Wednesday, 11 September 2013

'The Spank Shop 37 - Melissa and Sahra'

Once again Aunty must apologise for her absences, with my internet issues it's all I can do to keep up with correspondence, but hopefully Seegee's latest Spank Shop adventure (37, can you believe it?) will keep you entertained for a week or so.

I'm not sure if Andrea and Melissa had as much as this pair from About Spankings, but I'm sure they tried.

Kimberley Kennedy ran a brush quickly through her lustrous mane of honey golden hair, and then studied the innocuous looking hair care implement. She dropped it back into the bag by her feet under her desk and opened the top drawer. She removed another hairbrush. This one was made of a dark wood known as cherry wood. Kimberley smacked the brushes back into her palm. A girl standing in a corner of the reception room, wearing an apron that covered her front, but left her bright red bottom on display, jumped at the sound.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sweetheart,” the blonde receptionist said the girl. “Aunty Kimberley was just being silly. It’s okay, you’re being good and your corner time will soon be over. Once you’re dressed I’ll get you some hot chocolate and a pillow to sit on until Mum comes to collect you.”

The girl didn’t answer, but sighed and shifted her weight in a vain attempt to make her freshly spanked rear end hurt less.

Kimberley lay the brush down on the desk, examined it and chose a Word font from the computer monitor in front of her, then typed out Aunty Andrea’s Range of Signature Hairbrushes. She looked at the words, read them out softly and then frowned. She was about to make some changes when the bell above the door rang merrily and two girls in their late teens entered.

The girls were both of average height, which meant that they were taller than the petite blonde receptionist. One of them had short, curly, dark red hair and a slightly rebellious look on her face. She was curiously dressed in a white shirt, but with a black bow tie at the throat. She was wearing black slacks and gleaming leather pumps. She had multiple piercings in both ears and also a small diamond stud sparkled on one side of her nose. The girl accompanying her had long wavy soft brown hair, she looked younger than her eighteen years, and dressed demurely, in fact her taste seemed to match Kimberley’s. She was clearly nervous, her blue eyes wide and darting.

The appearance of the redhead didn’t surprise Kimberley, she had attended the shop before, but her companion was interesting. Kimberley knew both girls. The redhead was Sahra Lindsay and the brunette Melissa Pembroke. They were eighteen years old and had been classmates of Kimberley’s at Clarkstown High as recently as the previous year.

“Hi Sahra!” Kimberley said brightly as the redhead approached her desk.

“Hey Kim,” the girl said casually.

“Are you here to make an appointment?” Kimberley asked. “If you are I’ll have to insist you call me Miss or ma’am.”

“I remember,” Sahra said quickly, her face colouring a little at the memory.

“So what is it this time?” Kimberley asked, bringing up an appointment spreadsheet on her monitor and checking to see when they could fit the girl in. “Did you get busted smoking again?”

Sahra’s blush deepened. “No, this isn’t for me.”

Kimberley’s blue eyes looked confused.

“It’s for Liss,” Sahra explained, indicating her friend.

“Melissa?” Kimberley tried to confirm in a whisper.

Sahra nodded.

Kimberley frowned. “But she never does ANYTHING wrong. No one has ever even shouted at her.”

“It’s odd I know,” Sahra said. “I’m just kind of here for moral support.”

“As she’s a new client I’d have to put her in for a consultation with either Aunty or Mum…”

“Can it please be Aunty Andrea” Sahra begged. “No offence to your Mum, Kim, but…”

“I know, I know,” Kimberley waved the other girl off. “She’d probably freak Lissa out. I think I can fit you in with Miss Andrea later today, we’ve got half an hour before the after school rush. Is that okay?”

Sahra looked at the other girl who was listening intently. She nodded quickly.

Kimberley smiled. “Okay then, I’ll put that in. You want to be there, too, Sahra?”

“Liss wants me to, so yeah.”

“Do you want to fill the form in now, to save time?”

“The form?” Sahra asked uncertainly. “I thought we didn’t have to sign that until we actually get spanked.”

“No, not the consent form, the other one, just so Aunty knows a little about you.”

“Oh that one,” Sahra sighed. “You want to do that now, Liss?”

Melissa shrugged uncertainly.

“We’ll fill it in now,” Sahra decided.

“Lovely,” Kimberley said, handing a form on a clipboard with a pen attached to Sahra.

The girls took a seat and talked softly over the form, Sahra helping her friend. While they were writing out Melissa’s answers to the questions the front door opened and a woman with a small girl by her side entered. Kimberley directed them to a seat. They had not even had a chance to sit down, when Gabrielle Kennedy emerged from her parlour. “Oh Shyla is already here!” she exclaimed, her blue eyes settling on the young blonde girl.

The girl did not reply, but her eyes grew wide at Gabrielle’s greeting. “Why don’t you go through to my room with Mummy and Aunty Gabrielle will be right in to smack that naughty little botty up good and hot in a tick.”

Shyla’s mother nodded with a soft smile and escorted her nervous daughter into the recently opened room.

“Jess usually likes a cuppa while I’m spanking Shyla,” Gabrielle said to her daughter, Kimberley. “Do you think you can organize that Kimmy?”

“Yes, Mum,” the teenager answered. She turned her attention to the girl standing in the corner. “Jojo, you can go get dressed now and I’ll have that hot chocolate ready for you, okay? I can get Mrs Bailey’s coffee while I make Jojo’s hot chocolate.”

“Thanks Kim,” Gabrielle said, she turned to go into her own parlour, then saw the two girls filling in a form and stopped. “Isn’t that Melissa Pembroke?”

“Yes, Mum, it is.”

“What on earth could she have ever done to get sent here?” Gabrielle wondered out loud.

“She’s going to see Aunty later today and if she wants us to know she’ll tell us,” Kimberley said primly. Her mother was prone to gossip and one of Kimberley’s own failings was curiousity, she had been spanked by the shop’s elegant proprietress Andrea Mahony in the past for prying and she didn’t want it to happen again, so she was careful not to press too much for details that the clients seemed reluctant to give.

“Yes, quite,” Gabrielle sighed and disappeared into her parlour as the unfortunate Jojo scurried past to a change room to discard the hated apron and change back into her clothes.

Jojo was sipping her chocolate quietly by the time Melissa had completed the form. The two girls approached Kimberley at her desk and handed it across wordlessly. The blonde receptionist scanned it quickly and nodded. “I’ll get that to Aunty and she can read through it by the time you come in for that chat later.”

Melissa spoke for the first time. “What time is the appointment, Kim?”

Kimberley slapped her forehead. “Of course! I’d forget my own head if it weren’t screwed on. We’ll expect you and Sahra at two thirty, is that okay?”

Melissa nodded quickly.

“Do you want an appointment card? I can send you a text message if that’s easier. Your number is on the form, right?”

“It is,” Melissa confirmed in her soft voice.

“You’ll probably get it thirty minutes before you’re expected, just so you have time to get here.”

“That’s a good idea,” Melissa said, her voice sounding impressed.

“Thanks, Lissa!” Kimberley beamed. “See you in a few hours.”


“You’re overthinking this, Liss,” Sahra said to her friend as they entered the Spank Shop for the second time that day.

The other girl frowned and said, “Mr Al-Kamen’s secretary was very definite on that point, Sars. I need to know how to do this. You were the one who mentioned the shop. Is there anyone better than Miss Andrea to see?”

Sahra sighed and rubbed her backside through the slacks. “No probably not. Certainly not here in Clarkstown, maybe not anywhere in the world.”

“Hi!” Kimberley smiled. “You’re a bit early. Aunty Andrea is just finishing up with a client. She shouldn’t be too long. Take a seat.”

The girls sat down on two of the chairs provided for clients in the pleasant waiting room, with the crackling fire in the grate. Sahra was relieved to see that the corners were empty this time. It didn’t really bother her that much as long as she wasn’t actually standing in one of them, her own stoplight red rear illuminating the room, but it was a confronting sight and for a ‘virgin’ like Melissa kind of scary. Her friend had been full of questions about the girl who had been in the corner that morning. Why was she there? What was the apron all about? Why was her bottom bare? Was Sahra’s that red when Miss Andrea spanked her?

The girls were sifting through the assortment of magazines in the waiting room when a door on one side of the room opened and a man who had to be in his early forties, wearing a business suit emerged. He had a pained expression on his face and he was limping. He exchanged a few words with Kimberley as he stood at her desk.

Melissa’s soft brown eyes opened wide and she hissed at Sahra. “Isn’t that Mr Richardson from the bank?”

Sahra glanced up from the cover of the magazine she was examining. “Yeah.”

“But he’s over forty!” Melissa exclaimed. “My parents go to that bank.”

Sahra rolled her green eyes. “I told you, Liss. All sorts of people come here.”

Melissa was still trying to process the information that one of the local bank’s executives attended the Spank Shop to have his bottom smacked when the door opened again and a tall, willowy lady with a mane of lustrous chestnut hair came out. She stopped by Kimberley’s desk and looked at the girl’s computer monitor. “What are you up to there, Kimmy?”

The girl blushed and said, “I was thinking we could sell hairbrushes like yours, Mum’s and mine. We could call them the Spank Shop or the Aunty Andrea signature range.”

A smile played across the chestnut haired woman’s generous lips. “That’s not an idea entirely without merit, dear. I’ll look into it, but please don’t spend too much time on it until I have done so. You have a lot to do here, darling, without adding marketing guru to the list.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kimberley said politely. “Your two thirty is here.”

Andrea looked at Sahra and Melissa. The redhead wilted under the professional disciplinarian’s steady gaze, but Melissa’s expression was genuinely curious. “So they are,” Andrea observed. “Just give me a moment to get the file and send them in. I’d also like a cup of tea. In fact make a fresh pot. From memory Sahra enjoys a good cup of tea and I’m sure Melissa may also like some refreshment.”

Melissa watched Andrea disappear back into her parlour. While the girl was exceptionally well behaved and not even the formidable and very strict Gabrielle Kennedy had ever had to raise a voice to her, Andrea was not unknown to Melissa. Everyone who lived in Clarkstown knew about Andrea and her Spank Shop, even those who had no need to live in fear of ever being sent to the establishment. The town was not large and people did know each other and interacted closely. Melissa had of course seen Andrea around town, shopping, having coffee and at church, she had just never actually spoken to the woman.


Andrea beamed at the two girls and waved a hand at the couch across from her armchair by the fire, indicating that they should sit.  “You’ll take tea, won’t you girls?” she offered genteely.

“Yes, thank you Aunty Andrea,” Sahra answered.

“Yes, please ma’am,” Melissa added.

“Lovely,” Andrea said, picking up a slim manila folder with the name Melissa Pembroke printed neatly in black marker on it, from the coffee table and opening it on her crossed legs.

Sahra’s eyes narrowed as she spied a second folder on the table, this one bore her name and was thicker than Melissa’s.

“Aunty?” the girl asked.

“Yes, dear,” Andrea answered softly, her jade eyes still looking at the form Melissa had filled in earlier.

“Why is my file out? I’m not here to be spanked.”

“You are here, though, darling, and I do like to be prepared for all eventualities.”

Sahra opened her mouth to protest further, she desperately wanted to ease the tingling that seeing her folder out had installed into her shapely rear, but then Kimberley appeared, bearing a tray with a pot of softly steaming tea, a plate of biscuits, cups and saucers as well as milk and sugar. She set it down on the table, poured a cup of tea for her employer and added milk and sugar as she knew Andrea preferred it, then enquired as to whether Sahra and Melissa would have any and prepared the drinks to their preferences, before withdrawing back to reception.

“I must admit I am curious, Melissa,” Andrea confessed, blowing on her tea to cool and it and then sipping.

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl answered, nibbling on a biscuit.

“You’ve said here that you’ve never been spanked,” Andrea said, pointing to the form in her lap.

“That’s correct, ma’am.”

“I like to know a little about my clients before I get to see them over my lap,” Andrea explained. “So I asked a few questions of Kim and Gabrielle and apparently your behaviour is beyond reproach.”

Sahra sighed and then immediately turned her attention to her drink as Andrea’s searching eyes fell on her. This had been the story of her life as Melissa’s best friend. The girl simply never did anything wrong. Sahra had a rebellious streak and so she didn’t compare all that favourably to the polite and unfailingly obedient Melissa.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Melissa accepted the compliment graciously and sipped her tea.

“Normally people are sent to me, Melissa,” Andrea went on. “I do have some clients that come to see me of their own volition, although they’re generally older than you. Kim tells me that you made the appointment for yourself.”

“I was a little nervous, miss,” Melissa admitted. “So Sars…I mean Sahra made it for me.”

“And she’s here for moral support?”

Melissa nodded quickly.

“So what brings you here, sweetheart? Have you done something you think you need to be spanked for?”

Sahra sipped her tea and sat back to watch her friend explain this. She’d been wondering how the girl was going to approach it from the time she first floated the idea of going to the Spank Shop.

“Not really ma’am,” Melissa said hesitantly. “It’s my job…”

“You’re far from the first person who has been sent to me by their employer,” Andrea said. “They generally handle it themselves, though.”

“I don’t work, ma’am,” Melissa hastily let Andrea know.

“Then, I am completely confused,” Andrea said.

“You’re not the only one,” Sahra muttered and then at a flash from Andrea’s green eyes, quickly added, “Aunty.”

“I trained as a nanny.” Melissa started to explain. “I have some qualifications and I did a lot of babysitting. I love kids.”


“I heard about this job as a live in nanny for three girls aged eight to fourteen, so I applied.”

“And you got it?” Andrea assumed.

“Almost,’ Melissa clarified. “I’m the front runner, but my prospective employer believes in corporal punishment and I may be required to spank the girls sometimes.”

“Is he local?” Andrea asked, as she knew corporal punishment was frowned upon in many places, especially what Melissa was outlining.

“Oh you’re gonna love this,” Sahra said into her tea.

Melissa shot her friend an irritated look, before answering, “No, ma’am. He’s a wealthy man based overseas, oil money. His country not only believes in spanking, they seem to encourage it.”

“That’s a very big move for a girl like yourself,” Andrea commented.

“I know it is, Miss Andrea, but it’s only for a year, although if everyone is happy with it and me I can maybe do it for longer, and it pays really well, so I can afford to do a course at university and get a degree in childcare.”

“Well, you certainly seem to have everything worked out, Melissa. What is the stumbling block?”

Melissa coloured and became interested in the contents of her cup.

“She doesn’t know to spank anyone, Aunty,” Sahra supplied for her friend.

“Ahhhh, I see,” Andrea pronounced, hiding her smile by taking a sip of her tea.

The two girls watched Andrea nervously, wondering what her next move would be.

“Spanking isn’t really a skill I teach, Melissa,” Andrea said softly, and the girl’s face fell. “With most people it is simply something you know how to do. That, however doesn’t mean you can’t learn.”

Melissa brightened up at the last comment and Sahra’s green eyes became interested.

“I believe any competent spanker needs to know three things and most of them learn by experience. One is seeing a spanking, another is giving a spanking and thirdly, possibly mostly importantly, you learn by being spanked. Now I’m sure I could prevail upon some of our clients to get you some experience with one and two, but three is going to prove rather problematic.”

“Why ma’am?” Melissa asked. “I know it’s going to hurt, but in the long run I think it may be worth it. You can spank me.”

Andrea laughed. “Oh believe me, darling, I KNOW I CAN. It is a matter of whether or not I will. How much have you told her about how I work, Sahra?”

The redhead shrugged. “Not a lot really, Aunty. Just that naughty people get sent here and you spank them.”

“Well, that’s not a totally inaccurate summation, but it’s rather incomplete. Yes, I do spank people that are sent to me and I also spank people that come to me for reasons of their own, but I always have a reason of some sort. Have you been naughty, Melissa?”

“Not really ma’am.”

“Not really? That indicates you have done something deserving of a hot bottom?”

Melissa’s eyes widened and she squirmed in her seat. “Well, sort of.”

“Please enlighten me.”

Melissa looked at her friend and understanding dawned in the other girl’s eyes. “Liss’, you don’t have to tell her about that. I explained it to you, it wasn’t actually wrong.”

“Sahra,” Andrea said firmly. “I think your presence may be inhibiting Melissa’s confession. Would you please wait outside while we finish our chat?”

“But, Aunty…” Sahra protested.

“Sahra, do you want me to put you over my knee here and now for insolence, young lady?”

“No, Aunty,” the girl replied, dropping her head.

“Then I would suggest you sit out in reception while you can still sit, Sahra Louise.”

“Yes, Aunty,” Sahra said in a small voice, her face turning the same colour as her hair and slinking from the room.

“I am assuming from young Miss Lindsay’s reaction that whatever you’ve done somehow involves her, Melissa,” Andrea addressed the nervous brunette sitting across from her.

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl whispered, frowning as her cup rattled in its saucer.

“Put the cup down please, darling,” Andrea advised. “I rather like that set and I’d prefer it remain unbroken. Call me Aunty if it makes you feel more comfortable.”

‘Yes, Aunty,” Melissa said obediently, setting her cup and saucer on the table.

“Now what exactly do you think you’ve done that would earn you a journey on the overlap express, sweetheart?”

The blue eyes darted around the room. “Sahra said you don’t like smoking, Aunty.”

“She is correct there, Melissa,” Andrea said firmly, a spark in her green eyes. “It is a filthy and potentially deadly habit. Very hard to break, too. Did Sahra tell you that I’ve spanked her for smoking?”

“Yes, ma’am. Her Mum caught her doing it in her bedroom.”

“I can’t believe you’re a hardened smoker, Melissa. You just don’t seem the type.”

“I haven’t actually smoked, miss, well Sars…I mean Sahra, said it wasn’t really.”

Andrea raised her eyes to the ceiling. “I might have known Miss Lindsay was in this up to her pretty little neck. Now tell me exactly what you did do, Melissa and I’ll make a decision on things and whether or not I need to heat that posterior of yours up.”

“Sahra said they weren’t really cigarettes. They didn’t have tobacco in them. She said they were herbal, to help her quit.”

“Herbal?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, Aunty. They smelled odd even before we lit them,” the girl made a face. ”They didn’t taste nice and I felt all funny after. Sahra said I had to try and hold the smoke in too, otherwise they wouldn’t work properly. I had to have a nap. I was really hungry when I woke up, too. I don’t want to smoke if that’s what it’s like, ma’am.”

A suspicion forming in her mind Andrea kept a straight face and said, “Did your parents know about this?”

“Oh no, Aunty!” Melissa exclaimed. “I know Sahra said they were only herbal, but Mum and Dad don’t believe in smoking.”

“Do they know you’re here?”

Melissa nodded. “They know about the job and what I have to do to get it. They told me that you probably wouldn’t do it. Spank me, I mean.”

“They don’t believe in spanking?”

“Oh yes they do, but I’ve just never had to be spanked.”

“But if you told them about the smoking they would spank you?”

“They might,” Melissa said, biting her bottom lip. “Daddy’s said he thinks I’m too old. Aunty Gabrielle told Mummy you’re never too old. Does Kim still get spanked?”

“I rather think that is Kimberley’s business, Melissa,” Andrea said primly. “Is there any reason you’re not getting this spanking from your Mum?”

“She’s not an expert, Aunty. I think if I need to know how to spank for my job I should learn from an expert.”

The girl was so earnest that Andrea had to fight back the laughter. “You do have a point there, sweetheart. You know going against what your parents wishes and smoking, even if Sahra told you they weren’t tobacco, is wrong, don’t you?”

“Yes, Aunty,” Melissa said quietly, dropping her head.

“I will spank you, Melissa, but it isn’t for smoking, sweetheart. It’s for going behind your parents back and lying to them.”

Spots of colour stood out on Melissa’s fair cheeks and she said hotly, “I didn’t lie, Aunty!”

“Did you tell Mummy and Daddy you did it, Melissa Charlotte?” Andrea asked using the girl’s first and middle names, having received the additional information from the form the girl had filled out.

“No, ma’am,” Melissa answered in a small little girl voice.

“Omission is the same as lying dear, now unless you would like me to add a mouth soaping to that spanking I’d suggest you quit while you’re ahead.”

“Yes, Aunty.”

“Now, can you please go back out to reception and ask Sahra to come in here? I need to chat to her about those herbal cigarettes.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


“They weren’t really herbal cigarettes, were they, Sahra?” Andrea asked, regarding the nervous redheaded teenager the way a cat regards a trapped mouse.

“No, Aunty,” Sahra sighed, trying to stop the tingling in her backside. “Not exactly. They did have herbs in them, though.”

“There’s actually debate about that, Sahra. Why on earth did you get Melissa to smoke a marijuana cigarette?”

Sahra couldn’t hold back a smirk at the thought.

“It’s not funny young lady!” Andrea scolded. “You won’t be laughing when you’re over my knee.”

“Aunty!” the girl protested. “I made the appointment for Lissa, not me!”

“Do you want me to call your mother?” Andrea asked, picking up the phone.

Sahra’s eyes went wide, but she didn’t say anything. Andrea began to dial.

“No! No!” Sahra cried. “Don’t!”

“So you’re going to take your medicine?”

“Yes, Aunty.”

“It’s going to have to be quite stern, Sahra. I view smoking dimly, and smoking an illicit drug and then tricking a friend into joining you that is unconscionable. You’ll be paying for the session, too. Count yourself lucky I don’t make you pay for Melissa’s smacking as well, seeing as you helped her earn it.”

“Yes, Aunty,” Sahra said quietly, dropping her head and starting to cry.

“Oh you’ll be doing enough of that soon, young lady,” Andrea scolded. “Now why did you do that to Melissa?”

“You met her, Aunty,” Sahra said, raising her head and looking at the chestnut haired lady through wet eyes. “She’s perfect. She never does anything wrong.”

“So you thought you’d help her do something wrong?”

“Kind of. I regretted it as soon as she said she felt sick, Aunty.”

“It’s a little late then, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Aunty.”

“You realize something could have gone wrong, don’t you?” Andrea asked, then continued. “What if Melissa had been more affected by the drug than you thought and run out onto the road or something? You’d be facing a lot worse than the prospect of a very sore bottom, my girl!”

“Yes, Aunty,” Sahra blubbered.

“Go out into reception and I’ll have Kimberley book you and Melissa in for a session as soon as she can arrange it. Get used to sleeping on your tummy, young lady, because you’re going to be doing a lot of it.”

Sahra stumbled out of the parlour, her eyes awash with tears. Melissa’s face grew concerned at the state her friend was in and she rose, putting an arm around the other girl’s shaking shoulders. “Did Aunty spank you?” she asked. “That didn’t take long. Kimberley said you can hear people being spanked sometimes, but we didn’t hear anything.”

Sahra looked at her friend and shook her head, a smile breaking out through the tears. “No honey, she didn’t spank me. Yet. I’m sorry about the cigarettes.”

Kimberley interrupted the question with a polite, “When is best for the both of you? I’ve got a spot free on Thursday after lunch.”


Andrea sipped her tea and looked at the two nervous teenagers sitting across from her on the edge of the couch.

“Sahra,” she addressed the skittish redhead. “As you’re not here for the first time and I have your signature on a release you can go stand in the corner, while I explain things to Melissa.”

Sahra took a deep breath, nodded, then stood up and placed herself in a corner, starting at the wall. “Hands on head, please, sweetheart,” Andrea ordered.

Sahra pouted at the wall, but placed her hands on top of her short, fiery curls without comment.

Andrea pushed a clipboard with a form and a pen attached across the table. “You know about the consent form, Melissa?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Melissa said in as firm a voice as she could manage. She took the pen, clicked the point out and scanned the document before signing it and handing it back to Andrea.

“Thank you, dear,” Andrea said softly, placing the form in Melissa’a slim folder, and setting it aside.

The elegant professional disciplinarian set her teacup down on the table beside her chair, crossed one nylon sheathed leg over the other, steepled her fingers and looked at Melissa.

“Class is in,” Andrea announced. “I thought about how best to order this, Melissa, and given that you are both going to be spanked, but only one of you is actually here to learn how to spank, I thought it best that we begin with Sahra,” a shiver went through the redhead as she heard her name. “I want you to administer some of the spanking, young lady and that is going to be easier for all concerned if you don’t do it on an already sore bottom.”

Sahra would have liked to disagree, but she knew from bitter experience that once Andrea had made up her mind that you were going to be spanked it was going to happen. There was also a part of the girl that knew she deserved this, she had played a really rotten trick on Melissa and her friend had never done anything other than be herself.

Andrea changed places with Melissa on the couch and called Sahra to her.

“Although most people think a spanking is all about smacking a naughty bottom and making those cheeks glow hotly and feel uncomfortable to sit on there’s a good deal more than just that to it.”

Melissa gave Sahra a sympathetic look then turned her attention to Andrea.

“Before actually administering punishment you need to assess the crime and decide on exactly what needs to be done. Does Melissa know exactly what you did do to her, Sahra?”

Sahra winced. “Not exactly.”

“Would you like to tell her, or shall I?”

“I’ll do it, ma’am.”

“Did to me?” a confused Melissa asked.

“Uhhh…yeah,” Sahra began. “About the cigarettes…”

“I smoked that Sahra. I was curious. You didn’t make me.”

“I don’t think you would have done it if I’d told you exactly what they were, though.”

“They were herbal,” Melissa said.

“I told you that, honey. It was actually a joint.”

“A joint?” Melissa repeated, then understanding entered her tone. “Oooohhh, that’s why I felt all funny afterwards. You tricked me into smoking marijuana!”

“I’m sorry, Liss,” Sahra meant it too, she could feel tears pricking her eyes.

“No wonder Aunty is spanking you. I hope she spanks you good and hard!” Melissa said hotly, her normally soft brown eyes blazing.

“Melissa, you could have said no, dear,” Andrea reminded her. “This is mostly, but not entirely Sahra’s fault. She has apologized and she will be very soundly punished, a punishment which you will in part administer. When this is over I want the two of you to kiss and make up. I will not be at all happy if that doesn’t happen, am I understood?”

“Yes, Aunty,” the girls said together, still glaring at each other.

“That’s the first thing you can learn about spanking, Melissa. They wipe the slate clean. When you’re looking after those three girls and any of them do something that is worthy of a hot bottom, you administer punishment, give them some time to reflect, cuddle them and then it’s all over and forgotten about until they earn themselves another trip on the redbottom express.”

Melissa listened and nodded, mentally filing the information away. She knew she should have brought her iPad with her to take notes.

“Then there is the order of how you place things, Melissa,” Andrea continued. “Whether or not to unveil before or after you scold. That can vary by offence and the person being punished. In your case time may also be a factor.”

“Time?” Melissa asked, her eyes genuinely curious.

“Oh yes, if you’re going to spank one of those girls after a bath or at bedtime you may as well simply scold with them already bare bottom. Another time of day you may prefer to have them clothed for the scolding.”

“It’s a lot to think about, Aunty,” Melissa said.

“May I remove my hands, please, Aunty?” Sahra requested.

Andrea shot the girl a warning glance. “You know I prefer for you not to speak unless you are spoken to, Sahra Louise?”

“Yes, Aunty, but my arms are getting tired.”

Andrea shook her head, and blew one long breath out through pursed lips. “You did at least ask permission politely. You may remove your hands, but they are not to get in my way at all, do you understand me, young lady?”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea,” Sahra replied, letting her hands fall by her sides with a sigh of relief.

“I think we’ll have you bare now, I can scold while I spank,” Andrea decided.

Sahra made a face, Aunty was an expert at making the punishment as humiliating as she possibly could, she had hoped not to get bare until she was actually over the lap. She fervently hoped that Andrea was not going to make her wear one of the aprons. Some people preferred them, because they preserved some modesty, but the designs were really embarrassing and they made you feel like you were about six years old. She didn’t know if Melissa was going to get a choice when it came to her smacking, but she was betting her friend would actually prefer an apron. Melissa, while having a perfectly lovely body for a girl her age had always had a bit of a thing about being nude in front of others, she’d always waited until everyone else was gone to have a shower after sport at school and even then she made it as quick as she could.

Sahra felt Andrea’s long fingers at the waistband of her jeans, the older woman skillfully undid buttons and slowly lowered the denims down Sahra’s slender white legs.
“Step out,” she ordered when the jeans were a puddle of faded blue denim around Sahra’s ankles.

Sahra obediently did as ordered.

“Would you mind picking them up and putting them aside, Melissa?” Andrea requested.

The brunette nodded and did that, folding them neatly as well.

“Not the panties please Aunty!” Sahra wailed as Andrea inserted her fingers into them.

“For goodness sake, Sahra!” the brunette snapped. “It’s not like you haven’t got anything we haven’t seen before, young lady. Stop making such a fuss!”

Sahra let out a defeated whimper as Andrea lowered her skimpy white panties to her ankles, lifted her feet to have her step out and then handed the insubstantial piece of material to a waiting Melissa.

The other girl examined the underwear, then sniffed and stated, “You told me that you didn’t buy these!”

“My Mum was there,” Sahra tried to explain, placing her hands over the thatch of red curls that was between her milky white thighs. “She didn’t know about them.”

Andrea shook her head sadly. “Sahra, I don’t want to sweetheart, but if you keep talking I may have to add a mouth soaping to the spanking.”

“Mouth soaping?” an interested Melissa inquired.

“It’s a separate process, darling,” Andrea informed her. “It’s generally used for lying or swearing.”

The other girl nodded and filed the information away mentally and reminded herself to ask Andrea about it later.

Andrea settled herself back in the middle of the couch and patted her lap. “Come on Sahra,” she urged. “Over you get.”

“Do we really have to ma’am?” Sahra begged, her now very bare bottom tingling uncontrollably and reflexively clenching and unclenching in anticipation of what she knew was coming.

“Please don’t be tiresome about this Sahra,” Andrea sighed. “You tricked your friend into doing something possibly dangerous for your own amusement. I should also remind you that because of your actions Melissa will be taking a painful journey over this very same lap, young lady.”
Feeling tears prick her green eyes Sahra shuffled over to Andrea and then delicately lay over the woman’s lap.

“Now that is much better,” Andrea cooed approvingly, she directed her attention to Melissa, who was sitting wide eyed on the edge of her seat. “Now Melissa when it comes to actually spanking after you have scolded and bared you need to position the child over your lap. It’s no problem with little ones, they fit nicely, but older girls and adults like you and Sahra, them you need to maneuver where you want their naughty behinds. Middle of the lap is best, facing the ceiling.  I also find a couch or a bed is an excellent surface to sit on, it supports the torso and legs and even if they kick you can still maintain control.” Andrea rested her hand on Sahra’s twitching buttocks.

“Is she meant to do that, ma’am?” Melissa asked, pointing at Sahra’s upturned mounds.

“You mean the twitch,” Andrea assumed. “It can’t be helped, it’s just a nervous reaction. You’ll do it too once I get you in this position. If we give her a bit of gentle stroking and fondling she’ll settle down and relax her cheeks nicely for her roasting.” Saying that Andrea’s hand commenced caressing the trembling white globes nestled in her lap.

“There we are,” Andrea sighed as Sahra’s hillocks relaxed a little and stopped twitching. Melissa watched Andrea’s hand rise and fall, then jumped as a loud CRACK rang out in the room.

As the report of hand striking tender flesh died away Sahra jerked and yelped. Melissa stared in fascination as a perfect handprint filled out in pink across her friend’s right buttock. It was soon joined by a twin on the left side.

“Now, Melissa,” Andrea lectured, without missing a beat. “It is of course up to you how you handle this, but I start a hand spanking off with slow deliberate slaps well spaced out until I have nice all over pink flush on the buttocks and upper thighs. Once you’ve got this your client will be nicely primed and you can settle into a steady even rhythm until you get a hot glowing red, some kicking legs, open lungs and leaking eyes. Aunty Andrea builds a good hot fire, doesn’t she Sahra?”

“Yes, Aunty!” Sahra squealed as Andrea sprinkled crisp stinging smacks all over her writhing hindquarters.

Melissa watched entranced as Andrea’s hand rose and fell over and over and her friend’s bottom gradually changed colour under that relentless palm, from white to pink to a hot blushing red. She realized with a start that on some level seeing Sahra spanked was turning her on. She clamped down on those feelings, trying to remember that Sahra had really earned this chastisement by playing a mean trick on her, one that a friend shouldn’t play on another friend.

“Once we’ve got Sahra steaming,” Andrea addressed Melissa. “It will be your turn, darling. You seem a nice girl and you genuinely care for your friend, but I’d advise you not to go easy on her. One this is training for your new job and you’ll have to spank those girls properly if they need it, secondly if your resolve does waver just remember what Sahra did to earn this and that you will also be getting spanked for it.”

Melissa’s eyes hardened and her mouth firmed as she nodded and kept those last two facts in mind.

With a sizzling volley of especially hard spanks Andrea brought Sahra’s ‘warm up’ to it’s conclusion and announced, “You’re cooked, Sahra Louise.”

“Ththankyou Aunty,” Sahra blubbered through her tears.

“My pleasure darling,” Andrea told the sobbing redhead. “Up you get,” and she urged the girl to her feet with a loud meaty slap to her stinging strawberry derriere. Sahra gasped, but levered herself to her feet. She looked about to rub her bottom, but stopped at a warning look from Andrea and instead flung herself into the woman’s outstretched arms. Andrea enfolded her into an embrace and rubbed her back as she whispered, “That’s my girl. You just give me a good hard cry and we’ll soon have you simmering over Melissa’s lap.”
That provoked a fresh flood of tears and Andrea could not suppress a smile, then she encouraged Melissa, “Go on, take my place on the couch.”

Melissa licked her lips, took a deep breath and sat where Andrea had been In fact the cushion was still warm where the beautiful chestnut haired disciplinarian had been setting.

Andrea released Sahra once Melissa had settled herself and was emulating Andrea’s posture on the couch. Andrea had to stop herself from smiling when she looked the brunette. The adolescent was so earnest and she had put on a resolute expression that she no doubt thought looked most stern. With the older woman’s hands on her shoulders Sahra was turned and placed so that she was standing by her friend’s lap.

“Over my knee, Sahra Louise!” Melissa barked.

“Liss’, you can’t be s…,” Sahra began.

“What was that, young lady?” Melissa asked, steel in her voice.

“Oh come o…” Sahra started, then squealed as Andrea landed a sizzling slap to one of already scorched thighs.

“Miss Melissa asked you a question, and if you don’t start using the correct form of address to her immediately Sahra I’m going to give her a lesson in mouth soaping this instant.”

Sahra’s green eyes widened. Andrea had never personally soaped her mouth out, but it was something the redhead’s mother had favoured when her children were younger and the girl could still keenly remember that horrible taste in her mouth. That mouth twisted with the memory and she murmured, “No ma’am.”

“Go on,” Andrea pointed at Melissa’s lap. “You know what to do my girl.”

Dropping her head to hide the sudden tears that had sprung into her forest green eyes Sahra lay herself over Melissa’s waiting lap.

“You need to shift her a little Melissa,” Andrea instructed gently. “You’re not as tall as I am.”

“Move up, little girl,” Melissa ordered her friend.

“Liss,” Sahra tried to appeal to her friend, then yelped as Melissa smacked her bottom smartly.

“What did Aunty say about correct form of address, Sahra Louise?” the brown haired girl demanded, then said, “You must be a slow learner.”

“I’ll give you slow learner,” Sahra muttered, but did as she had been told, because while Melissa didn’t really scare her that much, Andrea did, and she knew the professional disciplinarian would make good on her earlier threat.

“Okay,” Andrea said, watching the scene. “She’s in position. Now you can start the spanking. The scolding while it needs work, Melissa is getting there. You’ve got the right tone of voice and manner and the girls you’ll be looking after aren’t sassy eighteen year old’s like our little chimney here.”

Sahra blushed at the smoking reference.

Melissa nodded. She lifted her hand, lined up the middle of her friend’s pert derriere and swung her hand down.

CRACK! The first blow was hard and struck dead centre, it also hurt.

“Owwwww!” Sahra complained and even tried to rise, only to have Melissa’s small hand in the middle of her back push her down again.

“Good, Melissa, but you don’t have to hit so hard. You’ll wear yourself out too quickly. I’ve already pre warmed her. I’d save the real stingers for the last few smacks.”

“Okay,” Melissa said when she stored that information, then putting an arm tightly around Sahra’s waist she began to apply firm, stinging little spanks to the entire surface of the redhead’s writhing buttocks.

It was harder work than Andrea made it look and Melissa could soon feel herself perspiring and the cosy room which had been comfortable earlier was now almost stifling.

Despite her discomfort, Melissa continued to rain smacks on her Sahra’s madly wriggling hindquarters. The girl was kicking and begging to be let off. Andrea observed dispassionately, arms crossed under her breasts. “Melissa,” she said softly, and the brunette looked up, using a forearm to brush an errant wavy lock of soft brown hair out of her eyes.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“That’s a very impressive warm up you’ve given young Sahra there.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Melissa said seriously.

“However she still has some more to come and you also have a spanking to receive, so I think a nice volley on the legs will finish her off for the moment.”

“Yes, of course, thank you Aunty,” Melissa agreed politely and set herself to searing the backs of Sahra’s still simmering thighs, which wrung further tears and squeals along with promises to never even look at a cigarette of any sort again from the miserable redhead over her lap.

Melissa paused in her determined smacking and looked up at Andrea, who nodded. Melissa let her hand rest on Sahra’s bottom and was surprised by just how hot it felt. She’d heard of spankings burning bottoms before, but she hadn’t realized until now how literal the comment was. Melissa had never actually sat on a hotplate or a frying pan, but she imagined that her bottom may feel as hot as Sahra’s did to the touch right now if she ever did so.

Andrea helped Sahra up off Melissa’s lap, held the sobbing girl’s arms to her side to stop her from rubbing her seared backside and marched her into a corner, with a stern admonition to keep her nose on the wall and her hands on her head. Sahra sighed, she had wanted to rub or dance a bit, even though she knew how ridiculous it looked, but did as she was ordered.

“Good girl,” Andrea murmured and even gave her stinging posterior a brisk rub before she turned her attention on Melissa.

“Now you’ve passed parts one and two of Professor Andrea’s Spankology class,” the green eyed brunette said. “There’s just part three to come and I very much fear that will be the hardest for you, Melissa.”

The girl looked at Sahra’s pulsating bottom and watched it jiggle with the girl’s sobs and answered, “I think so too, Aunty. Do I have to get like Sahra?”

“Get like Sahra?” a confused Andrea echoed.

A flush crept up Melissa’s neck and throat and blazed on her cheeks as she said softly, “You know, without clothes, you’ll be able to see my…” she faltered, unable to go further.

“Oh yes!” Andrea exclaimed. “Kimberley said you were rather shy. You will have to be bare bottom, sweetheart, that’s simply not negotiable, but I think we can protect your modesty a little. If you’d like to go through that door,” and she pointed to the entrance of the change room that connected to her parlour. “You’ll be able to visit the little girl’s room and by the time you’re finished in there, Kimmy will be able to help you out.”

“Thank you, Aunty,” Melissa said, and went to the change room, although she stole glances at Sahra’s roasted tomatoes in the corner as she did so.

Kimberley was in the change room laying a garment out on the bed when Melissa exited the bathroom. “Feel better after a tinkle?” the blonde asked.

Melissa blushed at hearing the rather juvenile term, but nodded wordlessly, a little unsure of the dynamic between the two now. Sahra had told her that once you had agreed to be spanked Kim ceased to be the girl they’d attended school with, but rather became Miss or Aunty Kimberley and woe betide the client who omitted the correct form of address to the little blonde.

Melissa had always gotten along well with Kim and actually felt a bit sorry that her mother was so hard on her, but she did have to admit that Kimberley had always liked being in a position of authority a little too much for her liking and was glad that their school had not used the prefect and head girl system, because Kimberley Kennedy in one of those positions would have been an absolute nightmare.

“I know I always like to visit the loo before a spanking,” Kimberley continued. “It just makes you feel a little less nervous. Aunty also doesn’t like it if there’s an accident over her lap.”

Melissa’s mouth dropped open at the thought of what Kimberley was saying, but it did make sense. Accidents did happen when someone got nervous. She’d have to remember that if she got the nanny job and had to actually spank one of the Al-Kamen girls.

“I have to keep an eye on reception,” Kimberley said brusquely. “So I’ll leave you to it, Melissa. Take off all your clothes, you can pick them up in here after, and put on the apron on the bed, then go back into the parlour. Good luck!” and the petite blonde disappeared back into the shop’s front room.

Melissa looked at the item on the bed and frowned. It looked like a piece of crimson and white material. She picked it up and examined it. It was an apron, it was long enough to cover her from neck to knees in front, but would leave her back and, most importantly, bottom bare.

This must be one of the shop’s famous spanking aprons. Melissa had gotten so carried away with first seeing Sahra spanked and then actually spanking her that she had forgotten a lot of what her friend had told her about Aunty Andrea’s Spank Shop, and one of those things was the aprons. Sahra admitted to loathing them because they were so childish and humiliating, but Melissa thought they were a pretty neat idea, especially for someone like her who was shy about having others seeing her in the nude although there was nothing wrong with her body.

Melissa shrugged and began to get undressed, she hadn’t heard Kim say anything specifically about removing her underwear, but she had said ‘all your clothes’ and underwear was clothes, so she took off her bra and panties and left them folded neatly on top of her skirt, blouse and cardigan. Once nude she slipped the apron on and turned to examine herself in the mirror. What she saw actually made her smile. The apron was predominantly red, but the bold white lettering read ‘Keep Calm and Carry On Spanking’ in the style of the now famous line that adorned posters, towels and t-shirts and now apparently spanking aprons as well. Melissa even giggled at it, although it bothered her that she hadn’t been able to tie up the strings at the back of the apron.

“It’s nice to see that one on somebody else,” Andrea said rather cryptically when Melissa reappeared in the parlour. Andrea was sitting on the couch again and Sahra was still in the corner, although she had stopped sobbing and only let out the occasional miserable sniffle.

“Ummmm…I couldn’t do it up, ma’am,” Melissa admitted, feeling herself blush again.

Andrea smiled gently at her and said kindly, “That’s quite alright sweetheart, come here and let Aunty do you up. I can put a ribbon in your hair at the same time,” she held up a scarlet ribbon as Melissa presented herself to Andrea.

“Ribbon, Aunty?” the girl inquired.

“Oh yes,” Andrea answered, her long fingers tying up the back of the apron with a neat bow. “It’s to tie your hair back. I didn’t need one with Sahra, because she keeps her hair quite short, but with you I need to pull it back a little. You’ll cry when you’re being spanked, darling, your nose will run and you’ll drool, too, we don’t want that making your lovely hair all messy, do we?”

“Ummmm…no, I suppose not, Miss,” Melissa said, a slightly awed tone in her voice. The apron, the toilet, the ribbon. Aunty Andrea really did think of everything.

“You’ve got a lovely bottom, Melissa,” Andrea complimented her, giving one tender white cheek a gentle squeeze. “Very spankable.”

Melissa felt a shiver go through her body as Andrea gave the aforementioned bottom a playful slap and ordered, “Over Aunty’s lap.”
Remembering what she had seen Sahra do Melissa turned around and tried to lay over Andrea’s outstretched lap as gracefully as she could manage. “Hopefully this won’t be a position you become familiar with Melissa,” Andrea said, lifting the girl’s legs onto the couch and arranging her body. “For a virgin you’re doing a very good job. Now, don’t try and be a hero. This is going to hurt and I expect you to cry, I also expect plenty of wriggling and kicking, I’m good at this and I can hold you here, so you just forget about everything but the fire Aunty is lighting on your behind and let it all go.”

Melissa had time to nod before a loud crack rang out in the silence of the room and then she felt a keen sting ignite in her left buttock. As the slaps landed Melissa came to the realization that Andrea had not just been talking to hear her own voice, she was really an expert when it came to spanking. She seemed to know exactly where and when to hit to get maximum effect. Melissa’s world narrowed to the inferno that raged through her backside and upper thighs, they were not spared a scalding. The girl threw her head back and howled, tears streaming down her cheeks, her buttocks pumped up and down wildly and her legs kicked futilely as Andrea held her securely in position and continued to industriously show the girl exactly what a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking was.

Melissa simply lay limply across Andrea’s firm thighs and bawled. She’d never imagined that a spanking could break her down so completely. Andrea landed one last slap across the steaming red buttocks draped over her lap and judged that Melissa had had enough.

“It’s over, darling,” she told the girl softly and Melissa blubbered.

“Oh sweetheart,” Andrea said, and she knew that the girl had been given more than she’d actually expected. She put her arms around the teenager’s slender waist and lifted her into a sitting position and nestled that burning bottom in her lap. Andrea often did this with people she’d just spanked and she liked the warm feeling the freshly spanked cheeks imparted to her groin. She looked at Melissa’s tear stained face, she had drooled a little, but her nose hadn’t run. Andrea still clucked maternally and used a tissue to clean the girl’s face a little. Melissa thanked her through hiccupping sobs for tying her hair back.

“My pleasure, sweetness. Now let’s get you into a corner for a little cool down time. While you’re there you can listen to the rest of Sahra’s hiding and think about what you’ve still got coming.”

“Got coming, ma’am?” a surprised and concerned Melissa asked.

“Of course, Melissa,” Andrea answered, walking the girl to a free corner opposite Sahra. “You didn’t think lying and participating in an activity your parents wouldn’t approve of was going to be sorted out with a childish smackbottom did you?”

“Well, I guess not, Aunty,” the girl said uncertainly as Andrea arranged her hands on top of the soft brown hair.

“Certainly not!” Andrea agreed. “That one was a little warm up and also to let you know what anyone you may happen to spank in the future is going through. I don’t believe you should hand out what you’re not prepared to take.”

“Yes, Aunty.”

“Good girl,” Andrea said, patting Melissa’s still sizzling cheeks gently. “You just press in good and tight and I’ll fetch you out when I need you. Sahra, you can come out now please, sweetie.”

Sahra stood obediently by the couch. She had a fair idea of what was coming and her backside still wouldn’t stop tingling. There was something about a good hard hairbrushing that just never left you once you’d felt it.

The redhead caught sight of what was in Andrea’s hand as she walked around her to resume her seat in the middle of the couch and winced. It wasn’t the hairbrush made of a dark wood called ebony, that was Aunty’s favourite and the horrid thing even had a name: Mrs Ebony. This was a rectangular one, they called them fittingly enough paddle brushes, it was made of a lighter coloured wood than Mrs Ebony. Sahra had once heard her mother talk about to Andrea and she believed it was a type called maple wood. It didn’t matter what it was made of, it was still going to hurt and especially in the hands of an expert like Andrea.

“Sahra darling, please lay over my lap and we’ll reheat those naughty little cheeks with the hairbrush. From memory you respond quite well to it.”

If ‘respond well’ meant she kicked her legs, howled her lungs out and cried like a baby during it then Sahra supposed she did respond well. She lay over Andrea’s lap and let the woman arrange her. She was trying to steel herself for the coming ordeal when Andrea unleashed a volley on her sit spot without warning. Sahra roared and kicked.

“Think it’s funny to trick people into smoking illegal cigarettes, Sahra?” Andrea demanded, the brush poised over the girl’s lower buttocks.

“No, Aunty!” Sahra shouted.

“No, it is not!” Andrea reiterated, underlining every word with a searing smack from the brushes broad back. “It is not funny, it was dangerous and deceitful!”

“I’m sorreee, Aunteeee!”

“Oh you will be, Sahra,” Andrea vowed, raining further fire from the brush to Sahra’s glowing crowns. “You will be a very very sorry little girl!”

Sahra rolled and roared. She felt her nose start to run and she could taste her salty tears. Her legs kicked desperately and she crossed and uncrossed her legs madly, anything to alleviate the terrible burning sting of the maple wood hairbrush.

“Legs apart, please Sahra,” Andrea commanded.

Despite the furnacelike temperatures in her rear end Sahra shivered when she heard that order. She knew what it meant.

“No, Aunty, please,” she begged. “Not that, please.”

“Legs apart, Sahra,” Andrea’s voice repeated firmly. “I won’t ask again, young lady. Do you want me to ask Miss Kimberley in here to hold them apart?”

Oh God no! The thought shot through Sahra’s head. Even though Kimberley knew what happened in Andrea’s parlour, and if some of the rumours Sahra had heard were to be believed, administered a few spankings to girls her age and older, there was something about her being out in reception that at least allowed the recipient to keep up the fiction that Kimberley was simply the receptionist that was somehow oblivious to what her employer did to clients.

Andrea smiled to herself as Sahra’s legs slowly opened. “Clever girl,” she murmured.

In her corner Melissa stiffened and shuddered as her friend screamed. She had to force herself to keep her eyes on the featureless wall and not turn to see what Aunty Andrea was doing to Sahra. Some part of her knew that Andrea wouldn’t cause any lasting damage to the girl, but those yells were pretty blood curdling.

“Oh God, Aunteeee!” Sahra bawled as her inner thighs caught alight. “Please stop! I’ll be good. I promise!”

Andrea paused and let Sahra catch her breath. “I seem to remember hearing those words last time, Sahra Louise.”

“I’m sorry, I really am,” Sahra blubbered almost incoherently. “I didn’t mean anything by what I did to Liss. I really didn’t. It was silly and stupid and I shouldn’t have done it.”

Andrea delivered a few quick, but stinging pats to Sahra’s scalded sit spots and provoked a fresh flood of tears. “Maybe you should be making this apology to Melissa.”

“Yes ma’am. Yes Aunty,” Sahra gabbled out and then blurted. “I’m really sorry, Liss. It was a dumb thing to do and you’re my friend. I should have known better. I’ll do anything to make it up to you.”

“What do you say, Melissa?” Andrea asked the girl in the corner, brush still twitching over Sahra’s boiling sit upon.

“I think she’s telling the truth, Aunty. Sahra’s not a bad person, she just does some silly things sometimes. It’s okay Sars I forgive you. You don’t have to do anything else. You let me spank you and Aunty Andrea has spanked you twice.”

“You’ve got a good friend there, Sahra. You are a very lucky girl.”

“Yes, Aunty,” Sahra sobbed.

Andrea helped the blubbering girl to her feet and hugged her tightly then cleaned her face saying fondly, “Aren’t we a sight?”

Before she installed Sahra in a corner she released her to do a quick ‘spank dance’ on the spot, watching with amusement as the normally rebellious redhead winced and furiously rubbed her bottom. Andrea put Sahra in a corner, but told he to remain facing the room. She collected Melissa and took her to where Sahra stood, and ordered, “Hug.”

The two girls fell into each other’s arms, crying and saying they were sorry, they had a quick kiss and then Sahra was turned to the wall with her hands clasped atop her now sodden scarlet locks and Melissa was expertly turned over Andrea’s knees for her hairbrushing.

Melissa had never before thought anything could hurt as much as a spanking at the hands of an expert like Andrea, she was about to find out that she had been very wrong. Andrea’s hand at least had some give, the back of that hairbrush didn’t, it was also administered on what had been until that afternoon a virgin bottom, which had been tenderized by the earlier hand spanking.

“Owwwwww! Ohhhhhh! Aunteeee! That hurts so much!” Melissa wailed, tears streaming down her face, her legs kicking vigorously.

“This is exactly what happens to naughty little girls who try things they know they shouldn’t, young lady!” Andrea told Melissa sternly, tightening her grip around the girl’s slender waist to hold her firmly in position over the lap.

“I’m soreeeee, Aunteeee!”

“I am very glad to hear that Melissa Charlotte,” Andrea said, peppering the girl’s sit spots with sharp hard smacks of the brush. “That’s exactly how a bad little girl should feel over Aunty’s lap having her botty smacked like a six year old.”

Melissa’s response was a miserable howl and loud sobbing. She lay over Andrea’s lap and tried to absorb the smacks and think of anything other than how hot and sore her bottom was, but it did not work. She had to be warned to not put her hand back when Aunty spanked her upper thighs, but she did obediently open her legs when Andrea told her to, then regretted it when six absolute stingers scorched that tender inside area. She realized why Sahra had raised the roof and although she wasn’t aware of it, she did exactly the same thing.

Andrea continued until Melissa lay limply over her lap, occasionally heaving with a heartbreaking sob. “Melissa, honey,” the disciplinarian said softly. “It’s all over, baby.”

A blubber came from the girl to indicated that she had heard and understood Andrea’s words.

Andrea set the brush down on the table next to the couch and gathered Melissa up as she had done with Sahra. The girl collapsed gratefully into Andrea’s arms, kissing her cheek tearfully and then burying her face into Andrea’s shoulder, sobbing. Andrea held the girl, rubbed her back, stroked her hair and whispered that it was all over and she was forgiven.

Melissa stood in the corner displaying her scalded buttocks, while Sahra used the dressing room to freshen up and put her clothes back on. She emerged, walking stiff legged and Andrea was certain by the pained expression on the redhead’s face that she was wishing she’d worn a less form fitting pair of jeans. Melissa, having worn a skirt, wouldn’t suffer from that issue.

Sahra noticed with relief that Andrea had placed a large, soft pillow on the couch. She eased herself onto it with a hiss of indrawn breath and a wince. “Tea, Sahra?” Andrea inquired.

“Oh goodness, yes please, Aunty!” Sahra replied gratefully. “Hot and sweet.”

“I think we can arrange that, dear,” Andrea smiled. She picked up the phone by her chair and said into the mouthpiece, “Could we have a fresh pot of tea in here, please Kimberley?” she put the phone down again and directed her next comment to Melissa, standing obediently in the corner, hands over her brown hair. “You may go and dress again Melissa.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” the girl sighed and scurried to the change room.

“I thought I got red, but you outdo even me, Liss,” Sahra joked with her friend as the blazing situpon scampered past the couch.


Melissa lowered herself onto the pillow and sighed then joyfully helped herself to tea from the fresh pot Kimberley had left on the coffee table.

“Do you think you’ve learned anything, Melissa?” Andrea asked, once the girl had taken a sip from her steaming cup.

“Oh yes, Aunty! I’m never ever going to smoke again.”

The comment earned a laugh from both Andrea and Sahra, who nearly choked on her mouthful of tea.

“Well, I am pleased to hear that, but was that all you learned, darling?”

“No, Aunty. I know how to spank now, but I also know how much it hurts and how serious a thing it is. I won’t ever do it lightly.”

A smile played across Andrea’s generous lips. “I think that comment has just earned you this, sweetheart.”

She produced a computer printed form on thick paper. It looked rather like a diploma and it had been worded that way, saying “This certifies that Melissa Charlotte Pembroke has passed Spanking 101 with honours.”

Under the old fashioned script that both Sahra and Melissa suspected Kimberley had created and printed out the diploma had a drawing that if looked at closely was someone getting a good old fashioned spanking, but could also be seen as a sort of coat of arms and hairbrushes were crossed under it.

It was signed: Professor Andrea Mahony (Dse)

“What does Dse mean?” Sahra wondered.

“Oh that’s one of Kimberley’s fancies,” Andrea laughed. “She says it means Doctor of Spanking, Expert Class.”

“She may have only made that up,” Melissa said with a blush as she accepted her hard earned diploma. “But she’s right. If I can be only half as good as you ma’am, those girls I look after will be the best spanked ones anywhere. I don’t suppose you know where I can get a hairbrush a bit like yours?”

Andrea was about to give the girl the name of a local shop that specialized in haircare products then she thought back to Kimberley’s earlier venture and said, “I may have just the exact thing for you, Melissa.”


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    1. Thank you, Ron. I was thinking this one wasn't getting any love.

    2. Dear Aunty Andrea,
      It's that bratty little lurker boy again, Ma'am! I lurked on this awesome story, too, I'm afraid to report myself here as I'm clearly adding to the dossier that may someday result in a tap on my shoulder and summons to report to your shop from an adorable Miss Kimmy-person in my very near future as my chronic lurking problem is likely starting to piss you off!
      Very Sincerely and EXTREMELY Respectfully Yours, Ma'am,
      little brat