Thursday, 24 October 2013

A drawing

Hello to you all! I've been a little remiss in posting as often as I'd like, but my effort at writing a story seems to have been well received. Kimberley will go into more detail about the possible future of the SotM in her monthly update.

Today I'd like to present a drawing for you to think about.

I've been looking at some artwork recently and thinking about some of my favourite spanking artists. One of these is Sassy Bottoms.

Sassy has provided us with some wonderful pieces. A personal favourite is this one:

This isn't the one that occasioned the post, but it is a very typical example. A lot of Sassy's work is F/m. There's an old world feeling about it, in both the way spanker and spankee are dressed and the setting. Not to mention the punishment itself. There's also the lack of any evident reason for the spanking. I've always seen this one as an older sister taking a mischievous younger brother to task. It's a delightfully domestic scene.

Now this is the one I saw that made me think.

It's black and white, which in an odd way suits it better. I think colour may actually make it less effective. Again the stark setting and the way the participants are attired recalls a bygone age. It's called Teacher's Lounge, so we have a bit of an explanation there. It actually puts me in mind of the Spank Shop, if we had glass windows.

What do you all think? How do you view this one? What have our four heroes been up to? Why is Miss spanking them? Could you write a story around it? Maybe that's a challenge for me or Seegee or one of my followers with a skill for words.


  1. Dear Aunty,

    I agree that the first one is clearly and older sister taking her little brother in hand, or perhaps an older cousin or babysitter with "spanking privileges". It is a wonderfully old-fashioned pic. The second one is a bit more open to interpretation in that at least one of the miscreants is a boy. The two in the room are already getting their punishments and the two outside are awaiting theirs. The boy's hands clasped between his legs suggests he might want to visit the "little boy's room" before he goes over Teacher's lap. The girl next to him is clearly overwhelmed. Given their age and gender ratio, I wouldn't be surprised to find some element of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" being responsible for their predicament. Or perhaps it's more innocent; a kissing game or something. Either way they're all getting it on the bare in full view of the others. I hope the boy is last, lucky little devil... ;-)


  2. I definitely think this boy and three girls were playing doctor during recess, and all were made to stay after and face the disciplinarian.

  3. I think the boy will be last, Phil. It seems to have been set up that way. The crying girl will be called in next, then her young male companion.
    Thank you for the your comment Devon and welcome to the Spank Shop, dear.

  4. Aunty,

    The first one reminds me so much of when my cousin spanked me, wow, such a flash back, love it. The second could be a scene at the Shop no doubt, love drawings.
    Thanks my dear!

    1. Thank you Ron. Glad I could bring back a happy memory for you.

  5. Dear Aunty Andrea, Ma'am,

    How do little brats submit stories to you for your consideration on your website, Ma'am?

    1. LB, you can send it to my email address: