Saturday, 9 November 2013

November Update from Kimberley Susan

Yes it is very late and this is the weekend! I am terribly sorry about that. Aunty gave me two days off last week to go to the races. Well, Tuesday was a public holiday and Thursday was Oaks Day, so technically it was only one day off. I'm also really hoping Aunty and Mum don't find out exactly what Debbie and I got up to in the G.H Mumm marquee, too. Anyway when you do that little things like updates pile up. I decided to come in on the weekend because it's nice and quiet and Aunty also promised to tan my tail if it wasn't up post haste.

We've had a good start to the month, with Esskay sending us a story that Aunty posted the other day. Seegee apparently has a standalone ready to go, it's just a case of getting some pictures for it and putting it up here.

Now Aunty has had some queries regarding the SotY and whether it will return at some stage, and one of our followers has even sent us a nomination, one that I must admit I'm rather partial to.

When Aunty initially floated it she was hoping that people would embrace it and that we'd have a lot of nominations to choose from. It didn't really turn out that way. We did have some months where there were more than 2 nominations, but most months response was fairly sparse. We did have some faithful nominators though, so we thank them.

Now because of those people and because we enjoyed it we are going to do it again. It will start in January, so we can do a proper calendar year. I do hope we can fit it in around the holidays Aunty and I have planned. There will be some other changes as well. To encourage some more participation we're expanding the criteria and this time the S in SotY will stand for spanker as well as spankee. You can nominate males or females you'd like to see spanked as well as someone you'd like to see spank them. We still have to hammer all the details out, but we'll do that and I'll make further announcements in December and January as well as I am sure Aunty will have something to say about all this.

That's about it for all the important stuff.

Recently Aunty posted a Sassy Bottoms pic and we also got one from a follower as his favourite. I quite like spanking art and I think everyone is aware of the undying love that Aunty and I have for the work of JPC. I thought I'd post the pic we were sent and a few of my other favourite artists just for people to enjoy.

 This is from Barb. I think it's quite realistic and I like the sepia with the pink bottom mixed in. It's a little different for Barb too, she tends to specialise in boys being spanked in extremely embarrassing situations.

 This is a favourite from Collegeboy. Aunty likes his work as do I, and Mum really likes it. In fact we're in total agreement about this one. We don't often use his work, because of a lot of it is M/m and the majority is captioned, but you have to love the sentiment and the idea behind the one above. Loving spanking is what the blog is all about.

Comixspank is a little like Collegeboy in that he does a lot of M/m and captions most of it. Like his name suggests it does a comic feel about it. It recalls old British comics like Beano and Dandy. I've only seen reprints, far too young to have seen the originals. Back then spanking wasn't taboo in comics either. That's some whacking the babysitter is giving there and she seems to be really enjoying herself. If she were blonde she could even be my little sister Chelsea.

Kami Tora is an artist with a huge amount of talent, and I really like his Manga style. He doesn't often draw the spanking in progress as is the case with this pic, but isn't she the absolute picture of a well spanked young lady? Maybe she could use some more colour on the upper thighs.

 Classic Sassy Bottoms and this is the one that a reader sent us. I don't need to say anything else. The picture says it all.

This from the late George Churchward Johnson, better known as GJC. Aunty tells me he was one of THE spanking artists on the internet years ago and while he passed away some years ago he left us with a lasting legacy. This too is very typical of his work. I wonder what the girl over the lap did and if her sister is also going to have a chat with Mummy's hairbrush. This one reminds me of myself and Chelsea more times than I care to remember.

I hope you all enjoyed the little art show. I apologise for being so late and hopefully I haven't vexed anyone enough for them to want me to have another chat with Mrs Ebony.

Love and kisses until next time,
Kimberley Susan.



  1. Lovely art show. Some of my faves are represented here, in fact I'm quite familiar with all of them. The Comixpank one in one my favorites of his too. Incidentally, you can always remove captions if you don't like them. Many times captions are added by others, not the original artist. I've done it myself. As long as you credit the original artist, you should be fine. As you mentioned , George Churchward passed away a few years ago so there shouldn't be a problem there either.

    Welcome back.


  2. Hi Kimberly,
    Welcome back to the Shop and wow, thank you for the awesome drawings, some of my all time favorites! Well done my friend.

    Hope things stay well with you and Aunty, have fun and spank away!

  3. I nominate Kimberley Susan for her shocking neglect of the blog and being too cute for words!

  4. How can people send you stuff, Ma'am?

  5. I also nominate Paris Hilton because she is just so very Paris Hilton and haven't we all suffered her enough yet!

  6. A message from young Kimberley to Little Brat:
    "But I put a lot of pictures in it! Doesn't that get me a pardon?"