she?” Jenny’s father, a hefty greying man asked Rebecca as she joined them in the waiting room, while the police arranged for the girls to be reunited with their parents.

With an embarrassed smile, Rebecca nodded.

“Jenny said she was spending the night at your house,” the girl’s mother added.

“Her behind’s got a date with my belt when we get her home,” Jenny’s father growled.

“Ferris won’t be pleased with the results of her night’s entertainment either,” Rebecca promised them.


“Go to bed,” Rebecca told the blonde girl as they got in the door.

Ferris’ blue eyes regarded her stepmother. “So that’s it?” she asked, wrinkling her nose. “The cops pick me up, ring you in the middle of the night and you just say go to bed? Are you going to wait until Dad gets home to punish me?”

“No, Ferris,” Rebecca sighed. “I will deal with this and you’re not going to like it, but it is after three in the morning. I’d like to get back to my interrupted sleep and you probably should get some rest as well. We will discuss this in the morning when we both have clearer heads.”

The girl gave Rebecca an odd look, but shrugged and said, “Okay,” before turning her back and going up the stairs to her bedroom.


“The police rang you after two in the morning?” Hank Hammond said into his cell phone at around eight in the morning.

“Yes,” Rebecca confirmed.

“I’m sorry, love,” Hank apologized.

“Oh no, don’t be,” his wife reassured him. “We both knew something like this could happen at some point.”

“True,” Hank agreed. “I just wish I was there. Should I come home?”

“Oh no! Don’t do that. I can handle this. I think she planned this to an extent when you weren’t here. She probably thought we’d both have cooled off by the time you got home.”

Hank chuckled. “I love my girl, but she’s bitten off more than she can chew this time, Becca.”

“Oh I very much think so. Is Max there? Can I speak to him, please?”

“Sure. Max, it’s your Mum.”

“Hi Mum!”

“How are you, sweetie?”

“Fantastic!” the nine year-old answered enthusiastically. “I caught a fish yesterday and Dad showed me how to clean it and we had it for supper.”

“Was it yummy?”

“Very. Dad and I are hiking up to the top of the mountain today.”

“I’m glad you’re having a good time.”

“Oh yeah, camping is the best!”

“Love you honey, can you put Dad back on, please?”

“I can’t tell you how it makes me feel when he calls me Dad,” Hank told his wife.

“I’m so pleased that he’s taken to you, Hank. He never knew his Dad, so he likes having one.”

“He’s a great kid. Are you going to put that plan we spoke about for Ferris into action?”

“Yes, I think this is more than serious enough.”

“I agree, you’re sure you don’t want me there?”

“No, dear. I think I can handle this. In some ways I think it’s better if it’s woman to woman and it may even break down some walls between us.”

“I trust you, ‘Becca.”

“Thank you, Hank. It’ll all be good, you’ll see.”

“It will and it’s not like she hasn’t had it coming. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.”


“Do you want some breakfast?” Rebecca asked as Ferris padded into the kitchen, dressed in her pajamas.

“Yeah,” the girl answered, sitting down at the kitchen table.

Rebecca put eggs, bacon and toast onto a plate and wondered if the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ were in the girl’s vocabulary. If they were she never used them with her stepmother.

With a fresh cup of coffee, Rebecca sat down across from Ferris and watched her fall on the food.


“Yeah, the cops scared us last night.”

“Well, you and your friends scared us, young lady.”

Ferris rolled her eyes at the ‘young lady’ and asked, “So how long is it going to be?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“My grounding. How long?”

“What makes you think you’re getting grounded?”

“Duh,” the girl replied. “I got picked up by the cops last night. What else are you going to do to me?”

“Do you think Jenny is getting grounded?”

Clouds scudded across Ferris’ blue eyes and she stopped eating to consider the question. “Ummmm…I don’t know…her Mum and Dad are a bit old fashioned…” the girl’s cheeks coloured briefly.

“Yes, I ran into them when I came to pick you up from the station. I was very much under the impression that Jennifer will be eating her breakfast standing up today.”

Ferris’s blush deepened and she turned her attention to her half empty plate.

“You’ve known Jenny since preschool, Ferris. You sleep over there quite often, surely you know her parents spank her,” Rebecca queried her stepdaughter.

“Uhhhh…yeah. I guess.”

“Have they ever spanked you?” Rebecca asked, unable to keep a smile from flitting across her lips.

“What? God, no!” Ferris turned shocked eyes on her stepmother. “They’ve threatened, but never done it.”

“But you know it happens to Jenny?”


“How is that?”

Ferris shrugged. “She’s my friend. We talk,” she paused. “She’s got it a couple of times when I’ve been there.”

“You’ve seen Jennifer spanked?” Rebecca asked with interest, she hadn’t expected this when she started her line of questioning.

“No,” Ferris answered, “They do it in her room or her Dad’s study, but you can hear. It sounds like they’re murdering her from the yells.”

Rebecca chuckled.

Ferris seemed to take offence. “It really hurts!”

“I’m sure it does. Spankings generally do, Ferris. That’s they’re punishments, it’s also why they’re quite effective.”

Ferris pushed her plate away and sipped her juice. She regarded Rebecca from beneath her fringe of dirty blonde hair. “Have you ever been spanked?” she asked shyly.

“Yes,” Rebecca answered clearly. “I was spanked as a girl.”

“When you were my age?”

“I got my last one when I was sixteen and before you ask, yes it hurt and yes in hindsight I deserved it, although no doubt at the time I thought it was dreadfully unfair.”

Ferris shifted nervously in her chair and asked, “So if you’re not going to ground me what are you going to do?”

“I thought about extra chores, and I may still do that, but I’d really like to get this over and done with and not have a sulky teenager moping about the house whining about how hard her life sucks.”

Ferris swallowed hard, she had a very bad feeling about this.

“What do you think I do to Max when he’s naughty?”

“I dunno. Max is a pretty good kid.”

“True, he is,” Rebecca was proud of how well her son behaved and she knew Ferris liked having a younger brother. “However like all little boys he is naughty sometimes and when he is Mummy spanks his bottom.”

Ferris suddenly felt her mouth dry up.  “He’s a little kid, though.”

“You think you’re too old to be spanked?” Rebecca asked.

“Ummm….yes,” Ferris answered.

“But Jenny isn’t? I wasn’t?”

“No,” a flustered Ferris said. “That’s not what I meant.”

“There are some people, Ferris that think a child should be immune from spanking once they reach a certain age. I’m not one of those people, young lady. I’m a believer that if you behave like a child then you are treated like a child.”

“You’re going to spank me?” Ferris croaked, her eyes wide and staring at the composed dark haired lady across the table from her.

“Do you think it’s unfair? Was your behaviour last night that of a mature and responsible adult? You lied to me, you lied to Jenny’s parents, and you will be calling them to apologise for that by the way, and you made a very silly decision to get into a car driven by a boy who was not licenced to drive. You knew he didn’t have a licence, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Ferris muttered.

“Yes, what?” Rebecca asked, her voice sharp. “Look at me when I am speaking to you, young lady.”

Ferris raised her eyes and said, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Better,” Rebecca said approvingly.

“So when are you going to do it?” Ferris asked, unable to stop her bottom tingling, even though she’d never been so much as swatted on the behind before she could still hear Jenny’s screams as her mother applied the hairbrush to her bare bottom or her Dad leathered it with his belt, while his daughter bent over the desk in his study. She also remembered a couple of viewings Jenny had given her of the freshly spanked posterior. Jenny’s usually smooth white globes had been a deep glowing red and they were hot to the touch. She could also remember what Jenny had tearfully told her, about how humiliating it was to have her parents see her bare below the waist and how much it hurt when their hands hit her rear or the brush or the belt exploded on it. The sting and the burn. Ferris shuddered.

“Well,” Rebecca said, rising to her feet, collecting Ferris plate and taking it to the sink. “I think that it’s best to put this unpleasantness behind us as soon as possible. You’re probably not going to feel like going anywhere or doing anything afterwards, so as you’re already in your pj’s now is the ideal time.”

Ferris felt a sick, sliding sensation in her stomach. Jenny had always said it was better to get it done quick, apparently waiting was the worst, it was part of why she elected to be spanked even when Ferris was there, because it got it over with quickly and she didn’t have to wait knowing what was coming, it was even worth the additional embarrassment of her best friend hearing her get it and her howling her lungs out.

“Does Dad know about this?’ Ferris asked in a last ditch attempt. Even as she posed the question she knew what the answer would be. She could remember a conversation she’d had with her father not long after he married Rebecca. ‘There will be changes here, princess,’ he said to her seriously. ‘What Rebecca says goes, she will be as much in charge of your discipline as I am. You may have to get used to some new rules.’

“Yes, your father and I have discussed this,” Rebecca answered crisply.

“Does he know about last night?” Ferris asked in a small voice.

“I rang him this morning and told him, “ Rebecca answered. “We spoke about my suggestion that we do things the old fashioned way. He wasn’t happy about it, and to be honest neither am I, but we both think that you’ve left us with little other option, young lady.”

Ferris took a deep shuddering breath.

“Why don’t you unload the dishwasher?” Rebecca suggested to her stepdaughter. “Put our breakfast dishes in there and you can join me in the living room.”

Farris stared at her stepmother. This was completely surreal. The woman had just told her that she was going to spank her for last night’s stunt and now she was calmly asking her to do a chore that normally her younger stepbrother performed.

“The dishwasher is Max’s thing,” she said.

“Do you see Max anywhere, Ferris? You know full well he’s camping with your father. I’ve been picking up the slack, but I’ve had enough. You can do it this morning. Given what we’ve just been discussing do you really want me any more annoyed with you than I already am?”

Ferris couldn’t help notice that Rebecca’s fists were on her hips and her foot was tapping. She’d seen Jenny’s mother adopt the same pose, it was usually followed by Mrs Sandilands hauling her daughter upstairs to her room by the ear and turning her rear end a scorching lobster red over her lap. “Ummm…no,” the teenager said weakly, getting to her feet and heading for the dishwasher.


While the girl was occupied in the kitchen Rebecca went upstairs to collect her hairbrush from her dressing table. Given Max’s age she generally only used her hairbrush on his behind for the really serious things. Her hand and a wooden spoon, sometimes a ruler, and one occasion the sole of a sandal, were normally more than sufficient for the job. The brush had always been her mother’s ultimate sanction and after she turned twelve she couldn’t remember getting a spanking where the brush hadn’t been used after her mother’s hand had suitably warmed and coloured her adolescent cheeks.

Ferris was a different case. It was true that the girl had never been spanked before, so even her hand, toughened by spanking her son’s rear end, would come as a shock to her, but she was fifteen, nearly sixteen and had behaved abominably. It wasn’t just last night’s escapade, there had been a number of incidents ever since the marriage, last night’s had been the worst, especially since it involved her friend, but this spanking was for the last six months of behaviour. All the rudeness, the sullen refusal to even show Rebecca some respect by using the words please and thank you, all the teenage angst. While the girl’s bottom would be quite tender afterwards, it could take the brush, in Rebecca’s mind it NEEDED the brush.

Ferris came into the living room and saw her stepmother seated on the couch. There was a hairbrush lying on her lap. Ferris had a brush for her own hair, but it was a plastic thing she’d gotten cheap at a local supermarket, nothing like Rebecca’s brush. Her stepmother’s hairbrush was made out of wood. It had a long handle and a broad oval back. It looked like Mrs Sandilands’ brush, the one that burned Jenny’s bottom. Ferris had never picked up her stepmother’s hairbrush, so she didn’t know how much it weighed, but she had once picked up Mrs Sandilands’ brush on a dare from Jenny. The two girls had given each other a smack on the bottom with the brush and it had stung, but they were too hyped on adrenalin and the thoughts of what would happen if they were busted to really pay a lot of attention. They weren’t even supposed to go into the master bedroom, let alone pick up something belonging to Jenny’s Mum and muck about with it.

“Dishes all put away?” Rebecca asked casually, paying no attention to the item in her lap or how Ferris gaze was irresistibly drawn to it.

The girl licked her lips to moisten them and nodded quickly.

“Good. Now shall we get this done?”


Rebecca sighed. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“There should have been a please on that and I really would like it if you’d call me Mum, Ferris.”

That was too much for Ferris. “You’re not my Mum!” she blurted out, tears in her eyes.
“No, Ferris. I didn’t give birth to you, but I do love your father and I do care very much about you. That’s why I’m doing this. Maybe Mum is a bit too much to ask, but I don’t think common courtesy is and I can’t remember you ever saying please or thank you to me for anything.”

Wiping angrily at her eyes Ferris said, ”Okay. I guess that’s fair.” She recalled a conversation she’d had with Jenny about how she treated Rebecca. The other girl couldn’t believe that she got away with it. Her exact words had been ‘If I was like that with my Mum I’d get my butt blistered.’ If even Jenny thought she was being rude to Rebecca then she guessed she was. She had been a brat where Rebecca was concerned and her Dad really did love her and he’d been pretty lonely for as long as Ferris could remember until he met Rebecca via an online dating site, and Max was pretty cool.

“Come to me, sweetheart,” Rebecca said gently and the girl shuffled over. Rebecca used a tissue to clean the tears and wipe her nose. “I don’t enjoy this Ferris. I truly don’t, but I think it’s very necessary and I can only hope that it helps our relationship after. It is after all a Mummy’s job to spank her children’s bottoms when they’re naughty and you have been a very naughty girl.”

Each word seemed to penetrate into Ferris. Rebecca was using babytalk, but it was all true. She had been horrible and she deserved this punishment. Maybe some part of her wanted it. Every time Jenny got spanked and she was involved some small section of her mind wished that Mr and Mrs Sandilands would spank her too. Jenny and her parents seemed to have such a great close relationship. She didn’t know if she could do this, but after Rebecca had spanked her and Dad was home she was going to talk to him about maybe including him in any future spankings, if any were needed, which she alternately hoped weren’t and wished maybe were.

Ferris shivered as she felt Rebecca’s hands on her hips and then her fingers hook themselves into the waistband of her pajama pants. Rebecca started to slide the pants over the girl’s waist and down her coltish legs. “Bare?” she whispered.

“Yes, bare,” Rebecca confirmed in a stern voice that was not unkind. “I was always spanked on my bare bottom and I think it’s the best way.”

Ferris felt fresh tears spring to her eyes. She had known from the moment that Rebecca was bent on spanking her that it would be on her bare bottom. It was how Jenny always got it. That still didn’t make it any less of a shock to the system of a previously unspanked teen.

“There are a few reasons why bare is best,” Rebecca continued sensing that Ferris seemed to need some sort of reassurance, and despite the fact that the girl had gone out of her way to annoy her stepmother and concern her father, she was still aware that Ferris was a scared fifteen year old. “Some of it is physical. I can see your bottom and feel it under my hand, I can also see how red it’s getting and feel how hot it is. The colour and the temperature are a good guide to me as to whether I’m spanking hard enough and long enough or too lightly and not enough.”

Ferris took a deep shuddering breath as her pajama pants pooled around her ankles and she tipped over Rebecca’s lap and settled into position, with her twitching bottom pointing at the ceiling and feeling as vulnerable as it ever had in her life.

“The other thing is mental,” Rebecca said, gliding her hand over the trembling mounds and coaxing them to relax. Hitting a tensed bottom was harder on the hand and the buttocks themselves. Ferris would tense up at some point, but it was better to begin on a relaxed set of cheeks. “Especially for someone your age. Spanking you on the bare bottom over my knee really drives home to you that you have behaved like a child, so you will therefore be punished like a child and believe me young lady once the sting and the burn kicks in you’ll carry on just like a six year old.”

Despite how ominous Rebecca’s words were Ferris couldn’t help but lay limply in her life and actually enjoy the little massage her backside was getting. The girl had never been treated like this by a maternal figure and she was enjoying the attention. She felt her muscles untense and relax. Just as they did she heard a loud crack and then felt a sharp sting which made her let out a surprised, “Owww!”

Rebecca smiled at the reaction to that first slap and landed another one on the opposite cheek. That got a similar expression of discomfort from her teenage stepdaughter. Rebecca tightened her grip a little around the girl’s waist, pulled her in closer and began to land stinging smacks all over the surface of Ferris’ buttocks and upper thighs. As fresh stinging sprang up where Rebecca’s palm struck and the temperature steadily rose Ferris began to squirm a little in a vain attempt to avoid the spanks.

Once the cheeks over her lap were a hot bubblegum pink Rebecca began to up the tempo. She would concentrate a volley on one spot getting wails from Ferris that she was sorry and wouldn’t be naughty again and couldn’t Rebecca please spank somewhere else, before moving onto another area.

Ferris was glowing a strawberry red from her thighs to the base of her spine and her tears were flowing freely when Rebecca was satisfied that she was sufficiently warmed up for the brush. She waved her hand a little to cool it down and check that it wasn’t totally numb. Ferris was a fit young woman and she was just starting to get into sport seriously, so her bottom was quite firm, although it no doubt ached at this moment.

The adolescent did not initially realize that her stepmother had stopped spanking her. The only thing she was focused on were the fires raging through her rear. It stung and throbbed. Ferris had immense respect for her stepbrother and best friend now if they went through this every time they misbehaved. How had any part of her wanted this? Even as she thought that though there was something nice about being in Rebecca’s warm comforting lap and knowing that someone cared enough to pull her into line and discipline her effectively.

Rebecca rubbed the girl’s back and spoke to her gently, softly and soothingly. “I’m sorry,” Ferris sobbed.

“I know you are, sweetheart, but you know we aren’t done yet, don’t you?”

Ferris remembered the hairbrush she had seen sitting in Rebecca’s lap when she first came into the living room. “The brush?” she stammered.

“Yes, honey, the brush,” Rebecca confirmed.

“Do you have to?”

“Ferris be honest with me, darling, but do you think you’ve really paid for how you’ve behaved towards me and your father?”

The girl thought of some of the things she had said to her parents and some of the things she’d done since they had announced they were marrying and of what Jenny probably went through last night under her Dad’s strap. “No,” she admitted in a shaking voice.

“I didn’t think so, either,” Rebecca said. “Now you just lay there and relax for a bit, baby. The brush is different. It doesn’t have the give of the hand and it’s heaver, it also stings more, but I won’t break your bottom and you’ll get to totally release and have a good cry. You’ll feel better after that. I always did.”

Despite how bizarre that sounded there was something to what Rebecca said. A good hard cry did help. It always had. Jenny said the same thing. She admitted that her bum hurt like hell and felt like it was going to burst into flames, but once that went away and her tears had dried she said she was refreshed and relaxed again and she knew her parents loved her.

WHACK! The back of the oval hairbrush exploded across Ferris’ simmering rump. The girl’s eyes opened wide and her body stiffened, then the sting hit and she howled. Rebecca’s hand had hurt, especially when the sting and the burn settled in, but the brush was a whole new kind of ouch.

Rebecca smiled at her stepdaughter’s reaction, she had no doubt done much the same thing the first time she experienced the hairbrush over her own mother’s lap. As Ferris was still recovering from that first smack she administered a second one. That was a spank landed on top of an already burning brand and Ferris barely had time for a fresh breath before she was wailing, “That hurtssss!”

As Rebecca continued to land stinging swats with the brush to Ferris wildly bucking backside and her desperately wriggling upper thighs she told the girl that it was meant to hurt and she was learning a much needed lesson.

Ferris bawled and sniffed as her nose started to stream along with her eyes. As her legs burst into flame she sobbed out, “I’m sorreeeee, Mummeeee!”

Rebecca was so shocked at hearing Ferris call her Mummy that she actually stopped. “Do you mean that sweetheart?” she asked gently.

“What?” Ferris hiccupped miserably. “Yes, I’m really sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“You called me Mummy, Ferris,” Rebecca told her.

“Yes,” Ferris blubbered. “You’re treating me like a real Mum.”

“Oh darling,” Rebecca said and put the brush aside. It hadn’t been what her mother would consider a proper hairbrushing, but it had been enough for the girl over her lap and it had broken down barriers. She lifted Ferris and settled the girl into her lap.

“Ouch!” Ferris exclaimed as her sore bottom contacted Rebecca’s lap and she squirmed to find a more comfortable spot. She looked into her stepmother’s green eyes, giggled and then lay her head on the older woman’s breast.

Rebecca sighed with pleasure and stroked Ferris’s hair, rubbed her back and spoke to her gently and soothingly. It was different with a girl than a boy and Rebecca had to admit that she loved it.


When Hank Hammond arrived home with Max a couple of days later, Rebecca ushered him into the kitchen, while the boy put his gear upstairs in his room. Hank was seated at the table and served by a smiling Ferris. The girl said, “I hope you like it, Dad. Mum and I made it special for you.”

Hank looked down at the cooked breakfast his daughter had placed on the plate, then heard her call Rebecca Mum. He stared at his grinning wife and asked as Ferris turned back to the stove, “Did she just call you Mum?”

“Yes, she did,” Rebecca confirmed. “It’s amazing what a good old fashioned spanking can do for a girl.”


  1. I love this one.....thank you so much and terrific pictures to go along. Note my favorite bottom Lily Anna getting the brush, wow, nice.

  2. Thank you Ron. I wasn't actually aware that was Lily until now, but yes it is, she makes such a good naughty girl.

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