Sunday, 1 September 2013

September Update from Kimberley Susan

Welcome back! Maybe that should be you saying that to me. Sorry I'm just a little scattered at present.

I'm sure many of you are thinking if Aunty and I are both back from our holiday why aren't we posting lots?

There's a few reasons. One is that we have an internet issue, that should be fixed later this month. Two is that when you come back from a long break there's so much work to get done and three is that it takes a little while to get back into the swing of things once you're back at home.

Because of the internet issue we haven't got as much planned as Aunty and I would like, but there will be a few things take place later in the month. Seegee has a new Spank Shop adventure, so we'll post that as soon as the internet allows us to.

When Aunty and I tallied up all the SotM's we realised that even without one for August we had a Rogue's Gallery of 12. We'll do a special post with all the nominees and why they earned the 'honour' to refresh you all.

Aunty will be asking for votes either on the post or you can email her, about who you all think is the most deserving. The 'winner' will star in a story about her visit to the shop to collect her 'reward' and that will be penned by Aunty herself, so make your choice wisely and think abut whose rump you most want to see Aunty redden.

I leave you with one of those montages I like so much. This one has everything. Crying girls, yelling girls, girls over female laps and male ones, various implements, lots of hot red bottoms. Honestly what more could you want?

Kimberley Susan


  1. Hi

    Just glad you all had a wonderful holiday...and being so busy when you get home means, it was truly a lovely holiday. Happy for you all but glad you are back home and the Shop will be warming bottoms soon.

    Not sure if you caught Ms. Cirus act on the MTV awards, she was dressed to be spanked and should be!!!!

    Welcome back

  2. Damn! Ron beat me to it! I was going to reiterate my nomination of Miss Miley for SotM. Since my last post, the VMA awards were on and I'm sure you agree, Miley needs to be held accountable for her general hootchiness. I cannot believe her mother was present and supposedly "loved it". Maybe she needs to accompany her daughter to the Shop for her appointment with Aunty...

    Oh. And glad to have you back, dear Kimberly. Hope you had a good time (not TOO good a time, though)... ;-)

  3. Thank you both so much for responding. Your continued support means a lot and is one of the reasons that the blog keeps going. Okay, that's two votes for young Miss Cyrus. While I think her recent exhibition and demonstration of 'twerking' (apparently that is what the bottom waggle is called) is deplorable whoever staged the show should also be brought to account, because while it may have been Miley's idea, they didn't have to go along with it and it was clearly choreographed and rehearsed. Robin Thicke was not shocked and the dancers all had their moves in synch.