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'The Old Folks - The Beginning' - Guest Fiction

Here I was about to ask KImberley why she hadn't put up her monthly post for November, then I remembered I'd given the little minx the day off to go to the races, and I received an email with a story attached from the wonderful Esskay.

Here it is for your enjoyment.

Author’s note: This story is a prequel to “The Old Folks” which was first published by The Spank Shop in June. That story dealt with a married couple who has been utilizing F/M disciplinary spankings for more than forty years. This story is about how they started their arrangement.

       The nation was giddy with excitement.

        It was July, 1969, and Apollo 11 had landed on the moon the day before on Sunday afternoon. “Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed,” were the first words spoken after the landing and most of America had heard it live on television.

       Neil Armstrong’s first steps onto the surface were expected to be taken early Monday morning East Coast time, and many companies had told employees that Monday could be treated as a holiday if they wished to stay up and watch. As it had turned out, NASA had moved up the first steps by several hours and millions of people had seen the event live.

       Charlie Watson -- married to Louise for just over a month -- worked for a company that was acting as a consultant to Massachusetts as the state was starting to computerize many of its functions, and his employer was one of those that allowed their staff to take the historic Monday off. 

Louise was employed as a pharmaceutical rep and had meetings with several doctors scheduled for the day, so she felt she needed to go to work. While Charlie was still sleeping, she dressed as quietly as possible and left for work without waking him.

       Louise returned to their apartment around 5:30PM, and found a note from Charlie: “Went out to celebrate with some of the guys. Back at 6, don’t make dinner, we’ll go out.”

       6 came and went, as did 6:30 and 7. Louise was beginning to worry about her husband -- the word “celebrate” sounded particularly dangerous to her--and as cell phones were many years in the future, there was no way she could get in touch with him. By 7:30 she had become almost frantic with concern.

       Ten minutes before eight o’clock, she heard a scratching around the door, followed by knocking. She opened the door to see a heavily-inebriated Charlie smiling. “Sorry, Lou,” he mumbled slurring his words, “I couldn’t get the key into the door.”

       “Where have you been?” his furious wife demanded.

       “Went out with a couple of guys,” he responded. “We had a few drinks.”

       “And how did you get home?”

       “I drove here,” he said proudly.

       “You drove?” Louise almost screamed. “You’re so drunk you couldn’t get the key in the door but you drove?”

       “I had to drive,” Charlie said with a big smile. “I’m much too drunk to walk.”

       It was an old joke, and Charlie had hoped to make Louise laugh, but the line had exactly the opposite effect -- it infuriated her. She had gone through two hours of intense stress worrying about him, and now he was standing in front of her with a drunken grin on his face trying to make a joke of it all.

       It was more than Louise Watson would accept from her husband.

       Without any prior thought about it, she walked over to her husband, unbuckled his belt, and pulled it out of the belt loops on his slacks. “Drop your pants and shorts,” she commanded sharply.

       Still in a jovial drunken state, Charlie quickly did so thinking that she was making a sexual advance. He of course was completely wrong, but he did not hesitate when she next pointed to a chair and told him to bend over it.

        Instead of anything pleasant, what he felt was the sharp thwack of the doubled-up belt landing across both his buttcheeks.

       He stood straight up, but complied quickly when Louise barked, “Get back over that chair. And don’t you dare move again.”

       It was typical of Louise to have a specific number in mind, and she counted silently to herself with the plan of delivering fifty hard swipes to her errant husband. Charlie tried to stand up a couple of times, but Louise placed her hand on his upper back each time, pushing him back towards the chair. With a head that was still swimming from his drinking, and a butt that was throbbing, he couldn’t muster up the strength to resist. By the twentieth stroke he was moaning loudly and hopping from foot to foot, while moving sideways in failed attempts to avoid the next swing of the belt.

       Louise completed fifty strokes and told him to stand up. “Get to bed and sleep it off,” she told him. 

He lifted up his pants and shorts and headed to the bedroom without comment. Louise, still wearing the clothes she had worn to work, finally went into the kitchen and made dinner for herself.

      Charlie had a meeting scheduled in Springfield for Tuesday morning, and the ride on the Mass Turnpike gave him extra time to think about the previous evening. Certainly he couldn’t get the evening out of his mind, largely because he had a lot of discomfort as he needed to sit on a bruised butt for two hours.

       He was comfortable with all that had happened. He accepted that his actions had been dangerous, and he was pleased that his wife had cared enough about him to become as upset as she had been. As for the strapping, he would have preferred that she might have found a different way to prove how upset she was, but given the fact that he had been drunk, he did not feel that her actions were beyond understanding. He also promised to himself that he’d never drive drunk again, and if he was ever going to be late getting home again, he would certainly call Louise so she would not worry.

       Charlie also believed that Louise’s use of physical punishment would be a one-time event.

       For Louise, however, that question was not one that had been decided. Riding The T to work, she also had time to think about the night before, and she was quite proud of what she had done. She was positive that her husband would never again get behind the wheel after drinking too much, and she also was confident that she had made her point about Charlie calling if he was going to be late. If it took a strapping to get her husband to modify his behavior, she thought, perhaps physical punishment between adults might be a reasonable idea.

       And just possibly, she thought, it might be necessary to use physical punishment again in the future.

      When Louise and Charlie were married in June, their work schedules had not allowed them to take an immediate honeymoon. Instead they planned to take a week in late August at Cape Cod as a delayed honeymoon, and both had been looking forward to the trip since the wedding.

       Their first full day at the Cape was a beautiful late summer day, and the couple eagerly headed for one of the local beaches near Hyannis. The glorious weather had attracted a large crowd of both tourists and local people, and the beach and swimming areas were crowded.

       Part of the beach had been closed off because of danger from riptides, which contributed to the crowding in the areas where swimming was allowed. Charlie was a strong swimmer and grew tired of the crowds, so he swam over to the restricted area for some privacy -- as well as to try to impress Louise, who was on the beach reading a recently-released novel called “The Godfather“.

       The lifeguard on duty, a local high school student, blew his whistle vigorously to get Charlie’s attention trying to get him out of the restricted area. Charlie heard him, but waved at him to reassure the lifeguard he was fine. But the young man had a job to do and he could not allow swimmers to make their own decisions about swimming in restricted areas, and he went down to water’s edge to demand Charlie get out of the water.

        Charlie got out, but got into a loud argument with the lifeguard which attracted the attention of many people on the beach, including Louise. Charlie did not feel in danger swimming in that area, and also did not like the idea of being ordered out of the water by a teenager.

       The argument grew louder and several people walked over towards Charlie and the boy. Finally an off-duty Massachusetts State Trooper who was on vacation with his family walked over, showed his badge to Charlie, and suggested that perhaps it would be best if Charlie left the beach.

       Charlie and a furious Louise picked up their belongings, and headed for their car. Most of the people on the beach stared at them as they walked back to their car, and by the time they got to it, Louise was as angry as Charlie had ever seen her.

       He tried to apologize as soon as they started to drive away but she would have none of it, telling him to be quiet and she would “deal with him” once they reached their hotel. Charlie didn’t like the sound of that, especially the “deal with” part, and wondered if she would want him to give her his belt when they got to the room.

       It was a ten minute drive back to their hotel, and during it, Charlie cooled off quite a bit and realized he had acted like a fool on the beach. Once they reached the hotel, he followed a few feet behind Louise as they walked to the room. He noticed that she took extra time scraping her sandals against the floor mat before she went in, but he did not pick up on the significance of her doing so.

       The sandals she had worn to the beach had hard rubber soles and Louise immediately headed over to the bed and took off the right shoe, rubbing the sole against her hand to remove any remaining sand particles. It was her intention to redden his bottom but not to draw blood, and as soon as she was sure the sole was free of sand, she held the shoe up menacingly, looked directly at Charlie, and said sharply, “Take off your bathing suit and get over my knee.”

       Charlie was shocked -- he might have expected a strapping with his belt again, but not an over-the-knee spanking like she was his mother and he was a little boy.

       “Lou….I’m not a child,” he said nervously.

       “Then why did you act like one on the beach?” she demanded.

       Her response stopped Charlie cold. He knew she was right -- he had acted like a child. Still, the thought of being spanked like one scared him. He needed a new strategy -- maybe he could at least delay a spanking until they went home.

       His voice quivered a bit. “Maybe you’re right, Lou. It’s just that--the walls here are pretty thin. I’m afraid that if we do something like that, the people in the next room might hear it.”

       “That’s your problem,” she responded coldly. “If you deserve a punishment, I don’t care who knows about it.” It was a philosophy she would stick to for the entirety of their marriage.

       “Get over here,” she commanded. “And I mean right now.”

        Charlie had to make a momentous decision that would impact the rest of his life. He was physically bigger than her and he could refuse to allow her to spank him. He had thought of last month’s strapping as a singular event -- but if he consented to being spanked now, “singular” would become “plural.” And there’s no upper limit on “plural,” so he realized he’d be agreeing to a life where his wife would have the right to punish him.

       On the other hand, he could not deny that last month’s drinking incident and today’s beach behavior were both stupid and immature actions on his part -- he really couldn’t blame her for being upset and angry about what he did.

       Most importantly, the two months of married life with Louise were the best months of his life. He couldn’t imagine not being married to her at this point, and if he refused to consent to her authority to punish him, would he be putting their entire marriage in jeopardy?

       The last point was the most important to him. He slowly pushed down his bathing suit and approached the bed.

       Standing next to Louise, he gazed down at her legs. He had always considered her legs to be especially attractive, and as he laid down over them, he felt some momentary pleasure, but it was fleeting. He felt her clamp her right leg over the back of his ankles, taking away some of his ability to escape if he wanted to. Louise pulled his torso closer to her with her left arm, helping her control him even more securely.

       Charlie was nervous, but didn’t have long to wait. In later years, Louise would often scold Charlie before punishing him, but this time she started in immediately with several hard, fast spanks that surprised Charlie with how badly they stung him.

       Louise had a new number in mind this time, 100 spanks. She gave him the first 25 but found her arm tiring, so she took a moment to rest up before resuming. She saw Charlie’s butt had already turned red near the primary spank spots, and she could hear that he was short on breath.

       Charlie took the break to mean that Louise was done, and he started to try to push himself up off her lap. “Not so fast,” Louise snapped. “You’ll be done when I say you’re done,” as she lifted the shoe again to start another 25 spanks.

       The realization that it was not done yet broke Charlie’s spirit of resistance, and he took the next flurry with a growing volume of moans and groans. When Louise took her next break at fifty spanks, she could see parts of his butt cheeks were starting to bruise, and she gave him a longer break this time, about thirty seconds. When she started up again, Charlie began begging her to stop, his voice cracking to the point where she thought he might start to cry.

       “Please, Lou….no more, please….I’m sorry….I won’t do it again, please stop, please.”

       Louise felt sorry for her husband, but wanted to make sure he would be truly sorry before she let him up. She stopped to rest after number 75, but saw his butt was now heavily bruised. Not wanting to do any real damage to him, she gave him five more especially hard spanks, but then put down the shoe.

       She allowed him to remain dangling over her lap for about a minute, then started to rise, helping him to his feet. She then guided him back to the bed where he laid down on his stomach.

       Louise picked up her copy of 'The Godfather' and went out onto the balcony of their room to read, leaving Charlie alone in the room. She looked in after about five minutes and saw him still on the bed as she had left him, so she went back out to read another chapter or two.

       After another ten minutes she went back into the room. Her husband was now resting on his side looking towards the balcony as if he had been waiting for her to come back.

       She walked over to the bed and looked down at him. Neither was sure what to say and it was as if each was waiting for the other to say something and set the tone for the rest of the day -- and maybe the rest of their lives.

       Louise finally was the first to speak, and she wanted to bring down the level of tension.

       “We both need a shower before we go to dinner,” she said in a soft and pleasant voice and tone. “Let’s go in the bathroom and I’ll soap you down….and I promise I’ll be very gentle where you need me to,” she added.

       He smiled at that. She took off her bathing suit and held out her hand to help him off the bed. He rose and the two walked to the bathroom holding hands.

Either of these ladies could be Louise, belt in hand. A stern woman who knows what her husband occasionally needs and is not afraid to provide it.


  1. Aunty
    This is a lovely story of a nice couple who clearly are in love and allow spanking to make their lives so much better, I love this one. Nice ending as well.

  2. Thank you Ron. I do so enjoy and appreciate Esskay's contributions to the blog.