Friday, 22 November 2013

Speeding and Spanking

This is a story about why one shouldn't speed or lie to their husband, even if it is a lie by omission.

I also apologise for taking so long to get this up.

You never want to see this in your rear vision mirror.

Image from Spanked Call Girls. Paying the price over hubby's lap.

From Spanking Dollars. Our heroine clutches her well spanked bottom afterwards.

This is a situation that took place last week. I am a youngish wife who lives with my husband about twenty miles outside of our town.

 Last Tuesday evening I was driving down a country road, listening to music, with random thoughts going through my mind when I was jolted back to reality by a car coming up quickly from behind me with a red light flashing.

This caused a great many feelings to rush through me all at once, one being our rules of behavior contract that my husband and I put together early in our marriage.

The important rule at this moment was that a moving traffic violation would result in a spanking!

   I slowed down, pulled over and stopped the car. This being the first time I had been pulled over I also exited the car, I felt I could talk better with the police officer if I was standing face to face with him.

   I am a fairly tall woman and the officer asked if I had played volleyball for the college team, which I had. He remembered me because he used to take his daughter to our games. He said I was his daughter's favorite player and after a brief conversation he told me to watch my speed and let me go. I had gotten off with a warning!

    I was elated, I knew I had been really lucky. I was so filled with joy that I made the foolish choice to not tell my husband.

   He was leaving the next morning for a short business trip and I wanted this night to be fun, I certainly did feel like being paddled for a silly mistake caused by my absent mindedness and I had been let off with just a warning in any case.

    One of our unwritten rules of behavior is to always be honest with one another, no secrets, no lies, just be open and tell the truth to each other. Our whole relationship has been built on this trust.

    My husband gives me the freedom of choice to do anything I want as long as it is legal because of this openness. Now I had broken this vow and had two days to stew over it until his return. I knew I had really screwed up and would be in big trouble when he got back home. I thought about calling him and confessing but decided it would be best done face to face.

    When my husband arrived home on Friday I didn't really have a clever plan on how to tell him about my little problem, so after dinner I simply opened up and told him what had happened and that I was very sorry for not letting him know before now.

   My husband is very cool and never raises his voice, he simply said that we had to talk, and we did for over an hour.

   The speeding situation was secondary. His emphasis was on our relationship and how it is built on a No BS policy. I had no excuse. I could make no case on my own behalf on why I didn’t tell him straight away. I said that I felt so good not getting a ticket that I wanted the evening to be a happy one.

    Of course, near the end of our discussion my husband did tell me that I would be given a very good spanking! I felt so relieved to have ‘come clean’. It was such a relief from the guilt I had been feeling for breaking our unwritten bond. I accepted the punishment without any arguments.

   However I did have one issue that needed to be resolved, on Sunday morning I had an appointment scheduled to do a photo shoot with a member of the local art club and I couldn't show up with my bottom all marked up! My husband understood and agreed to postpone my spanking until Sunday afternoon

    It is amazing the feelings one has and the thoughts that go through your mind while they wait for something to take place, especially when that something is a spanking.

   I was angry with myself for getting into this position in the first place. Then I would think about the spanking itself and how I would have to be brave or I would be so glad when everything is over and we could put all this behind us. Saturday was a tough day.

    Saturday finally came to an end, and Sunday morning passed quickly, then it was Sunday afternoon and time for my punishment to begin.

  It may sound odd but I was glad the time to "take my medicine" had finally arrived.

   It began with a short talk from my husband once again stressing the importance of our being open with one another, all I could do was nod and tell him that I promised to never do it again. What else could I do? this was no time to be a wise ass.

   Finally I was instructed to take a hot bath and report to the bedroom after. When I arrived in the bedroom I noticed everything was in place for my punishment.

   For me this again a time of mixed emotions, it is exciting, a little fearful and my anticipation level is off the chart.

    My husband sat down and helped me draped myself over his lap for the first of twenty to thirty swats with his hand on my bottom. When the warm-up was over he helped me to my feet and told me to please go over to the dresser and bring him the hairbrush.

   I can survive the warm-up but the second phase with the hairbrush puts me into a frenzied state because I know I will break down completely.

However like the obedient girl I am I once again went over his knees to have my tail roasted. I couldn’t think straight, but after a few strokes with the brush I was crying and hoping it would end soon. This time for some reason it seemed to go on forever until I was a complete mess, then I heard the dreaded command to spread my legs for the inner thigh spanking.

I was getting really loud now and thankfully my husband finally halted the barrage and the paddling ended. I was finally let up off his lap and performed the post spank dance before I was lead over to the corner to think about my behavior and how I will not repeat this offence.

    After a long time my loving husband finally came back into the bedroom with ice bags and a soothing lotion. I slowly made it over to the bed and lay down with two ice bags on my burning cheeks. All I could think of is was why was I such a fool!


  1. Dear Aunty,

    First again! Very nice story about a D/d relationship where Hubby is the boss this time. Did you write it?


    1. Congratulations on being first. No, I didn't write this. It came from a follower.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for your comment and welcome to the Spank Shop!

  3. What a nice story Aunty, a good lesson learnt the hard (and nicest) way. Maybe I should try speeding in front of the police eh ??
    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you. I wouldn't advise speeding, you may not be lucky enough to escape without a fine.

  4. Soothing lotion and burning cheeks, bet she will slow down now!
    Well done thanks

    1. She's a lucky girl. Hopefully it will only take one of those to lighten her foot a little.