Friday, 18 October 2013

Miley Meets Her Match

Good afternoon to you one and all! I know it's taken me forever and I did promise, so it's finally here. Miley Cyrus accompanied by her mother Tish visit my humble little shop to collect their award for being voted Spankee of the Year by you my loyal and devoted followers.

I will admit that I did take some liberties with the Cyrus family when writing this. From interviews and this clip it appears that while Miley has probably only been rarely disciplined her bottom is not a complete and total stranger to parental chastisement as is implied in the story.

The silly attempt at making something sound old aside here is something similar to the sign that Miley and her mother encountered when arriving in Clarkstown.

The two ladies stood on the Clarkstown street and looked up at the sign above them. It was plain and simply said The Spank Shop and had a picture of two crossed hairbrushes above the words.

The girl with ultra-short, peroxided blonde hair and tattoos on her fingers looked at the tall, tanned blonde woman next to her and said, “Are you sure about this Mom?”

Leticia ‘Tish’ Cyrus gave the sign a concerned look and answered her famous daughter, “This is the right place.”

Miley frowned. “I know that, but this whole thing sounds wrong and lame to me.”

“Well, it was described as a good thing for both of us to me.”

“Okay,” the girl sighed. “What is an soty anyway?”

“It’s an award. Apparently you were up against some very hot competition, Miley. Rihanna was another nominee as was Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.”

Miley nodded. Any chance she got to beat those three rivals out of something couldn’t be all bad. She was still pissed at Gaga for trying to outshock her at the MTV VMA awards by mooning the crowd.

Seeing that Miley seemed to be in a slightly better mood about this rather unusual visit to pick up a previously unheard of award, Tish pushed the shop’s door open.

Mother and daughter.

A bell above the door tingled brightly as the two ladies entered the warm welcoming interior of Clarkstown’s Spank Shop.

A pretty blonde with hair to be envious of turned from her computer monitor, flashed on a 1,000 watt smile and greeted Miley and Tish. “Good afternoon. Welcome to the Spank Shop. I’m Kimberley, you must be Miley and Mrs Cyrus.”

Tish blushed at the formal address of the girl, who was probably about Miley’s age, possibly younger. “You can call me Tish, honey,” she said to the blonde with a gentle smile.

“Thank you ma’am, but Aunty Andrea doesn’t like me to be too familiar with adults unless I have her permission. I get spanked otherwise,” the girl confessed a becoming pink flush suffusing her creamy cheeks. “If you and Miley would like to take a seat I’ll let Aunty and Mum know you’re here.”

“Is this a family business, sweetie?” Tish inquired.

“Ma’am?” Kimberley asked.

“You mentioned your aunt and your mother.”

Kimberley giggled delightedly. “It is my real Mum, but Miss Andrea isn’t my actual aunt. People just call her that.”

Miley and Tish took seats on one side of the room across from the crackling fire. Tish was about to look through the selection of magazines on offer. At least one of them had a picture of her daughter on the cover. Then Miley whispered to her, “Mom?”

“Yes, dear,” Tish answered, looking into the girl’s wide brown eyes.

“That girl just said she’d get spanked if she called you Tish,” the girl said.

“Oh,” Tish dismissed the comment with a wave of her manicured fingers. “I’m sure she was just exaggerating. Her boss sounds a little old-fashioned. She’ll probably just give her a talking to. It’s kind of refreshing to meet someone with those sort of values, to be honest.”

Miley rolled her eyes and muttered, “Whatever.” Then slumping in her chair, she pullied a smartphone from the pocket of her skin-tight jeans and started playing Candy Crush.

“Yes, ma’am, thank you. I’ll let Mum know too,” the receptionist said into the phone as she replaced it in the cradle then dialed another number. “Yes, they’re here, Mum. Both of them. I didn’t think her Mum would come either, but she did.”

Tish watched and listened to the conversation, while Miley swore at her phone as she failed a level of the game. This girl was so polite to her mother. Miley used to be like that, but then as a family they made the decision to try and distance her image from the squeaky clean Hannah Montana one.

“Mum and Aunty will be out soon,” Kimberley informed her two guests. “Would either of you like some refreshment? Coffee, tea?”

“Have you got any booze?” Miley asked without taking her eyes off the game on her screen.

Tish raised her eyes skyward and wished she had taken a stand with Miley earlier. Maybe being her friend and not her Mom had been a mistake.

“No,” Kimberley said, her lips pursing and her eyes growing cold. “We have coffee, tea, chocolate, milk and water.”

“Don’t have a cow,” Miley advised. “I was just asking. Water.”

“You could have said please,” Kimberley said as she got to her feet. “Mrs Cyrus?”

“Just coffee, please honey.”

Kimberley nodded and disappeared to get the drinks.

“You could have said please,” she hissed furiously at her daughter.

“What for?” Miley retorted. “She’s just some flunky. It’s only a glass of water.”

“Miley she is still a person. She may be a fan.”

“Her?” the blonde singer snorted. “Like me? You have to be kidding, Mom! She probably goes home and watches old Hannah Montana episodes and wishes she could break out like I did.”

Kimberley put a glass of water next to the singer and said, “I actually used to like you as Hannah. She was much nicer than you turned out. Your coffee is coming ma’am.”

Miley turned shocked eyes on the receptionist’s soberly skirted backside as she went to get Tish’s drink. “Mom! She can’t talk to me like that. I’m Miley Cyrus!”

The outburst was cut short by the appearance of a tall, willowy woman with an impressive mane of long, lustrous chestnut hair, she wore a pair of stylish dark rimmed rectangular spectacles. “Mrs Cyrus? Miley?”

“It’s Tish,” she sighed.

“Only if you call me Andie,” the brunette said with a smile. “I’m Andrea Mahony. Welcome to the Spank Shop.”

Kimberley reappeared with a steaming mug and accompanied by a tall blonde woman, who looked like the girl only taller and older. Kimberley put the mug down by Tish, who murmured her thanks before blowing on the coffee to cool it and taking a sip.

“Andie, may I ask about the award you’ve awarded Miley with?” Tish asked, while her daughter ignored everyone else to check her Twitter account.

Miley displays the sort of form that saw her take out the inaugural Spankee of the Year award.

“Of course,” Andrea smiled broadly. “Before I do so I’d like you to meet our other employee Gabrielle Kennedy.”

“Delighted,” the blonde lady said.

“Now the award itself,” Andrea said, clapping her hands and sending Kimberley scurrying behind her desk to retrieve something. The girl held an award of some sort in one hand and a framed certificate in another.

The award itself was actually a hairbrush. It’s flat back bore the inscription: SOTY 2013: Winner. The certificate had a picture of Miley during her now infamous ‘twerking’ performance at the VMA awards and said that the followers of Aunty Andrea’s Spank Shop blog had voted for Miley to win the Inaugural Spankee of the Year award.

Tish’s eyes widened as she read the certificate and she elbowed her daughter in the ribs sharply. “What the fuck, Mom!” Miley hissed. “I was tweeting to Brandi.” Her gaze went to the certificate and she started to read it, her eyes growing rapidly to the size of saucers as the impact of the words sank in.

“Ummm…that’s…nice…I guess. I have somewhere else to be. Come on Mom, let’s get out of here!”

Miley's expression when she found out exactly what the letters SotY stood for.

Miley stood up and tugged her mother’s arm urgently. Tish remained in her seat. Her mind went back a few years when as a family, she, Miley, Billy Ray and the girl’s siblings, had sat down and discussed the next step in Miley’s career and how to break free of the squeaky clean Hannah Montana image.

Initially Tish had been in favour of it, but now it was spiraling out of control. The overtly sexual clothes and image, including the haircut, which Tish didn’t really like, were one thing and something that nearly every attractive young starlet seemed to do, but then had come the drinking and the smoking, along with the tattoos and Miley’s live performances and videos had become increasingly risqué, culminating in the much talked about and broadcast VMA performance and appearing nude in the video for ‘Wrecking Ball.’

“Wait Miley,” Tish said firmly. “I’d like to hear what Andie and Gabrielle have to say here.”

Miley bit her lip and shifted nervously from foot to foot. She thought of fleeing without her mother, but Tish had the car keys, and that Kimberley girl had blocked the door. She was only little, but she had her legs spread and her arms crossed and something about her expression just said that she wasn’t an easy take down.

“As you have no doubt realized Tish,” Andrea continued smoothly. “Our business involves spanking and Miley has just received an award from readers of my blog that indicates they think she could use a good hot bottom.”

Tish sipped her coffee and nodded.  She had a less than ideal upbringing. She’d been a rebellious child and was pregnant by the time she had been Miley’s age. Having been raised in the South she knew all about old fashioned discipline and probably could have used some herself. It appeared she’d passed her own wild streak onto Miley and it may be late, but this Andrea woman and her mother and daughter staff seemed to be willing provide some of that discipline.

“You’d spank Miley?” Tish asked.

“What? Mom! No!” Miley blurted, her hands going to her pert rear end.

“She could clearly use a good spanking,” Gabrielle murmured ominously.

“Understand, Tish that if you agree to this, Miley won’t be the only one getting her bottom smacked.”

That comment hit the blonde woman like a slap in the face. “Excuse me?”

“It’s been my experience,” Andrea said. “That when someone acts out in the way Miley has been it comes from somewhere. It’s clear that boundaries weren’t set with her early enough and there’s a reason why she sees sticking her barely clad bottom in someone’s face and waving it around lewdly as acceptable. No one has ever told her or shown her that it is not.”

“Well, to be fair.” Tish attempted to defend herself. “We never approved the VMA performance, we didn’t even know she was going to do it until she appeared on the show.”

“But it wasn’t the first time she’d done something similar or done things that I’m sure you hadn’t approved of. She was actually nominated by readers of the blog prior to that performance. Somewhere along the line Miley has been allowed to become more and more outrageous.”

Tish felt her cheeks catch fire and dropped her head.

Now that it had become clear that Miley wouldn’t be the only one leaving the shop with a sore bottom she was a little more accepting of the whole idea. Some kinky people even did this voluntarily. Maybe it would be fun. She wasn’t gay, but she had to admit there was something naturally sexy about this Andrea woman.

“Okay,” Tish said softly, nodding.

“What was that, Tish?” Andrea asked.

“Maybe I do need a spanking,” the woman whispered.

“Oh there’s no maybe about it, Miss,” Gabrielle said firmly.

“Well, if we’re decided that the presentation of the award will be made to two glowing hot bottoms the two of you had best go with Kimberley and get ready.”

“Get ready?” Miley echoed. “What the fuck does that mean?”

Andrea’s jade eyes flashed and she said in a stern voice, “Destiny Hope Cyrus! I let the first f word slip by because you had no idea how things worked here. That’s the second time and I will not have it again. If that word crosses your lips just once more while you are here I will be giving your mouth a thorough washing out with soap and water.”

Tish’s face twisted. She’d had the soap and water thing done by an angry relative when she was a child. The woman was a hypocrite, the girl had learned the words from her in the first place.

Miley blinked and took a deep breath. Very few people ever used her actual name. Her famous public name came from Smiley, which was a nickname that her parents had used when she was an infant, because she smiled all the time and it had later been shortened. Hearing Andrea use it and use it so aptly had been a shock and it took the wind out of her sails.

She turned hurt brown eyes on Tish. “You walked into that one, honey,” her mother said. “We’ve asked you to pull back on the language before.”

Kimberley stood between mother and daughter and held her hands out to them. “Come on, let’s go get the two of you ready for a good old fashioned smack bottom.”

A glance crossed between Miley and Tish and the younger Cyrus’ mouth set stubbornly. Tish took Kimberley’s outstretched hand and earned an approving smile from the teenager. The little blonde frowned at Miley and then without warning swatted the seat of her jeans firmly. Miley jumped and turned on Kimberley, her brown eyes blazing. “Owwww! What the f…,” she remembered Andrea’s earlier words and paused, “hell was that?”

“There’s no need for the he double hockey sticks word young lady,” Kimberley reproved primly. “Take my hand please.”

“Take your hand? What am I? Six?”

“Miley,” Tish sighed. “For once in your life just as you are told.”

Miley rolled her eyes, but took Kimberley’s hand in her own gingerly.


Gabrielle joined Andrea on the couch in reception and mused, “I wonder if there will be any tantrums when Kimmy shows them the aprons and asks them to wear them.”

Andrea laughed,” Well if there are Kim’s already shown she’s not afraid to burn a bottom and Tish does seem to have some sort of control over her daughter.”

“A pity it took this award for her to exert it,” Gabrielle sniffed. “What do you have planned for them, Andie?”

The brunette considered the question and replied, “A hand spanking to begin of course.”

“Naturally,” Gabrielle agreed.

“I thought a good hairbrushing wouldn’t go astray.”

“I agree there, too.”

“Tish could probably use a good leathering…”

“The Igniter?”

“That would be ideal Gabrielle. And I’ll put young Miley under the paddle, that’s suitably American, isn’t it?”

“Oh yes, very much so. Who is doing who here?”

A slow smile spread across Andrea’s generous lips as she realized what her fellow disciplinarian was getting at. “You want a go at those pretty little behinds, Gabrielle?”

A guilty smile flitted across the blonde woman’s face.

“Oh don’t be embarrassed, Gabrielle. You’re far from the only person who has wanted to put Miley over your knee. How else do you think she won the award that got her here in the first place?”

“I was actually thinking more of Tish,” Gabrielle confessed.

“You want to deal with Tish exclusively?”

“Yes,” Gabrielle said firmly. “I think I can give her a very effective lesson in responsible parenting. Something her daughter’s actions prove she is in desperate need of.”

Andrea stood. “If you want to wait here I’ll just go and fetch Mrs Ebony, The Igniter and a good solid board of education for them, then.”

Gabrielle crossed her legs and sat back. “I’ll have Kimmy bring Mama Mahogany out to me when she returns the ladies.”


Miley’s eyes grew wide as she surveyed the array of brightly coloured, childish neck to knee aprons that were arranged on the bed in the change room.

“Oh you have got to be sh…uuhhhh…kidding me!”

“They’re not that bad.” Tish tried to mollify her daughter, picking up and examining one the aprons. It was bright red with a line drawing of two rolls fresh out of the oven with little steam curlicues rising from them and the words ‘Hot and Steaming’.

“You wear it then,” Miley spat.

“I thought this one would be cute for you, Miley,” Kimberley suggested, showing the starlet an apron was white with little red love hearts all over it.

Miley wrinkled her nose and mimed gagging when Kimberley’s attention was taken by her mother.

“Are we expected to wear these, Kimberley?” Tish asked.

“That’s Miss Kimberley, young lady,” the girl told the fifty something mother.

“Are you for real?” Miley blurted and then let out another loud owwww as Kimberley smacked her behind again.

“I am sorry, Miss Kimberley,” Tish answered, although she found it hard to not smile as the girl took this so seriously and she had to be at least thirty years older than Kimberley, and then some.

“Mom, are you seriously going to go along with all this crap?” Miley whispered as they disrobed and put on their aprons under the watchful eye of Kimberley Kennedy.

“Oh come on Miley. Think of it as a mother/daughter bonding experience.”

“What? Getting my butt smacked with you? Why don’t we just go and have a facial or a spa together instead?”

“Is there any practical reason we are wearing the aprons, ma’am?” Tish asked. While she found this a rather surreal experience, there was an element of fun to it. Calling Kimberley ma’am and Miss and the aprons all added to it for her.

Kimberley worried her lower lip with two perfect white front teeth in thought before answering the question, “Aunty originally introduced them to preserve modesty when she had two older clients of different genders in the one session.”

Tish could see the sense in that, and it elevated her original impression of Andrea, she already thought the woman was in control and had an element of compassion, now she was obviously practical as well. She wondered if Andrea wanted a career in talent management. She and her daughter weren’t the only people in the industry who could use a good spanking to shock them back on track. Her thoughts immediately went to her husband and Miley’s father, with whom she had only recently reconciled. Maybe Andrea spanked males too. Billy Ray could certainly use a visit to Clarkstown and it’s Spank Shop.

“So why with us?” Miley asked, turning so that Tish could do up her apron in back.

Kimberley’s lips pursed and Miley added a belated, “Miss,” onto her question.

“It’s true that you don’t need them for modesty reasons,” Kimberley explained. “Certainly not in your case Miley, seeing as you like to shoot videos in the nude. However Aunty and Mum intend to spank you in reception and that can be seen from the street. There’s also a psychological impact. I admit it, they’re embarrassing. They’re also really domestic. They put you in the right frame of mind to be spanked.”


“Now that is absolutely precious!” Andrea exclaimed when Kimberley brought the mother and daughter duo in their aprons back into reception.

Miley’s face went bright red, and even Tish blushed although not as fiercely as her daughter.

“Maybe you should wear that in your next video clip, Miley,” Andrea suggested in reference to the apron the girl was wearing.

Miley didn’t answer, but lowered her eyes and shuffled her feet nervously.

“Now you’ve come over all shy,” Andrea wondered. “It’s a pity this didn’t happen earlier.”

Gabrielle spoke for the first time. “How Andrea and I thought we’d handle this is for me to take care of you, Tish, a mother to mother experience, whilst Andrea will look after young Miley. Why don’t you stand by my lap until I’m ready to have you over it?”

Painfully aware that all eyes were on her, including Kimberley’s, who had seated herself behind her desk again and was raising a steaming cup of tea to her lips, Tish complied hastily with Gabrielle’s request and stood anxiously next to Gabrielle’s soberly skirted thighs. “Did you go potty when Miss Kimberley put you in an apron?” Gabrielle asked the blonde woman sharply.

“Ummm…yes, ma’am,” Tish whimpered.

“Why are you jiggling then?”

“I’m nervous, Miss.”

“Oh we’ll soon relieve you of that, young lady.”

Tish found the young lady a little hard to swallow, because she was almost certain she was in fact older than Gabrielle.

“Miley,” Andrea started encircling the girl’s waist with an arm. “Are you cold, child?”

“Ummmm….no ma’am,” the girl said softly.

“You’re shivering,” Andrea told her. “We’ll soon have you as warm as toast, sweetheart. Let’s get you over Aunty’s lap.”

Miley over Andrea's lap.

Once the mother and daughter were laying over the laps of Gabrielle and Andrea they became aware that they’d been positioned so that if they turned they could see each other’s faces during their chastisement.

Andrea massaged Miley’s pert white buttocks to relax them a little and spoke calmly about her reasons as to why Tish and her daughter could see each other. “We thought if you could see each other during the spanking it might be beneficial for you both. Miley you can see what your behaviour has done to your mother while the burn in your bottom will remind you of what it has cost you personally. While you Tish can see what your parenting has earned Miley, while the fire Miss Gabrielle is lighting on your rear end will serve as a reminder to not let it continue.”

Both ladies swallowed and Kimberley smiled into her teacup. Aunty Andrea delivered the best pre spanking scoldings.

Miley jumped over Andrea’s lap as a loud smack rang out in the silent room. Tish’s eyes went wide as her nerve endings registered the sting of the slap and she let out a heart felt, “Owwww!”

Miley then heard herself echoing her mother as Andrea delivered her opening spank.

The two ladies kept pace with each other. Gabrielle slapped Tish’s squirming pinkening globes and Andrea implanted a sting and burn in Miley’s shapely rear end.

Tish and Miley were howling and tears streamed down their pretty faces as their buttocks rolled and bounced and went from pristine white to hot blushing red over the laps and under the palms of Gabrielle and Andrea.

“Oh you’re sizzling, darling,” Andrea told a blubbering Miley, resting the back of her hand on the girl’s steaming orbs.

“Ahhhh yes, you’re simmering nicely too, Tish,” Gabrielle said to the gasping woman as she tested the temperature of her backside.

“Kim,” Andrea said. “Do you think you could hand me Mrs Ebony and give your Mum Mama Mahogany?”

“With pleasure, ma’am,” Kimberley agreed, sliding out from behind the desk and going to the coffee table on which sat two hairbrushes. One was jet-black and oval; that was Andrea’s feared Mrs Ebony. The other was of a hard reddish brown wood and Gabrielle had christened it Mama Mahogany. Anyone who had felt the back of either brush could attest to their effectiveness.

Tish and Miley looked at each other through eyes blurred with tears and there were questions in those eyes. Tish sniffled and then shrugged. Miley turned away from her mother and tried to turn to look at Andrea as she felt something hard and flat glide across her aching hindquarters. “Eyes front or side, please dear,” Andrea said mildly as she raised the brush in the air.

“Oh my God!” Tish roared as she felt Gabrielle’s hairbrush explode across her already sore back end.

“Stings, doesn’t she?” Gabrielle inquired softly, landing a second smack, which elicited a similar animated reaction from the woman over her lap. “Watch those feet, Tish,” she warned. “Try to keep your feet down. I wouldn’t want to have to ask Kimberley to hold your legs.”

“Try crossing and uncrossing your ankles,” Kimberley advised helpfully. “I find that cuts down on the sting a little.”

Miley was wailing under the onslaught from Mrs Ebony and her derriere felt like it was about to catch fire. “You’re not enjoying this are you, Miley?”

“Noooo ma’am!” the girl howled.

“Yet, you’ve been so happy to display your wares to all and sundry.”

“It hurrtttssss, Aunteeee!”

“It’s meant to sweetheart, that’s what spankings do and it’s why they’re so good to teach naughty little girls and boys what they should and shouldn’t do.”

“Look into Miley’s face,” Gabrielle instructed Tish as she continued to industriously stoke the fire she had lit on the woman’s tomato red cheeks. “See what inappropriate parenting has done to her. You are her mother, NOT her friend. It will be better for her if you realize that sooner rather than later, my girl!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Tish bawled, turning her head to see Miley’s face. The normally bright blonde’s face was screwed up in pain, tears streamed down her face and her nose ran unchecked, she was also drooling. Saliva, snot and tears collected on her chin and had created a small puddle on the floor under her face.

“What do you think, Kimberley?” Andrea asked, taking a brief break from belaboring Miley’s writhing rear end and wiping her face and neck with a tissue. “Are they sufficiently roasted?”

“Are you done, ma’am?” Kimberley asked, moving out from behind her desk. Her tone was faintly disappointed.

“Not totally,” Andrea said. “I didn’t bring the Board of Education or The Igniter out here for the exercise, but have they had enough from the brush in your opinion?”

“Hmmmm…,” the pretty blonde teenager mused, going to each smouldering crimson bottom and examining it rather professionally. “You haven’t done the inside thighs, and the Board of E and The Igniter aren’t really good for that.”

“That is true, Andie,” Gabrielle agreed. “If Kim or Chelsea behaved the way Miley has her inside thighs would get a good going over.”

“What about Tish?” Andrea asked. “If you let the girls act out too much would you accept an inner thigh burning for it?”

“It wouldn’t be pleasant,” the composed blonde admitted, considering the question. “But yes I would accept it.”

“Very well,” Andrea said. “Legs apart ladies!”

Both Miley and her mother whimpered questioningly, “Legs apart?” but did do as they had been instructed.

The wails from both hit the air at the same time as Andrea and Gabrielle whacked Mrs Ebony and Mama Mahogany down across the protected and tender inner thighs.

“Even if I didn’t know you were a singer, Miley,” Andrea said raising her voice to be heard above the girl’s screams. “I would have guessed by how loudly you yell when you’re over the lap. You could even see this as voice training.”

“Although you’re not a trained singer like Miley, Tish, you also have quite a set of pipes on you, darling. Let’s just finish you off with a few scorchers and then you can have a little cool down before we continue.”

As soon as the brushes were set down Tish and Miley leapt up off their punisher’s laps and went hopping around the room, their hands vigorously trying to put out the raging fires Gabrielle and Andrea’s hands and hairbrushes had lit on their formerly white bottoms. The other three ladies watched the performance with clear amusement and satisfied smiles on their faces.

“They’re so cute when they dance after a good spanking,” Gabrielle smirked at Andrea.

Andrea nodded her head in serene agreement. She sipped her tea and then clapped her hands to get the two crying ladies attention. “You’ve had a good dance girls, but it’s time to get your naughty little posteriors into the corners while Aunty Gabrielle, Aunty Kimberley and I get things in place to finish you off.”

Tish listened, stopped hopping about, although she kept rubbing her burning backside. Miley gave no sign she had heard at all. “Enough of that silly rubbing, Letitia Jean,” Andrea scolded, getting the woman’s attention by using both of her full first names. “Hands on head, nose in corner.”

As Tish went to do as she was told, Miley continued to rub, dance up and down and cry. Kimberley sighed and rolled her eyes, at a nod from Andrea, she crossed to Miley, grabbed hold of her arm, pulled it away from her battered rump and began to slap the girl’s legs and buttocks, scolding as she did so, “Aunty Andrea told you to stop dancing and rubbing and get into a corner.”

Miley blubbered and protested tearfully as Kimberley hauled her to a corner, pushed her into it, arranged her hands over her short, now sweat sodden white blonde locks and gave her a hard smack on the bottom with an order to stay there and not move a muscle.

“I swear,” Kimberley said as she resumed her seat. “She’s worse than Shyla and she’s only six years old!”

“I think it may be instructive if they actually see each other being punished,” Andrea said as she rose from her seat and picked up the Board of Education from the table.

She had two genuine Boards of Education. The type of paddle that had been used in schools to enforce discipline for many years. One of Andrea’s had been signed by many members of the student body of the local high school and been presented to her as a birthday present. It could be used as a disciplinary tool, and was, but on this occasion Andrea preferred to use an older paddle that had also begun it’s life as an official Board of Education before Andrea had purchased it for use in her Spank Shop.

The feared strap known as The Igniter dangled from Gabrielle’s hand. It was a medium length black strap, wide and thick. It got its name from the fires it ignited on the bottoms of those unfortunate enough to encounter it in an official capacity.

“Tish, turn around please,” Gabrielle commanded.

Tish turned slowly and her breath caught in her throat as she saw what was in Gabrielle’s hand. She had never been strapped whilst growing up, but she knew people who had, and from their accounts it was an event one would do the best to avoid.

“You may remove your hands from your head, but do not attempt to rub your bottom,” Gabrielle instructed. “Bend over the back of the couch, straighten your legs and push that pampered backside up good and high, so Aunty Gabrielle has a nice prominent target to aim at.”

Sucking in breaths to try and calm herself and fighting the sudden urge to urinate, Tish bent over the couch and pushed her bottom up, she whimpered a little as the tightening of the scalded epidermis of her rear protested at being stretched taut.

“Destiny Hope,” Andrea said firmly to Miley. “You may also turn around. You can come and stand with Aunty Andrea while Aunty Gabrielle uses The Igniter on Mummy’s bottom.”

It took a moment to register on Miley that Andrea was actually speaking to her. People so rarely addressed her by her actual birth names. She tottered over to Andrea, her eyes wide and her bottom stinging abominably. She kept her hands laced tightly over her head, because she wasn’t sure she had the will power to not rub her butt if she took them away.

Andrea’s arm snaked around Miley’s slender waist and she pulled the girl in tight. “You just stand here with me sweetheart, and watch what your behaviour had earned Mummy.”

Eyes wide, Miley stared at her mother’s glowing scarlet bottom as Gabrielle stepped up behind it with the wicked looking strap dangling from her fist.

The leather hissed as it sliced through the air and then exploded on Tish’s full buttocks. Tish stiffened and roared, but managed not to break her bent over position. Gabrielle lined up her target again and let fly. The second stroke landed high, above the first one, which had been dead centre. Tish howled and did an involuntary dance. Gabrielle waited until her target had stilled and then swung upward. The strap caught the attractive mother low on the bottom right across the crease where she sat. She screamed and rose up onto her toes.

“You’re doing very well, Tish, especially for a first timer,” Gabrielle said warmly, although the woman could not even really hear her over the blood that was rushing through her ears and her mind was focused on trying to deal with the searing pain that flooded her nates.

Just as the crack from the fourth lick of The Igniter was dying away Tish’s full- throated cry of pure anguish hit the air. That one had been slashed across her upper thighs and they had caught flame again.

Gabrielle paced up and down like a cat stalking a mouse as she looked at the glowing rear end presented in front of her, trying to decide what to do next. She gave the singer’s mother some credit for keeping her position. Gabrielle knew from bitter experience that it was not easy to do. Local policewoman Tania Wheeler had put her through a similar testing time when she had racked up one too many speeding violations.

Miley started to blubber, saying over and over again, “I’m sorry Mom. I’m really sorry, Mommy.”

Andrea rubbed the girl's back and cautioned her to settle, telling her that she’d soon replace Tish and to keep her tears for that.

Gabrielle raised the strap and brought it down vertically, it striped one cheek and elicited another loud and animated reaction from the unfortunate Tish Cyrus. Gabrielle switched sides and gave the opposite cheek the same treatment. Tish bellowed and almost broke position.

Gabrielle dropped The Igniter on the couch where Tish could see it. Once the blonde woman realized what was lying in front of her she recoiled as if it were a live snake. “It’s over?” she sobbed.

‘It’s over,” Gabrielle confirmed.

“Oh thank God!” Tish bawled, standing up and then throwing herself at Gabrielle.

A shocked Gabrielle Kennedy put her arms around the crying Tish, let her bawl on her shoulder, and patted her back awkwardly, saying, “There, there…it’s all over now.” She continued to try and comfort the distraught elder Cyrus while saying over her shoulder, “Kim, can you get an ice pillow for Tish to sit on please, dear?”

Tish settled her weight delicately onto the towel wrapped ice pillow that Kimberley had placed on a chair for her. “Do you want a drink, ma’am?” she asked. “Hot sweet tea helps settle me after a roasted bottom.”

“Ma’am?” Tish asked the girl.

“You’ve been spanked now, so the dynamic returns to what it was before,” the blonde girl explained, fussing with her hair.

“Oh,” Tish said. “Some tea would be nice then, thank you Kimberley.”

“Okay,” Kimberley smiled. “I’ll go get it while you watch Aunty put the wood to Miley.”

A nervous Miley sits with the paddle across her legs.

Miley stood and regarded the back of the couch nervously. She fancied she could still make out a slight indentation in the top where her mother had rested her weight while Gabrielle had strapped her.

“I’m not going to get that, am I, ma’am?” the girl asked Andrea in a small voice.

“What is that, sweetheart?” Andrea inquired sweetly.

“Ththe strstrap, Aunty,” Miley stammered.

“Oh no, sweetie, that was more of a Mummy thing. Aunty has something else for you. You saw what Mummy did earlier, can you do that for Aunty please. Lay over the couch and push your bottom up and out.”

Miley took a deep breath and did as she was asked. She had to keep fit to perform on stage and in her videos, she did a lot of dancing, so she actually assumed position rather gracefully. Like Tish had she also winced as the bent over posture stretched her recently spanked glutes.

Tish accepted the steaming cup of tea from Kimberley, shifted to ease her aching hindquarters, blew on her tea to cool it, then sipped gently, before turning her full attention to the tableau in front of her, starring her daughter.

Andrea stood behind Miley, admired her handiwork on the girl’s globes, and tapped them gently with the paddle, watching as the steaming red half moons flinched reflexively.

The paddle landed with a loud BANG and Miley jumped and screamed. “I’m sure you never got this at school, young lady.” Andrea said as she wound up for the second stroke.

“I didn’t go to school after elementary, ma’am!” Miley shouted through her tears.

The second stroke of the paddle flattened out her scorched cheeks and wrung another howl from here.

“She had tutors on set,” Tish clarified. “It wasn’t like she had no schooling.”

“Maybe they should have paddled her,” Kimberley sniffed as the girl wailed under Andrea’s swinging paddle.

“Oh don’t be so mean, Kimmy,” Gabrielle chided gently. “I’ve heard you under the paddle. You don’t like it any more than Miley does.”

Kimberley didn’t reply, but her face went bright red at the revelation.

Miley couldn’t take it anymore and stood up after the sixth searing stroke of the paddle.

“Did I say this was over, young lady?” Andrea asked, the paddle held loosely in her grip.

“No ma’am,” Miley blubbered and began to massage her scalded hindquarters.

“No, I did not!” Andrea said, grabbing Miley’s wrists and dragging her hands away from her bottom, slapping the sore hot buttocks, and underlining each word with a stinging smack. “I did not give you permission to rub either. Now get back over the couch and stay there. If you move your hands I will have Miss Kimberley tie them in place and if you break position again I will have your legs secured or put you over the caning horse!”

With a defeated sob Miley resumed her position over the back of the couch and wondered if her actions had actually earned her extra.

Miley simply lay over the couch, blubbering and sniffling, her mouth opening and closing silently as the paddling continued with loud cracks. In all Andrea only gave the miserable star twelve strokes, but to someone who had never been paddled and coming on top of a sound hand and hairbrush spanking it was quite an ordeal.

The girl’s bottom throbbed and steamed. Andrea could see it actually pulsating and literally feel the waves of heat rising from it, as she stepped away and put the paddle back on the table. She let Miley lay over the couch and sob for a moment or two as she slowly came to the realization that her paddling had come to an end.

Andrea put her arms around Miley’s waist and gently coaxed her to her feet, she enfolded the sobbing girl in an embrace and rubbed her bottom while she encouraged her to cry it all out on her shoulder. After a moment or two she let Miley go to her mother. The girl curled up in Tish’s lap and let her mother soothe her and play with her hair while she nursed her battered bottom.

Andrea disappeared into her parlour to change her blouse which Miley had stained with her tears and snot when she had blubbered like a baby into her shoulder.

When the willowy, chestnut haired disciplinarian reappeared in reception both Tish and Miley were redressed. The younger girl still looked rather pained as her tight jeans held in the heat from her freshly spanked buttocks and compressed the swollen flesh excruciatingly. Tish in a skirt, looked far more relaxed and comfortable, although she would be walking stiffly for a day or two and both ladies would spend a few nights sleeping on their stomachs.

Miley accepted her awards with a sickly smile and seemed to be actively wary of the hairbrush. Tish looked rather put out that despite the fact she had been given as sound a spanking as her daughter she wasn’t being presented with a gift, until Kimberley produced three things. Two of them were pink satin cushions. They had a picture of a girl with a soundly smacked, glowing red bottom and the embroidered words: ‘I was spanked by Aunty Andrea at the Spank Shop’ and the date and name of the recipient. The cushions differed in that the one with Tish’s name had Aunty Gabrielle rather than Aunty Andrea on it.

“This is a little memento from us,” Kimberley said with a smile. Miley fought not to roll her eyes as a grateful Tish took the cushions from the blonde girl.

“Oh they’re adorable,” Tish said, her blue eyes shining.

Kimberley then held out a hairbrush. It was similar to the one that they had given Miley as an award, but this one had no inscription on the back.

“Make sure you use that Tish,” Gabrielle advised. “If Miley ever needs it just remember the lessons you learned here this afternoon.”

As the ladies waved their famous guests goodbye Andrea invited, “We’d be happy to have either of you back for a refresher any time, but hopefully it won’t be because Miley has followed this year’s win up with another one.”

I hope everyone has enjoyed this bit of fun. Kimberley will speak about the award's possible future in her monthly update.


  1. Oooohhh! I'm first! I'm first! ;-) Lovely story Aunty. Both "ladies" got a good lesson in resposibility and public behavior. It's to their credit that they both took responsibility (and the punishment for it) with relatively good grace, especially Tish. If not for her, I doube Miss Miley would have gone through with it. Let's hope she doesn't win again, for her sake and let's further hope Tish will have an opportunity to use her gift for its intended purpose sometime later. It would be a shame to waste such a thoughtful and useful gift.

    Very well described spankings too, Aunty. Congratulations on a well-done story (and two well-done rump roasts)...


    1. You are indeed first. Congratulations! Glad you liked it. If not for Tish I doubt Miley would have gotten the hot bottom she so desperately needed.

  2. What a delightful account of the spanking of both mother and daughter. Miley turned out to be a very worthy winner of the award and I'm so glad that she was able to share it with her equally naughty (and spankable) mother. Please continue with SOTM Aunty....I'm sure it will go from strength to strength. I already have a nomination for the first month...the American actress and voice artist Mila Kunis. I will send you a photo which will support my nomination if that is acceptable Aunty?

    Thank you again for your report.

    Sophie x

    1. Thank you Sophie. I know young Miss Cyrus wasn't your choice, but I also had the feeling you may appreciate a mother/daughter spanking. I'm still considering the future of the SotM, but I will take your nomination into account and if you have a picture that supports it please send it on.

  3. Dear aunty Andrea that story was well written and very enjoyable .Job well done .Mother and daughter well spanked .Keep up the good work aunty. Love. Heniel Mathee

    1. Thank you Heniel for the vote of confidence.

  4. Dear Aunty Andrea, Ma'am,

    Great story, Ma'am! I only wish I could have been there to see it live!

  5. I too wish I could have been there but so well written I feel like I was.....just one the best stories on the blog......thank you, so well done and I must say way back in the start of the spanking, love the two ladies over the laps of two formidable spankers but looking at each other, love it.
    Thank you Aunty for a classic

  6. Oh you're both far too kind! I do thank you both, though and responses like this may encourage me to extend the idea beyond just this year.

  7. Excellent story, Aunty A! Wouldn't it be nice to see an immediate improvement in Miss Cyrus's behavior? I really liked the character you developed for her mother, it once again demonstrates the kind caring heart beneath that sometimes intimidating exterior.

    1. Thank you John. I like to think Tish is how I portrayed her, but I rather fear she isn't. I do hope that Miss Cyrus won't wind up like Lindsay Lohan or the highly talented, but tragic Amy Winehouse.