Sunday, 22 September 2013

'The Spank Shop 38 - Tara, Belinda and Angelica'

Now because you were all so good and patient and stuck with me through a time when the posts were sparse to non existent we have an instalment of the Spank Shop that features, not one, not two, but three (yes, count them. Three!) naughty college girls over Aunty Andrea's lap.

From Spanked Sweeties. Angelica goes over Aunty's lap for her first spanking.

From My Spanking Roommate. Belinda rubs her just scorched buttocks.

Sarah Gregory Spanking. Three very sorry young ladies present their bottoms for the paddle.

The three college girls looked at each other, tried and failed to meet the eyes of the two ladies seated across the room on a couch, lowered their gazes to their feet and shuffled nervously.

Andrea Mahony, proprietress and owner of the Clarkstown Spank Shop read the sheet of paper that outlined the charges against the redhead, the brunette and the blonde sorority girls shifting anxiously on the opposite side of her parlour, she sighed, blew out one long breath and asked, “What exactly made you think this was a good idea?”

The girls gulped, Belinda’s bottom lip started to tremble and Angelica (often called Angel by friends because of her gentle and cheerful nature) started to cry. Tara sighed and with effort kept her expression neutral.

“Oh, I’d keep those tears if I were you, young lady,” the woman seated next to Andrea said sternly. “I have the feeling you’re going to need them very soon.”

“Yuhyes, Aunty Valerie,” Angelica sniffled, although tears continued to roll down her flawless white cheeks.

“So is anyone going to answer my question?” Andrea asked. “From what I gather you were all eager enough to talk over the weekend, specifically Saturday night.”

Seeing that neither of her partners in crime seemed capable of speaking, Tara squared her shoulders and answered, “Another sorority did it ma’am and it turned out to be a good fundraiser for them.”

“A sorority at Clarkstown U?” Andrea asked in surprise.

“What Tara has neglected to tell you, Andrea,” the girl’s housemother Valerie Stormwood said in a world-weary tone. “Is that this was a sorority at another institution. Her sister is a student there and pledged to said sorority. They may have made a lot of money, but it very nearly had their chapter drummed out of the PanHellenic Conference.”

Tara didn’t reply to her housemother’s clarification.

“Male strippers and copious amounts of alcohol at an event where you knew there would be underage attendees, Tara, Belinda and Angelica, what were you thinking?” Andrea asked rhetorically.

“Oh they weren’t thinking!” Valerie said archly, sipping her tea and glaring at her three charges.

“You do know that news like this could damage the university’s reputation?” Andrea asked, having had that fear voiced to her by her friend Julia Harrison who taught at the school.

“Yea, ma’am,” the three girls mumbled at their toes.

“Now, your housemother has brought the three of you here, as the organisers of this baccanale, for a discussion of how to make better choices in the future.”

Both Tara and Belinda’s faces twisted. Angelica continued to weep softly.

The redhead and the brunette had visited the Spank Shop in the past. This was Angelica’s maiden journey. Tara was what Andrea termed a semi regular. She was far from the only student attending the local college that was sent to her. The most regular attendees were a young athlete called Samuel Jensen, and an English boy by the name of Roddy Mackay-Stevens, who came in to have his academic performance assessed and encouraged by use of a cane to his backside.

Tara wouldn’t be far behind those two. She seemed to turn up at the shop once every two or three months to have her backside warmed for something or other. The punishments were generally decreed by Valerie, who performed the role of a surrogate mother for a number of the girls in the Sigma Omega Beta sorority, in some cases the punishments were discussed and decided on by the redhead’s actual mother, who still spanked her daughter when she was at home from school.

Belinda had visited the shop at on at least two previous occasions and she had hoped to never come again, but she’d let Tara talk her into doing something really stupid and here she was. She knew that all three of them were going to get spanked and spanked really hard, she just hoped it wouldn’t be as bad as she feared it might be.

Angelica was generally very well behaved, but the other two had talked her around. Not only was she going to get her first ever spanking this afternoon, if she couldn’t put in a proper practice session for the cheerleading squad of which she was a member she was in danger of losing her spot. The conversation she’d had with Tara and Belinda after Aunty Valerie, as all the girls referred to their stern housemother, had announced they were paying a visit to the shop after the ill advised party, was not encouraging about what sort of a state her bottom would be in following a session over Aunty Andrea’s lap. She’d seen Tara’s bottom last time, she’d limped for a day and sat on a pillow for three.

“Before we go any further,” Andrea said. “We need to sort a few things out. Tara, I have forms for you and Belinda, but not Angelica.”

“I can help out there, Andie,” Valerie said, producing a document from her handbag.

Andrea took the paper and scanned it. It wasn’t one of her release forms, but it was a legal document, and it had been signed by both Angelica and her mother.

“This is interesting,” Andrea said to the elegant dark haired housemother.

“I should have told you,” Valerie said, sipping her tea and nibbling on a sweet biscuit. “After a few incidents,” she shot a glare at Tara,” last semester I decided to put in a form as part of the sororities membership. All the girls and their guardians were required to sign them. It authorizes me to send them here if I think its warranted and you to punish them as you see fit, within bounds of course.”

“Of course,” Andrea repeated, placing the form in a slender folder labeled neatly with Angelica’s name. “Do you mind if I get our little Angel to sign one of my mine anyway, Valerie?”

“Not at all,” Valerie said mildly.

Andrea nodded, sipped gently from her own cup, took a form from Angelica’s folder and placed it and a pen on the coffee table. “Can you read that and sign it please, Angelica?”

With a sob the girl nodded, her long blonde tresses swaying, she tottered over to the coffee table, scanned the release through eyes that were blurred with tears and affixed a shaky signature to the form. Andrea satisfied herself that the signature was genuine and in the right place, then put the form back into the folder.

“Now that the preliminaries have been dealt with,” Andrea said. “I’d like the three of you to go into the change room, visit the little girls room and change into the aprons that Kimberley has laid out for you. Oh, and I don’t want to hear about any fights regarding who wears what apron, do you understand?”

“Yes Aunty,” the girls all dutifully chorused and then turned to shuffle in a line into the change room.

“So why do we have to visit the bathroom?” Angelica asked as she waited for Belinda to vacate it.

Tara sighed, “Aunty has this thing about no one having an accident over her lap.”

“Ewwwww! Gross!” Angelica squealed, her nose wrinkling at the thought.

“It happens,” Belinda said as she came out of the toilet.

“Did it happen to you, Lindy?” Angelica asked, her tone genuinely curious.

The brunette’s face turned as red as Tara’s hair and she muttered, “Never mind.”

By the time they could hear Angelica flushing Tara and Belinda were already half undressed, having stripped down to their bras and panties.

“Do we really have to wear one of these?” Angelica asked, picking up the aprons that had been laid out on the bed and looking through them critically. “Dibs on the Hello Kitty one if we do.”

“You can have it,” Belinda said. “That cat creeps me out. I’ll go with the little deer, bear behind one if you don’t want it, Tara. It’s kind of cute.”

Tara nodded and realized that left her with a white apron covered with red love hearts. “I can just hear Aunty Andrea now,” she said, and then imitated Andrea’s soft drawl and her correct diction. “Don’t you look adorable, and those little hearts are a very good guide to the shade of red I want that naughty little bottom of yours, sweetness.”

Through her laughter Belinda replied, “That’s really accurate, Tara, but let’s face it we do deserve it.”

‘Yeah, we do,” Angelica said wistfully as she slipped the Hello Kitty apron on and examined her reflection in the free standing full length mirror.

“To answer your earlier question, Angel,” Tara said, putting on her own apron. “Yes, we do have to wear these.”

“Why?” Angelica asked.

“I can answer that,” Belinda said, her voice muffled as she was getting into her apron. “Apparently when Aunty first started the shop she had a brother and sister who were developing and she wanted to spank them bare, but preserve modesty at the same time. The apron idea grew from that.”

“But we’re all girls and we’ve seen each other in the altogether before,” a confused Angelica argued.

“That was how it started,” Tara explained. “Now she does it to increase embarrassment. That’s why so many of the designs are so juvenile.”

“That and the fact that Kim is a Disney nut,” Belinda added as she sorted through the aprons in the open closet, taking note of how many had Disney themes.

“Oh God!” Tara drawled. “I had to wear one of those last time. Super humiliating, especially as Kim kept popping in all the time while I was being spanked.”

“Did she have to?” Belinda asked. “Do me up?” and turned to let Tara tie her apron in the back.

“She said she did, but I think she was making up reasons to see my bum being fried,” Tara answered as she did up her friend’s apron and then turned her own back so that Belinda could return the favour.

“I thought Kim was nice,” Angelica said, remembering her own interaction with the petite blonde in reception.

“She is most of the time,” Belinda confirmed and offered to tie Angelica’s apron up for her. “She can let it go to her head, though.”

“She’s actually handed out a few spankings, you know?” Tara said, picking up a ribbon that she found on a dresser.

“To little kids?” Angelica immediately assumed, taking the ribbon from Tara, with questions in her eyes.

“Tie my hair back,” Tara told her friend. “I’ll do yours too, Aunty insists and it’s better than getting tears and snot and stuff in it.”

“Ewwwww!” Angelica squealed.

“No,” Belinda answered the blonde’s earlier assumption. “Kim does do younger clients, but she roasted Carlie Edwards behind not that long ago.”

“Carlie!” Angelica exclaimed, letting Tara use another ribbon to pull her luxuriant butter yellow tresses back and tie them in a loose neat pony tail. “She’s nineteen. Isn’t Kimberley only eighteen?”

“I think that’s part of the point, Angel,” Belinda said, holding a ribbon out to Tara.

“Oh my God!” Angelica exclaimed, her cornflower blue eyes wide. “I hope that doesn’t happen to us.”

“I don’t think it will,” Tara voiced her opinion. “Aunty Valerie wants us properly punished and no offence to Kim, but no one can deal with a college aged girl better than Aunty Andrea, and I’m including my Mum in that. Mum knows how to set a backside alight, but she could take lessons from Aunty Andrea.”

“What about Aunty Gabrielle?” Belinda asked.

“Has she spanked you?” Tara asked with interest.

“No, but I’ve heard stories.”

“Can you guys stop this?” Angelica requested. “You’re making me need to pee again.”

“You better do that before we go out there, Angel. It’s not pretty if it happens,” Belinda told her.

Angelica nodded and ran back to the bathroom.

“What do you think we’re gonna get?” Belinda asked Tara glumly.

“I dunno,” the redhead answered thoughtfully. “I think given that we’re college girls her sorority paddle is going to be involved.”

“Yeah,” Belinda sighed. “I hope that strap isn’t.”

“You mean The Igniter?”

Belinda nodded.

“I got that once, never again,” Tara vowed, wincing with the memory and her hands going reflexively to her bottom. “I bet we get the hairbrush.”

“Oh that horrid Mrs Ebony thing?”

Tara nodded and said softly, “Poor Angel. We should never have talked her into the party.”

“It wasn’t like we held a gun to her head, Tara,” Belinda reminded her friend. “She was as eager as we were. Do you think we had to put aprons on because she’s going to give us public corner time?”

“Oh my God!” Tara gasped, her green eyes going wide. “I hadn’t thought of that. I hope not.”

“Have you ever done it?”

“Once,” Tara murmured, her cheeks colouring at the memory. “Aunty Valerie and Mum said it would teach me some humility. It is the worst! I was lucky in that reception wasn’t very busy that day.”

“You all done, Angel?” Belinda asked as the blonde reemerged from the bathroom.

Angelica nodded as the girls heard their housemother’s form voice inquire, “What are you three doing in there? You should be changed by now. Don’t make me come in there to get you girls!”


“What was all the chit chat about, girls?” Valerie asked.

The three looked at each other, their faces reddening.

Andrea came to the rescue. “That’s quite alright, Valerie. The girls are understandably nervous and as Angel is a first timer she no doubt was full of questions and look at this they’ve done up their aprons and tied their hair back.”

There were sighs of relief from Tara and Belinda. They both knew how Aunty Andrea could turn hot and cold in an instant.

“Now, we just have to decide who goes first,” Andrea said softly, her bewitching green eyes flicking from nervous face to nervous face.

Tara tried to stop herself from fidgeting. She knew what Andrea was doing, trying to unsettle them while she decided who went over the knee first. She felt very glad that she had emptied her bladder earlier. The redhead was about to volunteer herself, to spare Angel, and Lindy’s tongue seemed to have stuck to the roof of her mouth. That was when Andrea spoke again, “Angel,” she said clearly and distinctly.

Shock leapt into the blonde cheerleaders eyes. “Ma’am!” she blurted.

Tara spoke up. “Aunty? I thought…”

“I know what you were thinking, Tara, and I decide who gets punished and in what order, is that understood, young lady?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Tara murmured, her cheeks heating up again.

“Oh look!” Andrea exclaimed. “Here’s Kimberley with the bells.”

The blonde girl stood in the doorway of the room, wearing a broad smile and holding three bells attached to scarlet ribbons in her hands. Belinda suppressed a groan. She hated the bells, they were a new innovation of Andrea’s and they were really embarrassing. The look in Tara’s eyes said what she thought of them.

Kimberley crossed to a wall and in front of Valerie’s curious eyes held the ribbon in a corner. “Come on, Lindy,” the girl called softly. “Get your nose in the corner.”

Belinda sighed, but did as she was told without comment, knowing to not obey would probably add to her punishment. “Lovely,” Kimberley murmured as the brunette put her nose in the corner and pinned the ribbon to the wall with her nose. “Tara,” Kimberley called to the redhead, holding a second bell up in another corner.

Tata’s eyes flashed, but she walked to the corner stiff backed, her head held high. “Good girl,” Kimberley said, once the bell was secured. She left the room, dropping the final bell in a dish on the coffee table and saying to Andrea, “Just ring if you need me ma’am.”

“Thank you darling.”

“What are the bells about?” Valerie asked, looking at the two girls in the aprons facing the walls.

Andrea laughed. “Children always seem to have trouble keeping their noses to the wall. I used to use coins, but they can hurt a soft little nose and they get all snotty if they do it in between smackings.”

Valerie nodded to show her understanding.

“I find the bell a great alternative.  It has the added advantage of making a noise if they let it fall. They get extra spanking if that happens.”

“Excellent idea!” Valeire beamed, sipping her tea.

Tara was lucky that the ladies could not see her face, because she was sure she was scowling. She considered it far from an excellent idea.

Angelica looked like a frightened animal. Her blue eyes were flicking around the room desperately and she seemed on the point of flight. She jumped as Andrea said, “Angelica.”

The cheerleader tottered to where Andrea had seated herself in the middle of a couch. “This is your first ever spanking, sweetness?” Andrea asked gently, holding one of the blonde’s wrists loosely.

Not trusting herself to speak and trying to fight down a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, Angelica nodded quickly.

“That’s okay,” Andrea told her with a smile. “I’m good at getting ‘virgins’ through this. Your bottom will be very hot and very sore by the time we’re done today, but you’ll live and hopefully learn to make sounder decisions n the future. I’m assuming Tara and Belinda have already advised you that ‘mean old Aunty Andrea’’ spanks over the knee.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Angelica whispered.

“It may seen a bit cruel to have you as the first timer up for the opening spanking, but I do believe that sometimes ripping the bandaid off an owie can sometimes be better than peeling it off inch by inch.”

Angelica swallowed hard and stared at Andrea’s soberly covered lap and reflected that she actually agreed with Andrea’s metaphor about the bandaid, even if the childish words embarrassed her.

“Upsa daisy!” Andrea said cheerfully, tugging on Angelica’s wrist and pulling the girl in a graceless tangle of long slender legs over her lap. “Lindy!” Andrea’s voice said sharply, as she lifted Angelica’s legs up and settled her bottom into the centre of the lap. “I don’t remember giving you permission to turn around. Put the bell back on the wall and get your nose onto it! Would you like me to ask Miss Kimberley in here with a ruler for your thighs?”

Belinda paled and rapidly did as told, earning herself a glare from Valerie as well.
Andrea admired the buttocks now nestling in her lap. They were round and firm, their tone was testament to the girl’s interest in keeping herself fit for energetic cheerleading routines. As she ran her long red lacquered nails down the white mounds she saw that most of the girl’s body was tanned a light golden colour, but she did not have an all over tan. Andrea approved of that, with Angelica’s fair skin she would colour up beautifully once her hiding commenced. For the moment Andrea squeezed and stroke the buttocks in front of her to get the girl to relax a little.

Despite her fear Angelica did find herself enjoying Andrea’s gentle ministrations and with a sigh of pleasure untensed her gluteal muscles. Then she heard a loud crack and seconds after the report of the slap felt the sting on her right cheek. She stiffened up and squealed, “Owwwww!”

In their corners Belinda and Tara winced. They’d both been through what Angelica was experiencing and although their first time was in a long ago childhood they knew how much it hurt and the memories were never as keen as the real thing. It didn’t help that Andrea had the knack of spanking a good deal harder than the girl’s mothers. Possibly doing it for a living nearly every day sharpened the abilities.

Angelica started yelling loudly and throwing her legs about wildly. Andrea tightened her grip and firmed her mouth a little, she also started spanking both faster and harder which only increased Angelica’s histrionics and her pitiful yelps of “I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! Please stop! It hurrrttttsssss!”

Valerie shook her head and said sharply, “Angelica, stop making such a spectacle of yourself! You’re an SOB girl!”

The tears started to flow steadily as Andrea’s hard hand attacked her upper thighs and sit spots. “My goodness,” Andrea said without skipping a beat in the spanking. “If you’re like this over a smackbottom that wouldn’t wring tears from a ten year old I can barely imagine what you’ll do under Mrs Ebony.”

‘I knew it!’ Belinda thought to herself in her corner. ‘She’s going to use that blasted hairbrush!’

Andrea brought Angelica’s hand spanking to an end with a ringing slap across the centre of her now glowing buttocks. The girl sniffed and blubbered. Andrea helped her to her feet and held her hands to her sides. “Look at our little fallen angel,” she said to the girl. Angelica sniffled and cried.

Andrea stood and spun Angelica around, clasping her in an embrace. She reached down behind the girl and gave her reddened bottom a brisk rub. “You’ll live, sweetie. Now let’s get you into a corner. Valerie, would you mind placing our remaining bell on a wall, so we can install Angel in a corner?”

“Keep it there,” Andrea warned the sobbing blonde. “Aunty doesn’t want to have to spank you again for letting the bell drop, but she will.”

Andrea resumed her seat and called, “Lindy.”

With a resigned sigh, Belinda removed the hated bell from the wall and went to Andrea. In her corner Tara thought her nose had gone numb, so even though Andrea’s spankings really hurt she did wish she had been called next.

“It’s be a little while since you were in this position, Lindy,” Andrea said coolly as she arranged the brunette over her lap.

“Not long enough,” the girl muttered.

“What was that, darling?” Andrea asked.

“I was just agreeing, Aunty,” Belinda quickly tried to cover.

“I somehow doubt that, young lady, but if you can refrain from offering unasked comments for the rest of the afternoon you may just get out of here without a squeaky clean mouth to accompany your sore botty. I think maybe it’s been a little too long given what got you here. Maybe Aunty should have a chat with Mummy and suggest some more regular visits?”

Belinda’s cheeks caught fire, and she knew that Andrea was all too likely to follow through on the threat and that she had a way of getting people to agree to her suggestions about discipline. “Please no, Aunty Andrea,” she begged. “I’ll do better. I promise.”

“We’ll see,” Andrea said, running her had across Belinda’s soft, tender white buttocks making the girl tremble in anticipation.

Belinda was soon wriggling and squirming and gasping as Andrea’s hard, experienced palm beat a rapid and hot tattoo over her rolling globes. She crossed and uncrossed her ankles desperately in a futile attempt to ease the sting and burn. She had the feeling that her earlier cheekiness had actually earned her a sterner lesson under Andrea’s hand than she would generally hand out as what she termed up a ‘warm up’ to the main event of the hairbrush.

“Angelica,” Valerie warned the blonde. “That bell looks dangerously close to dropping, young lady. Press your nose back into the corner or I’ll ask Aunty Andrea if I can borrow a sturdy wooden ruler to take to the backs of your legs.”

Angelica bit back her groan, but pressed her nose painfully back to the ribbon on the wall.

Andrea peppered Belinda’s upper legs with stinging smacka, ignoring the girl’s wails of, “Not there, Aunty! Not the legs. It really hurtssssss!”

“It’s supposed to hurt you silly girl, it’s a spanking!” Andrea told the girl, continuing to slap the rapidly reddening thighs.
For her part Belinda buried her face in the couch cushions and bawled as the back of her legs caught fire. She would have to wear long pants for the rest of the week.

Once Belinda was back in her corner Tara made the long journey across the room and over Andrea’s silk sheathed thighs. The redhead wriggled a little and tried to relax, the quicker she got this over with, the better.

With her colouring Tara’s bottom always reddened quickly, but the girl was tough and a spanking veteran so it was always a challenge for Andrea to break the strong willed college senior down. Tears from the hand spanking were not an absolute necessity, but Andrea liked to produce them with her hand, she felt it primed her clients nicely for what was to come.

“Legs apart, please Tara,” Andrea ordered.

The girl blinked dry eyes and pleaded, “Please no, Aunty. Not the inner thighs. You didn’t do Angel and Lindy there.”

“It is no business of yours how I spank others, young lady. How do you know they weren’t roasted in there?”

“I could hear, ma’am. You didn’t ask them to open their legs.”

“You know,” Andrea said, continuing to sprinkle stinging slaps all over the surface of Tara’s simmering hindquarters. “You’re such a clever girl, Tara. I would have thought you were smarter than to suggest a party like the one that landed you here. Maybe I gave you more credit than you deserve. Now are you going to open your legs or do I have to ask Aunty Valerie to hold them apart?”

Tara turned her head to see her housemother and the woman’s face was set and determined. The senior knew with a certainty that if Andrea asked her to, she would grab Tara by the ankles and hold her legs open while Andrea spanker the tender flesh in between them. Tara had had never liked Valerie Stormwood. She personally didn’t understand why the sorority even needed a housemother. Her sister’s sorority had a lady they called housemother, but she was really just a glorified housekeeper. Houesmothers like the woman the SOB girls called Aunty Valerie were a thing of the past, but then again so were many things in Clarkstown. Her mother had promised to arrange for Tara’s younger sister to be transferred to Clarkstown U once the older girl graduated at the end of the school year. Apparently the discipline at Clarkstown was ‘good’ for the girls.

With a defeated whimper Tara opened her legs and gave Andrea access to the protected flesh between them. “You always like to do things the hard way, Tara,” Andrea lamented, attacking the girls inner thighs and getting howls and tears from her. “Both Angel and Lindy cried nice and early for me. You didn’t. Don’t you know the effects of a good hard cry on a girl your age? It’s very cathartic. Just admit that you’ve done the wrong thing and give Aunty some big fat tears and we can get on with the rest of your whackings?”

As Tara bawled under the relentless and intensely painful assault the word whackings penetrated through to her. As Belinda had predicted when they were getting changed the hairbrush was going to be brought into play, but whackings plural meant Andrea had something else in store. “Please don’t be The Igniter,” Tara blubbered.

“What was that young lady?” Andrea asked, resting her hand on the girl’s sizzling hot orbs.

“I’m sorry, Aunty Andrea,” Tara sobbed.

Andrea’s voice softened. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?” she asked.

“No ma’am,” Tara sniffled. As she was stood on her feet, she wiped her forearm under her nose as it had started to run during the final part of the hand spanking. Valerie made a noise of disgust at the gesture, but Andrea clucked maternally, took a tissue from box on a table next to the couch and held it up to Tara’s streaming nose, instructing, “Blow.”

With tears trickling down her face the previously rebellious redhead blew her nose noisily into the tissue. “Good girl,” Andrea complimented her, and wiped her nose then disposed of the tissue.

The three girls stood in the corners wishing their bottoms would stop hurting and throbbing when the door opened and Kimberley stood framed in it. “Wow!” the teenager pronounced. “We almost don’t need the fire lit in here. Those bottoms warm the room nicely.”

Andrea hid a smile and asked her receptionist, “Do you have a reason for being here Kimmy?”

“Oh yes of course,” Kimberley said, dragging her eyes away from Tara’s scarlet backside. “Tommy’s Mum rang and asked if we could fit him in. Mum is booked solid and you’ll be busy with these three for a while. Is it okay if I do it?”

“Do you think you can handle him, darling?” Andrea asked, knowing from long experience just how much the sturdy boy could struggle over a punishing lap.

“Oh yes!” Kimberley replied firmly. “He’s about Mike’s age and I can hold him down when I have to,” the girl said, referring to her younger brother.

“That will be fine, darling,” Andrea gave her permission.

“Thank you ma’am. Would you or Ms Stormwood like more tea?”

Andrea’s green eyes flicked to Valerie, who looked at her empty cup then shook her head.

“No, we’ll be fine for the moment, Kimberley.”

“Very good Miss Andrea. I’ll just clear the tea things away. Ring if you need me.”

“You could all take lessons from that young woman,” Valerie told her three crimson; bottomed charges. “I’m sure her mother doesn’t have to send her to Andrea for holding wild parties without permission.”

Thinking of some of the occasions she had had Kimberley wailing over her lap Andrea murmured quietly, “You’d be surprised.”

“I think we’ll let Angel cool off for a little longer,” Andrea decided and heard a whispered, “Oh thank God!” from the blonde.

Tara and Belinda closed their eyes and wondered which of them would be first to meet the hairbrush. Tara actually felt that if it were her that her bottom may very well literally burst into flames if it weren’t given some more time for the fires raging through it to dampen down a little.

Belinda’s heart sank as Andrea said, “Lindy.” The girl felt her stomach do a backflip. She dropped the bell into her hand and gave it to their housemother, who accepted it and gave her a black wooden hairbrush in exchange. Belinda held the feared and hated Mrs Ebony gingerly as she approached Andrea, her legs crossed nonchalantly in her position on the couch.

“You’ve met my good friend Mrs Ebony before, haven’t you, Lindy?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” Belinda answered feeling a bead of sweat slip out from her hair and slide down her back.

“It’s been a little while and I’m sure she’s very eager to rekindle the flames of your relationship, seeing as you were such warm friends before,” Andrea teased, while Belinda wished she would stop using all the ‘hot’ words. “Hand her to me, please and get back over my lap, Belinda.”

The tingling in the college girl’s bottom was nearly unbearable and she was almost glad to lay herself over Andrea’s lap. The crying started as she gave the hairbrush into the chestnut haired disciplinarian’s keeping. “Oh there will be plenty of those.” Andrea promised in reference to the brunette’s tears.

Belinda wailed and squalled as Andrea set her thighs and buttocks alight with the brush’s unforgiving oval back. “This is what happens to silly little girls who hold parties with strippers and booze,” Andrea told the girl sternly as she visited fire to every part of the girl’s writhing rear. ‘Let’s get those legs kicking,” Andrea said laying the brush on fast and hard and being rewarded with some exceptionally vigorous struggles and loud yelling.

“I’m sorry, Aunty,” Belinda sobbed as she got off Andrea’s lap.

“Oh it’s not me you should be apologizing to, young lady,” Andrea said firmly. “Your housemother was the one you set out to deceive and it is your sorority’s and the school’s reputation that could suffer as the result of your actions.”

Hearing it put like that provoked a fresh flood of tears of Belinda as she stumbled to the corner, her entire bottom aching and throbbing.

“I think our little Angel has cooled down sufficiently now,” Andrea announced and Angelica sobbed, knowing that the words meant she was up next.

As Angelica stood in front of her Andrea, sniffling, the tip of her nose as scarlet as her bottom had been from the crying and sniffing and pressing it to the wall with only a ribbon to protect it, Andrea gave the brush to her.

“You haven’t met Mrs Ebony before, Angelica,” Andrea said as the girl looked at the brush in her hands. “Have a good look at her.”

Angelica turned the brush over in her hands. It was quite a good brush and must have been expensive. The back of it was polished and it still felt warm from the heat off Belinda’s bottom. Interestingly enough there was no evidence in the bristles that it had ever been used to brush hair. The idea of a brush used purely to spank bottoms was a new one to Angelica, but Tara said her mother had two hairbrushes. One was for her hair and the other was for the bottoms of her daughters.

“Give me your impressions, Angel,” Andrea ordered.

The blonde used her perfect white upper teeth to worry her lower lip as she thought. “It’s very shiny, and good quality, ma’am.”

“Thank you, darling,” Andrea said. “Anything else?”

“It’s a little warm…I guess that’s from Lindy’s…bottom,” Angelica continued, her cheeks colouring at the thought and the words.

“Warm? Hmmmm…yes I suppose it is. It may be warm, darling, but we want your bottom roasting hot.”

Angelica closed her eyes at the thought and felt her bottom contract in anticipation.

“Go on, smack your palm with Mrs Ebony,” Andrea urged. “Then tell me how it feels. Give it a good hard swat.”

Angelica took a deep breath and smacked the back of the brush into her free hand hard. She let out an involuntary “Ow!” it had hurt! “It stings Aunty and it’s quite heavy.”

“That it is, now give me Mrs Ebony, sweetheart. We’ll get you settled over Aunty’s lap and see if Mrs Ebony can’t get you all hot and bothered again.”

Having done it once, Angelica’s trip over Andrea’s lap was much more graceful than the first time. Andrea moved the girl a little so that she was arranged to her satisfaction, then glided the back of the hairbrush over her bottom. The time in the corner had allowed the cheerleader’s superheated buttocks to cool a little and the bright red colour had faded so that they resembled two scoops of strawberry ice cream.

“Lovely and warm,” Andrea cooed, running her hand over them. “Such a pretty pink, but what Aunty wants is a sizzling hot bottom and both it and the tops of your legs should be a deep rich cherry red. I think Mrs Ebony is equal to that task. Should we find out?”

Angelica’s reply was a howl of pain as the brush cracked smartly across the centre of the tight double bulge of her gym toned buttocks.


‘My goodness!” Gabrielle Kenmedy said in reception as she installed her most recent customer in a corner and picked up some information about her upcoming appointment from her daughter, Kimberley. “Who is Andrea murdering in there?”

“She’s got three college girls, Mum,” Kimberley said mildly, sipping her tea.

“Oh the ones that held the party?”

Kimberley nodded and self-consciously patted her obsessively cared for golden locks.

“Whichever one it is certainly has a strong set of lungs,” Gabrielle said.

Kimberley smirked and then a particularly blood curdling screech made the young man Gabrielle had placed in the corner jump.

“Oh it’s alright, Paul,” Gabrielle told the boy. “You’ve already been spanked, darling. You won’t be going back over the knee today unless Aunty Kimberley has to smack you for not keeping your nose in the corner or maybe Mummy has a little bedtime smacking planned as a follow up.”

Paul nodded wordlessly and miserably.

“I couldn’t swear to it,” Kimberley said, “but I think that’s Angelica. I know what Tara sounds like and it isn’t her. It could be Belinda, but Angelica’s the cheerleader so probably has a louder voice than the other two, plus she’s a ‘virgin’.”

Gabrielle rewarded her daughter with a fond pat on the head and a laugh as she disappeared back into her parlour to await the arrival of her next client.


Angelica got up off Andrea’s lap and went hopping and dancing around the parlour, tears streaming down her cheeks, her face screwed up in pain and her hands desperately rubbing at her stinging hindquarters, which as Andrea had promised at the outset of the spanking, glowed a deep, rich cherry red. She hadn’t just spanked the parts of her bottom and thighs that were on display from the back of the apron, she had made Angelica hold her legs open and scorched in between her buttocks and thighs.

“You don’t normally permit your clients to dance, do you Andrea?” Valerie asked as she watched Angelica’s performance, her disapproval evident in her voice.

“Not as a rule no,” Andrea answered, her own green eyes shining with clear enjoyment of Angelica’s dance. “However Angelica is a ‘virgin’ and I know from bitter experience just what sort of fire a well wielded hairbrush can light in a young lady’s tender rear end, she needs a little dancing time and it’s ever so cute.”

“I thought her screams might shatter the windows when you started in on her inner thighs,” Valerie commented.

“Yes, she didn’t much like that. I nearly thought I may have to ask for your assistance to hold her down and I don’t often have to do that, even with boys.”

“I’m sorry,” Angelica blubbered through her tears. “I promise I’ll never do it again.”

“I do think you’re telling the truth sweetheart. Now let’s stop that silly dancing and pop you in a corner while Aunty takes care of the final member of the terrible trio?”

Tara emitted a put upon sigh and went to Andrea.

“Your expression, Tara,” Andrea told the girl standing in front of her. “Tells me that you have not learned anything. Get over my lap. I’ll see if Mrs Ebony and I can spank some sense into that head of yours via your bottom.”

“She just doesn’t learn, does she?” Valerie said as Tara arranged herself over Andrea’s lap.

“Oh she will,” Andrea vowed. “It just takes longer with some. I thought she was getting better then she did this. I may have to talk to her mother about more regular visits.”

It was hearing that as much as the searing kiss of the hairbrush that started the redhead’s tears flowing. She was soon kicking and begging incoherently to be let off as Andrea rained sizzling volley after sizzling volley across the girl’s bucking buttocks and thighs.

Andrea roasted Tara methodically. She started high on the buttocks, then moved down until she had the entire surface from her upper thighs to her small of her back the same shimmering scarlet and she could feel the waves of fierce heat rising from them.

“Please no, Aunty. Please no,” Tara pleaded tearfully as Andrea began to part her legs. “They got done in the hand spanking.”

“You were the ring leader in this missy,” Andrea told the girl sternly. “Of that I have absolutely no doubt. You can either take your medicine like a big girl or I can ask Aunty Valerie to fetch The Igniter out of the cupboard and we can continue this conversation with it.”

Letting out a choked sob, Tara opened her legs and allowed Andrea’s hairbrush access to those tender areas. She howled her way through a protracted session, which she was positive went on for longer than either Belinda or Angelica’s in the same area had been.

Andrea gazed down on her handiwork and told Tara she could close her legs again. The girl did with a sigh of relief. It was however short lived as Andrea went to work again, scorching the girl’s thighs and then her buttocks. Tara was cried out, but she struggled so vigorously that Andrea was forced to lock one of her legs over the back of Tara’s to keep her in position for the conclusion of the brushing.

“Now that was world class!” a breathless Valerie said as Andrea set the brush aside and began to gently massage the inflamed and swollen globes nestling in her lap just to settle Tara down a little and let her know the spanking was over for the moment. Andrea also felt that it had been one of her sterner hairbrushings and she knew that she wouldn’t have been able to stop herself from rubbing, so she should at least give Tara some comfort. She frowned as she examined the buttocks carefully and saw a couple of blisters. She often threatened to blister her client’s bottoms, but she rarely meant it literally. She didn’t often lose control like that, but Tara’s attitude always seemed to push her buttons.

At length Andrea let the girl up. Tara stood in front of her, tears trickling down her face and her nose still running, some of her dark red hair had come free of the ribbon and strands of it were stuck to her cheeks with a mixture of tears, snot, sweat and saliva. Andrea made a noise of sympathy and used a tissue to clean the girl’s face and wipe the hair from her face. “Into your corner now,” she commanded, turning Tara around with hands on the slender shoulders and pointing her at a corner, sending her on her way with a playful smack to her blazing backside. “Yuyess, Aunty,” Tara sobbed and did as she was ordered, not even having had to be told to put her hands on her head.

The girls shifted uncomfortably, aware that the two ladies in the room were admiring their thoroughly walloped bottoms. Tara’s mother often made her girls do their corner time while seated on a hard high wooden stool. They couldn’t touch the ground with their feet, so all their weight rested on their just spanked backsides. Tara was at least glad that Andrea didn’t favour that method, although she knew that none of them were going to escape with just a hand and hairbrush spanking for what they’d done, however sound those first two hidings had been.

“Turn around please, ladies,” Andrea ordered.

Tara, Belinda and Angelica turned from their corners and looked at Andrea. The disciplinarian was standing in the centre of the room and what she held in her hands made them gasp in both surprise and dismay.

“That reaction tells me that you have all seen one of these before,” Andrea said and held up a full size sorority paddle. “I’m willing to bet that even you Angelica have felt one at your initiation, even if it was rather playful.”

The blonde girl nodded slowly.

“We do paddle all the girls on their initiation,” Valerie confirmed. “It’s not especially hard although I do like them all to get one good solid swat. That’s usually where our pledge mistress for the year comes in.”

“Have I ever paddled one of you with the sorority paddle?” Andrea asked the two remaining girls. Before they could answer, she stopped them and looked through the files belonging to Tara and Belinda. “Ahhhhh yes,” she said. “You got it once Tara.”

Valerie nodded. “Had to eat her supper standing up that night, didn’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Tara sighed.

“As you’ve all felt the paddle before I think you know what Aunty wants. Go around to the back of the couch and assume the position.”

The girls filed around to the back of the couch and bent over it, resting their stomachs on the cushions and pushing their still sore bottoms out for the attentions of the paddle.

‘That’s right,” Andrea encouraged. “Straighten those legs and push those buttocks out. Aunty wants a nice prominent well presented target to aim at.”

“How many ma’am?” Tara asked.

“As many as I want to give you,” Andrea informed her and heard a groan from Belinda. “Do you have something to say Lindy?”

“No, Miss Andrea.”

“I will put you out of your misery,” Andrea continued. “You’re each getting twelve…”

“Twelve!” Tara echoed.

“Would you rather thirteen, Tara?”

“No, ma’am. No Aunty,” the girl babbled desperately.

“You will thank me after each one and apologise for your behaviour by saying sorry. Aunty Valerie will keep count. Failure to thank me or say sorry will earn an extra stroke, not just for the one that forgot, but all of you.”

“That’s not fair!” Tara protested.

“Tara,” Andrea said to the redhead sharply. “If there is one more outburst from you I will add an extra six strokes on and not just for you. You’ll also be eating a bar of soap before your paddling.”

“Sorry Aunty,” Tara murmured, although her tone was not sincere.

Andrea shook her head, lined up Angelica’s sizzling red strawberries and let the paddle fly. The blonde howled, threw her head back and roared, then managed to stammer, “Thank you. ‘M sorry.”

Belinda accepted her first stroke with a little more grace, although she did have to work to keep her legs straight and she bawled, “Thank you. Sorry, Aunty.”

BANG! The paddle struck Tara’s inflamed cheeks dead centre. The girl moved forward slightly, grunted and said levelly once she had her breathing under control, “Sorry. Thank you, may I have another?”

Andrea shook her head again and murmured, “Keep pushing me girl, just keep pushing.”

Andrea managed to reach six strokes without too much incident. Belinda and Angelica’s thank you’s and sorry’s could barely be understood through their constant crying and they have to be reminded to keep their posture after each sizzling swat. Tara was taking it better, but she too was crying steadily, both eyes and nose streaming, but she was determined not to break in the way Belinda and Angelica had. Both of them were close to begging for no more.

Andrea stood back and used a tissue to wipe her brow. “This can be quite an effort,” she said to Valerie. “As you were directly affected by this Valerie would you like to administer the last six?”

“Oh may I?” Valerie asked eagerly and took the paddle that Andrea held out to her.

“Be my guest,” she offered. “I’ll keep count.”

All three girls winced as they heard the exchange. It wasn’t that their housemother paddled harder than Andrea, she probably didn’t, it was more the humiliation factor. It was bad enough that she had gotten to see Andrea reduce all three of them to bawling red bottomed children, but to actually have her administer some of it and be in part responsible for their condition was mortifying.

Valerie looked at the six sizzling scarlet cheeks arrayed in front of her and felt giddy. She hadn’t been in a position like this since she was Sigma Omega Beta’s pledge mistress many years ago. They had paddled a good deal harder for initiation than the girls did now, but the swats were administered over tightly pantied buttocks and initiations aside she’d never had this many girls lined up at once awaiting their paddling.

She raised the paddle and brought it sweeping down. CRACK! “Oh my God!” Angelica wailed, her blue eyes opening wide and only just remembering in time to say thank you and sorry. Belinda just accepted the swat and told herself she only had five to go and made her apologies quickly. Tara on the other hand clenched her fists and willed herself not to give Valerie the satisfaction of knowing she had really stung her.

The girls managed to hold it together until Valerie administered number ten to Angelica. The girl collapsed in floods of tears over the couch and lay there bawling and begging, “No more, please no more. I’m really, really sorry.”

Valerie did not say anything, but pursed her lips and got ready to tell the blonde that as she had not said thank you the stroke would not count, that was when Andrea prompted gently, “Have we forgotten something Angel?”

“Aunty?” the girl cried.

“When someone does something for us what do we say?”

“Thank you, Aunty.”

“Good girl. Please carry on Valerie.”

Andrea went around to the front of the couch and ordered. “Look at me, girls. We’re almost done. Now you three just concentrate on Aunty Andrea and remember that you are Sigma Omega Beta girls and we’ll get through this, okay.”
Valerie had to admit that the chestnut haired disciplinarian had class. She got the three sorority girls through their final two swats by getting them to concentrate on her soothing and calming presence. Valerie laid them on hard and even Tara howled, so she knew they hurt, but seeing Andrea gave the girls heart and they got through it.

Once the paddling was finished. The girls were allowed to lie over the couch and sob. Andrea and Valerie gently coaxed the girls to their feet and hugged and kissed them. Kimberley appeared with a tray of steaming cocoa and handed the mugs out to the girls who sipped from them while they let their bottoms cool.

As Andrea watched Valerie shepherd three very sore bottomed young ladies out of the shop she smiled to herself and thought that her own college days had never been so eventful. Maybe she should have pledged to a sorority.


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    Wow Aunty did the job here but honestly you had me with "Bet we get the hairbrush"....amazing story and very hot!
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    1. Thank you, Ron. Yes brush comments are rather evocative, aren't they?

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