Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Good Spanking - Correspondence

I thought I would use the above picture from Spanked Sweeties as a header for A Good Spanking posts as they don't come much more classic than that.

The idea of A Good Spanking seems to have been received quite positively out there, and to that end I'm going to share some correspondence I received from a reader who would prefer to remain anonymous.

Each stage will be accompanied by some appropriate images.

Dear Aunty Andrea,

I love your new spanking primer and look forward to reading more of your wise and thoughtful articles on the subject of Good Spanking used for raising boys and girls of all ages.

The introduction explaining the Three C's really hit home for me, as that is exactly how we were raised in my family. I don't like talking about this with just anyone, but I can tell you today that I appreciate the love that went into the discipline my parents used. I can't say I understood it as well back then. I certainly thought it was antiquated and ridiculous when I entered my teens, but that only shows the determination my parents had to discipline me for my own good. They knew I hated spankings and that I was very embarrassed by them, so they only used them when they thought that kind of punishment was truly needed. I did not appreciate it at the time, but the Three C's were fully implemented.

Confront: My parents would come to my room, where I had been waiting, to discuss the reason I was in trouble. This was always an extremely anxious time for me, but you better believe I listened very carefully to everything being said. This is where I could gauge my parents' view of how serious the situation was. Mom or dad would have brought the small spanking paddle with them. But just how much trouble was I in? Even when they were upset about what I had done, they were always calm and rational explaining why I was being punished and listening to my responses. Punishment was geared completely around learning a lesson, and I never got punished without understanding why.

Chastise: If the paddle had been brought to my room, then it had already been determined that the punishment was going to be a spanking. When the confrontation was complete, pants and underpants had to be removed. Consequences for bad behavior were always thoroughly tangible, but measured for the transgression. If measured by color, the range of penalty went from fire-engine red on one end of the spectrum to deep crimson on the other.

Comfort: A short time after the spanking, my parents would come back to my room where they had left me on my stomach in bed. This was always a pleasant time, except for the discomfort on my bottom, when everything family-wise went back to normal. My parents were sympathetic, forgiving, and encouraging. The fact that they were both in the medical field, they wanted to inspect my punishment to see the damages. There was never harmful injury. They used a safe paddle in a safe way, so at worst, there might be some light blistering on the crowns of the cheeks, and also marks on those same spots that were visible for several days, but not all that uncomfortable.

I hope everyone enjoyed that. I know I certainly did. It left me feeling all warm and fuzzy.


  1. Very evocative story. I think she was a very lucky young lady to have had such loving discipline and I'm sure she feels the same way (now!... ;-))

    Left me feeling warm and fuzzy too...


    1. Thanks Phil. This is one of the things that I love about the blog that we can get such personal reminiscences.