Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Good Spanking - Introduction


In her December update (don't you all just love this time of year with Christmas in the air?) young Kimberley mentioned that I had been thinking of writing a spanking 'primer' and posting it here.

There's been a little bit of positive support for this idea and I rather like it myself, so I thought I'd strike while the iron was hot and get it happening.

A few words about it. It will be called A Good Spanking, hence the title of this post. Posts may also have a word or two about what the entry covers. Mostly it will be written by yours truly, but I'd like some content from Kimberley and Gabrielle too. I also welcome you my lovely followers to send me anything you think may be on topic, it doesn't just have to be words or an article, it can be a picture that you find appropriate (ssauntyandrea@gmail.com).

It will be largely about how to spank the Spank Shop way. I've written plenty about my thoughts regarding implements and positions in the past, so one or two of those may be reprinted or updated with additional content.

This is the introduction so will speak about things in a general manner.

Spanking to me is an act of love. The below pictogram, which I believe is called the Three C's, explains it quite succinctly.

All three are not just necessary they are essential, and that goes whether you are 6 or 56 or even older.

This is an example of Confrontation:

It would appear our lady with the hairbrush has already gone to Chastisement and then added some additional Confrontation.

Below we see a birdseye view of Chastisement:

That young lady is about to get an all over tan. I wonder what she did to find herself over Mum's lap? She's also got her hair done in a pony tail, which is another must of mine when administering an old fashioned over the knee bottom burning. I wonder if she did it or Mum took care of it before turning her over the knees?

And while it is a bit risque Girl Spanks Girl gives us some Comfort:

There's very little as nice as standing in the corner after a good old fashioned smack bottom with a friend and soothing each other's little toasted rumps.

Now that's a beginning. Next time we'll look at spanking in recent times and why the Spank Shop as a concept came into being.


  1. I like the 3 Cs Aunty. It's what has always happened to me even though they might not have been thought of as the 3 Cs! These days I particularly like what you say about the last of the 3 Cs: There's very little as nice as standing in the corner after a good old fashioned smack bottom with a friend and soothing each other's little toasted rumps!!

  2. Auntie, who could better write a spanking primer than you? I do hope you dedicate some space to scolding, an important aspect of "confrontation." Hopefully by scolding and spanking time, it's no longer a confrontation and the spankee has come to understand who they have hurt and how and that they are being disciplined out of caring, not cruelty. A good scolding should have the recipient as anxious for it to be over as the spanking itself!

  3. Thank you both Sophie and John for the vote of confidence. John, you are so very right. Scolding is an important part of a good spanking. In fact the three C's could also be the three S's and that may be another post right there.

  4. Dear Aunty,

    Love this new section and your first post on the subject is classic! Good luck with followup posts.


    1. Thank you Phil. A follow up post is in the works.

  5. Well done, reading backwards but love them all.