Friday, 15 November 2013

'Seen One Winter Evening'

I do apologise to Seegee for taking so long to post this. When is this busy period going to end? Enjoy this, a story of a young man learning that it is not polite to peek on a pretty girl undressing.

The pretty Freya Muller, no wonder our young hero wanted to see more of her.

From Clare Spanks Men. Freya introduces Josh to her hairbrush.

An artist's impression that could have been the scene in the Spencer household that winter evening.

Josh Spencer looked up at the darkening sky and sighed. The fourteen year old had intended to be home earlier than this, but then after football training some of his teammates wanted a smoke, so he joined them and now he was home late.

He slipped in the side gate and hoped going through the back way would mean that he could avoid Freya. Freya Brunner, the bane of Josh’s existence.

Josh’s father had gone to Europe for work and decided to combine it with a European getaway with his wife. It was something that they had always wanted to do, but never been able to afford, but with the company footing the bill for his airfare and accommodation it was very possible.

There had initially been some thought of taking Josh as well, but he was at an important time of his studies, being in the middle of Year Nine. As well there was the time of the year. It was summer in Europe, which was great for the Spencers, but in Australia it was winter and right in the middle of the school year.

Josh didn’t mind not going. Back home he had his friends and his sport. Europe would have been cool, but his mother loved galleries and museums and that would have bored the fourteen year old to tears.

Initially Josh had thought that six weeks without parental supervision would be awesome. That was when his Mum and Dad dropped the bombshell. If it had been one night or maybe even a weekend they might have trusted Josh to look after himself, but six weeks for a boy in his mid teens to look after himself simply wasn’t going to work.

The only viable option was Josh’s aunt and uncle who lived some distance away, and they had preschool children, so that would have sucked as far as the boy was concerned. He would have been away from his home, his friends and his sport. He would have to commute to school and put up with his cousins. They couldn’t it help it that they were too young to be interesting to him, but they were.

That was when Freya entered the picture. Freya was a German girl studying to be a doctor. Part of her training involved working at the local hospital close to Josh’s family. She was spending six months working in Australia. It wasn’t far from Josh’s house to the hospital. Looking after Josh and living at his house for six weeks was also cost effective for her.

The German girl was in her early twenties and she had four younger brothers at home in Germany, so she was used to teenage boys and keeping an eye on them. She had agreed to live in and look after Josh.

Josh’s friends paid out on him hugely when the news became public. Not in a bad way though, the teasing was good-natured and it mostly concerned Freya’s physical attractiveness.  In teenage boy speak Freya Brunner was HOT.
Despite feeling a bit put out that his parents insisted he had to have a babysitter, and much to Josh’s embarrassment that was how they referred to Freya, Josh had to admit that the girl was nice to look at.

Freya was tall and slim, without being skinny. She had straight long jet-black hair. Large dark eyes, a flawless complexion, a pert nose dusted with freckles, pink lips and a firm pointed chin. Most of Josh’s friends never actually made it past her neck. They took in her long, muscular legs, the tight round behind, the slender waist and the full high riding breasts and got stuck there.

She did have an accent and when she spoke it was obvious that English was not her native language, however it was not harsh and in fact the accent added to her charm. She was also highly intelligent and quite strict. Her upbringing had been very traditional and far stricter than Josh’s. Freya applied her parent’s standards of behaviour to her charge.

That meant you came to dinner when called, not when you finished playing video games or talking on the phone, you helped serve and clean up afterwards. You did your homework and had it checked before the evening was over. You weren’t allowed to play games or watch TV until it was done. You went to bed when you were told. This was all a bit of a culture shock to Josh. Freya didn’t seem to believe that his parents didn’t do a lot of this even though the boy told her on a regular basis.

He’d reacted angrily the first time she had pulled the plug on his Xbox when he was in the middle of a game because she had called him to dinner or asked him to do his homework first and it had been the same the first time she had taken his phone out of his hand, told whoever he was talking to that he had to say goodbye now and would call them back later. However one look at those hard dark eyes and the girl’s aggressive posture had stopped him in his tracks. It didn’t help that she was about an inch taller than him and looked like she could overpower him physically if it came down to that.

Josh had adapted to all of that, even if he did so grudgingly. The real problem was her rule that no one left the table until they had finished what was on their plate. It was actually one of his parent’s rules too, but his mother was a good cook. Freya was not. He had found that if he got home late enough and could convince her that he had eaten she’d let it go as long as he told her he wasn’t going to be home for dinner.

The boy spent a few meals at friend’s houses and there had been other nights when he had got fast food on the way home and managed to convince his German carer that he had already eaten.

Tonight was not one of those nights. He had forgotten that his friends often liked to hang out and go to a nearby park for a smoke after training and he hadn’t told Freya that he wouldn’t be home for dinner. If she was home she’d ask him why he was late and he was desperately trying to come up with a plausible reason. She wouldn’t do anything he thought, although she had threatened to ground him and she held the purse strings. She also spoke to his parents on a weekly basis and gave detailed behavioural reports.

To get to the back door via the back garden Josh had to actually go past Freya’s bedroom. As there were shrubs and a tree of a convenient size to hide behind the boy still thought he could make it without the German girl noticing, especially if she wasn’t already home and in her room at the time.

He made his way cautiously, and then he saw a light coming from Freya’s room. Damn! She was home, and she was in her room. He was so totally busted. Sheltering behind a tall tree the boy peered out and into the German girl’s room. Freya was still in her uniform. She never wore that for long before changing, so this meant she hadn’t been home for very long. Josh may yet get lucky here.

To the young man’s astonished eyes the tall, attractive woman began to take off her clothes. First she sat on her bed and removed her shoes, she stood and unzipped her uniform from the back. She slipped out of it, held it up to examine it critically, and lay it on the bed.

Behind his tree Josh stared entranced by the tableau. In her bra and underpants, Freya was probably wearing more than she did sunbathing at the beach in a bikini, but as Josh had only ever seen Freya in the cooler weather fully dressed he had never seen her wearing this little before. Besides there was something undeniably sexy about a woman dressed in only underwear.

Josh gasped and winced as his groin stirred and an unexpected erection pressed painfully against the zip of his jeans. Freya looked across at the window, a frown crossing her pretty face, and in a moment of panic Josh wondered if he had somehow given himself away. He pressed himself close to the tree and hoped that its reassuring bulk hid him completely from view.

Freya stood at the window, looking out into the darkness of the yard. Josh stopped breathing as he concentrated on those long, slender legs with tight white briefs covering a pert shapely rear and then that expanse of flat smooth tummy and the full breasts being pushed up and out by a form fitting white bra. Yep, if Freya Brunner didn’t make it as a medical professional she could probably take up a career as a lingerie model. She shook her head, and twitched the curtains across so that she was hidden from any prying eyes that may be lurking out there in the suburban night.

Josh put his head back and let out a long breath. That had been close. He made his way inside via the backdoor and went straight to the bathroom. He was washing his hands when he heard Freya’s softly accented voice ask, “Is that you, Josh?”

Early on he had once cheekily answered, “No, it’s a burglar.”

Unfortunately Freya had not seen the funny side of it and had arrived at the bathroom door with a heavy skillet held at the ready. His ears still burned every time he remembered the scolding she had delivered after that.

“Yes, it’s me Freya.”

“Did you just get in?”

She couldn’t possibly have had time to check, so he decided to lie. “No, I was doing some homework. You’re late.”

“You can help me get dinner ready if you’ve done your homework. I’ll check it later.”

‘Oh brilliant!’ Josh thought. ‘I really should have come up with a lie that didn’t involve homework. Hopefully she’ll be off her game tonight and won’t realize I haven’t looked at it.’

For Josh it was an uncomfortable meal. Every time he looked up from his food, and true to form it was rather unappetizing, at Freya he kept picturing her in the bedroom, clad only in panties and a bra, once or twice his mental image of the girl wasn’t even wearing those and it didn’t require a lot of imagination to picture her nude having seen her in underwear. This had the effect of sending blood to his nether regions and causing an inappropriate reaction under the table. He was going to have to find a reason to excuse himself as early as he possibly could to do something about it after they’d eaten.


“Josh you seem not interested,” the girl said as she checked over his homework, which he had done during a free period at school and hoped she’d see it as having been done between getting home from training and her arriving home.

The boy wrinkled his nose and frowned. “Not interested?” he repeated.

“Not right word?” she asked in frustration.

“I think you mean preoccupied,” the boy supplied.

“Ja, that is correct!” Freya exclaimed. “Are you?”

“Am I what?”

“Preoccupied?” the girl asked, trying the word out on her tongue.

“Just tired I guess. I had footy training tonight.”

“Ja. Fussball. Early bed tonight, young man.”

Josh rolled his eyes. He had to use that excuse, didn’t he? Freya was a big believer in strictly enforced bedtimes for anyone younger than eighteen and if you were tired her only prescription was an early bedtime.


Freya in her underwear and a barely there negligee haunted Josh’s thoughts that night as he lay in bed. He couldn’t sleep it was too early. He needed something to tire him out. He slipped a hand down under the covers and went to work on the source of his restlessness. He sighed as a sticky rush relaxed him for the first time since he had tiptoed across the back lawn earlier that evening.

He would have to be up early to put his nightclothes in the wash the next morning before Freya found them. Fortunately as another of her rules was that he be responsible for his own washing, this wouldn’t provoke suspicion.


Josh didn’t tell anyone about what he had seen through Freya’s bedroom window that night. He knew his friends and he didn’t feel comfortable about the sort of comments he felt they’d make. That was if they believed him at all. The boy was willing to bet more than one would want to try and cop a look themselves.

Despite preserving Freya’s modesty from others, he couldn’t stop thinking about her and wondered how he could get another look at her and this time without the underwear.


The German girl sent Josh a text midway through the day saying that she had to work late and would be home later, so he would be best advised to look after himself regarding food that evening.

This was welcome news to Josh for two reasons. One it meant he didn’t have to eat Freya’s cooking and secondly it would give him time to put his plan into action.


“Josh!” Freya’s voice rang out through the house as the girl walked in the door. “I’m home!”

The girl heard a muffled response from Josh’s bedroom, nodded to herself and headed in the direction of her own room.

As soon as he heard Freya’s voice Josh grabbed the object he needed for his plan, rolled off his bed and bolted for the back garden.

When he was much younger Josh had used a cardboard box and two small mirrors to make a periscope. He couldn’t even remember what he had intended to use it for originally. It was just one of those things kids make. It had lain in a box under his bed for years, forgotten until he had wanted to devise a way to see Freya Brunner naked.

A small concrete path separated Freya’s room from the back garden and there was a border of low shrubs between the path and the actual lawn. Josh wriggled in under the shrubs and tried to manipulate his homemade periscope so that he could see into Freya’s room.

“Yes!” Josh hissed in triumph from his prone position under the low bushes he was rewarded with a relatively decent view inside the room that was used by Freya Brunner. Freya opened the curtains every morning before she went to work and as Josh had discovered the previous evening she didn’t always remember to close them before she disrobed.

The girl closed the door, sighed, leaned against it, then sat on the bed to remove her shoes. She stood up again and was about to take her uniform off, when a shiver went down her spine. She wouldn’t have been able to tell anyone why she had this feeling, but she was convinced that she was being watched.

A frown crossed the pretty features and she crossed to the window.

“Oh damn!” Josh swore. Freya had stopped before she took her uniform off. Did she know he was there? How? She couldn’t possibly. It was dark or near enough. He moved the periscope and was rewarded with a view of a white hospital uniform, that was soon replaced by a close up of a very angry Freya.

Spots of colour stood out on the girl’s cheeks and her lips were compressed into a thin line. The brown eyes, normally gentle, blazed with unsuppressed anger. Despite wanting to stay hidden, Josh knew he was busted and he tried to wriggle out from under the shrubs.

“Joshua Trevor Spencer!” Freya’s voice barked, each name sounding like a knell of doom. “What exactly are you doing?”

“Ummmm….” Josh replied.

“Stand up!” Freya ordered.

Josh got to his feet and dusted off the knees of his jeans.

“What’s that in your hand?” the girl asked, seeing the periscope.

“Uhhh….” Josh answered.

“Give it to me,” Freya commanded, holding out her hand.

Josh swallowed hard and gave her the cardboard box with the mirrors.

Freya examined it, sniffed and then said. “I am going to get changed. You will put on your pajamas and meet me in the living room.”

“Freya, I…” Josh tried to say.

“Living room,” the girl said and turned her back on Josh, disappearing back into her room.


Freya poured herself a cup of coffee and carried it through to the living room. She sat down on the couch, crossed her long slender legs under the nightshirt she wore to bed, and looked at the object beside her on the couch.

She sipped her coffee and sighed, “Unglaublich.”

Freya knew what the object was, it was a home made periscope. She’d never made one herself, but she had four younger brothers. One of them had actually asked for her assistance in trying to construct a similar device.

Although she had not yet interrogated Josh she knew what he had been trying to do. One of her brothers had done something similar last summer at home in Germany.

One of their neighbours was an attractive woman in her mid-thirties, she liked to sunbathe in the nude in her backyard. As they had high fences she thought she could do it in the privacy of her own home.

Unfortunately when one lived next door to a family with four boys, one of whom was in the middle of his teen years it was hard to prevent them from seeing things they shouldn’t. Freya’s brother had climbed a tree and seen their neighbor taking the sun. He had run inside, armed himself with a pair of binoculars and gone back up the tree.

Freya’s mother had discovered him. The girl’s lips twitched upwards in a smile as she recalled the incredible telling off his mother had given the boy and then the even more memorable spanking she had administered to his bare bottom.

The neighbor had never been aware of it, she had a right to her privacy, but the incident ensured that none of the Brunner boys were tempted to spy again. In fact Freya would be surprised if any of them had dared to climb the tree since.


Freya kindled a hot little fire in the Spencer’s fireplace to take the chill off the night, went back to the couch, sipped her coffee again and regarded the second item on the couch next to her.

The hairbrush was quite large and oval, it was made of oak. Freya’s mother had given it to her as a going away present. Although the item’s intended use was for her long dark hair, and she did brush it nightly, the wink her mother had given her when presenting it left the girl in no doubt that brushing hair was not its only purpose in Mrs Brunner’s mind.

Freya’s parents spanked. She and her brothers had all felt the back of their mother’s hairbrush on their bare backsides. Freya hadn’t been paddled for years, her last spanking had been at the age of seventeen. Although her parents hadn’t spanked her since that she was in no doubt that it was not an option that was off the table as long as she lived at home.

Her oldest brother was fifteen, nearly sixteen and Freya knew for a fact her mother still spanked him. Freya had actually been given permission to spank her brothers when she turned sixteen. It wasn’t something she found necessary to do often, but all four boys had spent time over big sister’s knee when she had been babysitting and they’d done something naughty. The boys did their best to avoid hidings from big sister, because for one thing they were quite unpleasant and their mother or father generally followed them up with a spanking of their own afterwards.

Freya tended to think one of her bottom scorchings was sufficient punishment, so if she could she kept it between herself and the spanked brother, without involving their parents and risking a second spanking.

The girl looked at the hairbrush and a smile flickered across her lips. She’d picked it up unconsciously after discovering Josh trying to peek on her. If he was one of her brothers he’d be over her lap right now as she burned his rear end with first her hand then the brush that sat next to her on the couch. Josh was a different case.

She had been given care of the boy and been told by his parents that she had carte blanche where his discipline was concerned. They’d back her. However after talking with Josh when she first moved in, she had found out that the Spencers didn’t spank. They may have given the occasional swat when the boy was very young, but he couldn’t really remember them.

Freya was pretty certain that when the Spencers said she could punish Josh if she saw fit, they had things like groundings or removal of internet privileges in mind, not an old fashioned bare bottom spanking.

She was actually in quite a quandary over how to treat this incident. She was not vain, but she was also aware that she was considered quite attractive and could in some way understand why Josh had tried to see her in the nude. On the other hand it was a very deliberate and calculated invasion of privacy and the fact that the boy was fourteen years old and therefore a bundle of active hormones did not excuse that. She was going to have to play this one by ear and hope maybe Josh could see the wrongness of his action and accept responsibility and punishment.


Josh appeared in the living room and stood nervously in front of the tall brunette sitting on the couch.

Freya’s lips quirked upwards in a small smile. Josh wasn’t particularly tall for his age and he was at that odd age where it was hard to buy clothes that totally suited him. She knew that he had one pair of fairly childish pajamas that had pictures of the Avengers all over them. He wasn’t wearing these tonight. The top was long sleeved and had a number and a name that the girl assumed belonged to some sporting star. The pants were long and striped and they were just a little bit too tight, they were a touch too short and they did fit around his firm, round bottom quite snugly.

“Ummm…Freya,” Josh said softly. “Why did I have to put my pajamas on?”

The girl’s brows drew downward in a frown. “Joshua,” she said, being careful to use his full first name. “You do not ask the questions tonight, I do. Verstehst du?”

It was Josh’s turn to frown. He had only started studying German as a second language at school that year and Freya had been invaluable as help in that area, but occasionally she said things that went right over his head and this was one of them.

By Josh’s reaction, Freya realized that one of her German phrases was incomprehensible to the boy. She went through it in her head and used the English version slowly, “Do you understand me?”

Josh swallowed hard and said, “Yes, ma’am.”

‘Good,’ Freya thought. ‘He is showing me respect.’

Freya pointed at the cardboard periscope and asked, “What is this?”

“It’s a periscope,” Josh answered.

“How did you get it?”

“I made it.”

“What were you using it for? There are no submarines here.”

“I was trying to…ummm…,” the boy’s voice faltered and his face reddened.

“You wanted to see me nackt?”


Freya blew out a breath in exasperation, the whole incident had unsettled her and she kept lapsing back into her native language. “Without clothes.”



Josh nodded.


“Umm…because…I…you’re really pretty.”

It was Freya’s turn to blush. She knew she was attractive, but to have it voiced that way by a teenage boy was still something that brought a hot flush to her cheeks.

“That does not excuse it, young man.”

Josh dropped his head, it was English, but the young had come out sounding like the German ‘jung’. “No Freya, I’m sorry.”

“What are we going to do about it?”


“You and I. I can’t just let you get away with it.”

Josh sighed. “No, I guess not.”

“You know I have brothers?”


“What do you think I would do to one of them if I caught them peeking on me?”

“I don’t know. Have they ever?” Josh asked, his curiousity piqued.

“No!” Freya said hotly. “I’m their schwester!”


“That is not the point Joshua. The point is that what you did was wrong and when a boy does something wrong he has to be punished.”

Josh swallowed hard, he had known this was coming. “You could ground me?” he ventured.

Freya shook her head, like so many his age who had never been spanked, the boy really had no idea what punishment was. “Ja,” she agreed. “But I get home after you. I have no way of knowing what you are doing between school and when I get home. Grounding means you go to school and you come home, das ist alle. So no fussball.”

“No football!” Josh exclaimed. “That’s sort of like part of school, Freya.”

“So you don’t want to be grounded?”

“I guess not,” Josh admitted. “Look I’m really sorry, it won’t happen again.”

Freya glared at the fourteen year old, her eyes hot. “I should think it won’t happen again, young man! It should not have happened at all.”

“Yes, Freya,” Josh hung his head, trying to get the image of her partially dressed out his head. He had heard the stories about women looking even prettier when they were angry, but never believed them until now. Freya was gorgeous at this moment, her eyes blazing, spots of colour standing out on her cheeks, the dancing flames in the fireplace reflected in those brown eyes.

“I will have to tell your mutter and vater,” Freya said sadly.

“What? No!” Josh protested.

“Why not? It was wrong and you knew it, yet you still did it.”

Josh bit the inside of his cheek. It probably wouldn’t bother his father that much. He’d pretend to be angry, but secretly he’d probably chuckle about it. One night at a party when he’d had a little too much to drink he confessed to his son that he had done something similar once. Gone to a nudist beach and pretended to be one when what he was really doing was trying to get a look, he actually laughed and said he’d ended up with a sunburned willy out of the deal.

Josh’s mother though, that was another story. She didn’t really know how to deal with teenage boys and their natural urges and inclinations. This news would really worry her. In fact Josh could see her cancelling the rest of her trip to come home and talk to Josh about it and get him in to see a therapist. Quite aside from the fact that the boy didn’t want to see a therapist, he also didn’t want to ruin his mother’s trip of a lifetime because he made a stupid decision.

“What if you punish me some other way?” Josh ventured.

“What other way?” Freya asked.

“Yyou could spspank me,” Josh stammered in a small voice.

“Versohlen,” Freya murmured, using the German word.

“Ahhh…yeah that,” Josh agreed nervously, even though he didn’t know what Freya had said. His German lessons hadn’t covered spanking.

“Have you ever been spanked, Joshua?” Freya asked.

Josh shook his head.

“Not even?” and the girl pantomimed giving a smack.

“Maybe when I was little.”

Freya nodded. “If I spank you for this, Joshua, then I am not to tell your eltern, richtig?”

Josh frowned as he tried to translate Freya’s mixture of the two languages. “Ummm…yeah,” he muttered.

“Spankings hurt, Joshua,” Freya said.

“Uhhh yeah I know, miss,” the boy added.

“How do you know? You said you’ve never been spanked.”

“I’ve heard.”

A smile played across Freya’s pink lips and she whispered, “You’ve heard.” Amusement was naked in her tone.

“So you’ll spank me?”

“Oh yes, liebling, I will spank you,” Freya agreed, her tongue flicking across her lips. The boy clearly had no idea what he was asking for. “Come here to me, bitte.”

Josh shuffled across to Freya, his eyes fixed on her lap, his heart pounding wildly. Then she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his snug pajama trousers.

“What are you doing?” he asked in a panicked voice.

Freya stopped and looked at the boy. “Getting you ready for your spanking.”

“My pants?”

The girl’s voice and expression softened. The poor boy really did not know what was going to happen this evening. “Joshua, liebling. I have brothers, some are your age. I spank them sometimes…”

Josh’s eyes widened he croaked, “You do?”

“Ja, manchmal. When I spank my bruders, their bottoms are bare.”

“Oh God!” Josh said and Freya whisked his pajama bottoms to his knees.
Freya looked down and saw something else. She rolled her eyes and sighed. Her brothers had occasionally done the same thing.

Josh was painfully aware of his rock hard erection and wished it would go away. Then he heard her sigh and something about it completely deflated him and he felt his penis shrivel.

Freya smiled. She did not want to embarrass Josh unduly, his complaining about her cooking and how strict she was and this evening’s regrettable incident, he was actually a nice boy and he couldn’t help his involuntary reaction. As a medical professional she had heard of a few methods to make it go away, but she had never seen any of them actually tried or done it herself. Fortunately it had gone away of its own accord.

“Now over Tante Freya’s runde,” she announced cheerfully. One hand encircled the boy’s wrist and the other was placed on the small of his back. Josh was skillfully upended and found himself laying over the girl’s lap.

“Lift your legs,” Freya instructed.

Josh didn’t understand quite why she was asking that, but did it all the same. He was laying in the middle of her lap, with his bare bottom pointing at the ceiling and his legs and upper body supported by the sofa the girl was seated on.

Freya reached down and removed his pajama pants entirely. “So you can kick,” she said softly.

‘Kick?’ Josh thought. ‘Why am I going to kick?’ That was when a loud report like a gunshot rang out in the room and was quickly followed by a burning sting in Josh’s right buttock. Just as that was registering on him it was joined by another one on the left cheek. Josh gasped. It wasn’t really the pain. Whenever they scored a goal or did something good on the field at football his teammates slapped each other on the behind, this was kind of like that, but they were high on adrenalin at the time and didn’t even feel it. What made Josh gasp was the shock of it and the fact that it was bare bottom over his very pretty babysitter’s lap.

Freya’s palm was hard and accurate. The girl had enough experience roasting the behinds of her brothers and younger cousins as well as some neighbourhood kids she had babysat back at home, that she was able to pick her spots to spank and get them to land exactly where and with the desired impact and affect.

Josh started to gasp and yelp from the regular stinging splats. Freya did not slap the one area, but she did keep up a steady rhythm. The feel of one smack would just start to bite when the palm smacked down again and gave the boy something else to concentrate on.

The first two spanks had been dead centre of each cheek, the next two were landed lower, right on Josh’s sit spots, the third double seared his upper thighs and got an anguished, “Owwww!” from the fourteen year old. Freya delivered her next two high up on the rolling globes and then began to sprinkle them all over the rapidly reddening bottom of Josh Spencer.

The sting and heat began to build, and Josh started to become frantic. This really hurt, his legs started to kick and he squirmed in a desperate attempt to get his roasting backside out of the way of Freya’s hand. When kicking had no effect he started to cross and uncross his legs to find a way to alleviate that dreadful burning sting. Josh’s bottom felt like Freya had held him over the flames in their fireplace.

Freya looked down at the bottom in her lap and satisfied herself that it was a nice glowing rose colour. She turned her hand over and felt the heat rise up from it. “Ja. Sehr gut,” she murmured, no small note of satisfaction in her throaty voice.

Josh sighed as the hand stopped. Thank God. It was over. If that was a spanking, Josh would do whatever he could to avoid another one. “I’m sorry, Freya,” he said.

The girl rested her hand on his hot glowing bottom and said, “Dankeschon Joshua.”

“I won’t do it again. I promise.”

“Oh I know that, liebling,” Freya purred and reached across the boy’s simmering rear end to curl her hand around the handle of her treasured oak hairbrush. From the way Josh was talking he clearly thought the spanking was at an end. Freya supposed many other babysitters or big sisters may only give a hand spanking, but Josh was a fit young man, he played sport and had a firm bottom that was a developing muscle. Her hand spanking had definitely made an impact, but he hadn’t even cried yet.

For Freya tears during a spanking were an absolute must for a whole host of reasons. One it meant that the chastisement had had a real physical affect and the recipient had a very sore bottom. It meant that they were genuinely remorseful for the actions that had caused the spanking to take place and thirdly it meant that they had forgiven themselves when they broke down and bawled. Tears had a cathartic and cleansing effect. They were as good for the spanker to hear as they were for the spankee to shed.

Josh took some deep breaths to calm himself, winced at the throbbing in his bottom and then started to make a move to get up again. He felt Freya’s hand on his back, pushing him back down into her lap and asking, “What do you think you are doing?”

“Getting up,” Josh answered, puzzlement clear in his tone.

“Why?” the girl asked.

“Because you spanked me.”

“Oh we’re not done yet, liebling,” Freya informed him calmly.

“I…but…my bottom really hurts, Freya.”

“That, my dear was just a warm up. Tante Freya wants your bottom gut und heiss.”

“Heiss? Hot? My bottom is really hot,” Josh protested, worrying about what else the girl had in store for him. He turned his head and saw the hairbrush in her hand.

‘No!” the thought burned through his mind. ‘She couldn’t, could she? She wasn’t going to hit him with that, was she?’

Josh’s unspoken question was answered by a loud splat as the back of the brush exploded across his pre warmed rear end.

The boy arched his back and howled.

“Freche junge need the bursten,” Freya said matter of factly as she applied the brush firmly to Josh’s pumping buttocks, ensuring that the hair care implement delivered fire into every inch of her charge’s writhing derriere. She also took care to make sure that she didn’t neglect the upper thighs and when the brush cracked down over those Josh kicked and roared mightily. Freya had to tighten her grip around his waist so that he didn’t fall off her lap or move himself too far up the couch.

“It hurtssss! It hurtssss, Freya!” Josh wailed, tears of pain streaming down his screwed up face.

“Gut!” Freya said, continuing to paddle determinedly. “So it should. Trying to see me in the nude. Naughty boy! Freche junge!”

“I’m sorry, I really am!” Josh blubbered, tasting that his nose was running and he knew was drooling too.

“You will be!” Freya vowed ominously, increasing her tempo and the force of the blows.

Unable to bare it anymore, Josh put a hand back to try and shield his blistering hot buttocks.

Freya stopped the brush on its downward descent and ordered, “Move your hand, Joshua.”

“You’re going to hit me!” Josh cried.

“Yes, I am,” Freya confirmed and with a resigned sigh used her free hand to take hold of Josh’s wrist and wrench it up his back, thus keeping it away from his bottom and out of harm’s way and pinning him in place, she then hooked a leg over the backs of Josh’s, which would mean that he was effectively immobilised.

Freya administered a searing blistering volley and closed her ears to Josh’s howls and cries, not stopping until she was satisfied that her charge would have great discomfort sitting in the near future and would spend the next few nights sleeping on his stomach.

The German girl let Josh’s hand go and removed her leg from where she had pinioned his under it. She set the brush down and smiled as Josh’s hand began to rub his blazing bottom, but he made no move to get out of her lap. She let him cry and rub for a few minutes, then gathered him up into her lap and held him, while he cried into her shoulder and covered it with a mixture of tears, sweat, snot and saliva. She stroked his hair and rubbed his back.

When Josh had calmed down, Freya let him up off her lap and led him by the hand to his bedroom, she tucked him in, kissed his forehead, assured him that she loved him and cared for him and that the incident was forgiven and forgotten.

Once Freya had gone, the light was turned off and the door shut, Josh kicked off the covers and rolled onto his stomach, he would have trouble walking tomorrow. As he lay there he thought about the pretty German girl and determined that his days of trying to peek at attractive girls undressing in their bedrooms, whether or not the curtains had been left open, were well and truly over.


  1. Love this one. Something tells me he'll have a few questions to answer from his friends at football practice tomorrow in the locker room. Something also tells me his days of wanting to check out girls undressing aren't over either.
    Love the German accent too... ;-)

  2. well done and so amazing and well real too.......I would think most of us growing up seeked out peaks of the girls either upskirt or changing....wonderful spanking and brushing and terrific pics to go along. Felt like I was there, thank you.

  3. Thank you Ron and Phil.Yes Josh will have some curly questions to answer if his friends see his reddened bottom in the change room.