Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October Update from Kimberley Susan

It's another month already! My goodness! My holiday is already only a fond memory. Sigh.

We have a little bit happening this month. It's Halloween for a start. Not something we really celebrate at the Spank Shop, unless there's more tricking than treating, in which case the tricksters wind up here getting 'treated' to sore bottoms. There may be a post commemorating it and if anyone thinks they can do a story and get it in on time Aunty will definitely consider it.

It is of course when we announce our Spankee of the Year. We're keeping voting open until the end of the week and then Aunty will write her story about the winner's visit to the shop to collect her prize.

So far we have received votes for three of our nominees. In no particular order they are:

Katherine Heigl. Seen here engaging in some of the sort of behaviour that earned her a nomination in the first place.

Miley Cyrus. It's not nice, it's not attractive, it's not playful and it is not sexy! I can't believe Chelsea and I used to enjoy watching her in Hannah Montana.

Reese Witherspoon. The shameful mugshot I'm sure she'd rather forget.

I won't say who is leading, that would be telling and Aunty may spank me for spoiling it. You can vote for any one of the twelve up until the weekend.

We posted a Seegee story the other day and it hasn't received any comment, so Aunty was a little disappointed there.

We don't do many adverts here, but this is one Aunty promised ages ago and we've only really had the chance now. I'm sure many of you know of flopsybunny at the LSF. She writes under the name of Lucy Appleby. She put out a book containing her Horrible Aunty Harriet and Danny stories.

You can see and buy it from here: http://www.lsfpublications.com. Just look for Lucy Appleby. The Aunt Harriet stories are a lot of fun as poor old Aunt Harriet and her slipper try to keep up with her mischievous nephew prank pulling nephew Danny.

I'll leave you for this month with some pictures to enjoy and ponder:

These first two are from Girl Spanks Girl's Exclusive Education. The lucky ducks got to go to France this time. Of course the spankings probably aren't so much fun, but they do make for some nice pictures.

The others came from various sources and caught my attention for one reason or another.

It was the composition of this one that took my attention. The girl standing up clutching her reddened plums has obviously just been spanked (I know this posture well) and could be due for more. That looks like a warm up to me,  however she's the one looking down on her punisher and the lady over whose lap she has just visited and may be about to go back over has to look up to her. In most situations the one looking down has the upper hand, but when you're being spanked it's the total opposite. That made me think. Yes, I know, I think too much. Aunty often says that to me.

Now this is the very picture of a well spanked young miss. Bottom really roasting dark red and I think her upper thighs have been cooked too. Hands on head, red face, obvious evidence of tears and I bet her nose has run too.

Another very interestingly posed shot. Once you take your eyes away from their rather cute freshly spanked rears you notice something else. With the exception of the two girls on the right they're in different stages of dress or undress depending on your point of view. I do wonder if the less clothes they have on the more they get spanked or does it work in reverse? You start off nude, but for your shoes and socks, then go to the corner, put on your bra, get spanked, back to the corner, blouse and skirt and another spanking then more corner time, get finished off dressed completely. Interesting idea. I may have to talk to Aunty about that some time.

I've prattled on enough and I should get back to work. Love until next month, Kimberley Susan.



  1. Some very hot and wonderful pictures my dear, come on, give us a hint so we can read about you going over Aunty's lap!! LOL.
    All three will be priceless to read about their spanking.

  2. Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely vacation (you should talk to Aunty about our conversations about what you may have been up to!).

    I'd like to apologize for not reading Seegee's latest and commenting on it. I've been quite consumed with writing stories for the moment and haven't even read/commented on Seegee's latest two "Spank Shop" stories. I'll get around to it ASAP.

    Even so, I may essay to write a Ha'alloween story for the blog (if I have time...).


  3. We'd love a Halloween story from you Phil if you can fit it in.
    Kim works hard on the updates, so she's always happy to receive positive feedback.

  4. Dear Miss Kimmy,
    Obviously no lurkers need fear a summons from you or Auntie Andrea to report to the Spank Shop for lurking!

    1. I thank you for delurking, little brat, and for giving us a vote on the SotY. Given my ratio of followers to commenters I think I have many more lurkers, but that's the lot of a blogger these days.